Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 52: Planning

Chasity’s POV

When I came to, I was in a hospital bed of all places. Oh no. Many anxious faces were surrounding me. Six to be exact. Alex, Felix, Calix Mom, Dad and Grandpa Chance. I slowly sat up with the help of Alex who was nearest to me on my right. On my left was my Dad who was relived I was awake but still clearly seething.

“I can’t believe my sister. Since when was Ronnie a complete monster like this?” Grumbled my Dad.

Calix growled a little at this insult against his mother, Calix being her favourite. My father snarled back. “Stop it!” Said Felix to both of them. “You’re stressing my bride out and she’s with child.” “Our bride!” Corrected Alex. “Children!” Added Calix. “Children?” Asked my father, mother and Grandpa Chance all in unison.

I had totally forgotten to tell them about the multiples. I had been so fixated on preparing myself emotionally for the family therapy session and even after all that preparation, I couldn’t handle it. I had fainted. I felt like such a weakling My wolf reminded me that I had been abandoned at nine years old and bullied from the age of nine years to the age of seventeen years, a time period where I was insignificant.

No birthdays acknowledged, no Christmas gifts, no parental figures, no friends, no relatives as far as I had know back then. Then at eighteen, I dealt with finding out my mates were my former bullies. I had managed to forgive them and learn to stop fearing them and to even demand respect from them though there were three of them and one of me.

I dealt with b#llying at school, at that heinous house party. I was kidnapped after said party and I fought for my own and my pups’ lives. I had only even found out I was pregnant while I was a captive. I had freed my parents and Deidre and gotten all their bodies back. I was breathless just thinking about all that. My wolf was happy with me for once. She said I was resilient.

“Mom, Dad, Grandpa Chance, with all the commotion, it totally slipped my mind to tell anyone about it yet. I am having triplets,” I announced.

Mom gasped. “I don’t envy you, Honey, that’s one tough labour of love. I gulped

“But congratulations. I love you and I know you can do it. I can’t wait to love my three grand babies!” Said Mom.

“Congratulations, Sweetheart, that’s wonderful!” Said my Dad looking exceedingly worried and not at all like it was “wonderful.”

Grandpa Chance had a thoughtful expression on his face. “I’m here you every step of the way. Chasity. I promise to be a great Grandpa to these triplets!” Joked Grandpa Chance.

Felix groaned.

My Mom shook her head, closing her eyes. My Dad and Calix laughed. Alex was completely stone-faced, looking at my vitals being monitored.

“Get it, great Grandpa like the grandfather of the babies’ mother and great like awesome!” Explained Grandpa Chance.

Alex sighed, “You scared me half to death, Luna.” Alex sniffled. Aww! I pulled him down onto me to my father’s chagrin. Alex buried his head on my tummy and tightened his hold on me.” Little Luna, you’re my everything.”

“Do you guys know exactly what went wrong with me?” I asked.

“The doctor says it could have been a panic attack that resulted in a fainting spell. Your blood sugar was normal, your blood work was normal and so were the ECG and CT-Brain,” said Calix matter-of-factly.

I was impressed. I stretched over and kissed him gently on the mouth, causing a fire to light in my lower belly. My father narrowed his eyes at our simple kiss. I pulled away. The doctors discharged me the next day after keeping me for a few hours for observation and under seizure watch since I had some head trauma. During the neurology watch, I had not had any strange behaviour or seizure-like behaviour. The pups were fine and all had normal heartbeats. I was so relieved I could cry

When we got back to the pack house, the atmosphere was tense. My father said Ronnie and Romeo had shown their true colours by not staying to check on me. It was all new to him but for me, this was the way it had always been. Ronnie and Romeo disliked me and there was no use in

trying to force them to care. I had enough genuine people in my life especially now that I had been reunited with my parents and my Grandpa Chance.

Mina and Tina came over to discuss my bachelorette party and bridal shower. “What’s the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower?” I Asked.

“A bachelorette party is a celebration of your last night of single hood before marriage. It usually involves alcohol, loud music, strangely shaped cakes, that sort of think,” said Tina.

“Meanwhile, a bridal shower is the tamer version like a sit-down meal. Most don’t involve alcohol or actual partying,” said Mina.

I nodded. “What am I having again?” I asked, smiling sheepishly. “Both!” Mina and Tina said in unison. I grinned

Since the fainting incident at family therapy, we hadn’t been back and we had not discussed it properly. My parents and my mates’ parents were behaving but they were definitely not acting like a family. My father and his stepsister were behaving icily towards each other.

I kept thinking about the day I had been dropped at the pack house. I wondered how much better my life would have been, growing up with my loving Grandpa versus my step aunt who didn’t want me and made that very clear. I couldn’t help but think that Ronnie and Romeo, despite being pricks, had a point.

My parents were aware it seemed that they mightn’t want me so why force me on them? They knew my Grandpa wanted me but just because he had threatened to fight them for custody due to their drug use, they had refused to give me to him. The more I thought about it, the more

furious I became. Ronnie and Romeo were really unkind but Mom and Dad were really unwise.

Mina and Tina showed me the schedule they had come up with. My bachelorette party was on the same night as the triplets’ bachelor party. My stomach did backflips. I didn’t want girls drooling over them while I was in this delicate state, waddling about and pregnant. Ugh. After these came my bridal shower which would be reminiscent of a tea party.

Then came my baby shower and lastly my wedding reception. I knew I wanted to be married before I gave birth. I wanted that sense of stability for myself and my pups. I could scarcely believe I was going from mother of none to mother of three in one shot. Thankfully, I had three fiancés to help me.

On the night of my bachelorette party, my stomach was in knots worried about the triplets having their bachelor party. I didn’t want Calix winking at any exotic dancers and I didn’t want Alex explaining pack laws to them.

Some of the exotic dancers might be exes of Felix’s for all i know. I was wearing a sequin gold mini dress and matching heels. Felix spun me around. I giggled.

“No drinking,” he said sternly. “Of course not!” I replied indignantly. I wasn’t irresponsible.

The triplets all wore matching blazers, black velvet ones. I ran my fingers along Felix’s blazer while he adjusted it in the bathroom mirror. He placed me on the counter.

I squeaked because the tiles were cold against the backs of my thighs. Felix nuzzled me slowly. He stayed like that, pressed against me, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, standing between my legs, his lips almost brushing against mine.

“What is it?” I said.

“I’m just relieved you’re back. Sometimes I’m scared I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and you being back would have been a dream and my real life’s a nightmare again,” he said.

I kissed the tip of his nose. I knew all about having a nightmarish life and I was determined to be strong and to give my pups the total opposite of that.

“Hey, have you thought of any baby names?” He asked me. “I was thinking you could each name one of the three,” I said. “But then you won’t get to pick a name?” Felix replied.

“Who named you Felix, Alex and Calix?” I asked, realising we’d never discussed this before. I had always assumed it had been former alpha Romeo who had named his sons.

“Mom,” said Felix smiling.

I smiled back. That woman still disliked me. I guessed I should just accept it. The triplets loved me and that was enough.

I certainly wasn’t the first girl in the world to have a mother-in-law who didn’t like or approve of her. Maybe there was a monster mother-in-laws support group for girls like me.

“Felix,” I whispered. “Yes, Baby,” he purred back, getting even closer.

“If you, Alex or Calix do anything tonight that I don’t approve of, you won’t get anything from me until these pups graduate high school,” I warned.

Felix laughed

“Baby, you have nothing to wrong about. You honestly never did but I don’t think you see it,” Felix said.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

He kissed me sweetly and gently at first but suddenly increased the urgency of it, pressing himself against me and tangling his hands in my hair. I broke apart, wiggled away and hopped down off the tiled counter. Felix grasped my waist and placed me right back up there.

“Hey!” He protested. A flashback came out of nowhere.

“Thanks for dressing up for us. I hope you wear an even shorter skirt tomorrow,” Calix said softly, smirking

Trolled my eyes. Alex and Felix burst into laughter. I tried to brush past them but Felix grabbed my arms and put my back against the island again. My breath hitched in my throat.

“Did I say you could leave?” He asked, his nose brushing against my nose as he bent towards me. I squirmed in his arms.

I winced, shrinking away from Felix. He noticed it, frowning, concern evident in his eyes. “Did I do something?” He asked softly

“No,” was my soft reply Truthfully, the flashbacks were a lot less intense nowadays and didn’t make me panic anymore. Thugged Felix tightly. He enveloped me in his warm embrace

“I wish you were coming with us!” Felix murmured. “To your bachelor party?” I asked incredulously “Yeah!” Admitted Felix Igiggled. “I’d be in the way” “You’d be on my lap,” Felix said. I giggled and hopped down successfully this time, dodging him.

“Hey!” He protested butiran down the stairs giggling “No running in heels like that! You’re pregnant!” Called a voice from the landing, Alex

“Sure, Daddy!” I called back as I ran to open the door for Mina, Tina, April and June. I was actually really excited about my bachelorette party now that I had a group of girlfriends!

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