Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 52: Ronnie’s Remarks on Chasity’s Marks

“Hey by popular demand I’m letting you know that chapter 52 and 53 are the triplet version of Chasity’s Chapter 28 Close Call. Not every chapter matches another exactly due to overlap among other things. I’m gonna try to put together a list and post it here.”


I woke up tangled up with Chasity.

This was the life.

I sighed.

It was almost dinnertime but I did not want to wake her. I didn’t even want to move.

I could lie here forever in pure bliss, her mark on my neck and her body intertwined with mine.

I could hear Mom calling us down to dinner.

Damn! She was gonna be pissed! Now all three of us were marked by Chasity including Mom’s Baby Boy Calix.

T had to admit it though.

Her face was gonna be priceless.

She was already aware of Alex’s mark and her eyes trailed over it as he sat at the dining table.

Then, she noticed the mark on my neck that my Baby had gifted to me just a few hours ago.

I could still smell Chasity on me.

Mom’s eyes just widened as she gazed at my neck reproachfully.

She sighed deeply and dramatically.

She threw a dirty look at Chasity.

Calix was not at the table yet.

Dad had no reaction to either of the marks on my or Alex’s neck That was when Calix arrived.

Chasity looked up and smiled at him.

I smirked at him.

Alex grinned.

Dad actually looked impressed.

Dad always liked it when Calix did anything manly because Dad thought that Mom babying Calix so much had stunted his macho-ness.

Mom’s face lit up the way it always did when her baby boy walked into the room.

She smiled brightly the moment she spotted him and then, just as quickly as it had come, her smile slipped right off her face.

She paled, looking at his neck.

I saw her knuckles blanch as her hands gripped the table. She steadied herself with a deep, shuddering breath. She had to have expected this on some level.

It was inevitable.

Had she seen Chasity?! My Baby was gorgeous, a knockout. We were hot.

It was simple math.

I was surprised it had taken us this long to get some real action.

Since our shared birthday on November eleventh, I had been secretly hoping and planning on getting some action on Christmas Day.

The moment Chasity had begun showing signs of forgiving us, I had gotten a little over excited and gone out and bought her a sexy Mrs Claus outfit.

I had even bought a Santa suit for me, thinking we could have had a little Christmas Day role play.

To get into that gift-of-giving spirit, I had begrudgingly gotten a snowman outfit for Alex, cause he could be pretty cold and frosty sometimes, and an elf costume for Calix, cause he still played with toys and baked sugar cookies with Mom so that screamed elf to me.

I sighed thinking about that sexy see-through red dress with the fluffy white edges just going to waste in my closet.

It would not feel the same to whip it out now in January so I would wait till next Christmas.

Calix took his seat between Mom and Chasity.

I was on Chasity’s other side so I graciously decided to give her a little knee and thigh massage.

She smirked at me.

I grinned, remembering when she would glare daggers at me for trying to get cosy with her.

Look at you now, huh! I teased.

What would you do without your man Felix? She did not say anything but she put her hand on my thigh and squeezed, instantly making my d**k hard.

Minx! I snarled in her mind.

That bruise on the side of her face still made me furious. I wasn’t done contemplating on killing that guy.

“Mom and Dad, so I suppose you’ve noticed,” began Calix. Mom sighed.

“Yes, the marks,” said Mom.

“Yeah, on Chasity’s face.

They’re from an altercation at school,” explained Calix, talking about a completely different set of marks to Mom’s annoyance.

Dad was listening intently.

**This disgusting Neanderthal thought he could get away with hitting our Luna!” Snarled Calix.

“There were four footballers in the vicinity who stopped him.” “Winter Moon Wolves,” chuckled Dad proudly.

“I was one. Pa played. You three were great on the field as well. One day, your children will win the Wolf Country football tournament too! Keep that trophy in the family!”

Dad clapped me on the back.

Mom was not amused.

“Your Mom was a cheerleader,” revealed Dad.

Alex stifled his snickering.

I knew what he meant.

Mom? Cheerlead? Didn’t you have to be cheerful to do that? “The school nurse called me and I sped down there.

When I saw Chasity’s face…” Calix stopped, his eyes turning black. I could feel my own eyes turning black just thinking about it..

Even Alex was sporting black eyes and he had the most controlled wolf.

“I won’t even go into details of what that piece of sit said to Chasity because it’ll just ruin my appetite,” said Calix.

“Calix honey, language,” said Mom feebly.

Usually, Calix would quickly apologise.

This time he just went back to his story.
I could sense he was miffed about Mom’s indifference to Chasity’s injuries.

“The football players showed me where he hung out on the bleachers, skipping class,” said Calix.

“Lowlife,” muttered Dad, shaking his head.

He was almost as pro-education as Alex, “I stood at the foot of the bleachers and told him to come down there!” SaidCalix, raising his chin defiantly.

I chuckled.

Alex smiled.
Mom seemed to be resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

Dad was riveted by this story’s detailing of Calix’s display of masculinity.

“He refused to come down,” snarled Calix.

“Saying he didn’t know she was spoken for!” “He disobeyed you?!”l growled, livid again.

“That’s unacceptable,” snarled Alex.

“How could he miss three Alpha marks on her neck?! What an i***t!” Commented Dad.

From my vantage point, I could see the flicker of movement when Mom nudged Dad under the table.

“Don’t worry! I handled him!” Said Calix proudly.

“I went up to him and he said he was not afraid of me because I was the nice one.
Then he laughed so I laughed with him.

While he was still laughing, picked him up and threw him straight across the football field!” Alex and I burst into laughter.

Mom gasped, horrified that her Baby Boy had gotten his hands dirty “Was it a touchdown?!” Guffawed Dad.

Chasity smiled a little Mom glared at Dad until he stopped smiling.

I pulled Chasity to me for a quick k!ss.

I was pissed about what had happened but I was glad she was safe now.

“No making out at the dinner table, please,” hissed Mom. “You call that making out!” i exclaimed.

“I’ll show you making out!” I grasped Chasity’s waist again but before I could reel her in, Mom grabbed a spatula and swatted my hand away from my Baby with it.

I frowned.
“What’s this kid’s name?!” Asked Dad.

“Parker,” said Calix as he ladled marinara onto his pasta.

The maids had already brought in all the dishes the cooks had prepared.

Usually Mom fixed Calix’s plate for him but not tonight. “He’s alive then?” Confirmed Dad.

“I know I should have killed him,” said Calix regretfully. “You did good,” said Dad decisively.
Calix beamed.

“We don’t want to seem too bloodthirsty!” Agreed Alex. “You sent a clear message and you gave him a chance.”

“What chance?” Squeaked Chasity, speaking up for the first time tonight.

“He’s alive.

A life is a chance.

A chance to be better.

To try again,” explained Alex, ready to give a sermon at the dinner table.
I wasn’t satisfied…

I wanted that f**cker dead.

“You’re both nuts.

We need to be firm.

If someone can get away with stepping to our Luna, then they’ll think they can get away with anything.

Who knows what he’ll do next?” I muttered, feeling the heat rise to my neck “He won’t be doing anything for a while,” said Calix coolly.

“I’m glad he’s alive.

Thank you..

“All of you,” said Chasity in her sweet as honey voice. I looked at her.

I wanted another k!ss but Mom had kept the spatula near to her dominant hand on the table.

It was a warning, a silent threat.

Mom was glaring at Chasity.

The way Mom looked at my mate irked me.

Couldn’t she just give my Baby a break? Mom cleared her throat theatrically.

“So Chasity, then you’ve decided that you’re staying and you wanna be with my boys? You wanna be with my boys?

You’ve accepted the ring.

You’ve marked them.

Only a crazy person would do all that and then still run off,” said Mom, her l!ps curling into a sneer, I looked at Chasity.

“I’m so happy to finally make the guys feel as secure as they’ve helped me feel,” said Chasity innocently.

I could not help but grin.

My brothers were doing the same.

Mom did not look pleased and Dad was hard to read. After that, the rest of dinnertime passed by in silence. The tension in the room was palpable.

I was halfway done with my pasta when Mom snatched my plate up so quickly that I accidentally stabbed the table with my fork.

“Mom!” I said indignantly.

She snatched Alex’s plate next.

Alex just sighed and threw his cloth napkin on the table.

Dad willingly handed over his plate without making eye contact with Mom.

He leant back in his chair, seemingly tired of Mom’s antics. Calix was guarding his plate.

He slid it into his lap and continued eating his pasta defiantly. Chasity offered her plate to Mom as a feeble olive branch.

Mom looked Chasity right in the eyes and refused to take her plate.

Instead, she pointedly handed the stack of plates to the maid.

Chasity’s faint smile disappeared, Calix looked at Mom in annoyance at her refusal of Chasity’s plate.

Chasity moved to get up and give her plate to the maid but Alex put his hand on hers, stopping her.

“The staff will clear the rest, please and thank you,” said Alex politely with a smile at the maid who simply nodded and smiled.

Calix threw his plate on the table with a clatter, making everyone jump.

He was leaning back with a scowl on his face.

Well, damn.

Calix was the Bad Boy now.

Did that make me the Baby Boy? I didn’t wanna be the Nerd like Alex.

Don’t worry, dear readers, I was just kidding.

I was still the original Bad Boy around here.

And right now, I needed to exert my authority.

Go upstairs to my room and wait for me, please, Baby, I said over mind-link to Chasity.

I included Alex and Calix in the mind-link so that they would know I planned to have a chat with Mom.

I waited for an eye-roll or a frown from my minx bit Chasity shocked me by getting up right away and heading upstairs..

“Please excuse me,” said Chasity stiffly.

“Thank you for dinner,” added Chasity, looking at the maid.

As soon as Chasity was gone, I launched right into the discussion.

“mom! What more do you really want from Chasity and the three of us? I demanded to know..

Mom folded her arms and sniffed.

“I want honesty,” she said finally.

“Chasity’s honesty!” “She honestly wants us,” said Calix with a shrug.

“Do you really not believe that?” Asked Calix incredulously. Mom scoffed at us.

“Are my three boys really this naive?! She’s using you! She’ll drop you off as soon as she graduates high school! That’s the whole point! She wants to finish school in relative peace and comfort,” said Mom.

“I wouldn’t call the environment you’ve created here for Chasity peaceful or comforting,” I said bluntly. Because that environment was supposed to be temporary!” Hissed Mom.

“That was then! This is now!” Said Alex with a tone of finality.

Mom was speaking of the original arrangement: Chasity staying at the pack house until she payed off her debt which would have been roughly at the age of eighteen and a half had she kept working.

However, that was before we knew she was ours. “Our Luna is bound to us for eternity!” Said Alex sternly. “An eternity of regret if she leaves,” mumbled Mom, shrugging. “She’s not going to leave,” said Calix, getting frustrated. Mom laughed humourlessly.

“So basically you’re never gonna give her a chance, Mom?” I asked, annoyed.

“She lives in this house, doesn’t she?” Said Mom. “But she has always lived in this house,” I said pointedly.

“All I am saying is I can’t believe you would all mindlessly let her mark you.

Think of the pain you’ll be in when she leaves the minute high school is over.

It was bad enough you marked her.

Oh and proposed!! Was under the impression that ring was for the future…” complained Mom, her voice cracking as she was seemingly close to tears.

“Calm down, Ronnie, come on,” said Dad gently, pulling Mom into his arms.

“Mom, mom,” said Calix softly, grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“It’s ok.

You have to believe just a little bit when we say that Chasity won’t leave us.

She loves us,” insisted Calix. “She needs us,” added Alex. “Especially me,” I decided to add, trying to lighten the mood. “FELIX!” screamed Chasity suddenly, her scream piercing through the night and my heart.

My stomach dropped.

My Baby was in trouble and she needed me.

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