Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 53: Chasity’s Close Call

“Hey by popular demand l‘m letting you know that chapter 52 and 53 are the triplet version of Chasity’s Chapter 28 Close Cali. Not every chapter matches another exactly due to overlap among other things. I’m gonna try to put together a list and post it here.”


My reaction was instinctive.

Before I even realised what I was doing, I rushed to her.

She was standing just outside her room downstairs.

The fear was evident in her expression.

I smelled the strong chemical scent immediately.

Chloroform! Someone was trying to f**g kidnap my Luna! I heard Chasity’s sigh of relief upon seeing me.

I rushed right into her room and saw the fiend.

He had just broken in through her window and he was holding the chloroform-soaked rag.

My wolf roared in my mind.

“A kidnapper,” I heard Chasity cry as Alex arrived just a second after me, immediately picking Chasity up and keeping her in the hallway.

My hands grasped the throat of the intruder.

I held him up, his feet dangling a few inches above the ground.

Somewhere amidst all my rage, I remembered how Chasity had tried to make a deal with me to spare that piece of st Parker.

This piece of sh**it could not be spared but Chasity could be spared the sight and sound of his demise.

Calix rushed into the room at that moment and we exchanged a split-second glance during which an understanding passed between us.

Calix nodded, meaning: yes, kill this one! Alex, cover Chasity’s eyes, I said. And her ears, added Calix.

Ok, go ahead, said Alex, also in agreement with the death sentence for this one. I snapped his neck, a much quicker and easier death than he deserved. I let his body hit the floor.

Calix slid his ski mask off.

He was no one I recognised, no arch nemesis or old friend.

I looked at Calix, wondering if he knew the man but Calix shook his head. I went to the window that asshole had pried open and glanced outside. There was no getaway vehicle in sight.

How exactly was he planning on kidnapping Chasity? Was he a kidnapper or was he an assassin, a hit man? The second option made my blood boil.

Was he just an obsessive pervert, a peeping Tom? I shut the window and locked it. Calix was taking a photograph of the man’s face with his phone.

Alex, switch with me, please? You’re much better at this part than I am! Pleaded Calix, sucking up to our elder brother

Calix hated being part of the cleanup crew.

He liked the action.

Yeah, sure, come watch Chasity! Instructed Alex.

We’ll have to be joined at the hip from now on, guys! She heals, sleeps, breathes and pees with us.

No closed doors between us at any time until we get to the bottom of this. Calix and I agreed wordlessly with Alex’s new system.

We could not let minx out of our sight until this was solved.

It was for her own good.

I was wondering if I should have tortured the truth out of this guy before I offed him. Calix left and Alex came in.

Alex My heart almost stopped when Chasity screamed like that.

A few moments later, I was holding her tightly She buried her lace in my chest. I covered her ears when it was time for Felix to do away with the intruder.

I did not want my little Luna to be traumatised by witnessing a kill. I stroked her hair, trying to soothe her afterwards.

She was trembling in my arms. I kissed the top of her head. Calix entered the hallway. He wanted to exchange places with me to avoid the disposing of the dead body. That was fine with me. “Who is it?” I asked the moment I saw him.

I have no idea. Don’t recognise him. Did you?” Asked Calix, looking at Chasity who was peeking up at him from the safety of my arms. She shook her head. I left my Luna in Calix’s care.

The guy was lying on the ground near the window when I walked in, a ski mask on the floor by his head.

He was pale and had dark circles under his cold grey eyes.

He had a mop of dark hair and a tall, strong build though not quite the size of an Alpha.

“You know him?” Asked Felix.

I shook my head. “Search his pockets,” I instructed. We found his wallet. There was cash in there but no cards. “No ID. No credit. No debit. Just cash. He came here prepared to fail just in case,” I mumbled. “He’s working for someone.” Felix sighed. That meant this wasn’t over and that was the opposite of what we were hoping.

“It’d be a lot easier if he were some random creep with a fixation on our Luna,” muttered Felix as we rolled the body up in a bedsheet. “Then, he would have been working alone.” “I know,” I said softly. “Should we have kept him alive and…” began Felix. “Ugh,” I said instantly. I hated trying to torture the truth out of someone. It almost never worked anyway. There was no way of confirming the truth in the moment.

The person could “reveal” anything as the truth and I didn’t want a witch hunt in case he named a bunch of innocents just to seem useful. I kept my voice low. I was not sure if my Luna was listening at the door. I did not want her to be scared.

“I’m glad he’s dead. It’s better this way. They’ll know their man is dead when he doesn’t return and the next guy they send will be much more reluctant. If they send a second guy, that one will talk and readily,” I explained. “He’ll know his team doesn’t care about him.

“He’ll be easy to flip.” “We should have snapped this one’s neck in a different room,” grumbled Felix.

“This is Chasity’s room. “Yeah,” I agreed, looking around at all her pretty, girly things. f**k. Now her dream room housed a dead body.

“Well, she’ll be sleeping upstairs with us indefinitely anyway,” I said with a shrug. “She’s banned from this room,” I pronounced.

“You gonna tell her that?” Asked Felix incredulously.

“I was hoping you would,” I said honestly. We looked at each other. “Calix,” we both said in unison.


I held Chasity close to me, massaging small circles on her back, trying to calm her down. My parents came into the hallway. My eyes immediately went to my mother to gauge her reaction to all of this. Her expression was unfathomable.

Dad looked mildly concerned which was not unusual for him.

As an Alpha, he never showed lear or even too much worry or concern. He said it was bad for the morale of the pack “You all right, Chasity?” He asked. Chasity just nodded wordlessly.

“Call the Calvary?” Said Dad, his go-to expression in these times. I did not answer at first. That was usually an instruction to someone. I realised now it was a question to me. He was actually deferring to me as the current Alpha.

He must have been truly impressed earlier “Send them in,” I confirmed. Wolves are known for their speed. Werewolves are known for their super-speed..

Less than five minutes later, the house was filled with people: squads of warriors and their squad leaders, the pack police, a group of pack doctors to checkon Chasity, our Gamma and our Beta of course.

My brothers carried the body out themselves. That was how seriously they were taking this. They did not even want it to exchange hands too many times in case someone was a traitor.

If the kidnapper had an insider among us, that person could steal the body to prevent us from finding too many clues or simply to give the kidnapper a proper burial. I knew Felix would want to toss the guy in an unmarked grave in the most inaccessible frigid place as his final revenge.
It was his thing.

It sent a powerful message. If someone messed with winter Moon, they never returned in any form… dead or alive.

Even their remains were lost, scattered in the wind or buried in an unmarked grave on a frozen mountain peak.

I made sure to bundle Chasity up in my jacket when the body was being removed from the house.

She kept her little face buried in my chest so I doubted she even knew when the body passed right by us in the hallway.

Felix gave me a “don’t let her see this” look.

Alex gave me a “good job keeping her calm” look.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the body was out of the house and handed over to our most trusted squad leader in conjunction with the pack police.

The squad leaders and warriors were here to beef up security while the pack police were here to solve the case.

The guys were accustomed working together.

They greeted each other with brief one-armed hugs and claps on the back.

The most senior detective in the pack police was placed on this case but I knew Felix would want to hire a private investigator too.

He always said “money talks.” Alex and Felix were back with me and Chasity while the pack police looked at Chasity’s room and the window which was the place of entry. The flash and click of the camera they had was so bright and load respectively..

Chasity kept flinch ing with every flash and click. Felix kissed her forehead and Alex played with her hair. I kept my arms around her, afraid to let go. Mom did not even say anything in person to me.

I glared at her pointedly and she just looked away. I know you think I did this, she said in my mind. I would never! I snapped, offended.

I would never! She went on. Fair enough, I said, ending the conversation. She sighed in my mind. Even when you hate me, I love you. I’m your mother, she said and then she left me alone.

She had given birth to me. She would not kidnap my mate.

However, I was pissed. She did not breathe a word to Chasity.

She could at least stand physically next to us for a bit and look concerned. I hoped the pack members here did not notice that.

The disapproval of a former Luna regarding a new Luna could mark the start of a difficult reign.

Luckily Chasity was charming even in her shaken state.

She spoke politely with everyone who interviewed her and was shockingly meek for a Luna considering her background Everyone seemed fond of her.

“Luna Chasity, I have to take your official statement, okay.” said the head detective gently.

He was middle-aged burly werewolf with salt and pepper hair, a strong jaw and bushy eyebrows.

He was on his third cup of coffee.

Chasity sat on the living room couch and almost everyone involved in the investigation was trying to walk past to discreetly eavesdrop.

He put his tape recorder on.

Chasity launched into her story without being prompted.

“I was trying to eavesdrop on a conversation the Luna was having with her three sons in the dining room,” said Chasity immediately, eliciting a round of soft chuckles from all present. She was honest.

“Clarify who you mean by Luna, Luna Chasity,” specified the detective. “Be as specific as you can.” “Oh,” said Chasity. “Luna Ronnie. I don’t have three sons,” said Chasity with a shrug, eliciting more chuckles. “Yet,” said Alex and Felix in unison, prompting more soft laughter.

“Fair enough, stupid question on my part,” joked the detective, making his juniors snicker.

Chasity smiled faintly.

“I was in the hallway and I wondered if I could hear it from my new room, the downstairs bedroom, the one with all the caution tape there now,” specified Chasity innocently.

Felix chuckled.

She was between him and myself on the couch to Alex’s chagrin.

Alex did not take his eyes off of her, even for a second, from where he sat, perched on the arm of the couch on Felix’s side.

“There was someone prying open my window with a… wrench or I don’t know any tools that well, “she admitted bashfully.

“But you’re mated to Alpha Felix?” Joked Beta Keaton, trying to lighten the mood Chasity let out a small gasp with wide eyes at Felix.

The warriors stifled their laughter out of fear until Felix chuckled himself and they burst out laughing.

Keaton came to the couch to try to hug Felix but Felix playfully shoved him away. “I helped changed your diapers!” Complained Keaton, eliciting more laughter. “I’ll help change yours soon enough, old geezer,” grumbled Felix, grinning. The warriors were besides themselves.

Chasity giggled a little and Felix kissed her forehead.

“He was tall, muscular and kinda pale.

He had a sky mask on.

He had dark hair.

I smelled the chloroform on the rag he had with him and that’s what panicked me. I screamed for Felix to come,” said Chasity.

“There, selection of an appropriate tool! And she says she doesn’t know about them! My Luna is too modest!” Said Keaton.

“Keaton, they want you outside,” said Felix seriously.

“The police team?” Asked Keaton.

“My Luna and me,” said Felix.

“Go home.”

More laughter from everyone.

I knew Keaton was trying to make Chasity feel less tense.

He was a ” laughter heals all” kinda guy.

I smiled at him.

Alex remained stone-faced and fixated on Chasity.

“So, Felix rushed into the room, Alex came and held me.

Calix rushed into the room too.

Alex covered my ears and I buried my face in his chest but I heard it,” she confessed. My brothers and I stiffened in response to that.

“Heard what?” Asked the detective.

Chasity looked at Felix for confirmation.

He nodded.

She looked at me and I nodded.

She looked at Alex and he winked, stealing my move.

She smiled at Alex.

She took a deep breath. “The snap of his neck,” she said..

“And the thud of his body as he hit the ground.” There was silence. “Ok, thank you, Luna Chasity,” said the detective..

Chasity nodded.

Alex, Felix and I pulled her into a group hug.

We had hoped she would not hear that.

The ambulance was outside and the doctor insisted on examining Chasity even though she had not been injured.

“He never touched me,” Chasity assured us for the umpteenth time while the doctor took her vitals and listened to her heart and chest.

She told the doctor the story and the doctor gave her some tips for dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic experience.

“Um, are there any therapists I could see in this pack?’”‘ Asked Chasity meekly. “Many!” Exclaimed the doctor, nodding, The doctor was a young woman. She leant in.

“About this experience or is there more on your mind?” Whispered the doctor.

My brothers and I had refused to leave the room for the medical examination and interview.

“More,” said Chasity simply.

She was given a small list of the best therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists in the pack.

My brothers and I were relieved when we finally took Chasity upstairs to bed. We all ended up in Felix’s room.


Chasity was curled up on my chest.

Alex and Calix sat near the head of the bed.

I let my wolf come forward just a little so that my claws came out.

My wolf was going crazy with worry for his mate and he needed to comfort her himself so I let him use his claws to lightly graze Chasity’s arms and legs.

Goosebumps sprang up on her everywhere we touched.

Tingles were spreading through myself and Chasity.

“Don’t worry, Baby, we’ll get to the bottom of this and figure out who sent the kidnapper. There’s already suspects,” I said decisively.

“Luna Ronnie,” said Chasity.


“Huh,” said Calix.

“Luna,” said Alex disapprovingly.

I realised what Chasity meant.

She thought our mother had set this up! “Baby, no, no,” I cooed, my wolf speaking with me, as we pulled her even closer.

“We know you heard the arguing,” said Calix apprehensively.

“But it’s not like that,” added Alex.

“She would never endanger you.

She knows that would destroy us,” I explained, burying my nose in Chasity’s silky fragrant curls.

Chasity yawned but I knew she was too on edge to fall asleep yet.

This was nothing my d‘*k couldn’t fix “She wanted it to seem like I ran off like she always says I would,” concluded Chasity.

“No, Princess,” said Alex gently, leaning forward and kissing her cheek.

“She’s just protective of us.

She’d never do that!” said Calix, coming closer and kissing her forehead. “She’s traumatised.

She’s shaken up.

That’s why she thinks that.

It happened just as she probably overheard the kinda things our Mom was saying!” I explained, feeling like I had to defend my mate and her accusations Chasily clung to me more tightly “Please, if you ever look for me and I’m gone, I didn’t leave you, someone took me ok.
That’s all I want you to remember,” said Chasity, sitting up so that she could lock eyes with each of us in turn.

“That’s all I’ll ever believe heaven forbid that happens,” I said, not even wanting to think about that.

I would rather die than lose Chasity.

Calix nodded and then leaned in again to nuzzle Chasity.

Alex sighed, his eyes tired.

“You’re not going anywhere.

Even if I have to handcuff us all together so it’s not an option to snatch you, I will,” said Alex firmly Chasity smiled and pulled Alexin for a kiss.

He pressed his lips to hers gently. “Kinky,” I said, regarding the handcuffs. Chasity and my brothers laughed. I did have some fuzzy handcuffs lying around here somewhere.

“I’m not going anywhere by choice,” said Chasity.

Alex turned off the light while Calix turned on Chasity’s nightlight. She now had a nightlight in all three of our rooms.

She was less afraid of the dark with us around though.

I could see the anticipation and need shining through plainly from Chasity’s eyes. We descended upon her, ridding her of all her clothes and her underwear quickly. S*cked and caressed her p**sy and her breathing and heart rate quickened as our hands teased her and squeezed her thighs.

I’m not going anywhere by choice, she kept whispering like a mantra across mind-link. I know, we all know, Baby, I assured her as our lips connected.

She sighed into my mouth, relaxing her body, surrendering it to us. That’s it, Baby, easy does it, I cooed as she melted into us.

The pleasure was threefold now that we were all marked and our connection with her was unbreakable.

She was ours and we were never letting her go Ever.

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