Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 53: Jealous

Chasity’s POV

I got into the back of a stretch limo that had been ordered for my friends and me. We all squealed. Mina and Tina were in matching baby blue crop tops and shorts and June and April were in similar outfits but they had joggers instead of shorts with their crop tops. I was in my gold dress.

I had picked baby blue for my bridesmaids colours because I honestly didn’t know what to pick and the triplets seemed to like that colour so I was making it the colour palette for the wedding. Tina put a bridal veil on my head. The girls all cheered. Mine popped a bottle of champagne. More cheers. I couldn’t drink.

“I can’t drink,” I said, shrugging. “Why not?!” Demanded Mina. “She’s pregnant!” Said April indignantly.

“Oh! Yeah!” Squeaked Mina. “Don’t worry! I’ll drink yours!” She proceeded to down two glasses of champagne.

“Great save, Mina,” complimented Tina. Mina gave her a thumbs-up. April rolled her eyes and June laughed.

We went to a club called called Alpha Appeal. This place was apparently known for their hunky male exotic dancers. The decor was all black and white with gold accents

A tall buff guy dressed like a fireman was dancing on the main stage. He actually had a hose that worked and he would spray ladies with it every now and then. The wet ladies were screaming

and jumping up and down excitedly. None were the least bit annoyed by their outfits being drenched. No one was spraying me! No thanks!

The fireman who apparently went by the name of Thunder From Down Under finished his dance and hopped off stage. Ladies rushed to throw more money at him. He bowed and grinned, picking up armfuls of cash.

A guy dressed as a police officer without a shirt went to the main stage and said into the mike, “Do we have any brides in the house tonight?!” The whole room cheered. I quickly ripped off the veil and hid it. “I am told we have one bride! Chasity!!!! Where are you?!” He spoke like a music DJ announcing the top hit song.

Timmediately hid, ducking down. I considered crawling under the table we had been seated at but the girls jumped up and down and pointed to me. Two guys in bow ties and speedos ushered me onto the stage to sit on a pink chair. A guy came out dressed in a tuxedo.

A song started to play, soft and slow at first. In one swift move, he ripped the entire tuxedo off. He had boxers on to my relief. The music became upbeat and he danced around my chair while my four friends cheered and got tipsier.

Finally it was over and I scampered back to my chair.

Third Person

Alex, Felix and Calix were at an exclusive gentlemen’s club. They had decided to spend the night drinking, gambling and reminiscing with about twelve or so of their friends. They had specified no dancers whatsoever. They couldn’t risk that, especially with Chasity being pregnant.

They didn’t want to stress her out unnecessarily. Besides, they had no interest in that anyway. They were currently playing blackjack. Calix had the winning hand, twenty-one exactly! He pulled all the chips towards himself grinning. The youngest always had the best luck at games. Felix was the most skilled at cards. Alex refused to play.

He hated gambling. The eldest was drinking whiskey and telling three of the guys on the couch about a new pack treaty had he come up with. The night passed rather quickly and the triplets were eager to get back to Chasity.

Chasity POV

There was no way I didn’t smell like the guy who had danced for me. I flew into the pack house when the limo dropped me off. Were the triplets back yet?

“Chasity!” Felix. My heart almost stopped at the sound of his voice. I heard his footsteps. I ran upstairs to our room. I spotted Calix in the hallway. His face lit up and I dove into our room. Alex was lying bed.

He sat up, smiling. I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. I could hear all three of them as they congregated by the door. I hadn’t done anything. Ugh. But they would go ballistic. I showered as carefully and quickly as possible. They were knocking on the door.1 hurtled out quickly, sopping wet, in my fuzzy bathrobe. My hair was drenched.

“Aww,” cooed Felix. “I would’ve showered again with you.” “I’m so sleepy,” I mumbled. “She just wants to get to bed. I can tell,” said Alex, drying my hair with a towel.

“May I? Please!” Insisted Alex, picking up my detangling brush. Ugh. I couldn’t resist him now with how guilty I felt.

“Yes,” I said. He looked shocked but elated and began gently combing my hair.

Calix was drying and massaging my feet. He put warm socks on me. Felix dried me off and put my nightgown on.

“Goodnight!” 1 exclaimed and crawled under the covers. They were silent and stood at the foot of the bed.

“You only want one of us next to you?” Asked Alex. Huh. Oh. I was in the corner. I scooted over and they grinned. Alex and Felix were next to me. My heart was still racing. I trembled a little as Felix’s nose touched the nape of my hair. He had lifted my hair to smell me. He stiffened. f**k.

“Chasity,” he said. “Yeah,” I replied hesitantly. “Come with me,” said Felix I gulped Felix grabbed me and we went to the bathroom. I could hear Alex grumbling. Felix shut the door. He looked livid. He folded his arms.

“I’m sorry! The girls organised this weird dancer person. They asked who’s the bride and I tried to hide and take my veil off but it didn’t work and the dancer person still danced. I refused to let him dance on me or too close to me but I know you have the best nose so…” I was rambling.

Felix was shaking in the corner of my eye. I dared it look at him. It was laughter. He was laughing.

“You’re so innocent, Baby,” he said, pulling on one of my curls. “I don’t think I have to worry about you. Remember Roxie?”

I wanted to growl. “Vaguely,” I said

“She was a major ho, always cheating on me, so I broke up with her,” said Felix nonchalantly

I burst into laughter. “Really, she carefully left that out when she told me all about you guys.”

Felix shrugged. “Naturally,” he said. He sighed.

“I’d have preferred no dancers…but you’re so young. I know you didn’t plan it. Mina and Tina seem the type to take you to a whole club,” he commented.

I was at a whole club. Ugh.

“They…did. But that one tuxedo guy was the only person who tried to dance for me. Please don’t me mad. I’m sorry,” I said rushing into his arms.

“I’m not mad,” Felix said. I was shocked. I stared up at him. He nuzzled me.

“I’m not thrilled but I’m not mad. It’s over. No more private dancers for you,” he said sternly. I nodded eagerly. He nuzzled me again. We walked out to find a pissed-off Alex and a confused and groggy Calix at the door.

“We were just having a chat,” Felix said. “No secrets,” Calix insisted. “As if you both didn’t listen at the door,” said Felix, rolling his eyes. Calix grinned. “Strippers, Chasity?” I hid behind Felix.

“I would’ve danced for you if I knew you were into that!” Declared Calix who came over to gyrate on me, showing me his dance moves. I giggled and tried to escape, playfully swatting him.

Felix started to dance too so I was sandwiched between pretend strippers, Felix and Calix. I covered my eyes but I was grinning. They were so silly and I loved it and I was totally relieved. My relief didn’t last long

We were interrupted by a loud sigh. Felix and Calix stopped dancing. I uncovered my eyes. My grin slipped off my face. Calix and even Felix looked nervous. It was Alex. The eldest was truly pissed.

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