Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 54: Daydream Queen

Chasity’s POV

Alex was really upset about the dancer at my bachelorette outing. I bit my lip. I had been worried about Felix and his extra sharp nose sniffing me out. I had thought he would be the most jealous but he was chill and understanding.

Calix thought it was funny and wanted to dance for me himself. Alex was so furious he walked off and went somewhere else. My heart constricted painfully. My wolf whimpered. I recalled when Austin’s smell had been on my hair tie. Alex had been so upset.

I had thought some of that was about hair and not about me necessarily as he had such a thing for my hair. I had been a bit daft. He was possessive, but he was an alpha and the eldest so what else would he be like?

Felix stopped me from going after him.

“Please, you’re pregnant. Stay here with Calix and don’t stress out. I’ll talk to him for you,” Felix offered.

“No, I need to do this,” I said firmly. I gave Felix and Calix both a k!ss. They followed me down the stairs. They didn’t want me even walking around the house alone.

They were a bit traumatised from the kidnapping and so was I. We didn’t find Alex anywhere on the ground floor. We looked all over. Eventually we realised he was in the attic. I went up there. He was on the tiny balcony, just staring out, looking forlorn.

“Please come in! Please!” I beseeched him.

He came in and looked at me with sad hurt eyes. I held his hands. I kissed them. He stifled a smile.

“Alex, I would never be unfaithful. The dancer danced and that was it. There was no real interaction and I definitely won’t even be going anywhere like that again, especially not when it bothers you. I never wanna hurt anyone, especially not you. I’m sorry,” I said softly.

“Give her a break, bro. Mina and Tina took her there. You know Chasity’s not like that,” Felix grumbled. Alex glared at him.

“If you would have danced for her yourself, Alex, this wouldn’t have happened!” Joked Calix in mock outrage. “This is all your fault!”

Alex smiled a little at his youngest brother. “I want a smile for my own, please, thanks,” I said.

Alex grinned. He kissed me, rather intensely. “I don’t mean to be hard on you. I just.I’ve wanted my mate my whole life and when I realised it was you, I was so scared you would leave me at some point and then I was scared you’d be taken from you. I just wanna feel like you’re here forever and no more worries. Especially not some dancer in speedos or something trying to snatch you away,” he said.

I nodded. “That would definitely not appeal to me. I only want my alphas,” I said. Alex carried me back to bed. Calix actually did give me a lap dance. He was pretty good! He


was so cute! He shook his booty in my face which I was completely not expecting. I smacked it and swatted him away. Felix laughed but Alex narrowed his eyes. Exotic dancing was a sore subject. It was too soon.

I straddled Alex and kissed him. He just needed some extra attention. I ran my hands down his chiseled chest and over his rock hard abs. I reached into his boxers to grasp his huge thick length. I sighed contentedly as I felt it harden. Alex hissed in pleasure.

He groaned as I squeezed him a little. Felix was pressed up behind me. Calix freed himself and rubbed his smooth c**k against my cheek. My mouth went to it instinctively. Before I knew it Alex was in my p***y, bouncing me up and down on his large smooth member.

My p***y started contracting around him immediately. Felix pressed lube liberally between my butt cheeks and slowly gently entered my behind. I groaned against Calix’s member. I missed them and this. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more though as they were hitting all the right spots and with incredible vigour. I could tell they missed me too.

I was deliciously sore and yet the pressure in my tummy rose and rose until a breaking point. I screamed but it was muffled by Calix’s release in my mouth. I swallowed. Alex spurted into my p****y and Felix into my behind. I collapsed on Alex’s chest, exhausted and he enveloped me in his strong arms. He and Felix pulled out. I was placed gently on my back. I fell asleep almost instantly.

In the early morning when it was still dark and chilly, I felt fingers tracing patterns on my inner thighs. I moaned, slowly waking up. My alphas were awake and looking at me hungrily. I was surprised to find myself in a nightgown with a panty on. They must have dressed me. I yawned and smiled slightly, looking at them from under my lashes with sleepy eyes.

Felix k!ssed me as though he were ravenous. Our tongues caressed each other lovingly. I felt his hands slip into my underwear, part my folds, find my cl*t and c*ress it. I m0aned. I was dripping. Alex put his hands in my underwear and squeezed my butt cheeks, parting them and kneading them.

Calix stuffed his hands in my p#nty too so he insert his fingers into my p***y, knuckle deep. I cried out but Alex claimed my lips. This was like my dream from before I’d been mated only it was real. I was awake, sleepy, but definitely awake and six hands were in my panty. Calix kissed me deeply next. I lost count of how many times I came.

They were relentless with their caresses and their kisses. They were whispering sweet nothings to me. I heard my name a lot and I moaned their names even more. I couldn’t wait to be their wife.

Thankfully our wedding was soon. My dress was picked out. My bridesmaids had squealed with delight and my family members had loved it. I was so excited to see the triplets’ faces on our day. I smiled to myself daydreaming about it.

“What’re you thinking about?” Asked Felix, his voice husky in my eye. “My alphas,” I told him. “You guys.” Alex chuckled. “We’re right here,” murmured Calix, licking my ear.

“No Daydreams necessary,” cooed Alex kissing the tip of my nose I bit my lip. “But I love to daydream,” I protested. They chuckled “Then continue,” insisted Felix Alex nuzzled me. “You’re our littie daydream queen.” I giggled. Felix snorted saying it was corny. Alex grinned.

Calix didn’t say anything. He just parted my thighs and headed downwards. Actions really did speak louder than words.

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