Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 55: Felix and Chasity Have History


Last night had been an epic waste of time. We were not any closer to figuring out who was really behind the kidnapping plot against Goddess and all our leads were a bit of a reach to be honest. Either way, Goddess was worth it. I had been up all night in the cold and I had sorely missed my warm cozy bed but not as much as I had missed my Chasity. Felix and I had found Chasity and Alex eating breakfast by the kitchen island. My eyes kept sweeping over Chasity. My shift with her was 4pm to midnight so I had some time to sleep.

“Have a good day at school, Chasity,” I said, pulling her close and nuzzling her. She giggled the way she always did when I nuzzled her. “Thanks,” she said. “Sweet dreams! Get some rest!

“Mhm. Thanks, Beautiful! See you later,” I murmured taking one last sniff of her sweet floral scent. I k!ssed her nose and trudged up the stairs. I wanted to collapse into bed as soon as possible so I would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the moment Chasity got home. I was glad Felix would be with her today at school. I had already put a stop to her bu*lying but Felix would ensure anyone who even looked at Chasity wrong never bother her again.


I took one of my one-minute super-speed showers and then threw on a black tee shirt and black p-ants. I liked all black clean-cut attire. I wanted to give off an unapproachable vibe. Approachability was for Calix and maybe Alex. I wanted my outfit to say “don’t f**k with me or my lady.” I dried my hair as much as I could before I just gave up and threw the towel at the hamper. I needed a haircut. I put on some

cologne and headed downstairs.

“Let’s rock n’ roll!” I said, resisting the urge to smack Chasity’s ass.

She looked so sexy in the dress she had on but I did not want to piss her off this early in the day. We had eight hours of Felix-Chasity time and I was hard just thinking about it. I could not start with the antics immediately. I had to pace myself.

Alex drove us to Chasity’s high school. I had been a student here just three years ago. I used to run this place but I was over it now. I was glad Chasity just had months left here.

I had taken a brief nap, sprawled out in the back seat, so I felt a little better after my sleepless night. I had been scouring our pack lands with Calix and a few warrior squads. We had talked to every crook in town and every mountain man in the rural areas. It had all been in the hopes of finding out about any plots against our Luna but there were no really promising leads. All of our “leads” were just wishful thinking from Alex Alex was being optimistic to a level that was just shy of delusional. At least, he was a good big brother. I realised he had sat in the parking lot like a weirdo to let me sleep a little longer,

“Thanks, man!” I said, clapping my big bro on the back as I sat up in the backseat.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, looking at me through the rearview mirror. “If you get tired today, we can switch anytime”

“What? You didn’t get enough last night?! You had her all to yourself all night! Not a chance, bro!” i grumbled

Chasity’s cheeks were impossibly red while Alex just laughed off my comment. I opened the door for Chasity I wanted to carry her through the snow but she lust scurried ahead of me into the building.

The hallway was still filled with high schoolers milling about by their lockers. I caught up to Chasity. walking close to her side. There were male wolves here who had come of age and were still unmated, unpaired. I did not trust them one bit. Everyone was staring at me and Chasity but that was to be expected. I was their Alpha, their leader, and my Luna was beautiful. Chasity was keeping her eyes to the ground. She was clearly uncomfortable with being the centre of attention but lowering one’s eyes was not a good look for a Luna. She outranked everyone in the pack and honestly she was more precious and important than even Alex, Calix or I was as an individual. There was only one of her. One Luna. Losing one of my brothers would shatter me (though I’d never tell them that) but losing our only Luna would destroy all three of us Alphas.

I grasped her chin gently and tilted it upwards. “Chin up, buttercup,” I said with wink. Chasity smiled slightly. “CHASITY!” Screamed two girls in unison.

They were vaguely familiar. I realised where I knew them from. These were Chasity’s two perky friends, the ones responsible for her birthday makeover. I had seen her talk to them back at our birthday party and our surprise party. One had a deep complexion and dark curls. I was pretty sure she was Tila. The other had lightly tanned skin and brown hair. I believed this one was Mila. They abandoned their wide-open lockers and hugged Chasity. The three of them did a little dance by rotating while still in a group hug. I grinned. It was nice to see Chasity make a few friends,

“Felix!” Squealed both girls, speaking in unison again. “You remember Mina and Tina, right Felix?” Said Chasity.

I slipped my hand in hers, interlocking our fingers. Mina and Tina. Right. I had been pretty close with the names. They acted like twins more than my brothers and I acted like triplets.

“Hey girls, I’m impressed you can tell us apart,” I admitted. They practically shrieked with happiness.

“You’re the hottest one,” said Tina decisively, “so I know when it’s you. I mix up Alex and Calix sometimes.”

I raised my eyebrows. I quickly glanced at Chasity to see if she was offended or jealous but she was chill. I smiled, proud of how secure my Baby was in our relationship. I was not too sure if I would be that calm if one of my friends called Chasity hot in front of me. It would be true but it would piss me off.

“Thank you for your honesty,” I told Tina. She and Mina burst into a fit of giggles. “Not that you shouldn’t hang out with your man” mumbled Tina, getting closer to Chasity. “But what is he doing at school?” Said Mina, finishing the sentence for Tina. “I…um…” said Chasity, clearly struggling to explain. “Don’t you two watch pack news?”I wondered. “No,” said Mina and Tina unabashedly.

“Well, some dumb” tried to kidnap my Baby so my brothers and I will be keeping an eye on her until the people behind the kidnapping plot are found,” I explained.

The girls gasped “So when were you gonna tell us that?” Demanded Mina, looking at Chasity. Chasity shrugged “Are you okay?” Asked Tina Chasity nodded “So the guy is out there?” Whispered Mina, her eyes fearful.

“No, Felix, um, killed him,” said Chasity, lowering her voice. “But there might be more people involved. It didn’t seem like he was working alone.”

Mina and Tina looked at each other. “First Parker, now this!” Said Mina. “What if it’s Parker’s best friend or.. ?” Began Tina. “No! Not likely,” said Chasity quickly, cutting Tina off to draw attention away from Parker.

I grumbled inwardly. Chasity was still protecting that kid and his associates. The girls fell quiet which was odd for them. I realised Minx and her Minxettes were mind-linking, Sneaky!

“Okay, time for class,” I said “Who do you have first?” Wondered Mina. Chasity gasped, looking at the now almost empty hallway in horror

“I have MacDonaldson and I’m late!” Squeaked Chasity’s *t! She hates latecomers and she’s scary!”

Mina and Tina seemed calm, “Felix is scarier,” said Mina nonchalantly: “No offence,” she added, looking at me. “None taken,” I chuckled.

“You have Alpha Felix, girl,” said Tina. “You’re not late. Everyone else is too early!” Mina and Tina burst into laughter and Chasity cheered up too. “I can’t believe someone tried to kidnap you,” said Mina. “We need to make a list of everyone suspicious!” Said Tina. “Yes!” Agreed Mina. “A suspect list!” “Don’t worry! We’re on it!” Tina assured Chasity.

“We know who all the shady bitches at this school are!” Revealed Mina.

I resisted the urge to cut their conversation short. Maybe, these girls had a point. It was a bit farfetched that a jealous high school girl or boy could be behind all of this but it was an area we had neglected. We had not interviewed her friends and more importantly her former bullies. I was sure Parker had not been the only one.

“You make a good point, girls,” I said. “Have that shady b***h list ready for me by this afternoon!” The girls practically jumped for joy. They were so excited to help.

“They seem like pretty decent friends,” I said, as Chasity and I walked to class after Mina and Tina scampered off.

I could not help but recall the argument Chasity and I had had over being careful with her friend selection,

“Yeah, they are,” she said. “They started being nice to me before I was mated to you, before my birthday. Not long before but still before and that makes a difference, you know.”

“I know, Baby,” I said, grabbing her waist and pulling her in for a k!ss. “Felix, I’m late,” she protested.

“You can’t be late twice for the same thing.” I countered.

She frowned, placing her hands against my chest. I flexed my muscles under her fingers Instinctively

**Don’t you wanna make out in front of a locker?” I wondered.

She tried to hide her smile but I saw it. She slipped out of my grasp and cautiously entered her first class ahead of me. I followed her I remembered this teacher. I had only graduated three years ago. MacDonaldson was an old snarky lady but she had always had a soft spot for Calix whilst Alex had been

her pet. I had been a troublemaker but I was an Alpha so even teachers like old Dragon Breath hesitated to upset me. I saw Old MacDonald glare at my Baby. She rose from her chair as if she were a hawk about to swoop down on a nervous bunny. Chasity was the bunny but she was also my Baby. Micky D should just be grateful that Chasity had chosen to grace the class with her presence.

A collective gasp from the class made MacDonaldson look up at me standing behind Chasity. Mac-D changed her whole tune. She adjusted her spectacles and fixed me with a huge smile.

“Class the Alpha has graced us with his presence, what do you say?” Said MacDonaldson. “Good morning Alpha!” Said Chasity’s classmates in unison.

“Good morning class,” I replied, grinning at the guys high-fiving each other and the girls whispering excitedly to each other.

“I’m Felix by the way in case you can’t tell my brothers and me apart. I’m the best-looking one though,” I clarified with a wink.

There was a chorus of giggling from the girls in class including MacDonaldson. “To what do I owe this honour, Alpha Felix?” Asked MacDonaldson

Did none of these f*ckers watch the pack news? Alex and I watched it religiously. Calix did not watch any news because he said it depressed him too much.

“Chasity was almost kidnapped,” I said, making sure the whole class heard.

I wanted all the pack members to be on high alert. There was another collective gasp. Several girls hugged each other or covered their mouths in shock. The guys looked pissed off which was to be expected. Going after the Luna of a pack was disrespectful to the entire pack especially the male wolves. Others had expressions of disbelief. I simply nodded.

“The actual kidnapper has been dealt with,” I informed them.

“Hell yeah!” Said one of the football players, eliciting several nods and cheers from his teammates.

I recognised the team jacket. I used to wear mine all the time. I wore it to every class. I even wore it outside of school. The Winter Moon Wolves were a championship team so that jacket had been a chick magnet. I noticed a few girls wearing the WMW team jacket too. Most of these girls were cheerleaders. I could see the WMW cheer uniform underneath. I smiled. The nostalgia was hitting me. Giving your jacket to a girl had been such a big deal back then. I should have put my old jacket on Chasity today. I would look for it tonight. No dumbf**k could say he didn’t know she was mine if she literally had my name on the back of her jacket.

“My brothers and I will be taking turns watching over her even at school until the situation is completely handled. A proper investigation has to take place,” I explained.

MacDonaldson was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“We are elated to have you, Alpha Felix!” She said. “Please feel free to sit wherever you like with Luna Chasity. We’ll rearrange the other students if necessary.”

I spotted two empty desks near to each other. Chasity sat in one. Before taking the seat next to her, i lifted her desk and chair with her in it and brought it as close to mine as possible. I heard a soft “whoooo” from the girls as well as a few giggles. I sat as close to Chasity as possible, pressing the side of my thigh against hers. I could sense a little thrill as it passed through her. She was excited and I could smell it. My eyes turned black for a split second, partly because of lust but mostly because my wolf was livid that other males were smelling the beautiful scent of his mate’s arousal.

MacDonaldson erased some notes from the whiteboard and wrote: Movie Time. The class erupted into cheers The lights were turned off and recognised the opening scene of Troy. I smirked. I actually knew this movie. It centred around the Trojan War but Helen of Troy was not the focus in this depiction. The main couple was the great warrior Achilles and his love interest Briseis. Like most things, it made me

think about Chasity and me. When the more experienced Achilles seduced the innocent and sweet Briseis. I could not help but look at my Chasity. I inhaled the floral scent of her hair and then I smelled my mark on her neck. I k!ssed the mark, letting my tongue trace the outline of it, causing goosebumps to rise up on her skin. She shivered a little and my hand reached for her thigh, squeezing it. She began fidgeting in her chair. She got up suddenly.

“Ms MacDonaldson, may I be excused to use the bathroom?” She mumbled. MacDonaldson gave an airy laugh which was totally out of character for her. “You don’t have to ask,” she said cheerfully,

Chasity and a few other students gave her a look that clearly said they usually did have to ask. Chasity headed out into the hallway, I followed her obviously She went to the nearest bathroom, picked a stall and shut the stall door in my face. Well, excuse me Maybe she actually wanted to pee? That was fine. I could watch it. I banged the door open before she could lock it I stepped into the cramped stall and locked the door behind me. I could feel her anticipation, her arousal, her need and I loved it

“Felix, 1…” she began but I put a finger to her l!ps as I stepped closer to her

I bent down to help her out of her boots She held onto my shoulders while she stepped out of them one by one. I trailed my fingers up her thighs and found the top of her stockings I slid them down while k!ssing and n!bbling at the skin just under her belly button. I had promised I would tickle this belly button from the inside but that was not what I had in mind for today I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her underwear and pulled it down slowly while i locked gazes with her. There was so much lust burning in her eyes but I saw a sudden flicker of annoyance With Chasity, anything could trigger a bad memory and ruin the moment so I went for the jugular, hoping to curtail any impending argument. I lifted her up easily and put her on my shoulders facing me. Her inner thighs were smooth against my cheeks as she instinctively clamped her legs a bit. I grabbed the globes of her behind and squeezed them, kneading them until she relaxed enough for me to press my face against her p**sy. I could hear her little stifled whimper as I licked her p***y, parting her folds with my tongue. She was wiggling about on my shoulders, trying to evade the intense pleasure of my tongue tracing patterns on her cl!t. I su-cked on her cl!t, enveloping the little tense bud in my mouth while I pressed her against the wall.

I plunged my tongue deep inside of her and she could barely hold in the squeaks and shrieks coming out of her. I moved my tongue in and out of her, mimicking another routine she was all too familiar with. She was dripping now and I lapped her nectar up eagerly. I turned my attention back to her cl!t while I added a finger, pushing it deep inside of her slick flower. She gripped my hair and muffled her squeal of surprise at the intrusion. I pumped my finger in and out while my tongue swirled round and round her cl!t. I could feel the tension building in the pit of her stomach and it was making me incredibly hard. Nothing in life ever turned me on as much as pleasuring Chasity did. Absolutely nothing.

Felix! Oh, Felix, I can’t take much more, she pleaded, her sweet voice echoing inside my mind. We’re almost there, Pretty Baby, I assured her, enjoying the way her thighs were trembling.

I covered her vulva with my mouth while I pushed two fingers inside of her and she came, contracting around my fingers, barely muffling her screams. Her climax sent a wave of intense pleasure through me and just like that I came too. I groaned. f**k. My p-ants and boxers were a mess on the inside but I did not care. I parted from her sweetness and set her down gently. I helped her back into her under-wear, stockings, and boots in companionable silence. I could not manage to wipe the satisfied smirk off my face. I knew this was one for the history books. I doubted that Alex or Calix had ever picked a site quite like this. I could not help but gloat as we walked to her next class.

“History is so fascinating, isn’t it, Chasity?” I said. She did not reply but she had a sly little smile on her face that said it all.

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