Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 55: Wedding

Chasity’s POV

Tina, Mina, June, April and my Mom stood in a semicircle around me. They were all beaming. My mother’s eyes were filled with tears.

“You look radiant, darling! Absolutely beautiful!” She said as she dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and then blew her nose.

“Work, Queen!” Said Mina. “Slay, Mama!” Said Tina. June smiled at me with wide eyes. “So pretty!” “You’re such a gorgeous bride, Chasity!” Said April.

I blushed. I would have to get used to all this attention now that I was a Luna to the Alpha Triplets. I was certainly getting used to receiving attention from the triplets themselves.

I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror in the dressing room of the suite we were in. Our wedding would be in this five star hotel. I was nervous but I knew I loved them so much. I was barely showing yet in terms of my pregnancy. The dress was a shimmery satin material. It dazzled me with every movement, catching the light beautifully. It was fitted at the waist though not too tight.

It flared out into a full skirt that reached the floor. The dress had a beaded top with a sweetheart neckline and sheer short puff sleeves with floral embroideries and floral appliqués on them.

My hair was in loose long blonde ringlets and curls. I had a rhinestone dotted veil attached to a flower crown of white roses. My makeup was done very natural looking with rosy cheeks, nude-pink lips and long lashes and shimmery eyeshadow. I took a deep breath.

“Ready, pumpkin?” Asked my father appearing behind me. “Ready!” I said smiling brightly.

My Dad looked dashing in his tuxedo. My Mom looked beautiful in a chiffon baby blue dress. My four bridesmaids all wore baby blue too. They were in tea length fit and flair dresses. They tooked so cute! The music began to play and we walked out of the dressing room and through a luxurious beige hallway.

The hall in which the wedding ceremony was being held had a high ceiling and several arches of white roses. The roses were dew covered and even their leaves sparkled. There were pixies fliiting from flower to flower, getting drunk on nectar. They would be raucous and uncontrollable soon. I chuckled. Pixies were always a riot.

I watched my four friends and bridesmaids glide gracefully down the aisle, each one escorted by one of the triplets handsome friends. The guests were all so glamorous.

They were the cream of the crop, the who’s who of the pack. Here I was, once the shunned lowest ranking member about to marry the famed alpha triplets and become Luna.

I heard the pack wiseman speak. He had an echoey commanding voice that filled the room.

“Please stand for the bride, our Luna Chasity,”he said. Everyone rose from their seats. My Dad walked me down the aisle. I clutched my bouquet of white roses and my fathers arm for dear life.

I was so nervous and a little self-conscious but then I looked up and I saw them. Alex, Felix and Calix were standing there in their white tuxedos looking unbelievably handsome. I held my breath.

They were gazing lovingly at me and grinning from ear to ear. I blushed. My father gently k!ssed my cheek and I k!ssed his cheek. He gave my hand to Alex the eldest symbolically. He nodded at the triplets. They nodded at him bowing their heads slightly as a sign of respect.

My father went to sit with my Mom in the front row. I couldn’t help but glance at the former Luna and the former Alpha. Ronnie had a small smile on her face as she looked at her children. Romeo looked proud as he regarded his sons. The pack wiseman was acting as our officiant. We were instructed to repeat the vows after him.

The vows had to be said three times, first with Alex, then with Felix and finally with Calix. Alex was solemn and very serious about the vows. Felix was eager, grinning from ear to ear enthusiastically. Calix was sweet and sentimental. I sniffled the whole way through.

The officiant pronounced us husbands and wife. Alex kissed me gently cupping my face. Felix’s kiss was a bit rougher, hungrier. Calix kissed me softly trailing his fingertips across my cheeks. The guests cheered. Grandpa Chance was among them, cheering the loudest.

Our reception was held in the same hotel in a huge banquet room. The centrepieces were crystal vases overflowing with white roses. The tables were covered in white satin tablecloths. The pixies had fluttered in flying a bit off kilter.

They were tipsy now. I could see their glittery trail as they zigzagged about. The photographers were going full paparazzi on the wedding party. I supposed the alpha triplets were technically celebrities and so was I by association perhaps.

They announced me and the triplets to a chorus of cheers. I walked in arm in arm with Felix and Calix with Alex walking ahead of us. I danced with my Dad.

Then I danced with Alex. He held me like I was made of porcelain. He twirled me around and dipped me, planting a gentle kiss on my lips. Felix held me to him so closely while we swayed on the spot. He murmured sweet nothings in my ear. Calix’s dancing was a bit livelier like he was doing the jive or something.

After all the dancing, I was famished. The food was all superb. The wedding cake was a tall and magnificent as the triplets themselves, with its delicate sugar-spun flowers and tiny pearl-like sprinkles. We cut the cake together with me feeing huge pieces to my guys.

The cake was so yummy and decadent. I savoured the sweetness of the cake as well as the sweetness of my new life with my triplet alphas.

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