Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 56: Chasity and the Three Party Animals Felix

Finally, it was lunchtime! My favourite subject! Well, it had been my favourite three years ago. Now, even hitting my macros for the day came second to my Baby. Chasity, who was currently pouting and playing with her food. The four footballers who had helped rescue Chasity from that f*cker came to say hello. Calix had told me about them. They were eventually joined by the rest of the football team and the entire cheerleading squad as well as the offspring of many influential pack members. I recognised a few people including Moxie, my ex’s little sister.

“I’m head cheerleader now!” Squealed Moxie. “Just like Roxie used to be when you were quarterback!”

She was in her cheerleading uniform. She looked almost identical to her sister. The cheer squad shook their pompoms as if to illustrate her point

“Um, congrats, congrats,” I said, nodding

I could not stop looking at Chasity out of the corner of my eye. I kept pulling her chair closer to mine. There had to be about thirty or more people surrounding us. They had pushed tables together so they could all sit around us.

“Roxie always talks about how amazing it was when you won the championship, Felix! She says all the Alpha Triplets were the best players but you scored the winning touchdown!” She said.

There was a murmur of appreciation from the group. “Tell us the story!” Encouraged Roxie. “I’d l0ve to hear it,” said a redheaded cheerleader. “Remember me? Georgia.” “Oh right, you’re in one of Chasity’s classes,” I said, bullsh!tt!ng. I did not actually remember her.

“Yeah!” Squealed Georgia excitedly. “Chasity, me, Layla, Sky, Blossom and Ivy. We were a group of six for that project, remember, Chasity?” Giggled Georgia, gesturing to the cheerleaders around her.

Chasity gave her a blank stare. “So is it story time?” Asked Blossom. “Story-time! Story-time! Story-time!” Chanted the cheerleaders.

The football players joined in. Ugh. I obliged them and told them about the championship game. Alex and Calix had been instrumental in the Winter Moon Wolves winning back then but I had brought it home for us and it had not even been on our turf! The group cheered in response to my retelling of that fateful game. Chasity kept her eyes on her plate, pushing her food around with a folk without actually eating any of it. My Baby looked so defeated. I nudged her gently.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” I murmured, leaning in close to her and letting my l!ps brush against her ear.

“Nothing,” she mumbled, giving me a feeble smile. I frowned Before I could question her any further, Moxie made an announcement to the group. “Okay, listen up, you guys!” She shrieked above the chatter. The chatter died down

“Good!” Chuckled Moxie. “Tonight, my place, elegantly casual, no need to bring anything, refreshments will be provided.”

“What kind of refreshments?” Asked one of the footballers who had helped Chasity. “All kinds,” said Moxie slyly, reminding me of her sister. “Felix, you’re coming right?!” “I don’t see why not,” I admitted. “My Baby and I could use a little night out!” Chasity did not look pleased. “Of course, yeah,’ said Moxie offhandedly. “Bring Chasity and Alex and Calix okay?!

I nodded absentmindedly. Chasity continued to act withdrawn for the rest of the day. She barely talked to me during her afternoon classes but I kept my arms around her to comfort her. She was probably just nervous about the kidnappers potentially showing up and ruining the party. I figured she would cool off eventually

“You’re not going to this party without proper supervision, ok?” I said sternly after her last class of the day.

I needed to make certain things clear and this was one of them. I was excited to dance with Chasity but I had to lay down the law and what better time than the present

“I’m not going at all!” Declared Chasity.

I stopped in my tracks on the way to the school’s parking lot. My eyes widened in concern as they noticed Chasity’s defeated expression.

“Why don’t you want to go? If you want to go, one of us will take you, whoever’s shift it is will take you, ok?” I promised.

It would be Calix’s shift from now until midnight and Alex’s shift from midnight to eight in the morning. Either way, I was going too. I wanted to seize every opportunity possible to spend time with my Baby. Chasity shook her head vehemently.

“I hate parties!”she said, emphasising the word.

I looked at her in shock. I had known she was shy and a bit of a homebody but I had not known she actually disliked socialising.

“Why?!” I asked incredulously.

“Because, I hate dancing and crowds so naturally I don’t like something that combines those two,” she said simply.

I smirked at her. She was too cute.

“Chasity, you’re in high school! You should try to enjoy it. Make some happy memories,” I said encouragingly, already picturing Chasity and myself making out at the party.

I wanted every unmated male in the pack to see plain as day that she was mine, spoken for, off-limits, out of their league and heavily protected.

“Ok, sure, good talk,” she said dismissively, hurrying towards the car. Calum was in the passenger seat and Alex was driving I opened the backseat door for my Baby. “How’dit go?” Asked Alex, his tone sounding a bit anxious. “Perfectlyi esclaimed Alpha of Alphas Alex rolled his eyes but he had a falnt smile on his face.

“No more bullies?” Asked Baby Boy Calix, looking at Chasity with wide eyes.

Bullies?! With me watching over her? In what world? I could not help but feel offended even at the mere suggestion of such a thing occurring in my presence.

“No more bullies,” she confirmed with a bright smile on her face.

Her smiles always warmed my heart. Minx was turning me into a sap. I wanted to go to that party with her. I still wasn’t over what had happened with that f*cker, Parker. What if there were other guys who did not know Chasity was our Luna? I also wanted to make a statement. Back when I had been the quarterback and Roxie had been the head cheerleader, anything that happened at one of our parties had been considered “legendary.” Chasity belonged at this party. She needed to mingle with the other high-ranking pack members instead of being afraid of them or shying away from them. I wanted the news of Chasity making her first appearance at a party to spread through the school. It was time for her to cultivate a new image.

“None, whatsoever,” I added. “In fact, our little Princess Chasity here is loving school and her new friends so much she wants to hang out with them tonight at a party they’re throwing!”

“No, I do not!” Snapped Minx immediately. “A party sounds like fun! Why don’t we all go?” Said Calix. Yes!

“A high school party?” Asked Alex, his mouth twisting into a disapproving sneer. Sit!

“Nah, I know the girl who’s throwing it. Her sister is in college. It’s a joint thing with high school seniors and college kids,” I explained, keeping my tone light and casual.

I knew Roxie would have a few of her older friends there. There would definitely be graduates from Winter Moon High from our year there.

“That sounds cool,” said Alex, smiling slightly. “I don’t wanna go,” wailed Chasity.

I felt a twinge of guilt. I did not want to force her to do things. She had had no say over her life for so long already but a Luna really did need to know her pack members.

“Why not, Luna?” Asked Alex, his tone gentle. “I just don’t,” she grumbled, pouting. “Please, Goddess, let’s go have some fun!” Pleaded Calix. “Come on, Baby!” I insisted.

“Chasity, my Luna, you don’t know many of the pack members very well, old and young alike,” said Alex softly

I figured Chasity was anxious about socialising.

“I know you’re shy, Baby, and we’re sorry if we’re part of the reason you’ve always been in your little shell,” apologised

But this is a good opportunity to at least get to know some of the pack members in your age group.” added Cali

A lung is what holds a pack together. She’s a mother to the entire pack and the Alpha is the father figure, explained Alex.

Our luna, to learn the names and basic info about each member to keep a check on them, see e di what you can help your children if you don’t know what their issues are,” I reasoned and mother know what’s up with all of the tales Ashe wolf has to keep track of her cubs!”

All the tingens link the three Identical marks we had made on her neck. I watched the engagement ring we had gotten her sparkle as she moved her left hand, following the outlines of our marks.

“Let’s go to the stupid party,” she grumbled.

My brothers and I could not even hide our glee. We were so proud to show Chasity off as ours. Tonight would be unforgettable.


“I have four special ops warriors stationed at the venue all in plain clothes in case we needed the extra muscle or backup,” i told my younger brothers.

We were all dressed and ready for the party “Is four enough?” I wondered out-loud. “Yeah,” said Calix while Felix said, “No.” “How many should we have?” I asked Felix “Six at least,” demanded Felix.

“What?! We could make do with four! Remember, we’ll be there with her too!” Reasoned Calix. “We’d never let anything happen to her!”

Felix sighed. “I can’t believe I’m, saying this but I agree with Baby Boy Calix,” he said with a shrug. “Of course, we need to keep an eye on her at all times,” I reiterated

Taking Luna to this party was supposed to serve two purposes: one, our Luna would get to know the pack members in her age group and two, hopefully, the whole event would take her mind off of the kidnapping plot even if just momentarily.

Meanwhile, the investigation continued in the background. One of our most recent findings had been quite disturbing. The kidnapper Felix had killed had no fingerprints. Whoever he was, he had had his fingerprints burnt off before breaking into Chasity’s room. Also, his picture did not match any of our registered pack members. Our advanced facial recognition technology was able to comb through the database of pack members and match photographs to the actual werewolf or even to those who shared a great family resemblance. It seemed he had no relatives in this pack either. Even if he did, he looked nothing like them. The only clue on his body seemed to be his unusual tattoo: a full moon with a serpent curled around it. The same tattoo Didi had. According to Didi, Chasity’s mother, Chalice, had gotten that tattoo also. My head was throbbing just thinking about it. What did all of this mean? What was the connection? We had decided not to share this information with Chasity until we knew more. There was no sense in alarming her until we had put all the pieces together. Then, we would have something cohesive to present to our Luna.

“I’m gonna go check on our Luna,” I murmured to my brothers.

I left them sitting in the living room. I bounded up the stairs to my room where Chasity had been getting dressed with two female warriors stationed just outside the door. I walked in and my eyes widened as I took in the sight of her. She was an absolute vision. She looked gorgeous in a figure-hugging black dress that sparkled with every move she made. Her dark blond curls were simply down, making her look effortlessly pretty. She carefully smoothed red l!pstick onto her l!ps.

Gave her an “ok” sign when she caught me staring at her. I snaked my arms around her svelte waist and pressed the tip of my nose to her neck, inhaling her delicious scent.

“You look gorgeous, Luna,” I murmured against her soft smooth skin.

She shivered in my arms as I slid the tip of my nose along her jawline, my hot breath raising goosebumps on her I lushed golden skin. I planted open-mouthed k!sses down her neck and across her shoulder, enjoying the little noises of satisfaction she made. I swayed with her on the spot as though we were dancing to a slow song I spun her around and dipped her, leaning down to press my l!ps to hers med dip As our l!ps connected, tingles ran through us. I grasped her waist and picked her up. She wrapped her legs and arms around me while I held her up by the backs of her th!ghs, all the while never breaking our steamy k!ss. She moaned into my mouth as she felt my huge hard er*ection pressing against her middle.

“Chasity,” I gr0aned as we parted. “Let’s just stay home,” she breathed “Oh no you don’t!” I chuckled, realising what her sneaky little plan was. She fixed me with an innocent stare. I carried her downstairs to her chagrin without further ado. “Hey gorgeous,” said Felix as he spotted Chasity, looking disgruntled in my arms. He k!ssed her forehead and the tip of her nose lovingly but her frown remained in place. “Road trip!” Said Calix excitedly, k!ssing Chasity’s check and then nuzzling her. Calix’s nuzzle got the smallest of smiles out of her Calix

Chasity looked radiant in her party dress. She was pouting and it was adorable but she was not getting out of this one. She needed to mingle with the pack members and this was the perfect opportunity. The drive to Beta Keaton’s mansion was not that long. His daughters Roxie and Moxie were the ones throwing the party. Roxie just so happened to be Felix’s ex I wondered if Felix had told Chasity that. Roxie’s family lived in a mansion almost as large as our pack house,

The party was already in the swing of things. There were dozens of cars parked in the huge snow-covered driveway already. I could see many young people on the porch, smoking and drinking. Their laughter and chatter competed with the pulsating music coming from within the huge house.

As we ascended the porch steps, several male wolves noticed Chasity and licked their l!ps. My wolf growled and I could feel the anger radiating off my elder brothers. I knew all six of our eyes would be black in annoyance. The guys stiffened and quickly averted their eyes out of respect. Felix stepped in front of Chasity protectively while Alex and I flanked her.

As we crossed the threshold, I recognised the song playing. It was an upbeat dance track that had a s*xy vibe to it. Several couples inside were clinging to each other and swaying to the beat. I could easily tell which couples were fated and which were not. The fated couples were staring into each other’s eyes with these dreamy expressions on their faces while the unmated ones had shifty gazes, their eves darting all over the room.

As the party-goers realised their Alphas and Luna had arrived, everything and everyone seemed to freeze. All eyes were now on us. I was used to it but I knew Chasity would be uncomfortable sol put my hand against the small of her back, gently guiding her forwards. There were dozens of she wolves giggling and gossiping about us while the guys lowered their heads slightly in acknowledgement of us. The crowd parted for us.

The party hostesses came towards us: Moxie in a tight bright pink dress and Roxie in a tight pale pink dress. The sisters almost looked like identical twins with their light blond hair styled exactly the same way

“Welcome, Alphas!” Squeaked Moxie. “It’s an honour!” Squealed Roxie.

Felix lashed them a grin Alex gave them a curt nod. I smiled and then winked at each sister. I felt Chasity stiffen and caught her disapproving expression from the corner of my eye. I almost wanted to laugh. She had nothing to worry about. She should know that by now. Couldn’t she tell how obsessed with her I was?! grabbed her by the waist and pressed her to me, crashing my l!ps against hers, k!ssing her passionately with all eyes on us. I did not mind the audience and their dramatic reactions. There were cheers, catcalls and even applause. I grinned at the excitable crowd when I broke away from Goddess, winking again. Goddess’ cheeks turned red and she tried to hide her face in my shirt.

Thankfully, her two best friends came over at that moment and she relaxed considerably. She hugged them and they immediately began demanding drinks. Chasity ended up doing four shots! I cut her off after that. Her little friends needed to go home. They had overdone it. They had designated drivers who took them home early safely. Once her friends were gone, Chasity’s mood soured again.

I was playing beer pong with some of the footballers but I kept glancing at Chasity. She was sitting on Felix’s la_p and she did not look too pleased Felix was talking to the same four footballers who had helped to rescue Chasity that day. There were a few other players surrounding them along with their mates. If Chasity was not so tipsy, I would be dancing with her I watched the couples grinding on each other on the dance floor, feeling a tad jealous that I wasn’t out there dancing with Chasity I saw when Alex returned from the kitchen with a bottle of water for Chasity She gulped it down

“Your turn, man!” Said the footballer I was playing against “Huh,” I said, “Oh, right!” “You stoned?!” Wondered the footballer “Nah, man, just distracted,” l mumbled.

I threw my ball and it landed in one of the more difficult to reach cups. The group of spectating girls cheered.

“Whoo, Alpha!” Squealed the nearest one “It’s Calix, keep it casual.” I advised.

The crowd laughed. I looked back at Felix’s empty la_p Huh Alex was standing nearby explaining something boring-sounding to a group of people.

Where’s Chasity?! I asked Alex, On Felix’s la_p, said Alex. Um, no! Turn around! I said, annoyed.

Alex looked around and spotted Felix carrying on his conversation, his la_p empty. Alex shoved Felix’s shoulder

“Where’s Chasity?!” Demanded Alex out-loud. “I thought she went with you to go get more water!” Said Felix, looking worried. I picked my way through the crowd to get to my brothers. “Ugh, nice one, Felix,” I said. “She’s fine. I can sense that she’s fine,” said Felix defensively. “I’ll go get her!” “No!” Grumbled Alex. “I’ll go!” Insisted Alex.

I could tell he was mind-linking the warriors in plain clothes who were stationed throughout the party to see if any of them had spotted Chasity.

“One of them saw her heading upstairs,” said Alex. “Stay here in case she comes right back to the couch,” he said to Felix who surprisingly listened and remained put for the time being,

Felix folded his arms. “He has two minutes and then I’m going looking for her,” said Felix. “What’s wrong?!” I asked.

Felix looked a bit off-colour. There was a greenish tinge to his face. Suddenly, I felt a burning pain rising up from my stomach and radiating up my ch3st. I clutched my ch3st.

“You drank too much!” Said Felix, his tone accusatory.

**No way! I can hold my liquor! You drank too much! You’re a shade away from being twins with the grinch!” I joked.

“Excuse youl I’m the best at holding my liquor and you and Alex know it!” Grumbled Felix who looked

like he was holding back bile.

He swallowed. “Ugh, Roxie and Moxie made me that weird mixed drink. This is their fault,” decided Felix. “Yeah,” I agreed, wiping the sweat from my brow. My stomach churned. I had not had any of that mixed drink to be honest. “It was that weird drink,” I gr0aned, doubling over, putting my hands on my knees.

Since when were we such lightweights though. We three used to be such party animals. I wondered if Alex was faring any better.


I felt a sudden wave of nausea hit me. After that day when Chasity marked Calix and Felix, I knew exactly what it was. Chasity was nauseated and I was feeling the echoes of it. Calix and Felix were probably feeling it too. This was a lot less awkward than the echoes of orgasms but it was certainly not as pleasant. I spotted her dark blond curls on the stairs. She was facing away from me, leaning forward a little. Had my Luna vomited already?

“Alex, Baby!” Squealed a familiar shrill voice. Sandra. She was on the landing of the staircase with Chasity. Avery and Tonya were there too.

By the looks of it, Sandra had just answered my unasked question. Her clothes were covered in vomit.

“Look at what this brat did to me!” She shrieked gesturing towards the vomit splattered on her dress.

Tonya and Avery had bits of it on their dresses too but Sandra had the worst of it. I held back a growl at the word “brat.” That was my Luna she was talking about. Chasity spotted me. She looked so terrified for some reason. I ran up the stairs to get to my little Luna at once!

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