Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 56: Departure

Chasity’s POV

Girls in their formal way eagerly formed a row, all bending their knees as if they were about to leap. I closed my eyes and spun around in a circle three tomes with the help of my Mom. I held the bouquet, weighing it in my hands a bit. I threw it over my shoulder. I turned around just in time to see the bouquet soar into the air and then fall as every girl dove for it. Mina and Tina both caught it. I couldn’t tell who had grabbed it first and I honestly thought they had planned it that way. I watched the disgruntled faces of the other girls and stifled my laughter.

Third Person

The Alpha Triplets were ready to leave their wedding ceremony and set out for their honeymoon with their beautiful Luna, Chasity. At the moment, Luna Chasity was saying a private emotional goodbye to her friends and family. The triplets hugged their father and then their mother one by one. They hugged their grandparents and their best friends who had served as the

four groomsmen for the wedding. One of them was their cousin actually, another Alpha of his own pack, who had flown in for the wedding.

“Maybe Jessie’s wife, Luna Jamie, can give Chasity some pointers on leadership skills and developing a rapport with the pack?” Suggested Ronnie to her three boys.

Felix frowned. Calix smiled halfheartedly. Alex had a blank expression.

“Um, I’m sure Chasity will get the hang of it without my help!” Insisted Jamie. “After all, Chasity is actually a she-wolf! I had to learn about werewolves on the whole, being a witch and all,” explained Luna Jamie who was also the Mother of her own Coven.

“But, I’d love to just hang out with Chasity! We’re cousins through marriage now and we’re both Lunas. It’d be great to be close,” said Jamie brightly.

The triplets smiled. Ronnie frowned and changed the subject. “Jessie, why didn’t you bring the little ones?” Said Ronnie. “They’re so adorable,” commented Romeo. “Aww, they’e a handful!” Responded Jessie. “They’re two handfuls!” Said Jamie. Chasity’s POV

I had just told my Mom and Dad goodbye. We wouldn’t see each other for six weeks which seemed so long although we’d been apart for nine years before.

My parents and my Grandpa Chance followed me over to where the triplets were talking with a few of their family members. My bridesmaids had said their goodbyes to me and went back to the dance floor. I could tell they were all a bit tipsy if not flat out drunk.

Mina and Tina had found handsome twins to dance with and had explained to the guys that they were “spiritual twins” because they were “besties”. June and April had mates, both of whom were were-foxes. The guys had moved to our pack lands from June and April’s respective home towns as the girls actually loved it here. I decided to dive right into the conversation since Ronnie, my new mother-in-law, seemed to think I needed to be more

social with the pack members and what not.

“You have twins right?” I asked Jessie, the cousin of the triplets. He nodded eagerly. “Jade and Jake. Wanna see some pictures?” Answered Jessie beaming.

Jamie promptly pulled out her phone too as Jessie began scrolling through his phone’s photo album. The twins were truly adorable. They were fraternal, a girl and a boy.

Fraternal twins would have two separate mates not one like identical twins or triplets. The both had Jamie’s golden skin and brown curly hair but they had Jessie’s blue eyes. They were half werewolf, half witch or wizard which I found utterly fascinating What powers would they have?

“Their magic is coming in! Werewolves don’t really shift until they come of age but we witches get out powers extremely early.

There’s even cases of fetuses making objects levitate from inside the womb!” Exclaimed Jamie. Wow. That was cool. I really hoped I would get to see more of Jamie and Jessie. At least, two people from the triplets’ family liked me.

“Congratulations, by the way to the new bride and Luna!” Exclaimed Jamie warmly, hugging me.

“Congrats, cuz!” Said Jessie bouncing knuckles with me.

“The limo is here!” Said Ronda the party planner. My Mom and l hadn’t taken many of her suggestions wedding-wise but she was still technically my wedding planner. She could barely look at me in my wedding dress. I knew she wished to be me even more than the were fox who had been inhabiting Deidre’s body. There was a crowd of wedding guests spectating as we left.

All the people seeing us off were cheering. After one final round of hugs, the triplets and I got into the backseat of the limo. It was incredibly spacious.

As soon as we were alone, my alphas began eagerly but gently kissing and caressing me. It was a short ride to the airport but I was breathless by the time we got there. I had been told me were going back to the island.

“I’m so excited to see the island again! I loved it there!” I exclaimed. “We’re not going to the island!” Admitted Alex.

Huh. “Why not?!” I asked. “We wanted to surprise you!” Said Calix excitedly. “So where are we going?!” I demanded, chuckling. “It’s a surprise!” Retorted Felix, laughing. “But I packed clothes for a tropical location?!” I whined.

“Trust me, it’ll all be fine, Luna,” cooed Alex reassuringly, pulling gently on my curls and watching them spring back into place.

“Yeah, Goddess, we got you covered, don’t worry,” added Calix, winking at me and trailing his thumb against my lower lip.

“Baby, we’ve got it all down pat!” Purred Felix, massaging my shoulders. “If you three say so!” I said, chuckling, giving them each a k!ss.

On the private jet, I sat between Alex and Calix. Felix sat opposite us to his chagrin. The plane was basically empty except for us and the plane’s staff so I kept going back and forth between seats to keep Felix company too.

I was so excited to find out where we were going. Alex had actually covered my eyes while we walked from the limo, through the airpot and to the private jet.

The triplets were really hell-bent on this being a surprise. All the excitement had left me very sleepy. I must have drifted off because when I woke up, Calix was carrying me, bridal style. I blinked a couple times, my eyes adjusting to the light. Once my eyes adjusted, my jaw dropped as

I marvelled at my surroundings!

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