Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 57: Honeymoon Cottage

Author. I deleted the champagne part from the last chapter. That was an oversight, should’ve been just the triplets popping bottles and not Chasity. (In another version of my story, Chasity gets married and honeymoons first and pregnant after but it is fixed to suit the version I chose as my favourite and the one you are reading. Sorry for the mixup.) The following is a little nod to the fairytale that this story is very loosely based on

Chasity’s POV

We were in the middle of an enchanted forest. The trees stretched upwards for miles. Their huge canopies provided shade for the entire landscape. There were flowers blooming everywhere, many of them swaying to and fro. I heard folk music being played on a flute and realised the flowers were dancing to the tune. There were faeries and pixies perched in the treetops. I could see their glittery trails from down on the forest floor. They were responsible for the music.

The birds chirped in harmony with them. The forest was cool and peaceful, all the leaves covered in sparkling dew. I looked forwards and spotted a cottage. It was gorgeous with a kitchen garden, flowerbeds and flowering vines growing all over its clean white walls.

“Where is this place?” I asked. I was certainly surprised. The triplets grinned “We’re in the Forest of Faded Dreams,” said Alex, always ready with information.

I had heard of that! It was nestled between the borders of Marigold and Berryndale. There were no clear lines drawn as to which pack owned the forest but they were very friendly allies so it didn’t particularly matter. Both packs made use of the forest on occasion.

The triplets’ pack also had a good relationship with them as the Berryndale Gamma, Westwood, was another one of their cousins.

“How come Westwood wasn’t at our wedding?” I asked, remembering the triplets talking as fondly of him as they had spoken about Alpha Jessie of Ambrosia.

“Westwood’s mate is pregnant too and she’s on bedrest so she can’t travel and he hates leaving her,” said Felix

“Oh,” I said, feeling grateful I hadn’t had any issues yet but worried about Westwood’s mate

“She’s human too!” Said Calix. “So his Alpha always makes special allowances so Westwood can travel seldom or never even if they have treaty stuff to do in a neighbouring place.”

“Aww, that’s really nice of him!” I said, immediately liking that alpha. I liked when alphas were understanding of their pack members. I had never really seen the triplets in a pack meeting because I’d never attended any

“Maybe we can visit Berryndale or Marigold?” I said softly. They had good shopping places and nice cool weather like in this nearby forest I knew that from Mina and Tina.

They had mainly talked about the hot guys in Berryndale but they’d also mentioned the shopping Mina and Tina could find eye candy and good fashion anywhere. They were serendipitous that way

“Sure, Baby,” murmured Felix, turning the key in the lock of the front door.

We walked into the cottage. Calix was still carrying me. The cottage was so cute! It had high-ceilings and hard wood floors. Every piece of furniture looked so cozy. The whole place just made me want to cuddle up with my alphas and take a nap.

They were looking at me anxiously. “This was totally not what I was expecting…but I love it!” I squeaked. “It’s not too…” began Alex. “It’s perfect!” I insisted. “It’s not too anything. It’s just right!” Calix set me down gently on my feet. Alex smiled and I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him. “Ready to see Jamie’s wedding present for the honeymoon?!” Asked Calix excitedly. “Yes!” I said

Felix and Calix began tossing all the adorable pattered plates in the cute kitchen on the floor, breaking them.

“HEY!” | bellowed, my eyes turning black. Whoa. I was definitely becoming a Mom. They were making a mess!

They laughed and my eyes slowly lightened to a warm brown again as I saw all the plates reform perfectly, wash themselves in the sink and stack themselves. The faucet had turned on for itself and the dishtowel had levitated and done its job.

“1. Love. Magic.” I said pointedly making every word count. “Who doesn’t?” Asked Felix. “Alex,” said Calix. Alex was in the corner away from the enchanted moving objects. “It’s like it’s haunted,” Alex mumbled. Awww. Alpha of alphas Alex. The eldest! Scared of magic! I went over and cuddled him.

He wrapped his arms around me. “I’m not scared of it! I’m just wary of it malfunctioning, Luna!” Said Alex. Sure. “Ok, Alpha,” I said, giving him another kisses, “Alex is getting a lot of kisses,” whined Calix, “Yeah!” Exclaimed Felix. “Did I mention I’m terrified of…”

Felix looked around the room. “Cottages in general..” He tried. I laughed but gave him a kiss anyway

“And I’m scared of going long periods without kisses,” complained Calix, scooping me up again and running upstairs with me. I laughed as Alex and Felix chased after us.

The ground floor had living room with a huge fireplace and tons of cozy furniture, a kitchen with a breakfast table, a dining room with another fireplace, a bathroom and a downstairs bedroom.

Upstairs there were three more bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and another small living room with a dining area. Every single thing was adorable. I felt like I was in a fairytale or a dollhouse.

Calix hopped into bed taking me with him and making me straddle him. I kissed him deeply, running my fingers through his long silky hair. Felix came up behind me and tickled

I tried to escape by tickling him back. He was kneeling on the bed and his bare foot was nearby. He had extremely ticklish feet. As soon as I tickled his foot, he surrendered and even retreated. I chased after him.
“Don’t run too fast ok!” Called Alex after us.

“He’s just afraid to be in a room by himself with enchanted teapots and all those other terrifying things,” yelled Calix.

“Ow,” said Calix from the other room. Alex must have swatted him.

I stopped chasing Felix. “No hitting!” I said sternly. How was I going to manage three mini versions of them? I resolved to nap everyday of my honeymoon and the rest of my pregnancy.

Napping could become a thing of the past with triplet babies. No wonder Ronnie was such a grumpy b***h. I promised myself to not be like her and to give my sons or daughters’ future mate a proper chance.

I realised I was still in my wedding dress. I had to pick up my train every time I ran after one of the triplets. I looked out the upstairs hallway window and spotted a little creek with babbling water at the back of the cottage. There was a family of deer and another family of cottontail bunnies all drinking from the rushing water.

“Guys, this place is so beautiful,” I said awe-struck. They knew how much I loved animals.

“Jamie said the animals here are enchanted too. They don’t fight each other and they’re all friendly!” Alex said. Finally a spell he liked.

“Also, there’s a hunting ban shell,” said Felix,

“Yep,” said Calix. “Guns won’t fire here and traps and whatnot won’t work. Arrows will never hit a moving target that’s alive.”

l loved that so much. “It’s a tiny sanctuary,” I whispered. “Yep,” said Calix grinning. “We did good, huh.”

I grinned at them. I went to the biggest bedroom where the triplets had put my luggage. I ran my hands over my tummy. I wasn’t properly showing yet. I tried to unbutton the long row of pearl buttons behind me

“Hey!” Protested Felix and Calix. “What?!” I replied “Undressing the bride is grooms’ responsibility,” said Alex, waggling his eyebrows at me.

“You’ll have to catch me first then!” I said. And with that, I picked up my train and ran down the stairs and outside. I could hear the heavy footsteps of the triplets on the stairs behind me like

on that very first day of their birthday week. It’s weird how that sound used to give me anxiety. Now, it made me excited. I ran to the back of the cottage and splashed right into the creek.

The cottontail rabbits regarded me with curiosity. They scampered away to a nearby patch of lettuce. The deer had left. I looked on the shore to see my three alphas, shirtless, muscles rippling, and stepping into the water.

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