Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 58: Chasity Uses the Silent Treatment


“So you’re not gonna talk to us?” Asked Calix. That did not sound like a good start. Alex and I glanced back at her.

“Don’t you have girls to be winking at, Calix? She said snidely.

Calix’s cheeky smile faltered.

“And Felix don’t you have any more parties thrown by your exes to go to or attended by your exes?” Said Chasity.

I fidgeted a bit in my seat f**k Was this all my fault? She had been in that kitchen with Roxie. What had they talked about? Roxie was my least angry ex We were on good terms so I doubted she would say anything negative about me. Maybe Chasity was the type to insist on no contact with any exes whatsoever. That wouldn’t be that easy when it came to Roxie. She was my Beta’s daughter. I could definitely turn down any future invites but I couldn’t help running into her at pack meetings.

“And Alex don’t you have more pack knowledge to share with a crowd of admiring girls while stumbling off by myself at the party you three wanted me to go to?” Said Chasity

Alex looked at Chasity through the rearview mirror, his expression was unfathomable.

“The three of you were so furious when my hair tie smelled like another guy and yet I’m supposed to be fine and dandy with your huge fan clubs, Where are the boundaries? You discussed me with your ex Felix. You talked to her about me being your mate and about you proposing!” Snapped Chasity.

Ohhh. She was upset about how much my ex knew about us while she had been kept in the dark. That had not been intentional. My ex knew a lot about Chasity because I had asked her for advice on winning over Chasity and furthermore, Chasity was all I ever talked about these days. When I was actually in Chasity’s presence, I never talked about Roxie, I just enjoyed the moment.

The drive seemed painfully long after that. When we arrived at the pack house, Chasity changed her tune.

“Aren’t you even going to say anything?” She demanded.

What?! She had been the one who started the silent treatment in the car. We had thought she wanted us to give her some quiet time.

“You’re just a little tip hungover and you’re emotional. Let’s all go to sleep. Everything will be fine,” said Alex.

Chasity ripped open the door and got out, letting her legs sink into the deep crunchy snow up to her knees! She began to shiver. f**k!

“Chasily!” Yelled Alex indignantly.

She was gonna get herself sick over this stupid l0vers’ quarrel. She hurried through the snow and climbed the porch steps. I instantly knew where she was headed.

Give me a few minutes with her, I told my brothers.

I followed her to her downstairs bedroom, the one that had been the site of the attempted kidnapping

** You know you’re not allowed in here by yourself since the kidnapper showed up.” I said sternly. She could be mad at us all she wanted but she needed our protection.

“I want to take a bath in my tub that’s all.” she pleaded. “There are many bathtubs upstairs, Chasity,” I said bluntly. “I just need a minute. Just one minute,” she begged. I sighed. Against my better judgement, I allowed it. “Ok,” I said simply.

We had pack guards stationed around the house ever since the attempted kidnapping. We had not needed them to be here twenty-four-seven before because our reputation was pretty fierce. People seldom messed with us but now we had a new young vulnerable Luna l mind-linked two of the pack guards whose fighting skills had impressed me during training I had sparred with each of them before and they had both held their own. The guards arrived outside Chasity’s door in mere moments.

“You’re not to move from this spot untill relieve you. The Luna is in her room and you need to protect her at all costs,” I ordered.

The pack guards nodded. “Yes, Alpha,’ they said in unison, I trudged up the stairs, feeling sorry for myself. I found my brothers in Alex’s room. Calix

“How’d it go?” Asked Alex the moment Felix entered the room. “Wait, where is she?” He demanded.

Chasity wasn’t with him. I was instantly aggravated. Why would Felix leave her alone at a time like this? We were still on high alert.

“She begged me for just one minute alone so I left two pack guards outside her room,” explained Felix.

I still did not agree with him leaving her downstairs but I let it go for now. We had messed up tonight.

“No forgiveness tonight,” said Alex wistfully.

“No sleep tonight,” I mumbled, knowing I would not catch a wink of sleep without the comfort Chasity’s sweet scent and her soft warm body.

“Why no sleep?” Asked Felix incredulously. Wasn’t it obvious?

“She’s gonna want to sleep alone downstairs while the guards watch the door,” I pointed out.

He should not have let her have that minute alone. That minute would turn into a mile. Wait…well, you know what I mean.

“That’s not happening,” Grumbled Felix.

I shrugged. It could very well happen. What if she slept in the same room but insisted on different beds. I could not bear the thought. I had worked so hard to win her over, to show her how beautiful things could be between us.

“It feels like we’re back to square one,” I said, sighing. I sat on the edge of Alex’s bed and put my head in my hands. I let out a groan of frustration. “We’re not back to square one.” Said Felix confidently. probably just trying to reassure me. “She’s just stressed, it’s all too much for her…” said Alex. I was not too proud to admit that I was at a loss regarding our next move. “What do we do?” I asked. “Can’t we take her back to the beach?” Suggested Felix. “All this stress isn’t healthy for her.” He was right. She was under a lot of pressure these days. The beach could double as a de-stressor and a hideaway until the kidnapper’s accomplices were apprehended.

“We can’t be like runaway Alphas always on vacation. We have so many pack matters to attend to,” pointed out Alex, immediately bursting my beach bubble

“What should we say to her to put all of this behind us?” Asked Felix, clearly keen on making up as quickly as possible.

I was quiet while I mulled it over in my mind.

“I’ve never seen you be this sensitive before,” I said to Felix, meaning it as a compliment though! wasn’t sure if he would take it as one.

“It’s different with Chasity. I can no longer play that game where the person who cares less wins because I care a lot. I can’t even pretend that I don’t,” admitted Felix, being vulnerable for once.

I wanted to commend him but I was wrapped up in my own emotions. I had thought I would spend that whole party dancing and playing silly games with Chasity. I had thought we would stumble home both a bit tipsy and fall into bed together with our party clothes still on.

“All of her complaints had a central theme,” observed Alex. “Are you writing your dissertation on this, Alex?” Asked Felix. Alex glared at him. “Fine. Continue,” said Felix.

“All of her complaints were regarding our behaviour around other girls,” said Alex. “Our behaviour?” Asked Felix indignantly. “We have been nothing but faithful to Chasity!”

“I know but tonight she saw us interact with other girls. It’s nothing to us but it’s probably worrisome for her,” said Alex.

“She can’t seriously feel threatened by those random girls when she’s our mate. Doesn’t she get it yet?” Said Felix, seemingly shocked.

Chasity was our everything. We did not know how else to convey that to her. We had thought we had been doing an okay job.

“She’s just really young, Felix. She doesn’t have as much experience as we do. She’s never been in a relationship with someone who was not her mate so she doesn’t get how different that is. She thinks she actually has to worry about those random girls,” explained Alex.

Chasity had been pretty upset about Roxie in particular. “Well it didn’t help that Felix didn’t tell her the party was being thrown by his ex!” I snapped.

Felix growled at the insinuation. I snarled right back at him. I was not about to back down where he was concerned tonight. The only person who could humble me tonight was Goddess. My eyes turned black and so did his.

“ENOUGH!” Boomed Alex. Felix and I settled down as quickly as we had gotten riled up.

“It also didn’t help that you winked at my ex and her little sister in front of Chasity!” Pointed out Felix.

I wasn’t about to take all the blame for this. Chasity had complained about all three of us. I did feel guilty though I was done with winking unless it was at Chasity.

“Those winks mean nothing Chasity bears my mark. She’s my fiancee!” I said defensively.

“That’s what Alex is talking about!” said Felix. “Chasity doesn’t get it. Tonight made her worried that she’s competing with random girls.”

My sweet Goddess actually thought those other girls tawning all over us were threats to our relationship with her.

***You shouldn’t have forced her to go to the party.” I said, looking at Felix.

He had been the one to first bring it up despite already knowing she wasn’t interested in going. “Me!” Said Felix incredulously. “We all wanted her to go!”

“Yeah, we did,” admitted Alex. “We wanted her to bond with the pack. It wasn’t a bad idea in theory but Chasity has too much on her plate right now. Let’s hold off on the introduction of her Luna responsibilities for now. After high school, in a couple of months, we’ll get married and honeymoon back on the island. Then when she’s more relaxed, we’ll think about her role as Luna.”

How long were we gonna make Mom act as Luna? She was probably tired. Dad was officially retired and Mom wasn’t. Wouldn’t that put a strain on their relationship?

“Won’t Mom be furious having to be acting Luna for Chasity for so long?” I wondered out-loud. Felix practically snorted with laughter.

“No. She’ll be thrilled. Mom l0ves being Luna. Chasity, on the other hand, she’s not into stuff like that, ” he said simply

The typical Luna was a l0ver of power Chasity was too pure-hearted to l0ve power and I l0ved her for that along with every other trait she had. I sighed, wishing we were cuddled up right now.

“Let’s go get her. I’m tired,” I said as I leant back, plopping down on the bed. Felix nodded. “She’s between Felix and me tonight, right?” I verified, yawning and stretching “Rub it in why don’t you, Calix?” Muttered Alex Felix laughed. “I’ll go get her,” he offered, probably wanting to be the first to k!ss and makeup with her.

I jumped to his feet with renewed vigour. An idea struck me. Perhaps, I was overthinking this.

“We should pamper her. She might be less pissed then. I’m gonna run a bubble bath,” announced.


Alex smiled at Calix. I knew he would call dibs on washing her hair. That was okay with me. I was more interested in taking care of other areas. I went downstairs and headed straight for Chasity’s room. I nodded at the pack guars at the door. They seemed confused for some reason. I immediately felt a chill pass through me. My wolf instinctively told me something was wrong but he was even more paranoid than me so I quieted him. Chasity wasn’t in her room. She was probably taking a bath already in her own bathroom. I would hop in and “forget” to call Alex and Calix. I grinned as I peeked into her bathroom. She wasn’t there.

“Alpha Felix, Chasity went upstairs,” said one of the pack warriors as I headed out. “I said to watch her,” I snapped, my wolf getting incensed. “She said she was going to you, Alpha,” said the other warrior.

The guy was actually trembling in fright. Was I that scary? Good. I felt a little bad though. Chasity was making me soft. How could a girl make me so hard and yet so soft at the same time? Get it? I sighed. I ran back upstairs

The guy said she had gone to me, her Baby, her Felix. I went to my room. It was empty. “Baby?” I called.

No answer. I peeked into my bathroom and saw the curtain was pulled. I smirked. She had probably been in my lub waiting for me this whole time. I decided to sneak up on her. I edged my way inside the room and then tiptoed towards the curtain. I couldn’t wait. She would squeal and complain but then she would want me in the tub with her. That was obviously why she chose my bathroom. I neared the curtain. I would pull the curtain on three. One, two…

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