Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 58: Surprise

Chasity’s POV

Running was pretty useless. The triplets had only let me outrun them to make it a little more fun for me. I was scooped up by Calix. He carried me bridal style further from the shore where the water was cooler and deeper. I sighed happily, loving the feeling of his strong, warm arms around me. His elder brothers followed us further out into the creek.

Calix made me wrap my legs around his torso and fling my arms around his neck. I could feel the bulge in his pants as it pressed against the fabric of my panty.

“We need to take off this wedding dress, Baby!” Felix purred. “It’s weighing you down.”

I nodded meekly. Felix and Alex began unbuttoning the long line of pearl buttons behind my dress. When they were finished, they helped me pull the dress off over my head. Alex folded it and went to put it on the shore.

My three alphas pressed themselves against me. I giggled as Felix placed k!sses from my earlobe down to my shoulder while Alex lifted my hair to k!ss from the nape of my neck down to between my shoulder blades. Calix kept my l!ps busy, k!ssing me gently but insistently.

He pulled away and k!ssed the tip of my nose. I tightened my legs around his wa!st, pressing myself against him. He groaned and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced together as Alex unhooked my br*a and Felix dove down into the water to slip my panty off.

Suddenly, Calix lifted me up higher and put me on his shoulders so that my most sensitive area was right up against his face. I tangled my hands in his hair as he l!ked me eagerly, parting my folds with each l!ck. He found my cl!t and enveloped it with his mouth making me shiver.

I felt Alex’s rough palms parting by b*tt cheeks from behind. I squealed as his tongue prodded my tight back opening. I wiggled about a bit but both Calix and Alex gripped my wa!st keeping me equidistant as their tongues drove me crazy. My wolf wondered where Felix was.

Without warning, Calix and Alex put me flat against the water’s surface. I shrieked as I fell backwards but Felix was right there. He held my underarms, helping me float. He bent over me pressing his l!ps against mine while Calix continued tracing patterns on my v*lva with his tongue.

Alex moved towards my br*easts and pressed his thumbs to my n!ppl*s, caressing them in circular motions, making them pebble. He took my left n!pple into his mouth and s*cked on it eagerly, swirling his tongue around the n!pple as Calix plunged his tongue deep inside my entrance and Felix’s tongue slipped inside my mouth. I couldn’t even scream because of the fierce k!ss I was locked into with Felix.

I writhed under the three of them which seemed to encourage them. I moved my h!ps instinctively, rubbing myself against Calix’s face, I felt the youngest alpha squeeze by b#tt cheeks. I groaned into Felix’s mouth. Alex had moved to the right n!pple while his hands massaged my sides. There was an energy and a heat rising in my lower abdomen.

They took me higher and higher and the heat inside me burned hotter and hotter. I could not contain it anymore. I screamed into Felix’s mouth as I came against Calix’s face. Alex kept rubbing my sides to soothe me as I slowly came back to earth. Felix broke the k!ss leaving me so breathless was a little lightheaded.

My alphas cradled me and carried me indoors. They wrapped me up in a warm towel. The evenings were chilly here. We took a warm bubble bath and then sat on a plush carpet right in front of the fireplace.

Our honeymoon was as sweet as can be. The days blurred into each other. K!sses and caresses in the morning, running through the woods, splashing in the creek, warm baths, deep talks by the fireplace and snuggling together at night, sleeping peacefully.

On the first day of our honeymoon, I had been about seven weeks pregnant. At the end of our honeymoon, I was around thirteen weeks pregnant and my baby bump was showing.

I was relieved to be over my first trimester and entering into my second. I had experienced a few nauseated mornings but I had not had actual morning sickness, just a little bit of an upset feeling every now and again. I considered myself fortunate.

We retuned to our parklands. My parents and Grandpa met us at the airport along with the triplets’ parents. Even Ronnie seemed happy to see me though I was sure she was mostly excited

about her future grandchildren being back home. I wasn’t looking to be best friends with my mother-in-law but I decided stay cordial at least

I started attending pack meetings and even presiding over a few of them. I was definitely a lot more lenient than the Alpha Triplets but it did not make sense to have strict Alphas and a strict Luna. My father and his stepsister, Ronnie, stayed a bit distant from each other.

Their relationship remained strained. I felt it was my fault though the triplets constantly assured me it was not. We continued going to therapy as a family and I continued going separately. It helped me a lot. I learnt to stop blaming myself and to stop ruminating so much. My flashbacks became few and far in between.

At thirty-two weeks, I was only able to waddle from the bed to the couch and back. I couldn’t wait to give birth! Carrying triplets wasn’t easy. The triplets constantly told me that I was “glowing”. I felt like I was just growing.

The triplets told me to get dressed for a fancy dinner. I put on a loose fitting white maxi dress with embroideries and lace details. It really was a beautiful dress. I kept my hands on my tummy, cradling it, as I walked slowly down the stairs. It was so quiet and dark with all the lights off. A chill crept through me.

“Alex! Felix! Calix!” I called into the darkness. I quickly moved towards the light switch and flicked it on. I jumped. “SURPRISE!” Yelled everyone present in unison.

Relief swept over me. The triplets came out and hugged me, k!ssing l!ps, my forehead and my cheeks and my baby bump. My parents, Grandpa Chance, the P.I. Danny, Mina, Tina, April, June, my in-laws, Jessie and Jamie, and many of our pack members.

Beta Keaton was there with his daughters Roxie and Moxie. I knew they’d been questioned when I was missing so it was a tad awkward. Everyone made an effort to make me feel comfortable though even Ronnie who was very excited about being a grandmother even though I wouldn’t have been her pick for a daughter-in-law.

Ronda the party planner was there. She eyed my baby bump enviously. I smiled sweetly at her and pulled Alex a little closer to me using his tie. I pressed my l!ps eagerly against him, eliciting some cheers from several raucous pack members. I spotted Mr Johnson and gave him a big hug.

“Wow!” He exclaimed, looking at my baby bump. I blushed. “You look beautiful!” He said reassuringly. I smiled.

His free-spirited mate was dancing with Ronda of all people, both of them a bit tipsy. They’d taken their shoes off and were dancing like they were in a club or something.

I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter. Ashton came up to me and congratulated me along with the other football player who had protected me from the bully that day.

The triplets were being really attentive and sweet. They’d been that way for my whole pregnancy. Actually, they’d been making an effort since they had found out I was their mate.

I really had forgiven them. There was a hired photographer who usually worked with celebrities He posed the triplets around me. Alex was sitting in an armchair with me on his lap and Felix and Calix sitting on the armrests. We took a few photos in various poses including me on Alex’s lap with the two triplets on the armrests k!ssing me.

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