Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 59: Baby Triplets (Epilogue)

Chasity’s POV

Thad been reading a magazine with the real Deirdre Binx on the cover, a tell-all exposé on her harrowing ordeal entitled The Beauty and the Bodysnatcher. It named me and the triplets as a heroine Luna and heroic triplet alphas. I smiled. I was glad the real Deirdre could benefit off of the fame the doppelgänger acquired using her image. I wasn’t even thinking about my huge belly today.

Suddenly, a sharp pain made me drop my magazine. I felt liquid pool under me. Did my water just break? Alex, Felix and Calix who had all been cuddled up with me in bed immediately felt the wetness and started to panic.

I knew that with multiples there would be a higher chance of a preterm birth, meaning they could come early, before forty weeks. I was only thirty-three almost thirty-four weeks when I went into labour. The triplets were freaking out

“Get my mom!” I shrieked at a hyperventilating Alex who was rifling through the Baby Encyclopedia he’d been studying looking for L for Labour. Felix scrambled off to go get her and then zoomed back in.

“On second thought, I don’t wanna leave you, Baby!” He said breathlessly. “Calix, you go!”

“CHALICE!” Bellowed Calix without leaving the room. In all fairness, Calix was packing my baby bag.

My mom rushed in followed by my Dad and Grandpa, both of whom she promptly put out.

“They were no use when I was in labour with you,” she said to me. “So why would they be useful now?” She asked rhetorically, shrugging. I chuckled despite the pain.

At least I had my Mom here.

“That being said, I don’t know about the whole multiples part. Let’s get you to the hospital ASAP,” she said, helping Calix with the baby bag. She zipped it up and handed it to him. She went to help me up but Felix insisted on carrying me.

Alex threw his encyclopaedia in a corner and rushed ahead of us to open the doors as Felix carried me out of the house. Alex threw a big coat over me before opening the front door. They rushed me into the backseat of the car. Someone ran out behind us

“I’m coming!” Ronnie said. Ugh. “I’ve have triplets before! Not many people can say that!” She retorted in response to my grumpy look

“Fine,” I said softly, Alex drove Calix and Felix were in the backseat with me. My mom was in the passenger seat and there was a seat between my Mom and Alex where Ronnie sat

“Are you going to try to push them all out?” Asked Ronnie. I nodded “There’s a high chance of C-section with triplets!” She warned.

I shrugged Whatever was best for my babies. I trusted my doctor and his team. They were prepared to do surgery if necessary He had already warned me of that possibility in case not all three came out head first. If a hand or leg came out ahead of the head, that was called “breach” and they would do an emergency c-section. I’d actually listened to Alex.

He read me and the babies passages from the baby encyclopaedia as if those passages were bedtime stories. I smiled at the memory. I caught Alex’s gaze in the rearview mirror. He smiled at me. I blew him a k!ss and he grinned.

Alex parked with a screech of the tires through the snow. Felix scooped me up. He ran with me, a whole entourage hot on his heels to the labour ward. I was triaged quickly and they decided

I was to stay on the Labour ward. I was placed in a private room as per the triplets’ request. It was a really nice room, floral wallpaper and floral carpet. Even the bedding was floral.

The doctor came in and checked my vitals chart. He said they were normal. The triplets, my Mom and their Mom breathed audible sighs of relief.

“You’re dilated enough! Ten centimetres! It’s time to push!” Said the doctor. “Ready, Chasity?” He asked.

That was fast. I wasn’t expecting to have to push so fast. I knew it took a while for the cervix to dilate enough. I was terrified all of a sudden. Calix kissed my forehead.

“You’ll be fine, Goddess. Just listen to the doctor,” he whispered, stroking my hair. Felix squeezed my shoulders. “Come on, Baby!” He said encouragingly.

Alex was holding one of my hands in both of his. He kissed my hand. “Ready, Luna?”

I nodded resolutely. I pushed as hard as I could. My mom and the triplets mom encouraged me also. The doctor said the first baby was crowning. I was panting. Calix wiped my forehead with a cool damp towel.

“The head is out!” Exclaimed my Mom excitedly.

“That’s one!” Said the Doctor as he scooped the baby up in his arms and quickly placed him on my chest as he clamped the umbilical cord. I was already exhausted but my first baby, my eldest, he was so beautiful!

“Congratulations! A healthy baby boy!” Said the doctor. The nurse smiled. “He’s gonna be a heartbreaker one day. He’s so cute!”

pushed with what strength I had left and soon enough the second baby crowned and was born. “That’s two,” said the doctor, placing this one on my chest. He was just as beautiful as his elder brother

The third baby came out the quickest as if he’d been in a hurry to be born. He came out crying. The other two had wailed momentarily but calmed quickly. The third one was shrieking at the top of his longs. I cradled him and rocked him slowly. My youngest was going to need a lot of attention

“Shh, shh,” I cooed at him. He “shh’-ed a little. He looked up at me with his baby blue eyes. His hair was a little tuft of blonde curls. They were all identical.

“What are you naming your babies, Mommy?” Asked Felix, kissing my forehead.

“You did so well!” Exclaimed Alex, k!ssing my hand. “This is the eldest!” Said Alex, showing him to me again.

“Adriel,” I said groggily. It just came to me. He looked like an Adriel. Felix showed me our second son, cradling him to his chest. I called him, “Raphael.”

Calix rocked the third son, still hushing him and soothing him. “Tzuriel,” I murmured. “Time for a nap, huh, Goddess,” whispered Calix, kissing my cheeks. I yawned.

The doctor and nurse saw to me again and cleaned me up. I was able to get the baby triplets to latch on fairly easily. They each drank to their little heart’s content. I was exhausted now.

My Dad and Grandpa and the triplet’s Dad came in and took over holding the babies and rocking them while my Mom and Ronnie hummed a little song. My triplet alphas curled up in bed with me, however they could fit. I felt so warm. They were whispering to each other and to me so as not to wake the babies.

“You guys were so funny today,” I whispered. “We were a little scattered,” admitted Alex “We were all over the place,” grumbled Felix “We’ll be better prepared next time!” Calix assured me. “Next time?!” I asked incredulously “Yeah for the triplet girls. The Luna Triplets!” Said Calix

I wasn’t trying to hear that! had just given birth! I snuggled up with my three alphas and” shh”ed them They chuckled and kissed me softly one by one. I soon fell asleep with my triplet alphas watching over me and watching over our little ones.

The End

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