Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 59: Chasity?!


Three! l pulled back the curtain in the blink of an eye, hoping to startle my Baby before our bubble bath time. Huh?

The tub was empty. chasity? Had she bathed already? I ran my fingers along the bottom of the tub. It was bone dry. I ran back downstairs to check the pack showers, Maybe she was so mad she had gone to use those to piss us off. She used to shower there during her housekeeper days. The pack showers were empty too.

I ran back upstairs to check her old tiny room. Empty! F**k I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was starting to panic. My wolf rerminded me we couldn’t panic yet. Finding Chasity was too important. We needed to remain calm in order to find her.

Calix’s tub! He had been her old favourite before she had come to her senses and made me her favourite. I burst into Calix’s room and ran into his master bathroom. She wasn’t there. Alex’s tub? No.
We had been arguing in Alex’s room! How would she have snuck by us?

“Chasity!”I called, feeling helpless.

I checked the driveway for her car. It was there. she almost never used it. She was an admittedly shitty driver just as I had predicted so Alex, Calix and I always went out of our way to chauffeur her anywhere she wanted to go. it was not like we needed to take time away from our lives to do so because she was our life.

“Chasity!”I called, picking up her scent just outside of Alex’s door

Had she overheard our conversation ? Had she been eavesdropping? The little minx had probably been spying on us and now, she was trying to get back at us by hiding or at least, that was what I hoped was going on with every fibre of my being.


Did you hear that?!” I asked sharply as I leant over the bath was preparing for Chasity.

Felix is calling for Chasity,”mumbled Calix, already just as worried as I was.

Something did not feel right. The presence I usually felt ever since l had fully bonded with Chasity had suddenly gone quiet.

I abandoned the half-filled bathtub, leaving the faucet on. Calix was right behind me. I found Felix looking pale as a ghost in the hallway.

“what’s wrong?” I asked immediately, dreading the answer.

I don’t know yet,” muttered Felix, heading for the staircase.

He ascended the stairs to the attic and Calix and I followed him.

“Where’s Chasity?” Asked Calix, his rising panic level evident in his voice.

We could all feel this growing absence in our minds. I smelled her delicious scent though and that kept me somewhat.in one piece. Her scent seemed to lead up to the attic. We rushed up several flights of stairs. I could feel my own emotions as well as the emotions of my brothers. We were unravelling. I prayed that my Luna was just hiding somewhere somehow but I couldn’t feel her. I could only smell her.

Chasity? Luna? LUNA?I LUNA! I practically screamed into the void over a mind-link with seemingly no one on the receiving end.


We had messed up big time. Chasity was so upset over our behaviour at the party she had retreated to the attic of all places. I smelled her roses and honey scent as my brothers and I rushed up the stairs at werewolf speed. Despite the supernatural velocity of our movements, everything seemed to be in slow motion.

“Baby?!!!” Shouted Felix.

I tried mind-linking her.

Chasity? Chasity please! l’m so sorry! You have every right to be angryl l would have been just as mad if our places were switched and you were giving other guys any attention,I said to the darkness.

CHASITYI Yelled Felix at the top of his lungs.
We burst into the dusty cob webbed attic. Her smell was here too. She had to be herel She just had to bel

“Baby, are you hiding, come out?” Begged Felix.

There were white sheets covering all these large antiques oraments and sculptures Mom didn’t use as decor anymore. I felt like I was in a horror movie. I would much rather confront a ghost than face the empty space where Chasity was supposed to be.

Chasity, we’re sorry! The party was a dumb idea. No more parties until our wedding ok” I promised as I began ripping the sheets off of every ornament and statue, causing dust clouds to rise up and then fall.

We followed her scent to the far end of the attic where there was a floor-length circular window. I had uncovered every single thing in the attic. Sculptures cast their vacant stares on us from every corner.

Chasity had not been hiding under any of the sheets. I felt the panic bubbling in my body.


I launched myself at the huge circular window, following Chasity’s scent. I stepped onto the small rickety balcony outside.I had lived in the North all my life but t had never really felt the cold before. I felt it for the first time tonight and it chilled me to the very bone. Had Chasity fallen from here?

F**k! No, no, no, not my Baby.
“Felix, careful up there l” Called Alex, ever the big brother ever in times like this.

“Chasity was up here!” I yelled over my shoulder.

Alex joined me on the narrow balcony. We peered down at the deep crunchy snow below. It blanketed the ground. If she had fallen, it would have cushioned her fall. This was what my wolf tried to comfort himself with until Calix pointed out a terrifying truth as he stepped onto the balcony.


“She didn’t fall, that snow is untouched,”I said as I gazed at the white smooth snow blanketing the frozen earth.

The balcony creaked under the combined weight of us, the Alpha Triplets, while we crumbled under the weight of our own regret. We should have never forced her to go to that party. Where had she gone?

Felix growled suddenly, startling me, making me jump.

The balcony squeaked in response to my sudden movement.

“What?” I asked quickly.

“Do you smell that?” Asked Felix, his voice deepening as his wolf came forwards to speak with him as one.

“Smell what” I asked softly.

“Another wolf” growled Alex, answering.my question.

I sniffed the cold air and I caught the scent of another male werewolf other than my brothers and me. Chasity’s scent lingered here too. Another male had been standing near to her right here recently.

I turned around, following the unfamiliar male scent and my heart almost stopped when I saw them. Prints. Large werewolf paw prints, freshily made on the slopping snow- topped roof by this male in question.

Felix growled again as Alex sniffed the prints. Both of my elder brothers were black-eyed and I could feel that I was the same. Our werewolves were fighting to come out and attack but there was no male still here to fight.


I caught the smell of something else intermingling with Chasity’s sweet scent and the stench of that mangy male. It was a chemical smell that burned my nostrils. I quickly stopped inhaling it.

Chloroform,” I breathed, tears filling my eyes.

The last time I had felt this desolate was the moment we pulled Chasity out of the ice fishing hole and she had lain on the ice motionless and blue, barely breathing. This had to be a nightmare. This could not be real.

Chasity! I called, trying to mind-link her again but knowing it was to no avail.

The situation was clear but my heart was lighting my mind, not wanting to accept the logic. Another male had come along and succeeded in the kidnapping plot this time. The chloroform must’ve knocked her out and that was why she was silent. She was unconscious and being carried farther and farther away. Her scent ended right here on the roof. By the time she came to, she might be too far away to mind-link with us. I let go. I just let my wolf take over because I couldn’t stand the pain my human side was feeling right now. My wolf slipped in front of me with ease.

We roared at the top of our lungs, disrupting the silent night.

Bats squeaked, owls hooted and birds flew out from their nests and perches in response to our roar. Wolves answered our call in the distance. Other mournful howls filled the night as nearby pack members felt the sorrow of their Alphas on an instinctual level. The icy landscape seemed to tremble as the night erupted into a cacophony of sounds.


There had to be an exit point. There just had to be. There had to be a trail from somewhere from this roof towards the direction some mongrel had taken Chasity in. We could not give up on our Baby.I prowled the roof on all fours despite being in my human form stil.I could not chance shifting just yet. My wolf was rabid.

The trail just vanished,. It had been carefully covered over somehow and there were no woll tracks in the blanket of snow below that matched the ones on the roof.


I just sat on the snow-topped roof while Felix scoured the roof for a scent trail leading away from the pack house. He was getting increasingly-frustrated. I could feel it. Alex was terror-stricken for the first time ever. I could feel that too. Chasity’s emotions were closed off to me now and so were my own. I felt completely numb like Chasity had taken my capacity to feel things with her. This numbness was worse than despair somehow. I felt like a ghost, a shadow,a fragment of a person. I felt incomplete and empty. I had not even fully realised how whole and full Chasity had made me feel prior to this moment.

Felix suddenly jumped from the rooftop, landing on his feet in the crunchy deep snow below. Alex followed him, landing lightly in the snow. I followed too mindlessly. Perhaps, she was not missing. Maybe, she had not been kidnapped. Maybe she was fine. Maybe she was visiting a friend’s house. My wolf and l both knew those explanations were feeble and unlikely but they were preferable to the horrifying truth.


“We need to put this whole place on lockdown. No one leaves or enters the pack lands until we find her!” 1 declared, with my wolf and I speaking as one.

He was showing me images of the first time he ran through the snow with chasity’s she wolf on the day after our birthday. That blissful day seemed like a lifetime ago.

What if she just went to Mina or Tina’s,” said Calix.

I could hear the hope blossoming in his tone.

“Those girls were drunk out of their minds,” admitted Alex. “why would she do that? And how would that explain the foreign wolf smell he reasoned.

The situation was clear. She had been kidnapped. Whoever was behind the original plot had succeeded the second time.I felt my wolf rage inside of me yet even his wrathfulness paled in comparison to my white-hot anger. When I got my hands on the f*ckers who had taken my Baby Chasity I was going to shred their flesh and shatter their bones.

I felt like anger was pouring out of me. I tried to steady myself with a deep breath but breathing exercises were useless at this point. I had let the one thing I had promised to protect Chasity from happen. I snarled, feeling a rush of self loathing. Why had l let her out of my site? Even for a mother-f*cking second?! I roared as I flipped over one of the SUVs in our driveway sending it smashing on top of the next car.

He roared, flipping one of the cars in the driveway over with his bare hands sending it smashing on top of the next car over All the car alarm went off. I wanted the whole pack up and about and looking for our Luna! My outburst resulted in our parents, the guards, the cooks and the maids all running outside. parents and Several warriors and staff members ran outside.

” Felix I” Shrieked Mom indignantly as she saw one car upside down and sandwiched on top of the other. “What’re you doing”?g she demanded indignantly, Mom’s tone of voice took me back to that night, the night of the first attempted kidnapping. The night when chasity had not hesitated to accuse my Mother as being behind the kidnapping plot. We had all dismissed her accusation but now l was not so sue. could t be?

“Where’s Chasity?” I roared, hoping to startle her into a confession.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest. She wouldn’t really do that to us, would she?

How would I know?” Screamed Mom, immediately on the defensive.

I closed the distance between us..

Felix, calm down!” Snarled Calix, his eyes shifting quickly from blue to black.

I pressed my forehead to Moms, the tip of my noses touched the tip of hers. I did not realise I was crying until I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Tell me now I whispered, not voice cracking “Tell me right now if you have anything to do with this. Tell me immediately and give her back to me and I won’t be angry. This is the last chance to just admit it if you’ve done anything”I said, my tone pleading with her.

A few tears slid down Mom’s cheeks. Those could be tears of remorse or tears of frustration.

“How dare you insinuate anything of the sort?” She whispered fiercely “I’m not going to stand here and pretend to care deeply about that girl butt I love you boys. You are my life and I’d never hurt you. How do know she didn’t just leave? Snapped mom.

There is a foreign scent on the roof intermingled with Chasity and the smell of chloroform. She did not just leave We both know that I said, my words coming out like is sot snarl due to the Presence of my wolf.

How dare she insinuate that Chasity had left? My Baby was gone but she had not left.I remembered her telling us to never think that she had just up and left us.


I was scrutinising our mother’s reaction to everything. I remembered chasity’s face when she had accused my mother of being behind the kidnapping. Could my mother be that hateful? Dad put his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me into a hug.

“We’re gonna find her ok?” He promised.

I held back my tears. I felt like.a scared little boy in this situation.

Felix seemed convinced that Mom had something to do with it. I was on the fence. Unsurprisingly, Calix was.convinced that Mom was innocent.


Mom’s treatment of Chasity had been reprehensible. I could admit that but she was not this villain Felix was making her out to be. She would not do this to us. She would not do this to me. She knew Chasty was my everything. We had already marked her and she had marked us. That was permanent. Why would Mom have her kidnapped after that and damn us to an eternity of feeling incomplete? We had enough to deal with as it was. We needed to work together to get Goddess back as quickly as possible.

“Felix, stop it, Mom has nothing to do with this,”I said, grabbing Felix by the shoulders and pulling him away from Mom.

I knew Felix would never hurt our Mom but he was frightening her. Felix sniffled, refusing to meet my eye. Slowly, he shuffled towards me and hugged me. He broke down. I could feel his tears falling onto my shoulder. I hugged him back tightly. I let my tears fall too. Alex was fighting to hold back his tears but a few escaped, slipping down his cheeks. This could not be how our story ended.

Without Chasity?! No. I refused to accept that. Chasity was my happily-ever-after.I willing to spend the rest of eternity trying to find her.

“Let’s not blame each other, let’s just look everywhere until we find her”I whispered, trying to comfort my brothers.

I felt Felix nod his head in agreement. Alex came over and wrapped his arms around Felix and me. We welcomed him into the brotherly group hug. We remained that way, huddled together in the snow. We could hear the sirens of many pack police cars as they converged around the pack house. We took a few moments to gather ourselves, knowing that the coldest of days lay ahead now that our Love was gone.

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