Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 6: Chasity Unmarked and Unmated Felix’s POV

Chapter 6: Chasity Unmarked and Unmated

Felix’s POV

We were late for our own birthday party and Alpha ceremony because we had spent so much time trying to agree on gifts for Chasity at the mall. We ended up with a s**t ton of presents but I still felt like it wasn’t enough, especially now that she couldn’t be given the car until we felt she was more attached to us.

She would obviously just hit the road in the car if I gave it to her right away. We arrived at the Pack House and guests were already chatting and drinking champagne outside and inside. The whole Pack House had been decorated, even the exterior.

Our birthday was on November eleventh so someone had strung lights up all over the house. It looked great even from a distance. We loaded the gifts out of the car. Guests eyed us curiously. We kept with the story that the gifts were our gifts to each other. Alex didn’t want

to reveal Chasity as our fated Luna until we located her at the party and had a proper conversation with her.

I was extremely nervous to talk to her. I didn’t want her to reject us. The pain of rejection was excruciating. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up though in case they were crushed soon but I couldn’t stop myself and my wolf made it worse.

We both kept picturing Chasity, beautiful as ever, in a party dress, walking right up to us at the party and gazing at us lovingly. We would hold her and slow dance with her, planting gentle k!sses on her throughout the night. The rough k!sses would come later when we were alone after the party. We would have our own little after party.

I also wanted everyone to know she was mine and therefore off-limits. Alex was right though I hated to admit it. We couldn’t gush about Chasity to our guests like idiots and have her reject us publicly. That would make us all look stupid as f**k.

Alex’s POV

We were on the porch walking in with armfuls of presents. A pack member I didn’t recognise held the door open for us.

“Thanks, man!” I said. Felix nodded at him. Calix grinned at the guy.

There was music playing inside. Our parents had already decorated the place for Christmas in with white and ice blue and silver everywhere. I spotted Ronda. She broke into a smile.

I smiled back but quickly went to the stairs. I didn’t want any setbacks. We needed to fi we were dressed and ready. It was harder for a girl to turn down a sharply dress man in my opinion.

Calix gave me a panicked look. I followed his eyes and realised Sandra, Tonya and Avery were here in party dresses, sulking. They spotted us. I felt guilty but I all but ran up the stairs. Calix and Felix followed me.

“Mind-link Beta Keaton to make sure they don’t hurt Chasity!” I said to Felix, starting to worry about her.

I doubted she knew how to fight and she shouldn’t have to. She was my responsibility now. My Luna. My Princess.

“They don’t know it’s Chasity yet, remember?” Protested Felix. “Oh yeah,” I said.

I was a little out of it. Calix was the most sleep-depraved and yet he seemed energetic and cheerful.

Calix’s POV

I was moments away from holding Chasity and telling her all the things I needed to say to her. She was so beautiful and special to me. I couldn’t wait to show her off to everyone at the party.

I had never showered so fast in my life. I put on the same outfit my brothers would be wearing. We had agreed upon black blazers, black trousers and baby blue shirts. Mom always liked for us to dress alike at things like this so I always encouraged the guys to do it.

They usually obliged me. I went straight to Chasity’s room once was dress, smoothing my hair anxiously. I knocked on her door while taking deep breath. What was I gonna say? I love you, Chasity, marry me! Wait, no! That’s crazy! She’ll freak out. She didn’t open the door. I knocked again.

“Chasity,” I murmured, listening with my ear against the door. I didn’t hear or smell her. I opened the door. She wasn’t there. My face fell.

“She’s not in her room,” I said anxiously as my brothers came up to me. “Of course, not,” said Felix. “Mom and Dad are making her help with the party”

Ugh! Those days were over! I should’ve put a stop to that this morning but I had had so many other things on my mind.

“Ok, before we do anything else, we need to have a serious conversation with Chasity,” said Alex. Felix and I nodded.

We made our way downstairs. Everyone wanted to talk to us. Various pack members wished us a happy birthday and gushed about what good alphas we would make.

I grinned and talked to them, outwardly calm but dying inside. Where was my Goddess? I smelt her before I saw her. We were over by Mom and Dad. Mom hugged us all and Dad clapped each of us on the back.

“We need champagne,” murmured my Mom. “Where is that girl with the champagne?” “Ronda?” I asked. “No, Charity!” She said.

My wolf was pissed but I kept a smile on my face. I couldn’t breathe a word about Chasity until she agreed to give us a chance.

Her ho-neysu-ckle and roses smell was everywhere, filling the room, and it was driving me and my wolf crazy. I could see my brothers squirming a little too. The smell intensified. I looked around and I forgot how to breathe for a second. Chasity was standing there with a tray of champagne.

She looked gorgeous. Her hair was in loose glossy dark golden curls like always. Her golden skin gleamed. Her big brown eyes regarded my parents apprehensively as she offered them the champagne. She was in a tiny sparkly black dress that fit her just right.

Mom looked annoyed with Chasity for literally no reason. That was something else I had to fix. My mother’s impatience with Chasity. Dad took a champagne glass and nodded at her. Chasity turned to us next and she seemed startled.

She looked at us, trailing her eyes over the three of us and biting her l!p. She was clearly physically attracted to us but that might not translate into a proper relationship. I could not take my eyes off of her. I could not speak either. She held out the platter of champagne glasses, offering them to us.

Alex’s POV

Our mother was making Chasity serve champagne even though it was her birthday too and it totally wasn’t necessary.

We had a party planner. Could she not have called out a last-minute server? My thoughts were racing. I was trying to find the perfect words that would make Chasity consider giving us a chance. I just needed a chance.

I knew she would love being with me. I was ready to give her any kind of relationship she wanted. I just needed to be in her life. The mate bond would endear her to me eventually. Hopefully, it was working already.

Chasity looked stunning in her mini dress. Other males were glancing at her. Some staring. My wolf growled. He wanted his mark in plain sight on her neck but I kept him under control. She got closer to us and her delicious scent made me woozy. She offered us the champagne she was holding. I took the tray from her and gave it to Ronda. My mate was signing off duty indefinitely.

Felix’s POV

Chasity came into view serving champagne. She was in this little dress that showed her pretty legs and a bit of cleavage. Her hair was down in her usual loose curls. She was so effortlessly beautiful. I did not know what to say to her. Her mouth-watering scent was numbing my mind.

I couldn’t form a coherent sentence. Alex took the tray of champagne from her and gave it to the party planner. Good! My Baby was not to be working. I forbade it. Once she said yes to giving us a chance, I had some ground rules to lay down. No working. No staying out all night. No talking to those salivating unmated males in the pack.

Calix grabbed her hand and I instantly felt jealous at how easy it was for him top initiate physical contact. Alex was motioning for us to take Chasity upstairs. I hoped she didn’t swat my hands away and get angry. I placed my hands on her waist from behind, gently prompting her forwards.

We went up to Calix’s room. My whole body was on fire with lust for her as I held her by her perfectly narrow waist and deliciously wide h!ps. They would be fun to hold onto when we began getting to know each other. I could smell her core getting w*t for us because of the physical contact.

Her body was anticipating our first encounter with her. I could only imagine how heavenly it would be when I buried myself in her to the hilt and buried my nose in her beautiful hair. I snapped myself out of it. I needed to focus.

We arrived in Calix’s room and Chasity immediately let go of Calix’s hand and extricated herself from me, scurrying over to the far wall and pressing her back to it. It hurt me to see her so afraid of us. My wolf was whining.

“Don’t be scared, Chasity,” pleaded Calix, already crestfallen at her reaction to us. “We’re not gonna hurt you, Baby,” I promised her.

She was getting wetter between her legs and it was driving my wolf and me crazy. Her body yearned to be mated and mine needed to claim his mate.

“We need to talk,” said Alex sternly. “Ok, Chasity?”

We three sat on Calix’s bed while Chasity sat in an office chair with wheels by Calix’s computer desk. She span on it nervously. She was looking around his room with curiosity. I realised Chasity had never been inside any of our rooms before today. We usually cleaned our own rooms.

Without warning, my Baby Chasity began to cry. My heart broke for her. She was so scared or perhaps disappointed to be fated to us. “Shh, Baby, it’s ok,” I said softly, handing her a tissue so she could dry her eyes.

Calix grabbed her hand and pulled the chair, wheeling it over to us so that she was within arms reach of all three of us. Her scent made my d**k harden. f**k.

I tried to calm myself. I could hear her heart racing while her flower continued to lubricate itself in anticipation of her three huge alphas.

She was apprehensive but her she-wolf was readying herself to be marked and mated. I had not prepared myself for this, the smell of Chasity’s s****I excitement. My wolf was begging me to mark her so she could not choose to reject us or leave. I couldn’t do that her. It had to be her choice. I wanted her love for real.

“As you probably already know, Chasity,” Alex said gently, “you’re our mate. All three of us. Triplets tend to have just one mate because…”

“I know,” she said, getting annoyed with us. She paused as if waiting for us to react to her annoyance. We merely watched her intently.

“Because identical triplets are naturally occurring clones, one fertilised egg that split into three so one mate,” she explained further.

I was glad she knew how it was with multiples. I had twin cousins whose mate had been floored with shock when she realised she was mated to two of them. She was more than happy now though.

“Exactly,” said Alex smiling and agreeing with my Baby. She dried my eyes and blew her nose. She was so cute. She smelled so yummy. I wanted to put my tongue deep inside her to taste the source of that aroused smell.

“You smell so f**king good, Baby,” I told her. I could feel my eyes turning black as my wolf came forwards, fighting me for dominance. Before I could stop him and myself, we reached out and caressed her knee. She shivered in response to our touch. Her skin was so smooth. I wanted to lick every inch of it.

“Easy, Felix!” Warned Alex, removing my hand from her knee. Alex sighed. I tried to snap out of it.

“We’re so so so sorry, Chasity,” murmured Alex. “The way we’ve treated you is disgusting. We won’t make any excuses for it. We don’t deserve you but we want you as our mate and Luna. We’re willing to spend the rest of our lives making everything up to you.”

I watched her expression carefully. She seemed shocked and pensive. My wolf and I were waiting on her response with bated breath.

“We’re so sorry, Chasity,” said Calix. “Please let us love you!” She blushed. God, I wanted to make her whole body flush while I pinned her under me. “We’re really sorry, Baby,” I said, pausing to search for the right words.

For some reason, Chasity giggled suddenly. It was the cutest, most innocent, little sound. She was so perfectly soft and sweet, a contrast to our rough and harsh ways, and she was ours to claim. That was it. Something inside of me snapped. Something clicked like a switch turning off or maybe on. My wolf grabbed control completely.

MARK HER, was all he commanded.

“Oh, you’re so f*g cute!” I growled, eyes black and canines bared, as I grabbed my little mate and pinned her to the wall intent on making her mine immediately.

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