Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 60: Sleepless Nights (Epilogue)

Chasity’s POV

After three days of observation, the baby triplets and I were discharged. They kept us for longer than usual because it had been a birth with multiples which always camed greater risks Alex was driving and anxiously glancing in the rear-view mirror every few moments to check and me and the babies. They were all in their carseats and their onesies.

I put them in striped onesies baby blue for Adriel, green for Raphael and red for Tzuriel. They looked so cute All the onesies were striped with white and my chosen colour for them. I needed to colour code these babies. I was a sleepy Mommy. I didn’t want to have to think too hard about who was who

Felix was in the back with me and Raphael. The middle seat of the six-door SUV contained Calix and Tzuriel and Adriel. Felix was stroking my curls with one hand and patting Raphael’s tuft of blonde curls with his other hand,

“Did you guys switch places a lot growing up?” I asked. They all grinned. I took that as a yes. “Did you fool your Mom?” I asked nervously I was worried “Never!” Said Felix “She couldn’t be fooled!” Said Calix

“She always knew! Dad would get confused at first though! Until he learnt to tell us apart by scent!” Said Alex from the driver’s seat

Scent! Of course. I sniffed little Adriel’s head. He smelled of Baby powder. They all smelled of Baby powder. I frowned. Alex chuckled, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

“Their individual scents won’t be very strong right now. They’re a few days old. They’ll get stronger over time! By a few weeks or months, they’ll probably have slightly different scents,” said Alex

“And by the time they hit late childhood, their scents will be well-differentiated!” Said Felix

“They won’t have full blown scents until they’re of age,” said Calix “Oh!” I said

We arrived at the pack house and my parents and Grandpa, who had arrived before us, rushed out to help us with the three babies We got everyone inside and up to the nursery I put Adnel in the blue crib, Raphael in the green one and Tzunel in the red one. I was so glad I had picked different colours for everything. The babies were sleeping soundly My alphas and I tiptoed out of the room

We curled up in our room next door The baby monitor had been set up in case they woke up crying I was between Alex and Calix with Felix in the corner I couldn’t believe we were all parents

now. It felt like just the other day we had been arguing after that party. I sighed happily. The doctor had forbidden us from having “intercourse” for a while to allow me to heal properly. I was a she wolf so I would heal pretty fast. He said to come back to him in a week for a checkup. My alphas wouldn’t be able to keep me awake tonight!

As if they’d heard my thoughts, all three baby triplets woke up and began to wail! I jumped up.

“No, Baby! Rest!” Said Felix sternly. “You just gave birth the other day, Luna,” said Alex. “We can handle it, Goddess,” said Calix. “Someone has to stay and watch Chasity!” Said Felix. “No, I’ll come to the nursery! We put a small bed in there, remember,” I said.

Calix scooped me up and carried me to the next room. He placed me on the bed and went to the nearest crib. Each alpha was rocking a baby. They were so sweet. I smiled at the three Daddies and three babies.

“Are they hungry?” I asked anxiously. “I think they’re just cranky!” Said Felix. “Let’s try them with the milk though in case!’ I said.

I fed Tzuriel. He drank eagerly for a few minutes and then used his tiny hand to push me as if to say he was done. Good grief. Three days old and he already had an alpha attitude. Raphael fed the longest. I switched breasts and he was still feeding. He yawned. Adriel fed quickly and then he was quiet. He didn’t fall asleep but he didn’t cry. I peaked at him in his crib. Quiet and thinking.

A focused expression on his face. He was eldest. He would be head alpha one day. He looked at me quizzically as if to ask why I was staring at him. I giggled and he smiled. They were worth the

sleepless nights just like their horndog Dads had been. That’s how I’d gotten pregnant! The Alpha Triplets were all passed out on the little bed in the corner. The babies were drifting off. I crawled into the tangle of limbs on the cot and fit in somewhere.

Someone pulled me onto their chest in their sleep. Felix. Alex was behind me. Calix was sprawled out like a star fish and taking up most of the cot. I finally fell asleep with a huge smile on my face surrounded by my Alpha Triplets and my baby triplets.

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