Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 7: K!ssing Chasity’s As* Alex’s POV

Chapter 7: K!ssing Chasity’s A*s

Alex’s POV

Felix lost control. His wolf was always fighting him for dominance. He grabbed Chasity and pinned her to the wall. My wolf snarled. He wanted to mark Chasity too but he was a more level-headed Alpha. Felix was f*cking up the last shred of a chance we had. Sure, even if forcibly marked, she would be bonded to us for life but she would resent us and a miserable mate would make us and our wolves miserable.

Nothing made a wolf happier than a happy mate. We needed our Luna to really love us. Felix pressed his nose to Chasity’s neck, inhaling her scent and searching for her marking spot. He bared his canines. His eyes were black. He was totally out of it. I was so stunned, it took me a second to react.

“Stop!” Squealed Chasity.

Her cry broke me out of my stupor. Calix and I jumped into action. We grabbed Felix and pulled him off of her. We slammed him into the other wall.

“Calm down!”I yelled in my Alpha Voice, making the whole room shake.

Felix breathed deeply in and out, trying to calm himself. I couldn’t truly command another Alpha but as the eldest Alpha, my commands were powerful enough to sway my Alpha brothers momentarily not permanently like other wolves.

Felix’s eyes slowly turned blue. Calix and I held an arm each and walked with him back to the bed. We sat down. I should go to Chasity. I wanted to pull her onto my lap and comfort her. She was probably so shaken up and frightened but I couldn’t let go of Felix. What if he tackled her again?

“Oh my God,” said Felix. He was panting from the effort of suppressing his wolf. My command had helped. “Chasity!” He breathed. “I’m so sorry, Baby.”

She wouldn’t want to be our Baby now. I doubted she had even wanted to be our Baby before he almost forcibly marked her. Oh God, she was all I wanted. I pictured myself sleeping with my arms around her tonight, my nose in her beautiful dark golden curls, breathing in her floral scent.

I tried not to get my hopes up. I pushed my daydreams away. She was probably about to crush me as payback for all the years of servitude. All I needed was for her to not officially reject me. Then, I could sway her, winning her over, little by little, day by day.

“It’s…ok,” She said slowly. She laughed half-heartedly. “Actually that’s not the worst thing you’ve done to me by a long shot. That won’t even make the top ten.”

She laughed awkwardly at the situation. f**k. She was right. We had been complete assholes. We didn’t deserve her.

“So after Felix has gone and ruined the scrap of a chance we had left…what do you say?” Said Calix.

She laughed wholeheartedly this time. Thank goodness for Calix. He could sweet-talk her. I smiled.

Calix’s POV

As if Chasity didn’t have enough reason to reject us, Felix had decided to add to it by losing control. Why hadn’t he mind-linked us that he was struggling so we could’ve been ready to hold him back? If Alex and I had been a second or two slower, Chasity would have been forcibly marked and she would hate us forever.

There was no faster way to spoil the beauty of the mate-bond than to not even give the she-wolf the option to refuse I was looking forward to winning Chasity over if she would let me. I had dozens of r*mantic date ideas. I wanted to take her cruising on our yacht.

I looked at my Goddess and she was staring straight at me, ignoring my elder brothers. In that moment, I knew she would give us a chance and I knew I was a big part of why she was willing to do so. I grinned at her.

Felix’s POV

I had totally f****d up. I had almost forcibly marked my Baby. I wished the earth could open and swallow me up. I felt awful. She already disliked me the most. I wanted to be her favourite. She was too busy staring at Calix. I didn’t like to admit it but I was jealous of the relationship they’d always had. She always seemed to have a thing for Calix. The anxiety was killing me as we waited with bated breath for Chasity’s response.

“I don’t know what I want,” she told us.

My wolf told me she was being honest. Chasity was still of two, or perhaps three, minds about us. She hadn’t said no. She hadn’t blatantly rejected us. I felt like doing a victory dance.

“That’s completely fine!” Said Calix. “Take your time,” said Alex. “All the time you need,”I added though I hadn’t been very patient with her mere moments ago. “Ok, that brings us to the second part of this discussion,” said Alex. I grinned excitedly.

Finally, I could openly do nice things for Chasity. She was giving us a chance. “Happy birthday, Chasity!” Said my brothers and me unison.

She smiled. Her smile made me weak in the knees. My brothers and I had stashed all of her gifts under Calix’s bed. We pulled them out. Chasity squealed in excitement. I grinned at her. That was the first of many adorable ecstatic noises I would el!cit from her.

I wondered if she would want to be all r*mantic at the party downstairs. I wondered if she liked PDA. I usually didn’t but now that I had my mate, I wanted all the other young males in the pack to know she was mine. No one was to touch her but my brothers and me. Suddenly, the smile slipped off of her face and she bit her l!p.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked immediately. I hated seeing her disappointed.

“I had thought about getting you something but I really couldn’t. I had literally no money,” she said, her tone apologetic. She looked embarrassed by her lack of funds. That was nothing to be ashamed of and we already knew money was an issue for her so we hadn’t been expecting anything.

I laughed, relieved it wasn’t something major. We would support her financially obviously even if she didn’t need us to. “Baby, we know you have no money. That’s ok,” I said.

“You never let me forget it,” she muttered.

I frowned. She always took the things I said so differently to how I meant them. I brushed the comment off and waited expectantly for Chasity to open her gifts. She seemed hesitant. What now?

“Alex, Felix, Calix,” she said. My grin was back. My name from her l!ps was music to my ears. It seemed like the first time she had ever said my name sweetly. We were making progress already.

Alex’s POV

I had never been more relieved in my entire life. Chasity was giving us a chance. I had also never been more excited. I was greatly anticipating tonight. Chasity should obviously sleep in one of our rooms. I knew she might pick Calix but I had the duration of the party to convince her otherwise.

Unless, we all bunked together like we used to as kids so that we could all be in the same room as our Luna. It might have to come down to that. We were taking over the pack so proper sleep was paramount and what Alpha could possibly sleep well without his Luna safely nestled beside him.

Chasity wasn’t completely sold on the prospect of being our mate but that was easily remedied. A pup would fix that. She was left on our doorstep. It was a little underhanded of me but I knew she would never leave us if we had a pup together.

She would want the best and most stable life for her child. I wanted to give her children anyway. Why not sooner rather than later? Did that make me as conniving as Sandra? No, Chasity was my rightful mate.

“I want to open these later ok, when I’m thinking about stuff,” said Chasity. “We wanted to see your face…” pleaded Calix. “It’s not about what we want,” I remixed him quickly.

It really wasn’t. We had gotten our way the vast majority of the time since we were kids. Now that Chasity was revealed to be ours, we needed to put her needs ahead of our own.

“I’m just going to put the gifts in my room. Thank you so much!” She said. Calix’s POV

I was bummed that we wouldn’t get to see Chasity’s face when she opened our gifts to her. I loved seeing people’s reactions to presents.

Alex wanted us to yield to Chasity in every way that we could, to offer her every curtesy and comfort possible, except for non-negotiable things. For example, we had agreed upon a curfew for Chasity. She would have a lot more free time now that we were relieving her of all of her household duties but that didn’t mean she could stay out all night.

Alex had wanted her curfew to be ten o’clock. Felix had said eleven with supervision and ten without. I was surprised my elder brothers were being stricter than I was but both of them had been yearning for a Luna.

She walked up to us shyly. We had never hugged before. Felix grabbed her first just as I expected, squeezing her tightly and lifting her feet off the ground. She giggled. Felix let her down quickly, stiffening in response to the giggle. He didn’t fully trust himself and his wolf around her yet especially with what had happened earlier.

I bent down to hug her gently while my hands massaged her back soothingly. I wanted to kiss her soft pouty l!ps but I knew it was too soon. Alex grasped her by the waist and spun her around. He placed her gently on her feet. She immediately started carrying an armful of gifts to her room.

“Wait!” we all said in unison.

We had also agreed upon the room situation. She was free to sleep in any of our rooms while we got the best guest master bedroom set up to her liking. Even after she got her new room, she was still very much welcome in any of our rooms. My wolf wagged his tail thinking about sharing a room with his mate. We were so excited to hold her in our arms tonight.

“You can’t stay in that room. It’s too small. We will organise the best guest room and turn it into your room,” Alex said.

Instead of being excited at the prospect of a fancy spacious bedroom, Chasity seemed annoyed with us.

“So this room isn’t good enough for me now but it was good enough when you didn’t give a s**t!” She snapped.

My wolf and I winced. She was right. We were offering her this new room only because we were aware of the mate bond now. It had always been inappropriate to have her in that cleaning supplies cupboard. I felt so guilty. I should have stood up to my family more often and sooner.

“If you’re not ready for your new room yet, that’s ok but I’m very uncomfortable with you staying there. It’s not even a bedroom and it’s a complete disgrace that my parents put you there,” said Alex.

He always had something diplomatic to say which eased the tension a bit. We were quiet now as we moved the gifts to Chastity’s small room as per her request. We headed back downstairs to find all of our

guests eagerly awaiting our arrival

“Boys!” Said Mom, looking a little peeved. “Where have you been?” She seemed shocked to see Chasity with us even though she had lived here for nine years.

“Do another lap to see if anyone needs more champagne,” she said to Chasity dismissively. Ronda handed my Goddess a tray filled with glasses.

My wolf growled. Alex took the tray from from our Goddess and put it on the floor to our mother’s chagrin.

“Alex!” She said. “Let’s start the toast!” Said Dad, keen on changing the subject and the mood.

Felix’s POV

All the prominent members of our pack were there. I grinned at Beta Keaton. I spotted my old ex, Roxie with her new mate, chatting excitedly.

My more recent ex Tonya had left thankfully along with Sandra and Avery, the recent exes of my brothers. I was relieved on Chasity’s behalf. I didn’t need those three making the transition from low ranking pack member all the way up to Luna even more difficult.

Everyone gathered around the staircase where we stood with our parents and our mate, Chasity. I wanted to make an announcement about Chasity being mine but I knew she would be livid if I did that.

Dad made this incredibly long ass speech about his entire life saga. It started with him as a young alpha meeting mom, his Luna, then he talked about having us, the triplets.

“You can imagine my surprise when I saw the ultrasound and there were three pups in there,” he said, beaming,

The pack members simpered. A lot of them kept looking at Chasity. I knew they were curious. She lived in the pack house and most pack members knew the story about her having to repay her parents’ debts. She generally kept to herself though.

Mom usually didn’t allow her to go to social events thrown by the Pack for the young members. I recalled that with a twinge of guilt. Chasity probably wasn’t as sullen as we thought. We had just never given her much of a chance. She wasn’t awarded much free time so of course she didn’t have loads of friends.

She kept trying to leave the staircase but thankfully Alex kept grabbing her wrist to stop her. I didn’t want to be the one to do it because she already thought of me as so demanding. I knew she was uncomfortable with being the centre of attention but she needed to get used to it. My brothers and I were famous for being the Alpha Triplets. We had been gifted warriors, naturals, from the day we shifted.

I tried to focus on Dad’s boring speech but I kept glancing down at Chasity’s a*s which was less than half a foot away from me. I was standing close behind her.

She would kill me for this but I decided to place my hand on her perfect behind. She made a startled little noise. I squeezed her cheeks and rubbed them gently. She was getting w*t. I could smell it and it was driving me crazy. She glared at me. She was so cute! I blew her a k*ss.

“I present to you, Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix and Alpha Calix Thorn, the Triplet Alphas,” announced my Dad, using his Alpha voice for the last time.

I felt the shift of power. Ascension wasn’t this dramatic thing like shifting for the first time but I could definitely feel the huge increase in power coursing through me. Alex and Calix could feel it too. They stood up a little straighter.

The Pack members were cheering loudly. A lot of girls were jumping up and down and screaming.

would like to be mated by the three of us but it was all for my Baby. Chasity. We had to make a lap around the room allowing the pack members present to congratulate us. We wouldn’t let go of Chasity. No one spoke to her directly which irked me. I kept trying to get her to be more assertive and to put herself in the conversation. Eventually, Mom marched us into the kitchen along with Dad and Chasity of course. Ronda followed us into the kitchen too.

We would have to reveal Chasity was ours. “Since when are you three so close with Charity?” Asked Mom. I flinched at Chasity being called Charity, the stupid nickname l had given her because she the pack house’s “Charity Case”

“It’s Chasity, Mom,” I said. I would remind everyone until they got it right. “Sorry,” said Mom unconvincingly. “She’s our mate,” said Alex, blurting it out ahead of me even. There was a tense silence. “And you’ve accepted her as your mate?” Asked Dad.

My wolf was offended on Chasity’s behalf. What was that supposed to mean? “Of course,” said Calix. “We want her more than anything.” I grinned. Facts.

Chasity blushed. f**k, she was so beautiful. Before I could stop myself, my wolf was reaching for her tight little behind again, massaging it.

Moisture pooled between her pretty th!ghs. I could smell it. She smelled so delicious. I shivered thinking about all the pleasure we would give each other in the future. I had wanted my mate for so long and now that she was here, it was surreal.

“And has she accepted?” Asked Mom.

You could hear a pin drop. No, not really, she hadn’t totally accepted us but she hadn’t rejected us either which seemed promising. She was also letting me massage her perfect ass so we would see where that took us later upstairs when we were alone together.

“I want to finish high school while I think about it,” she said. Her voice was so sweet.

Mom laughed coldly. “She wants to live here for as long as possible before she rejects you the day after she graduates high school and then goes off to search for her gambling drug-addicted parents,” said Mom snidely.

Give her a break. f**k! I didn’t say anything because I knew it would turn into a shooting match. “Mom!” Whined Baby Boy Calix. She stared at him. “Honey! I…” “Chasity has not been treated well here and you know it!” Said Calix. He was completely right. I squirmed uncomfortably thinking about that. Mom sighed. “She’s our mate and things around here will reflect that,” said Alex firmly.

f**k yeah! Ronda was glaring at Chasity, her eyes filled with jealousy. She wanted that triple D like most girls in our pack. I wondered if Chasity could handle us. She was tiny. I stared at her. She felt the heat of my gaze. She turned around and looked at me. I smiled slightly and so did she.

“She hates you three you know,” said Ronda the party planner. “She thinks you’re all arrogant overrated snobs.”

I stifled a sort of laughter. Chasity paled. She looked terrified as if we hadn’t already known how much she disliked us. She’d be screaming our names soon enough. I was still massaging her behind. I smirked at her. I wanted to give her a full body massage later. I hoped the party ended soon.

“They’re old enough to decide,” said Dad. “Let’s cut the cake with Chasity,” said Alex, trying to hurry s**t along.

Ronda wheeled the huge cake out to the guests. Everyone began singing happy birthday to us and snapping pictures of us. Chasity kept trying to shy away from being in the photos but Calix and Alex grabbed her wrists. I was behind her so I held her waist gently. She was so delicate. I had to be careful but I wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

We cut the cake with Chasity though our parents and Ronda didn’t seem too pleased. Ever since we were little, we would always cut the cake three times, once for each of us so we could all choose a different person to cut it with. Calix always picked Mom even in adulthood and Alex or I usually picked Dad and one other relative until we got old enough to have girlfriends.

For the first time ever, we all picked the same person so Chasity technically had to cut the cake three times. Baby Boy Calix wanted to go first although he was born last and Alex and Mom let him so whatever.

He insisted on being fed first by a giggling Chasity and then eagerly fed her a humungous piece of cake that was mostly just frosting. He got frosting all over her cheek and promptly l!cked it off making her blush. Mom looked murderous and so did Ronda. I was surprised she hadn’t literally turned green.

I pulled Chasity closer to me. Alex went next and fed Chasity a manageable piece of cake after which she politely fed him. He and Calix had each wanted some solo shots with Chasity. Finally it was my turn.

“Chasity hasn’t gotten an opportunity to try the cake yet so I’ll pick her,” I announced.

The pack members laughed. Chasity always acted the shyest around me. She stood way too far from me but I grasped her waist and pulled her close. She blushed. I fed her first and I kept feeding her a while to the amusement of the pack members.

She stopped accepting more cake from me and gave me a piece. It was good. There was no more frosting on her person anywhere for me to l!ck off disappointingly. I thought about smearing some on her and then l!cking it off. She was always the most nervous around me and I needed that to change.

I wanted to be the first name out of her mouth when she needed something because I needed her and I would do anything for her.

The photographers started snapping solo shots of me with Chasity. I brushed my nose against hers and nuzzled her slowly and carefully so she wouldn’t jump. She actually smiled. She pulled my head down a bit as I was so much taller than her and cautiously nuzzled me back, blushing all the while. My heart was so full.

I loved her already. There were no ifs, ands or buts about it. I was in love with her already. I felt it. I didn’t think that was possible but here I was, whipped and smitten.

May she never know the extent of the power she has over me. I couldn’t f**k up my tough guy reputation. Chasity seemed lost in her thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?” I whispered in her ear, needing to know. Alex and Calix were listening closely. “The last time I was nuzzled,” she whispered back.

I laughed. “You mean just now?” I said, referring to literally two minutes ago. “It’s hardly a distant memory.”

Alex and Calix chuckled. She frowned at me, looking sad. Ugh. I always said the wrong thing. “Sorry,” I said. “What did you mean is what I meant to say?” She smiled slightly.

“I meant the last time before just now. I was thinking about that nuzzle,” she said with a small smile.

“Should I be jealous? Are you nuzzling boys at school?” I asked lightheartedly but I was tense. We hadn’t thought to ask Chasity if she had a boyfriend she had to break up with for the mate-bond and the thought of some guy putting his grimy paws on her made me murderous.

“The last time I was nuzzled before just now was nine years ago when my parents left me on the doorstep,” she murmured, nodding in the direction of the front door.

My heart constricted painfully. Alex looked horrified. Baby Boy Calix seemed a bit teary-eyed. I pulled her very close to me until she was practically flush against me.

“By my calculations, we owe you a f**k ton of nuzzles then,” I joked, hoping to lighten the mood. She giggled but quickly stopped looking at me apprehensively.

Another twinge of guilt hit me. “That won’t happen again! I promise! It’s safe to giggle as cutely as you like,” I assured her. She laughed and it was one of the cutest so far. “You’re wrong. By my estimate, it’s actually a s**t ton of nuzzles.

The four of us laughed. Calix snatched Chasity away from me and nuzzled her. He pressed his l!ps against her forehead gently as he ran his finger through her dark golden curls. Alex swept her up in his arms after that. His nuzzle was so close, I was surprised their l!ps didn’t touch.

“How about a kiss for each of your Alphas, Baby?”

She stood on tip toe as though she meant to kiss me. My heat kicked into overdrive. My whole body was on edge. f**k. I love you, Chasity. She got extremely close.

“Close your eyes,” she instructed and I obeyed, the only person I’d ever to submit to after becoming alpha. I waited for my k!ss. I felt a nuzzle and then her l!ps brushed agains the tip of my nose. My eyes snapped open. Alex and Calix were laughing.

“Baby!”I gr0aned.

She blew me a k!ss and then she f*kjng slapped my behind. Alex and Calix were beside themselves. I pretended like the slap to my ass had hurt.

“You’ll have to k!ss it. It’s bruised,” I told her. “You’ll be the one kissing my ass in this relationship,” she sassed me.

Calix gasped and then chuckled. Alex raised his eyebrows but he looked impressed. Chasity blushed realising she had been extra cheeky, something I secretly loved about her.

I would be eating that ass soon enough. “You say jump. I say how high. You want your a*s k!ssed. Right cheek or left?” I queried. We all burst out laughing.

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