Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 71: Chasity’s Family Reunion


Chasity’s Dad opened his mouth as if to scream but no came out. Something black protruded from his mouth. As it unfurled, I realised it was dense black smoke.

The black smoke formed the shape of a fox in the air before it darted through the air, vanishing, passing straight through the wall. Chasity’s Mom was coughing up a grey smoky creature which also took the form of a fox before zooming away uttering a high-pitched shriek as it left.

Chalice and Chase moaned. They had both fallen to the ground after releasing the essences of those foxes. They tried to get to their feet, both of them unsteady. They were probably disaccustomed to using their limbs. It had been nine years.

Dexter helped his best friend, Chase, while Chance rushed to help his daughter, Chalice. I could see the look of recognition in their eyes as they spotted Chasity.

Chasity had done it.

“Mom! Dad!” She squealed, flinging herself at them.

Her Dad caught her in his arms, hugging her tightly.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” Asked Chalice, hugging Chance.

Chasity turned to Chance, realising that this was her grandfather. Chasity hugged her mother and her grandfather. I was so happy for her.

“This is beautiful! But let’s go!” Insisted Danny.

He was right. We rushed out of there at top speed while small pieces of concrete began falling to the ground as the place gave way. We darted up the staircase and through the trap door.


We ran out of the house through the huge broken window courtesy stunt-double Calix. There was an ambulance already parked outside. It seemed as though they had just arrived. The ambulance’s sirens were still on.

The paramedics loaded the two injured girls, April and June, onto the ambulance. The real Deidre Binx was also in need of some medical attention. Chalice and Chase refused to get into the ambulance, claiming they were fine. Chasity tried the same thing as she was back to her minx-like ways but I mind-linked the paramedics ordering them to at least take her vitals to make sure they were normal.

The castle was crumbling behind us. We turned to watch as it fell through the earth, caving into the underground basement. Dust rose up and filled the air. My baby Chasity began to cough.

All this dust couldn’t be good for my baby and our baby. I quickly shifted and grabbed my coat as did my brothers. Chasity ran to me and I snatched her up immediately, shielding her face from the dusty air with my coat.

I’m never letting you out of my sight ever again!” I murmured into her ear as I held her tightly against me, keeping her warm.

Tingles spread through me as I pressed my mate against me. I kissed the top of her head. Finally, I could live again. I could sleep peacefully next to my baby. I could eat knowing she was right there eating too, eating for two in fact.

Calix grabbed her, hugging her tightly.

“Chasity I ll never wink at anyone who isn’t you! I “ll join winkers anonymous! He promised.

She made a grumbling noise. Why’d he have to go and remind her about the winking and the stupid party that had upset her?


I was over the moon. chasity was in my arms. she was alive and the baby was okay.

I missed you, Goddess!” I murmured, planting kisses all over her face, making her giggle.

I knew she would want to sleep in our bed tonight instead of some hospital bed. Admittedly her vitals had been normal but | wanted her to see a doctor soon, just to make sure everything was okay with her and the baby. I wasn’t sure how far along she was. I wanted to know when she was due so we could start preparing.

My brothers and | had gotten a crib placed in our newly designed shared bedroom with Chasity. We had also gotten a guy to come and install a huge bathtub in the adjacent master bathroom. Alex had said he needed to plan for her return, behaving like we would inevitably be reunited in order to not go crazy.

I had felt the same way. I had spent everyday since we had been apart picturing us together again, dreaming of what it would be like. Expectations were usually greater than reality but not when it came to Chasity. Being reunited with Chasity felt better in reality than anything I could have ever imagined.


I lifted Chasity up, enveloping her in my arms. The sound of her heartbeat was so comforting. The smell of the pup was reassuring too. I buried my face in her neck.

Luna, I was so scared I’d never see you again! I whispered.

She seemed surprised by that admission. She pulled away from me and cupped my cheeks. She leant in and nuzzled me. I smiled and she grinned. Felix and Calix demanded to be nuzzled too. allowed it and then snatched her back from them.
I was so relieved and happy to have my Luna back. I had once told her I wouldn’t have any other Luna as long as I Iived and I meant it.

There were no second chances for me. I only wanted Chasity and now that I had her back, was gonna revolutionise pack house security. I needed to get her to a doctor first thing tomorrow, too to get the proper expected date of delivery.

I couldn’t wait to see the baby moving on ultrasound. I also couldn’t wait to go to l amaze classes with her. I already had a book on basics for expectant fathers but I needed the practical teachings of an in-person Lamaze class.

I saw Chance waiting to be formally introduced to Chasity out of the corner of my eye. I reluctantly handed her over.

“You have someone whos been missing you even longer than we have, I murmured in her ear as guided her toward Chance.

“That’s for damn sure,” agreed Felix. “But it’s not the length of time you miss someone that counts it’s the intensity with which you miss them!”

I nudged Felix.

“I’m pretty sure Chance missed her intensely too, said Calix kindly.

Chance was standing between his daughter and son-in-law. Chasity gave her mother a quizzical look.

“Chasity, honey, this is someone I should have let be in your life all along and I’m so sorry I didn’t. This is my Dad and your Grandpa, said Chalice.

“Grandpa Chance, said Calix.

Chasity smiled. Chance cupped Chasity’s face in his hands. The elderly werewolf had tears in his eyes.

“I have a room filled with presents for you, literally!” He said.

Chasity laughed. She thought he was joking. We had a lot of disinfecting to do. All those presents were pretty dusty.

I needed them spic and span before Chasity and the pup could be around them. I would probably hire a cleaning company for that whole casino.

The private investigator, Danny, was standing a few feet away, giving us some space. I introduced him to Chasity.

“Danny was invaluable to us and very instrumental in finding you, I said.

“Thank you, said Chasity sweetly, smiling at Danny. “I owe you one”.

“The pleasure is all mine, he said, shaking her hand.

“And this is my oldest pal, Dexter, said Chase.

Oh. I had almost forgotten about him. He was another one whose place could use a cleaning crew.

“Nice to meet you, Dexter” said Chasity, shaking Dexter’s hand.

Dexter smiled.

“Same here,” he said.

“You can think of him like an Uncle, said Chase, hugging Chasity.

Chasity held onto her Dad as though afraid to let go. She began to cry. I could only imagine what she was feeling. She had been through so much. The ordeal was all over now and I was gonna make sure that it was all blue skies from here on out. Her Dad hugged her tightly, gently rubbing her back.

Her mother stroked her hair. I recalled my parents constantly referring to Chalice and Chase as drug addicts.

They weren’t wrong back then but now, Chalice and Chase would have gone cold turkey and then been sober for nine years. They had not had much choice in the matter but the effect was the same. They were clean. As for gambling, they just had to stay out of the casino and join a support group if they still had the urge.

Something told me the gambling part of it had been exaggerated. They should definitely see a psychiatrist though. They had a lot to talk about and they would need a professional to help them through it. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I was giving them a very late Christmas gift of non-refundable pre-paid therapy sessions. Maybe that would guilt them into going.

“You aren’t using anymore, right?” I heard Chasity

mumble very quietly.

“Well, we haven’t for nine years and counting,” said Chase.

“And we wanna keep it that way, insisted Chalice.

“Intentionally this time, specified Chase.

“That’s good,” said Chasity, sniffling. “I’m proud of you.

“We’re proud of you, Chasity, our brave strong girl, said Chalice.

My brothers and I let Chasity and her parents have their moment.

“I’m pregnant, said Chasity out of nowhere.

Her father did not look pleased. In fact, he looked horrorstricken.

“You were a little girl the last time I saw you, he said.

Chasity’s cheeks reddened.

“I’m eighteen now Dad!” Said Chasity.

That was still very young so I could understand his worry but Chasity had very good social support.

“And the Alpha Triplets are my mates!” Announced Chasity.

Should we hug Chase? He’s our father-in-law-to-be, reasoned Calix.

Chase doesn’t wanna hug us, said Felix, looking doubtful.

We should try. Give him the opportunity to refuse if he wants as refusal here seems likely, I suggested, looking at Chase’s expression.

My brothers and l approached Chase with open arms literally. He just glared at us.

Wow, Alex, you really are always right about everything said Calix.

I was right too! I was right first! Complained Felix. Let’s hug Chalice instead. We’re good-looking so l’m sure our mother-in-law will ike us. Every mother secretly hopes her daughter’s husband will be handsome.

Felix proved right about this too. Chalice hugged the three of us enthusiastically. She seemed to find something very amusing.

Your mother must have s**t bricks when she found out my daughter was fated to you three! She said.

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

“Mom! l Said Chasity indignantly.

“As if it’s not the truth, said Chalice.

My Luna sighed. she turned to my brothers and me with a sweet smile on her face.

“Let’s go home! Said our Luna.

I knew what she meant so we headed to the jeep but truth be told, we were home already. Whenever we were with our Luna, we were home.

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