Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 73: Tomorrow is only a Day Away, Chasity


All eyes were on Chasity. Her eyes widened as she looked around. We all watched her expression closely as she took in our new room. The bedroom had been decorated in pastel shades of blue and we had already put a crib in it for the new baby. Chasity approached the crib with a small smile on her face. She ran her fingers along the grooves of the sturdy wood with which it was built.

Alex had made sure the crib was the“best choice ergonomically speaking and in general, we had spared no expense. Other than the few but key pieces we had insisted on picking out, the PackHouse’s interior decorator had been given free rein. Felix had specified that there was “ “no budge” because Chasity deserved the best that money could buy, she really did deserve the very best of everything.

That was something we all agreed on.

We were all looking at her anxiously waiting for her to make a readable expression.

Does she like it? I asked worriedly.

Ican’t tell, mumbled Alex.
She’s not smiling! What if she wanted to pick out the crib herself?! Asked Felix, his eyes on Chasity.

I was relieved to see Chasity smile at the new crib in our room.
“For when you want the pup nearby” Explained Felix, an excited smile forming on his face. We’re working on the nursery don’t worry! He added cheerfully.

Chasity merely nodded, I Could tell she liked the room. she was just exhausted. She had been through an ordeal.

She s Just exhausted, thats all, I said to my brothers.

I realised we shouldn’t have expected too much of a reaction from her She had only just been rescued., She needed unadulterated love and uninterrupted rest.

Shes probably had even less sleep than us over the past few days, said Felix. How could she have slept peacefully with those creep’ kidnappers around? That reminds me. That pervert is still in the cellar, growled Felix, his voice deeper due to the presence of his wolf.

I had almost forgotten one of Chasity’s kidnappers was in our cellar.

That cell is secure, Alex assured us. I have six guards stationed there. Two in the cellar, two on stairs and two outside the door that leads to the ground floor just in case he somehow makes it up the stairs and into the house. I also have an alarm on the door, so if anyone without the code enters the main house from the cellar stairs, it sound, explained Alex.

What would we do without Alex? He never ceased to impress me. I didn’t know how most Alphas managed to rule alone. My brothers and I complimented each other quite well if I do say so myself, Even Felix had his strong points. He was a hothead but he was a great fighter,“a natural” according to Dad and just about every other pack leader and warrior.

As you can probably imagine, Alex was revered by many intellectuals and advisors for being such a meticulous strategist. He anticipated everything. I always envisioned Alex as a chess player several moves ahead.

Our pack lands were his chessboard and our wolves were the pieces at play He wasn’t cold though. He definitely humanised the warriors They weren’t just pawns to him. As for me, I was the approachable one. Pack member needed an Alpha they could talk to too, one they were comfortable with and not totally afraid of (cough Felix cough)
That’s awesome, Big Bro. I complimented him.

Yeah, good thinking, admitted Felix.

Now that Chasity was safe and sound, Felix was in too much of a good mood to bother with holding compliments. I ushered Chasity through the open door into the bathroom so she could get a proper look at the new bathtub. | knew she was tired but she just had to see it before bed. She had to have a bath anyway.
“Tada!!” I exclaimed excitedly, gesturing theatrically towards the huge new bathtub like a Price Is Right Girl.

Her face lit up at the sight of the tub. Bingo! She thanked me with a kiss. Tingles spread through me as our lips met. Words couldn’t express how much l’d missed that. She kissed each of my brothers. Felix and Alex were as gleeful as I was.

I never took my eyes off Chasity as she surveyed the bathroom.I had so many questions. There was so much I wanted to say to her, but that would have to wait. This day needed washing oft. We could have a proper talk tomorrow. I felt like I needed to know every single thing that had happened while she was kidnapped in chronological order. I was privy to years worth of Chasity’s life since I had essentially witnessed much of it.

We had practically grown up together though we had grown apart whilst that was happening. We had been a tot friendlier to each other when she had just arrived on the doorstep. Our angst filled teenaged angst years ruined all of that along with Moms growing desire to exclude Chasity, treating her more and more like a mere servant as time passed by.

When I stopped to think about the fact that Mom knew Chasity was her step-niece the whole time, I felt sick. I quickly pushed those thoughts away. Chasity was here to stay and she was pregnant Chasity and my top were my top priority even over Mom and the pack. Mom and everyone else would just have to accept that!


“Okay. Bath and then bed’ said Dad, sorry, I meant Alex.

I discreetly sniffed myself. We could probably all use a bath.

Bossy Alex insisted on us bathing Chasity in the tub alone. We would each bathe quickly and join her in bed afterwards.

We can t afford to get frisky anyway, muttered Alex as we helped Chasity undress.

And why can’t we get frisky? I asked, my eyes trailing over Chasity’s smooth golden skin.

Because she s pregnant and she has had absolutely no antenatal said bossy-boots Alex.

I sighed inwardly. He was right. I had to begrudgingly admit that to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic to have her back, but I was also painfully horny. If Blue Balls was an Olympic Event, I would bring home the gold every time. Like l always said, Chasity had been named perfectly.

Every time my skin brushed against hers, the familiar warm tingles spread through me. I trailed my fingers along her bare shoulders. She glanced at me over her shoulder. I smirked at her She gave me a sly little look. Her middle name should be Tease

Is antenatal care the same as prenatal care? Asked Calix, probably trying to diffuse the s***l tension in the room with daftness.

Yes, they’re the same, said Alex.

And what is prenatal care? Asked Calix.

Calik, something is wrong with you, I said.

Its preventative care for pregnant women The doctor checks the mother and the pup at regular intervals throughout the pregnancy to make sure both of them are healthy, said Alex patiently.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I was sure Calix knew that. He just liked the attention from Alex.

We ran a bath for Chasity, ensuring that the water was warm. We lowered her into the tub gently. She fixed me with a disappointed look and an adorable pout on her face.

I knew she was annoyed by being made to take a bath alone. We had grown accustomed to showering and taking baths together. I was glad the traumatic time apart had not changed her preferences.

I ignored her pouty little face. There was nothing I could do.I needed to know if my heir inside of her was okay before I got physical with my mate again. I started lathering the soap all over her skin, lingering in a few choice areas.

I knew she was miffed and sexually frustrated, so I dipped my hand between her thighs and began rubbing her v*lva gently with my palm to ease the tension a little. She let out a soft man and closed her eyes.

Alex was shampooing her hair couldn’t even make fun of his obsession with her hair so much anymore, because who was I to talk? I was just as obsessed, but not specifically with her hair.

I worshippd every inch of her.

Calix was massaging her feet. I knew all her muscles were probably sore after such a daunting day. She had held her own when that bodysnatcher had cornered her, but I knew there was a lot of room for improvement. After she gave birth, I intended to practice sparring with her.

I wanted her to learn how to defend herself. She needed great defence and some decent offence, just in case, even though I never intended to be apart from her ever again. Truth be told, I hadn’t intended to be apart from her during this past ordeal either. My brothers and I had been totally blindsided by the kidnapping. It was a relief to put that all behind us.

I heard her sigh contentedly. I smirked. I was washing the soap off of her. I reached between her legs again and parted her folds, finding her clit. I caressed it gently at first, but then I steadily increased the pressure. Chasity was my heaven on earth, and giving her pleasure was my purpose.

She bit her lip and gripped the sides of the tub as she found her release. She smiled, her eyes fluttering closed. She was so drained from the day she fell asleep almost instantly afterwards quickly gathered her up into my arms. Alex handed me a huge fluffy towel to bundle her up in.


I kept a towel warmer in our newbathroom’s cabinets. It was something I had gotten used to in my old private bathroom so l had decided to put one in the new bathroom. My Luna, Chasity, was a powerful little wolf in her own way but she didn’t have the size to produce as much body heat as my brothers and I did. I smiled watching her snuggle into the towel. We died and dressed her quickly in her nightgown. I was nervous about her catching a cold.

Werewolves rarely ever fell ill, but she was pregnant with my heir and she had just been through an ordeal. Both of those things could lower her resistance immunity-wise. she already had to use so much of her energy to produce our little growing Alpha. At least, the doctor would have to start her on prenatal vitamins tomorrow and, hopefully, I could convince her to begin a healthier diet devoid of chocolate chips, at the very least during the pregnancy.

You can’t deprive my baby of chocolate chips, grumbled Felix, annoyed. Especially not whilst my baby is having my baby.

Our baby, I corrected automatically.

I had been so absorbed in my mental planning, I hadn’t even realised I had broadcasted that thought to my brothers. That happened sometimes with multiples. We could unconsciously mind-link when we were distracted so private thoughts slipped through. Thankfully, it was a somewhat rare occurrence.

A handful of chocolate chips a day keeps the gloom and doom away, said Calix.

Felix groaned at our little brother’s corniness. I snorted with laughter.

How about limiting her chocolate chip intake? A standard serving size or less, I specified, as l lay Chasity down to sleep and Calix tucked her in.

My brothers agreed wordlessly over our mind-link. Felix hit the shower and outdid his personal best. That shower had barely lasted a minute!

“Are you sure you’re clean” I asked skeptically.

“Clean and s*xy” He said proudly, raising his arms and flexing.

It was Calix’s turn to roll his eyes and my turn to shower, Once we had all showered, we turned out the lights. It was my turn to not be next to Chasity. I grumbled about this to myself, not realizing Chasity was waking up.

“Hey” I said, smiling as she opened her eyes to look at me.

Calix was between us and Felix was behind chasity near the wall. Chasity climbed over Calix and straddled me, to my pleasant surprise. I grinned at her. She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me with abandon. I kissed her just as eagerly. I knew I couldn’t take it all the way, but a kiss was no danger to the pup, no matter how steamy.

We parted and gazed at each other. Felix cleared his throat loudly and pointedly.

“It’s not a certain someone’s turn to sleep next to Chasity” he said.

I know that, I said, allowing Chasity to hop over Calix to sleep between my younger brothers.

I turned onto my side, facing Calix so that I could keep Chasity in my line of vision whilst she was nestled between them. She seemed to be fidgeting a lot, squirming and wriggling about incessantly. I watched her for a few moments before I got worried.

Is Chasity okay? I asked Felix.

I could practically feel him smirking

She’s more than okay. The minx is Just horny, chuckled Felix.

I heard Calix’s laughter in my mind. Great, I was over here where I couldn’t benefit from any of this.

Lucky you two, l complained to my bros.

it’s not like we can even do anything, complained Felix. My blue balls are transcending blue and heading towards purple.


Chasity was acting how I felt: h*rny. She was rubbing her behind against my already rock-hard member. I could tell she had missed me. We missed you too, Baby. We meaning me and my showstopper.

My showstopper wouldn’t be headlining tonight unfortunately. All I could do was snuggle up to her, spooning her, cradling her perfect behind with my pelvis.

She turned towards me slightly and I kissed her gently. I peppered her entire face with kisses, making her giggle, though I could see her annoyance growing inwardly. I could see the frustration in her eyes. She didn’t need to worry. We had the rest of our lives to try sating the insatiable need we had for each other.

We just didn’t have tonight. I needed to make sure that my pup was healthy and that my pregnant mate was okay after her ordeal. Our doctor visit would be tomorrow morning, bright and early according to Alex. I shut my eyes and focussed on drifting off.

Suddenly, Chasity wrapped her legs around my waist. I looked at her and she pressed her lips to mine, conveying just how much she had missed me.

I held her tightly to me, wrapping her up in my arms and k*ssing her back just as passionately. When we parted, I k*ssed the top of her head and kept her close. I tried to get some sleep. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

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