Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 74: Good Morning Wood and Chasity


I woke up with the bluest balls I’d had in a while. Not to mention the stiffest morning wood. I hadn’t been this frustrated since Chasity had kept us waiting post-mate-bond but pre-vacay. I stretched out a little, carefully trying not to disturb my little minx. Chasity fidgeted a bit in my arms but she remained asleep, nestled comfortably between Baby Boy Calix and me.

“Felix, are you awake? Grumbled Alex quietly.

I knew he was pissed. He was at the end right now, away from Chasity. No one liked that position.

“Yeah, I yawned.

I raised my head. Alex was lying on his side with his head propped up in his hand.I could tell Calix was awake too, although his back was to me. Chasity’s arm was around him and I knew he was trying not to move too much so that he wouldn’t wake her.

“Its almost time for us to get up and get going, mumbled Alex with his eyes still closed.

“You’re half asleep,” said Calix in a slightly accusatory tone.

“No, I’m just resting my eyes, muttered old man Alex.

I resisted the urge to throw a pillow at him as that would definitely disturb my baby and our baby.

“Aren t you guys excited about hearing the baby’s heartbeat? Asked Calix.

I could just picture his gleeful grin, though I couldn’t see It.

“Yeah, I murmured, smiling to myself..

Alex nodded.

“As long as my heir is healthy… that’s the most important thing, said Alex, pausing to yawn.

“Your heir?” I said incredulously, “You mean my pup, corrected.

“It’s my baby, said Calix matter-of-factly, “But we should refer to him as ours because we’re raising him together.
“How do you know it’s a boy?” I wondered.

I wanted a son to raise as the’ next Alpha but I also wanted a little princess to spoil, a mischievous one with curls just like Chasity.

“I just have a feeling. said Calix. “We can have a girl afterwards though. She’d be adorable.

“She would be, “I agreed, my smile widening.

“I’m getting anxious,” said Alex, opening his eyes to look at Chasity who was still sleeping soundly.

“You were born anxious, I countered.

“And first,” gloated Alex, a smirk forming on his face.

Hmph. Big deal. I refused to even dignify that with a response.

“Mom and Dad saved the best for last,” retorted Calix.

Alex halfheartedly threw a pillow at him. Thankfully, it did not hit Chasity. It barely hit Calix. Alex always went easy on him. If he had meant to throw that pillow at me, he would’ve sent it flying at one hundred miles per hour. Calix tossed back the pillow and i miissed it, probably on purpose because he idolised Alex. I heard the soft plop as the pillow hit the floor

“My whites,” muttered Alex, reaching for the pillow.

We were using one of his precious “hypoallergenic organic cotton bedspreads in celebration of Chasity’s return. Alex dusted the pillow off and then fluffed it.

“Should I wipe it with an antibacterial wipe?” He murmured to himself, hesitant to put it back on the bed.

“Oh good grief, Alex, “I said.

We have a pregnant Luna, Felix, said Alex. “We need to be extra vigilant about germs.

“That’s Alpha stock in that womb,I said proudly.

My baby was tough. It was mine. What else would you expect! lt was Chasity that was delicate.

“Yeah, use the wipe to be safe, said on second thought.

“It’s a good thing always leave wipes on everyone’s nightstands. You two always forget to restock!” Complained Alex as he meticulously wiped the pillow.

Alex began planning the day out-oud, partially talking to us but mostly just talking to himself.

“Luna needs to wear a nice simple dress or something to make things easier for the doctor’s visit. Nothing too difficult to put on or take off” murmured Alex, checking something off in a tiny notebook that seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

The hypochondriac had probably slept with it in the pocket of his pyjama p*nts.

“The doctor’s a woman, right?” I asked quickly.

Thad neglected to double-check that. This doctor would have to see my mate’s body periodically. I wasn’t about to let some lecherous male wolf like myself do the examination.

“Yep, said Alex, nodding.

“Is she a Mommy?” wondered Calix.

I didn’t ask her all that on the phone, Calix, chuckled Alex.

“She doesn’t need to be a Mommy to know how to deliver babies,” I said, in all fairness.

“I know that, said Calix. “I’m just curious.

“Calix, don’t let Mom know her Baby Boy is thinking of befriending other Mommies behind her back, “I cautioned.

I heard Calix grumble something unintelligible to himself. I knew he was probably rolling his eyes, though I couldn’t see.

“Alphas,” said Chasity softly.

Aww. She sounded sleepy and confused. We had probably woken her up.

“What is it, Baby?” I cooed.

I swept the curls covering her cheek back, tucking them behind her ear.

“Morning, Luna, said Alex cheerfully.

He was grinning from ear to ear. He leant over Calix to peck Chasity on her lips.

“Hey Goddess,” murmured Calix, turning to face Chasity.

He began planting kisses all over her cheeks until she started to giggle. She swatted his chest playfully and he withdrew, laughing to himself. He frowned when he saw her expression.

An awkward silence fell over us. All eyes were on Chasity.

We could tell something was up.

“Last night…nothing happened, she recalled sheepishly.

We remained silent, Chasity was prone to feelings of inadequacy despite the height of our obsession with her. I knew she was probably questioning her desirability.

Habitually, I looked to Alex to say something logical enough to quell her fears.

“Nothing can happen until you see the doctor, said Alex sternly.

“What? she yelped, feigning astonishment.

I smirked to myself. My little minx was trying to weasel her way out of this doctor’s visit. I doubted she was actually surprised in the slightest. She had not been to a doctor since she had found out she was pregnant. Today’s appointment was non-negotiable. Besides, the sooner the doctor declared her and the baby healthy, the sooner we could resume our extracurricular activities.

“You were kidnapped at the beginning of your pregnancy. We need to make sure everything is okay with you and the pup. You both need a proper checkup, explained Alex.

“Yeah, “I muttered, still feeling the frustration from last night.

“There will be many, many, many nights of passion in your future, Chasity” promised Calix, winking at her.

An adorable blush spread across her cheeks.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” I declared, getting up and hoisting Chasity up onto my shoulder.

She squealed in surprise. I helped her adjust herself so that she was able to sit quite comfortably on one of my shoulders. I carried her into the bathroom and set her down on the counter.

She raised her arms, allowing Alex to lift her nightgown over her head. Instinctively, she covered her bre*sts, hugging herself and casting her doe eyes on me. I undressed in plain view, ensuring Chasity got a good look at everything she d been missing lately, including this quality morning wood I was packing.

To Alex’s chagrin, I left my clothes in a pile on the floor, as did Calix. Our eldest brother snatched up the piles of clothes and put them in the hamper after throwing a dirty look our way.

We hopped into the shower with Chasity. The water was set to warm despite the tact that we could all use a cold shower. The s****l tension between Chasity and us was so palpable could cut it with a knife. I lathered her as quickly as possible, Skimmingover her most sensitive areas while Alex shampooed and conditioned her hair. Calix rinsed her off and I bundled her up in a big fluffy towel. Alpha of Alphas Alex claimed it was his turn to pick out Chasity’s outfit and I truly hadn’t been keeping track of that one, though I closely kept note of whose turn it was to spoon her.


On our engagement trip, we took turns picking out Chasity’s outfits. We didn’thave a proper roster for it, but made a mental note of whose turn it was. It actually wasn’t my turn to select her outfit. It was Felix’s, but what he didn’t know couldnt hurt him. I picked out a long light blue dress for her. She smiled and put it on without hesitation.

I can do that,” I offered as I saw her reaching for her hair brush.

She promptly shook her head, looking at me through the vanity mirror as I stood behind her. I frowned, but so did she. I tried to pout the way ahe always did but she out-pouted me.

“Okay, you win, I laughed, pinching her cheek.

She giggled. Her hair was still damp when she was done detangling it.

“It’s still cold out these days, I warned her.

“It’s always cold out up here,” said Chasity, with a sigh.

Do you ever wish you were a Southern Luna instead of a Northern one? I asked.

My wolf and I were both feeling worried and wondering if she was unhappy here in the cold North.

“No,” she said simply.

“You’re well worth the frost bite, she said, standing on tip-toe to kiss the tip of my nose.

I grinned widely at her. I made sure she was warm enough, adding a few layers over her dress.

“Whose turn is it to drive?” Asked Calix.

It was Felix’s turn but I had stolen his turn to pick out Chasity’s outfit. Though it was unbeknownst to him, I felt slightly guilty about it.

“I’ll drive,”I offered. “You can both sit in the back with Chasity.

My younger brothers didn’t need to be told twice. They put Chasity between them and we took off.

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