Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 8: Good night Chasity Alex

Chapter 8: Good night Chasity


I was relieved to see the last party guest leave. Finally, some alone time with Chasity. Our parents, my brothers, Chasity and I were all standing near the stairs. We had just said goodbye to Beta Keaton.

He was an old friend of our father’s and he was our Beta now so he had been giving us some tips. We all stared at each other. An awkward silence fell over the room. The social dynamics of the house had changed vastly overnight. Chasity, a “burden” in my parents’ eyes who had been made to earn her keep here, was now the

single most important person to their sons. My parents were not pleased.

“Happy birthday boys,” said Mom again. “I hope you had fun.” “We did, Mom, thank you!” Said Calix brightly, giving her a hug. “And did you like your presents?” She cooed, pinching Calix’s cheek. Calix chuckled. “Yeah!” He replied. “Yeah, Mom, thanks,” said Felix.

“Thank you Mom for being so thoughtful with the party, and Dad for trusting us to take up your position as Alpha,” I said.

Dad grinned. “You were born to lead,” he said proudly, hugging me then clapping Felix on the back and ruffling Calix’s hair.

Chasity was edging closer to the stairs. I knew she wanted to slip away and go to her little room to hide from us. It was probably uncomfortable to suddenly be the centre of attention. She was so beautiful. She glanced upwards, caught me staring at her and quickly looked away. She turned around to walk up the stairs.

“And thank you, Chasity,” I blurted out loudly, stopping her on the stairs.

Mom looked shocked and a bit annoyed. Dad’s expression was impassive. Felix looked surprised. Calix grinned happily.

“For helping set up the party. I know you helped a lot with the planning and preparations and wrapped all the door prizes and presents and all of our gifts and served champagne,” I said, listing things off.

“Thanks,” she said quickly, seeming like she wanted me to stop talking. “I mean you’re welcome.” She


“She didn’t help with the party planning, silly-willy Alex. The party prep sure but I’m the planner,” said Ronda the party planner coming out of the kitchen.

I had thought everyone was gone. Chasity took this moment to run lightly up the stairs. Ugh.f**k.

“Oh, thanks Ronda,” I said stiffly. What was she still doing here? Silly-willy? Alex? I didn’t want to be overbearing but I preferred to be called Alpha by all pack members from now on, until I gave someone the ok to use my name.

“Thank you for your services, Ronda. Home time!” Chuckled my father, though there was an unmistakably stern edge to his words, indicating that Ronda should leave.

He looked at her pointedly and she thankfully left. “Bye boys!” She called from the door. She blew us a kiss. Ugh. Where had Chasity gone? I hurried up the stairs and ran right into her. I grabbed her by the arms instinctively. Tingles shot through me where our bare skin touched and warmth flooded my body.

“Chasity,” I breathed. “Yes,” she said softly, looking up at me with wide eyes. I noticed she had a towel over her shoulder. “What are you doing?” I said, sounding a lot bossier than I meant to.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said sounding tired and annoyed. “Where?” I asked. She looked at me like I was crazy. “You know I don’t have a bathroom. I use the downstairs one,” she mumbled. “What?!” I snarled. She flinched. f**k. “Hey, no, I’m not mad at you, Luna,” I said, trailing my fingertips across her cheek. She shivered so I withdrew my hand.

“If you shower downstairs, you’ll what…walk back to your room in your towel?” I said. “I always do that,” she said slowly. I shook my head. “Not anymore,” I said. “The only people around are you and your brothers and your parents,” she said incredulously. “My Luna’s modesty will be preserved,” I said sternly, pulling her up the stairs.

She huffed and grumbled something to herself. I wasn’t interested in arguing. I pulled her into my room and shut the door. She looked at me. I opened the door to my master bathroom.

“Please use my bathroom until you decide which room and bathroom you want,” I offered. “Actually feel free to use my bathroom or Felix’s or Calix’s whenever you want even when you have your own,”I said.

I pictured myself coming home to find my little Luna Chasity in my tub, her curls piled on top of her head, sipping champagne and waiting for me. I pushed my daydreams away.

“Please,” I insisted. “I need my night gown to change into,” she mumbled. I dashed to her room and back at werewolf speed.

“This one,” I said, holding up one of the pieces of clothing I remembered from earlier when I had looked in her drawers.

She smiled slightly at the floral night gown. “Sure,” she said. “Need anything else?” I asked. “My shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and soap are all in the downstairs bathr…”

I zoomed there and back before she could finish saying the word bathroom. I put all the stuff in my bathroom

“My perfume,” she said.

“Wanna use my cologne?” I suggested. It would soothe me if she smelled more like me to deter others.

“You can also wear one of my tee shirts. They’re super soft and they’ll fit you like a dress because you’re so tiny!” I said enthusiastically.

Chasity bit her bottom lip. She sighed. I went for her perfume. I listened to the water from the shower running. Chasity had been amazed by the huge shower with water streaming from all sides and the ceiling. I imagined myself slipping into the shower with her, lifting her up and pressing her against the wall with her legs wrapped around me. I could only imagine how great it would feel burying my length in her, f**king her against the shower wall.

My d**k hardened painfully as my inner wolf showed me images of my Luna Chasity as she moaned while I pounded her. The Chasity in my imagination came and I grunted as I imagined letting go within her tight py as it contracted around me. f**k. I came in real. Just like that. Now, I had to change my pants. That hadn’t happened since I was an awkward teenager.

Chasity exited the bathroom. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it, covering the wet stain on my grey sweatpants. Chasity was standing there, towel drying her long curls.

“Um, you ok?” She asked. “Yeah, yeah, of course,” I said. “How was your shower, Luna?” “Good,” she mumbled. “You don’t have to call me Luna,” she said sheepishly.

I looked at her expression, reading it carefully. “You are my Luna…even if you’re not sure yet. There will be no other. If you reject me, I’ll rule alone,” I said.

It was true. She seemed shocked by that reveal. “Ok, if you like, call me that,” she said. I smiled and so did she. Felix

Why hadn’t I thought of thanking Chasity? I didn’t know she had wrapped all the presents even the ones for the guests in that “pick a present” thing Mom had been talking about. That meant my Baby had wrapped hundreds of presents. That was work which was unacceptable. What was wrong with Mom? I had

to have a chat with her about how serious I was regarding my wife not working. Her little hands were probably tired. I heard her voice coming from Alex’s room. What the f**k! She had been in Calix’s room twice already and now she was in Alex’s room.

Calix still had dinosaur bedsheets and Alex would just boss her around. He was probably making her study books on pack laws. I was seething. When would she come to my room? Would she ever? I looked at the art work I had done depicting Chasity. I wasn’t giving up without a fight.

I marched into Alex’s room after I had calmed myself down a little. Chasity already saw me as the meanest so I couldn’t go in there huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. I had done the ridiculous breathing exercises Mom and Dad had taught me when I was younger and would have explosive tantrums.

Chasity wasn’t there but Calix was. They looked up at me. “Join the after party!” Said Calix brightly. Alex took a deep breath. He seemed furious about something. “Where’s Chasity? I heard her voice in here,” I said.

“She was here. I made her shower here. She apparently uses the downstairs one but I put a stop to that. She’s to use one of ours upstairs. The pack house has too many visitors in and out on the ground floor. She can’t be walking around in her towel,” said Alex.

“Good! Make sure she uses ours,” I agreed, hoping she would use mine eventually or maybe preferentially if I could win her over.

I was glad Alex had laid down some rules. I didn’t want to be the only one to always tell her these things.

“She’s back in her room,” muttered Alex. “The small one,” I said, not really asking. I knew it. She was stubborn.

“It’s driving me crazy!” Grumbled Alex. “Our Luna in that tiny supply room on a cot,” hissed Alex.

A Luna was essentially a Queen. That room wasn’t even fit for a servant. She should have never been placed there.

“Calix, go get her!” I said. He was her favourite for now. Calix hesitated. “I don’t wanna make her change room,” he said simply. Alex and I looked at him dumbfounded. Calix

I didn’t wanna force Chasity to do anything, even things that were good for her. She’d spent her whole life being bossed around and her new relationship with me would not be one of dominance. She was my little Goddess. I couldn’t tell her what to do and worship her at the same time. That made no sense.

“We’re three individuals. We have to work together but my relationship with Chasity will not involve me bossing her around,” I said firmly.

“I’m not bossy,” said Alex quickly. “I’m authoritative.” Felix snorted with laughter. “Felix, go get Chasity!” Ordered Alex.

“What? Me?! She won’t come if it’s me asking,” he said and he truly sounded upset. I actually felt sorry for him. It must be horrible knowing how much he had upset our mate in the past with his hot-headed ways. Even though I felt sorry for him, I felt even more sorry for Chasity. She was probably dreading a life with us, uncertain if we would be good mates. My brothers weren’t perfect but I knew they were itching to please their mate. She would be happy here eventually.

“I’ll go,” said Alex finally. I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “I got her to shower here,” he said defensively. “She’ll come with me.”

“If she agrees to come here, we should get her used to all four of us sleeping in the same room,” || suggested

“In the same bed,” added Felix, shifting uncomfortably. I knew he was eager to be in bed with his mate but he needed to watch his hands. I was gonna make sure Chasity was between me and Alex tonight. She needed time to adjust and Felix had no self-control. His grabby hands would get us into trouble. Also, I was starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation.

I had been the one to drive the previous night while my brothers slept and Chasity had gone all P.I. on my room, leaving her divine scent everywhere, keeping me awake and aroused. Her heavenly scent coated everything and was a constant reminder that I was alone in my bed. I had come to Alex’s room for some relief. Also, he was the more fatherly type of big brother whereas Felix was the big brother type of big brother, if that made any sense.

So l actually spent a fair amount of time in Alex’s room, complaining about whatever was bothering me or watching him work. He worked constantly. I had no idea what he was even doing half the time but I knew it was all about improving the pack.

“Calix, tell me what to do,” said Alex, shocking me. It usually worked the other way around. I stared at him, wide-eyed. “Tell me what to say to her to get her to come sleep here with us,” he elaborated.


“Tell her you can’t stand the idea of her being uncomfortable in that room when you’re comfortable in yours. Say it like you can’t be comfortable when she’s not. Make it about her emotions,” I suggested.

“She went to open her presents too,” Alex added.

“Give her at least a half hour,” I said, “HALF HOUR?!” Said Felix. I burst into laughter at how dramatic he was.

“Yes, half hour,” I reiterated. “She’s probably thinking over her gifts and working out her feelings. I would have said an hour but i’m afraid she might fall asleep if we wait too long.”

Alex paced the room for the next fifteen minutes. “I can’t take it anymore,” he blurted out. “I’m sorry, Calix!” I chuckled.


I tried to wait a half hour as Calix had suggested but after fifteen minutes my wolf began to whimper so much I felt like I was in physical pain. We were the type of Alpha that needed to provide for our mate and right now she was in substandard accommodations. I marched over to Chasity’s room. I hesitated at the door. I knocked hesitantly.

“Come in,” said the most beautiful voice in the world.

My heart leapt. I opened the door and she was sitting there among her unwrapped gifts just as Calix had anticipated. My Baby brother was better at understanding girls than me. I tried to remember what he had said to say but my mind went blank when confronted with Chasity’s beauty, her aroma and the need to care for her needs.

“You’re driving me crazy,” I blurted out. Wait. Wasn’t I supposed to make it all about her?

Too late. Better go strong.

I lifted her up without explanation, hoping my scent and presence made her as giddy as she made me. I carried her out of the room bridal style.

“Thanks for all the gifts. They’re really thoughtful and wonderful,” she said softly.

She pressed her lips to my cheek. Warmth flooded me. A huge grin formed on my face. She had just kissed me! Sure, it wasn’t the hands tangled in each other’s hair, panting, moaning and grinding on each other type of kiss I wanted but it was a start.

Calix and Felix were standing at the entrance of my room waiting anxiously. Felix had spotted the kiss I just got. He inhaled sharply. Calix smiled warmly. I carried her into the room and put her on the bed gently. The crazy part of my alpha wolf hoped we would just start ripping each other’s clothes off with no preface but things remained calm and civilised. Calix shut the door and Felix locked it. I sniffed the air. Chasity was aroused now that we were once again alone in a bedroom with her.


Alex had just gotten a kiss from Chasity! On the cheek, but still! Where was my Kiss?! i heard her thank him for the presents?! I had gotten her a car! My wolf reminded me that I still had the car in a garage we owned away from the pack house and she didn’t know.

“Where’s my kiss for the presents?” I asked blatantly before I could stop myself, pointing to my cheek.

She jumped up eagerly which shocked me. She scurried over and kissed my cheek. My wolf purred. Yes. f**k yes.

I grinned.

Calix tapped her on the shoulder, wanting his own kiss. She giggled and he leant towards her. She kissed his cheek too.

“Let’s get some rest. I couldn’t f*g sleep with this one in that room that’s really just a cleaning supplies cupboard,” Alex muttered to me, making me snicker.

I saw a flash of hurt in Chasity’s eyes. I winced. “Time for bed,” said Calix, moving to flick the light switch. “I always sleep with a nightlight!” said Chasity quickly. I could hear the fear in her voice. Calix quickly fetched the night light from her room and plugged it in, switching it on. The three of us triplets stared at each other. Time to face the elephant in the room.

Assuming that Chasity was ok with sleeping in the middle, there would still be one of us who wasn’t directly next to her and I feared it would be me.

“I’m going on two nights no sleep cause her scent in my room was driving me crazy!” whined Calix.

“Ok, so definitely Calix,” pronounced Alex. Ugh! I knew it! They were punishing me for my wolf’s outburst earlier. I glared at them.

“You rushed her today in all fairness, Felix, so tomorrow when you’re in better control you’ll definitely be one of the two ok. Tonight it’s me and Calix,” said Alex.

I had read them like a book. It was exactly that. “What about what she wants?” I asked, a last-ditch effort I doubted she wanted me, yet. I looked at her.

I’m gonna make you want me, Baby, I promised to myself. All eyes were on Chasity, naturally. She looked so cute in her night gown. The material was a bit thin so the outline of her beautiful body was visible. I hoped all her night gowns were this thin. I made a mental note to buy her some sheer ones.

“I’m really tired,” was all she said. Aw, my Baby. Calix

We cannot let Felix sleep next to her tonight, Alex! I said over mind-link. I knew what I was talking about.

He’ll eventually put his hands all over her and she might just leave or get scared. She’s not ready and neither is Felix. He’s three-quarters wolf not half, I said.

I’m pretty sure we’re genetically identical but I see what you’re saying, responded Alex in my mind. Fine.

Alex made it clear that tonight would be himself and me spooning Goddess Chasity.

I felt like it was Christmas Eve or something, so excited I could barely sleep, I was looking forward to the morning, waking up with Chasity would be glorious.

I climbed eagerly into bed. “Spoon me,” I said, looking at Chasity. She looked a little apprehensive. She probably wanted to be Baby Spoon, not Big Spoon. “And Alex will spoon you,” I assured her. “Spoon?” She asked.

Oh. She didn’t know how to spoon. I was kinda glad. It meant other wolves hadn’t cuddled or caressed her before. My wolf was relieved. I was a peaceable guy but the thought of Chasity’s ex showing up made me wanna wage war.

Alex got in on her other side.

Felix spoke from the corner next to Alex, “Awww, she’s so innocent. That’s why she needs me next to her to corrupt her.”

My brothers and I laughed. Felix

My Baby didn’t even know what spooning was. This was going to be fun. I was a hothead in most situations but I was a patient and enthusiastic teacher in the bedroom. Chasity’s lessons started now. Class was in session.

“Can I please show her what spooning is and then I’ll go back to the corner?” I pleaded. “Fine,” said Alex and Calix in unison.

I reached for her, enveloping her in my arms and lifting her over Alex, placing next to me. I pulled her flush against me, her back against my front. I curved my body around her, putting my arm over her waist and cradling her perfect round behind in my pelvis. I was instantly hard. I had the maddening urge to rub against her. She seemed to enjoy this position. There were many more interesting positions in her future. I hoped she could handle it.

“That’s me spooning you,” I explained to my sleepy Baby Chasity. “Now spoon me!” I instructed.

I faced away from her. It would be a bit difficult for my Baby to be Big Spoon. Obviously she was made to be Baby Spoon but I wanted her fully versed in spooning so I insisted she try both. She cuddled me from behind, putting her arm around me.

This was a great position to get a hand-job in. I tried to stop thinking about s*x with Chasity but that only made me think about it more.

“She gets it now bring her over here,” said Calix. I reluctantly let her be lifted by Calix and placed between him and Alex. Alex

Chasity spooned Calix and I spooned her, snuggling my face into her neck. The full force of her alluring scent hit me.

“You smell really good,” I whispered in her ear.

She was mouth-watering. My d**k was painfully hard. It pressed against her behind. I wondered if she could feel it. I tried not to squirm too much because that would make the hard bulge rub against her. With all the movement her night gown had been hiked up and she was so exhausted she didn’t seem to notice but it was making me crazy. Only the thin cotton of her und*rwear and my boxers separated us. She adjusted herself, pulling her night gown down to her knees. My d**k was equal parts relieved and saddened.

She seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood. Her heart rate slowed as she relaxed in our embrace.

I’m so happy! Our mate, guys, can you believe it? Said Calix over mind-link. I’d be happier if I were one of the chosen two next to her, grumbled Felix.

Tomorrow night, I promised Felix. We have forever with her. We’ll all get quality time with her eventually. The focus is to ensure she feels loved and cherished and safe. Protected and provided for.

My bothers wordlessly agreed with me. I could tell they agreed over mind-link. I looked at Chasity’s dark golden curls. My eyes trailed over the smooth golden skin of her neck.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. I was glad he could not see me blush. “I’ve always thought that you know.”

I could feel her stiffen in my arms at my words. “As it,” she said, sounding annoyed. She didn’t believe me?

“Yes, I have,” I insisted. “I’ve always loved your hair. I’ve always pulled on the curls. You know that,” reminded her.

I could sense my beautiful Luna Chasity still doubted me. I had proof though. “I stole this before I knew you were my mate,” I said, showing her the hair tie I had put in my pocket

the other day. I had kept it because it smelled like her hair, floral and sweet. It was easier to pretend she was with me and cared for me when I had some small token from her.

She gasped. She relaxed in my arms. Good Luna, relax, you’re safe, I thought to myself. “Good night, Chasity,” I whispered. “Good night, Chasity,” said Calix. “Goodnight, baby,” said Felix. “Good night guys,” she said. She was warming up to us. I wondered how soft and smooth her golden skin was. “Can I kiss your neck?” I whispered so softly I wasn’t sure that she would hear me. “Um, Ok,” she said.

I was the luckiest guy ever. I looked for her marking spot. She had three of them, perfect for us. I kissed to one I wanted to be mine. Tingles spread through me from the contact with my mate. I listened to Chasity’s breathing. Eventually is became slow and even. My Luna was asleep. Soon, I drifted off to sleep too.

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