Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 8: Running with Wolves

The Alpha Triplets undressed standing barefoot in the snow like it was no big deal I turned away I was not ready to see them. I caught a glimpse of Felix‘s though by accident and even in the freezing cold it was extremely thick and long. They were identical triplets so I was worried for myself. They shifted much more quickly than I did. It took them barely ten seconds to break then bones and grow fur becoming wolves before my very eyes. They were shiny black wolves reflecting their hair colour. The were huge. I hid behind a nearby snow–covered tree and undressed. They gave me my privacy. Shifting was still painful for me. It took me about five minutes. I trotted out to show them my sandy wolf. They playfully circled me. I was half their size.

We ran through the snow. I could tell them apart in wolf forms by their mannerisms, Felix bounded. He had heavy steps. He snarled and growled playfully a lot. Alex was often in the lead and had the most fluid movements. He slowed his pace to run beside me, watching over me carefully, protectively. Calix was extremely playful. He was the first to nip me. He tackled me gently and we rolled around in the snow. Then, he ran circles around me showing me how fast he could go. We must have spent hours playing as our wolves and we were adults. I wondered why we had never played together as children in our human forms.

Iran behind my tree to shift back and dress myself. The boys shifted back and dressed, following me as I walked inside.

“We need to talk,” I told them. They looked mortified.

“Get used to us having talks,” I told them. They were Alphas but I was their future Luna if I decided to be with them. They were three of them and only one of me so I had to learn to be firm with them. I wanted respect. We went to Felix’s room, the only room I had not seen yet. He had art work covering the walls which was completely not what I was suspecting.

“Who drew all of these?” I asked. “I did,” said Felix, grinning. Felix? A Sensitive artist? What parallel universe had I entered?

The drawings and painting depicted wolves. I recognised the triplets in their wolf forms in many of the drawings. I noticed one with five wolves. The other two must be their parents. There were random sketches of items and portraits of family members and some of their school friends. Felix did not seem to have any artwork of Tonya or his other ex–girlfriends which made me relieved. I spotted one picture of a girl. It was a painting. I gasped. It was me, sitting on the porch steps looking out at the snow. All of his artwork was dated. The painting of me was from about a year ago. I looked at Felix, waiting for an explanation.

“I told you,” he said simply. “I think you‘re gorgeous.” I blushed “You‘re giving me anxiety, Chasity, let‘s have this talk, come on,” encouraged Calix We all sat on the bed. Felix and Calix were sitting so close to me their entire legs were pressed against mine from hips to knees. I felt really warm. Alex was sitting behind me. He got up on his knees and put his hands on my shoulders. He started massaging my scalp, neck, shoulders and back. Felix and Calix grabbed an arm each, massaging my fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arms. I was so lost in all of this i momentarily forgot what I wanted to talk about

“Talk, Chasity,” said Alex in my ear.

“Right, um, so I have a question,” I said. The triplets waited for me to ask it.

“Why did you hate me so much growing up? And please really think about it and give me a real answer not something dumb like we were boys…we were stupid…those aren’t good reasons. I’ve always wondered why we could never be friends,” I said, sighing. “Is it just cause I’m poor and burdensome in your parents eyes? What is it?”

The triplets continued massaging me in silence. Were they trying to make me forget about the talk.

“In my case..” said Felix. “You..frustrated me.” Huh.

“I thought you were a cute little girl when I was a little boy. You came to us after a tragedy and I did not get that. You were sullen and cried all the time and I was also just a little asshole at that age,” said Felix.

His brothers laughed.

“I liked teasing you but it got out of hand and the dynamic continued. I didn‘t know how to fix it. Also, you would be on my mind a lot and I was angry that I couldn‘t get you out of my head. It makes sense now that I know you’re my mate but back then I’d be annoyed every time I saw you.

Sometimes I’d be making out with whoever my girlfriend was at the time…”

I flinched and Felix kissed my fingers, soothing me. He kissed my wrist. “…and I‘d be thinking about you obsessively. Sometimes…never mind,” said Felix. “No! Tell me!” | insisted, fascinated by his transparency.

“Sometimes I‘d call a girl Charity by accident,” he said, mentioning my nickname. “Sorry for that nickname. That was rude. There‘s no shame in being poor. I can‘t believe I acted like that.”

Felix sighed.

“It‘s so close to my real name, it really stuck. Most pack members think Charity is my name,” ! said, smiling.

Felix frowned. “I‘ll fix that myself, and soon,” said the Alpha. I wondered what he was going to do. I did not want to be reintroduced to the pack as their future Luna. I still needed time to make up my mind

Alex went next. “I always thought you were cute too but our parents hated your parents, They’d racked up so many debts from gambling and their drug habit. You’d always talk about how great your parents were and how mean mine were. I started to think you were ungrateful but now I realise that…if my parents were gonna treat you like that then you might as well have gone to an orphanage. There’s really no excuse Chasity. I‘m sorry,” said Alex

Calix took a deep breath. “I just went along with everything. Mom also said you were here to repay a debt not to be a playmate. There were a lot of things I liked about you and I should not have picked on you like that. That was totally wrong. I‘m so sorry.”

I sighed. We had to talk about the incident. It was bothering me. “Last night I was a little afraid being in bed with you three,” I admitted

“Because you‘re a virgin,” said Felix. “Baby, I know I‘ve been grabbing your ass a lot but I really am not gonna rush you to mate us.”

“No, not that. I kept thinking about when Calix insulted me and said my parents were dead druggies and I broke his nose. Then you guys…” I paused, shuddering. This was really hard to talk about.

All the triplets stiffened, their faces pale.

“Then you each slapped me then you put me in the ice fishing hole until I went unconscious. I screamed for my life that day when you were dragging me to that hole. I really thought you were going to kill me. I could‘ve died,” I said, holding back tears.

The triplets were silent. “You don‘t ever have to forgive us but just be ours anyway,” said Calix.

“For what it’s worth, we really weren’t trying to drown you. We just wanted to scare you. But even before the mate-bond I would feel sick when I would think about that day. That was a heinous act and I‘ll never forgive myself,” said Felix.

“If you had drowned we would never find our mate and not know why. We would be searching for someone already lost to us. We would deserve that but you, Chasity, after all you‘ve fought for …you deserve the best life imaginable. Please let us give you that life,” said Alex.

“Please, Chasity, we‘re so sorry,” said Calix.

I sighed. The Triplets were all still massaging me. I could get used to this. They were all looking at me with hungry eyes.

“Have you ever kissed anyone?” Asked Calix suddenly “No,” I said blushing. The triplets exchanged glances. “We wanna kiss you,” Felix said. I bit my lip nervously. “I‘m not sure if I‘m ready yet,” I said. “That’s ok,” said Alex. My inner wolf was howling at me to kiss them. “Were you guys disappointed when you realised I was your mate?” I asked. “No! Of course not!” Said Alex. “I went inside your room and lay on your bed,” Said Calix. I remembered Calix’s scent on my bed and smiled.

“I went through your things,” said Alex sheepishly “Sorry, it just hit me how little you actually had so I wanted to see what you needed me to buy you.”

I nodded. Alex was the practical one.

“I freaked out because I thought you’d reject us because I knew we’d been horrible to you,” mumbled Felix.

He was not entirely wrong. I had considered leaving

“I realised what was up when I came back from my first shift and smelled something amazing and it was each of your rooms,” I explained.

The Triplets grinned.

“So, I went into Calix‘s room to investigate. I was too terrified to go in either of the other two rooms in case you guys got pissed. I was least afraid of Calix,” I admitted,

Calix smiled. Alex and Felix stiffened uncomfortably

*Then I was not sure what to do. I tried to avoid you all for as long as possible while I worked out some of my feelings. I thought you guys would reject me actually,” I said,

“What?!” Said Felix, laughing. His eyes widened. “Never,” said Alex “We’ve been waiting for our mate three years since we shifted,” said Calix, “So how come you always date random girls?” I asked.

“We’re men. We have needs,” said Felix simply. His brothers glared at him but did not say anything to the contrary

“When I was setting up the party, I thought I‘d have to watch you three slow-dancing with your girlfriends while I served drinks,” I said, chuckling sadly.

Their jaws literally dropped. The Triplets looked aghast. I giggled at their expressions.

Felix’s blue eyes darkened a little. I remembered how I had to be careful with my giggles around him and his wolf. He pulled me into his lap. Tingles shot through me.

“I wanna take you on a date, Baby!” Felix said, his voice husky. “Um. sure,” I said weakly.

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