Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 80: Chasity Catches Up


It was such a relief to see my baby, Chasity, settling in again. My brothers and I were not the only ones overjoyed to have her pack. The entire Winter Moon pack and even our neighbours were in a celebratory mood because of her safe return. Just a few days after her first ultrasound, her friends came banging on the pack house door. They practically fell inside when I opened the door suddenly.

They quickly regained their balance and adjusted their outfits and hairdos. They were holding bags and bags of gifts for Chasity.

“We’ ‘re here! announced one of them enthusiastically.

What were their names again? Anya and Tanya? Mia and Tia? Tia and Tamera?

“Mina and Tina!” Squealed chasity, making her way down the stairs of the entrance room.

Oh yeah. Mina and Tina. The girls, Mina and Tina, screamed when they saw Chasity. They dropped their bags and ran to hug her.

She hugged each of them in turn, greeting them separately, which was fortunate for me because I had forgotten which was which. I made a mental note of who was who after she addressed them.

“Gentle now, gentle, chuckled micro-manager Alex, appearing out of thin air.

He could smell incoming germs a mile away. Any visitor was a potential source of germs for our Luna and pups, as far as Alex was concerned.

Chasity didn’t have much of a visible baby bump yet, but Alex already expected everyone to give her t0rso a wide berth of protective space. He didn’t like anyone hugging her too tightly or even walking too close to her. He was making me look reasonable these days and that was really saying something.

Chill out, Dad! I teased him.

She’s a lot more delicate than she lets on. My Luna is too polite to stop her friends from being over-exuberant! Cautioned Alex.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I decided to gather up the gift bags instead. Anyone who understood that my baby deserved to be showered with gifts was all right in my book.

Let me have a quick look at those presents, girls, said Alex nervously. “Just wanna make sure they’re safe for Mommy and Baby.


“Alex, you can’t open my babys gifts. You’re ruining the fun of getting gifts!” I said, trying to snatch up all the gifts before he could get at any.

“I’Il go into the next room and just take a peek!’ Insisted Alex.

“How about we just all watch goddess open her presents? Suggested Calix, coming into the room at the sound of Alex and I squabbling.

He was always keen on squashing disagreements between us as soon as possible. Calix could smell conflict a mile away, My brothers each had their strong points.

“Fine,” Alex and I said in unison.

I’m not ready to open them yet, announced my spoilt Baby. “I have to catch Mina and Tina up on stuff first.”

“Gossip first, gifts second, said Mina, as though that was an obvious and widely known order of things.

“Well, I’l carry them up to our room, I said, following the girls as they made their way upstairs.

Chasity was in the middle and liked to walk directly behind her whenever she traversed the stairs. I was just as worried as Alex about keeping her and the pups safe, but atleast I was trying not to be overbearing. Alex and Calix flanked me as I ascended the staircase slowly.

I could tell the girls were matching Chasity’s pace and glancing at her every so often to see if she needed help. She wasn’t in the waddling stage of her pregnancy yet but she had been moving noticeably more slowly than before, partially because she was still recovering from her ordeal.

She had a few aches and pains from those pieces of s**t manhandling her during the kidnapping. I knew she would heal quickly though. She was our Luna and being surrounded by us, her Alphas, would speed up the healing process. If I sound a little possessive, it’s because I’m a lot possessive.

“Okay, this is my new room with the boys, said Chasity excitedly as Alex opened the door for the ladies.

We were grown-as*s men but we would never object to being called “boys” by Chasity. She often answered calls from Mina/Tina with “hey, I’m with the boys or my personal favourite “hey, I’m with my boys.

Mina and Tina literally “oooooh-ed at the room fora bit before they hopped on the bed and kicked their shoes off, making themselves right at home, Alex tried to hide his grimace as he quickly lined the shoes up in a perfect row closer to the door. He had a designated spot for that. He then took off Chasity’s shoes for her and added them to the row.

I tossed the presents on the bed behind Chasity and her friends, to Alex’s chagrin. I had seen him going for the disinfectant spray. I knew he wanted to spray all incoming new items, but the spray sometimes made my Baby cough and that pissed me off. I lay down at the opposite end of the huge bed away from the giggling girls

Of course, I always felt like cuddling Chasity but I wanted to give her a little space while she caught up with her friends.

I smirked. It was always so amusing to watch Chasity interact with her friends. They were both girly-girls and Chasity showed a totally different side to herself around them. She probably felt relieved to have a litle feminine energy in the room other than herself.

She was surrounded by us Alphas twenty-four-seven, especially since we were now completely unwilling to let her out of our sight. The one time l had let her take a bath downstairs, away from us and, against my better judgement, she had gotten kidnapped!

I will never make that mistake again.

“Congratulations Chasity!” Squealed Mina, laying her hand on Chasity’s t0rso.

“We are so happy for you! Said Tina, grinning.

“We’re so glad to have you back!” Added Mina.

“I was having nightmares while you were gone! revealed Tina.

“We thought it was those b!tches who kidnapped you! Said Mina in an accusatory manner.

Mina and Tina tended to speak in alternating sentences.

They acted like twins even though they didn’t look alike. It was like neither one was allowed to say two sentences consecutively.

“Which b!tches?” wondered Chasity.

I wondered about that myself. The girls threw a nervous glance at me and my brothers. Alex and Calix were sitting on the edge of the bed, closer to my side.

“Feel free,” I encouraged.

Speak your mind, it’s okay,” added Calix, smiling at Chasity’s friends.

Mina and Tina looked at each other for a long moment as though communicating telepathically. They were probably deliberating over mind-link.

“Okay,’said Mina, taking an actual list out of the pocket of her pleated skirt.

“Cute stationery!” Cooed Chasity.

“Thanks, chorused Mina and Tina.

They consulted the pink floral piece of paper.

These are our suspects. Obvi, we know we were wrong, but you can’t blame us for suspecting them,” said Tina.

“Number one, that b***h Rhonda” said Mina, reading from the list.

Calix snorted with laughter. Alex nodded as though that was a fair assumption.

“She can barely plan a party,” I disagreed. “How could she plan the kidnapping of a high-profile Luna like my Baby I said, clearly doubtful that she could pull anything of the sort off.

“She has a motive!”Said Tina pointedly, clearly annoyed at my dismissal.

The amount of sassiness I was willing to put up with from my Minx somewhat extended to her minx-like friends.

This was where she got some of her bad behaviour from, but I didn’t want any ot the girls to fear me, so l kept quiet. I wasn’t about to argue with a bunch of high schoolers. Fate had given me a younger mate and I wouldn’t trade my Baby for the world, but I was still looking forward to her maturing a little over the next few years. Eighteen was incredibly young in my opinion. I doubt I would have been ready to rule three years ago at that age. I had been a total moron back then, not that I would ever openly admit that.

“I completely agree, said Chasity, glaring at me.”She does have a motive!”

I sighed. The girls nodded.

“Rhonda is very suspicious, said Chasity, nodding at the List.

“She didn’t do it though,” chuckled Calix.

“She wore a pink pleather micro mini with an orange tube top in the dead of winter, complained Mina, as though this fact settled the matter.

Chasity nodded.

“Wow, I’m glad I missed that outfit, said my Baby.

I snorted with laughter.

“Yeah, it was while you were missing, said Tina. it was horrific.I was already so upset with my bestie missing and then I rolled down the window of my Rolls Royce and I saw that outfit ruined my already shitty day.”

“Understandable,” said Chasity decisively.

Chasity hardly critiqued anyone’s tashion, so she must really dislike Rhonda more than I had realised. I made a mental note to make my parents stop hiring her.

“We shouldn’t let Rhonda plan the wedding then…or the baby shower,” I said.

“Of course not!” Squealed Tina. “We’re planning those, don’ t worry!

“And the bachelorette party! Said Mina.

“Um, there’s no need for that,” I said.

“lsn’t there um Alpha stuff to do downstairs?” Asked Chasity, looking at me and my brothers.

I knew how to translate Chasity’s language. This was slippery minx’ for “stop interrupting my friends or get out Calix elbowed me in the midriff.

Fine, I grumbled at him over mind-link. I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

I would put a stop to the bachelorette party later.

“Number two, Roxie and Moxie!l” Said Mina.

I squirmed a little. I had wondered if my ex and her sister were to blame also, especially since they had helped my more recent ex, Tonya, confront Chasity along with Avery and Sandra.

“Number three, Sandra, Tonya and Avery!” Read Tina diabolically.

This is a good list, commented Chasity.

I know right! We should be detectives! Said Mina cheerfully.

“We have no time though, because we have to plan your wedding and everything and we’re working on an upcoming project!” revealed Tina.

“What is it?” Asked Chasity enthusiastically.

“Enough about us! Tell us everything about the doctors visit! We need to know your reaction to having triplets! Were you gobsmacked?” Asked Mina.

Chasity recounted what had happened the day she found out she would be the mother to another set of Alpha Triplets.

“I love them already, even though I haven’t met them yet,” said Chasity, looking down at her abdomen.

Warmth flooded my body. I smiled at my baby. She was gonna be such a great Mom. she was young but she had handled herself exceptionally well considering everything she had dealt with.

“Awww,” cooed her friends.

Chasity met my eyes and I pursed my l!ps at her, indicating I wanted a k!ss. She crawled over to me and pressed her l!ps to mine, causing tingles to spread throughout my body. I tried to keep her snuggled against my chest and prolong the k!ss but she wriggled away like the slippery little minx she was. Mina and Tina giggled.

“We can tell them apart now, announced Mina, pointing at me. “This one is Felix!”

I felt a little guilty about constantly forgetting who was Mina and who was Tina.

“That’s easy! I’m the best looking. I said with a shrug, eliciting more giggles from the girls.

Alex rolled his eyes. Calix kicked my foot. Calix was lucky that I didn’t wanna do anything to live up to my “meanest Alpha” reputation around Chasity and her girls. I would never have guessed in a million years that I would be this whipped. I willingly listened to the girls gab endlessly about random topics. The “project” ended up being a makeover show they were pitching to a local television channel.

“A Mina Tina Makeover show! I would binge-watch that, said Chasity immediately.

“You can be our guest judge on our finale episode! Said Mina, getting to her feet and turning to face Chasity. “On the finale, everyone we made over has to come back and style themselves to show if they learnt from our tips or not!”

“The person who styles themselves the best wins a shopping spree! Squealed Tina.

Chasity frowned.

“What if they don t have the money to style themselves for the finale? Asked Chasity.

She was so sweet. She could only keep up her sassy exterior for so long.

“We could get a store to sponsor it so they could all choose whatever they want to wear for the finale from the same store, suggested Tina. “That would help put them on equal footing.”

Let a makeup artist and hair stylist help them out too, but they have to pick their own look based on what you taught them,’ added Chasity.

Mina wrote down this incredibly game-changing idea. This topic made my brain grow numb, but I refused to let Chasity out of my sight.

“Oh, before I forget, said Chasity. “I’m thinking of having four bridesmaids instead of two. That way you girls will have help to plan everything.”

Mina and Tina did not like that idea. No one wrote it down.

“Um, who are these other two girls?” Asked Tina, attempting and failing to seem nonchalant about this reveal.

She and Mina exchanged a quick glance as though some fear they had was being confirmed.

“April and June,” said Chasity happily.

Calix frowned. Alex looked impassive. I wasn’t gonna say anything. Loyalty wasn’t something you could prove overnight. I was well aware of everything the were-fox girls had done to help Chasity, but they weren’t necessarily her closest friends because of that.

“We read in the papers about them helping you, said Mina, looking at Tina.

“But they’re still…criminals, aren’t they?” Asked Tina, worry evident on her face. “Why didn’t they call the police as soon as they saw you in that place? They knew you were kidnapped. You were the top story in Wolf Country. Your face was everywhere.”

Chasity frowned.

“They were dependent on the woman who orchestrated my kidnapping for food and shelter” said Chasity. “Now, they’re not and they risked their lives for me. They came through for me when it mattered.

Mina and Tina did not like this one bit.

“They’re honorary bridesmaids, decided Tina.

“Yeah, we’re official bridesmaids, said Mina, making that sound like the most important distinction imaginable.

This bridal party would not be without drama. I could feel it.

“Okay, said Chasity hesitantly. “so you’l give them a chance, right?

“Hmph” said Tina. “I think we need to have security around when they’re hanging with us.

“Oh trust me, you’ll have security around regardless of who is hanging with you. Chasity is not to go anywhere without security,”I said pointedly, making myself clear.

Tina nodded and Mina wrote that down in pink glitter gel ink.

“There, pronounced Mina.” That’s settled!

It was far from settled.

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