Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 9: Good Morning Chasity Alex

Chapter 9: Good Morning Chasity Alex

I was afraid to wake up without Chasity in my arms. The events of the previous day had seemed too good to be true. I had finally admitted it to myself that I had always hoped my Luna would be Chasity. I hoped it had not been a dream as my body stiffened. It was early, much too early to wake up on a Saturday. I realised immediately why I had woken me up. Chasity! She was here in bed with me, trying to wriggle away. The lack of her smell and warmth as she pulled away woke me. My instinct was to grasp her wa!st and pull her back against me, spooning her again. What if she just had to use the bathroom or something? I didn’t want to be a controlling boyfriend. Felix and Calix already found me bossy. I didn’t want Chasity thinking that too. I gr0aned as I gripped her wa!st and pulled her back into my embrace.

“What’re you doing? Do you have to use the bathroom or something?” I asked, still half-asleep.

She turned to look at me with those big brown doe eyes. She usually looked at me with reproach, fear, annoyance or defiance. This was different. Soft and sweet. She was looking at me the way I looked at her, like she was attracted to me, drawn to me. My wolf was elated and so was I.

“This is the time I usually wake up,” she said softly, not giving me the sassy attitude I had been expecting. “I have to make you guys’ breakfast,” she added.

Anger sprang up within me and my wolf. This maid work. It was disgusting: having an unfortunate orphan cook and clean like some servant and completely for free too. She was mine now. There would be no free labour in this house. There would be no labour period when it came to my Luna Chasity.


The sound of Chasity’s voice woke me up. She claimed she had to make breakfast. It was so early. She did not have to do any housework ever again and there was no need to be up at the crack of dawn. My brothers and I were not early risers.

I laughed and yawned. “We wake up at like noon, don’t we?” I said. “Yeah, but your parents wake up at seven,” said Chasity.

“They’ll fend for themselves, don’t worry,” said Alex, his arms encircling Chasity while she continued to spoon me. I was so warm and comfortable. Her scent was on the pillows, the sheets, my skin. I breathed

it in as I relaxed into her embrace.

Suddenly the warmth of my Goddess was snatched from me. I glanced back at the culprit. Felix had woken up and has grasped Chasity’s wa!st pulling her over to his side of the bed.

“Hey!”I protested.

I had so much sleep to catch up on and I needed my Goddess Chasity to fall back to sleep easily. I grumbled inwardly. I would snatch her back when Felix drifted off to sleep.


I heard the sound of Chasity’s angelic voice as I opened my eyes. So it hadn’t been a dream! Chasity was really my mate. My wolf was howling with delight. We immediately stole Chasity the moment Alex and Calix loosened their grip on her. I put her to lay on my chest.

Literally nothing had happened last night. No k!ssing. No caressing. No confessing our love for each other. I was thrilled to have Chasity as my mate but this definitely complicated things. She had a history with us, a negative one at that, one we would have to overcome.

I had always assumed the first night after I found my mate would be filled with passion. I had thought

we would be so glad to find each other that we would be all over each other. I had expected a night of sweet surrender as I left finger prints and hickeys all over her.

It was not too late to make up for lost time. I slid my hand down her side until I found her behind. I cupped one of her cheeks and squeezed. Her heart was racing. The smell of her arousal filled the air. She was getting we^t for me. She m0aned. I growled playfully in her ear.

“What’re you doing, Felix?” Asked Alex suspiciously. “I’m bonding with my gorgeous mate,” I said matter-of-factly. My Baby flinched suddenly. I was probably grabbing her as_s too hard. It wasn’t my fault she wasps “Sorry, Baby, am I squeezing you too hard?” I asked noticing her sudden movement. “You think I’m gorgeous?” Asked my Baby, Chasity. “You are,” I said honestly. “The other day you called me fat,” she said.

I stiffened. f**k. I wished I could smack the me from a few days who had said that. My wolf growled, reminding me that he had asked me to apologise as soon as I had said that. From the tense silence, I could tell that Calix and Alex were listening and judging me silently.

“And you took the last pancake. I literally ate nothing that day. I spent the whole day organising stuff for you guys,” said Chasity.

f**k. My stomach lurched. I cursed myself for being such an as*hole. I would pay for it now.

“Shh, Baby, I’m so sorry,”1 whispered, pressing my l!ps to her forehead and tightening my arms around her. Her scent comforted me so much. Perhaps, mine could comfort her.

“Don’t touch me!” She screamed as she jumped out of the bed. Guess not. My brothers and I all sat up, startled. “Felix, you fu-cker, what did you do? She wasn’t scared before,” yelled Alex.

Ugh. This was all my fault. I hoped she wouldn’t leave us. I would follow her to the ends of the earth but I didn’t wanna play cat and mouse with Chasity, I wanted to play house.

“YES I WAS!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, making us all jump.

Our parents ran into the room. Mom probably thought the girlish scream had been Baby Boy Calix.

Chasity burst into tears, sobbing brokenly. My brothers and i instinctively rushed towards her to console her.

“NO!” Bellowed our father.

Old Alphas could still use their Alpha voice though we didn’t have to listen. Out of respect, we sat back down. I would console Chasity later. I wanted to apologise properly in private.

“What is she doing in here?” asked Dad in a hushed deadly tone. Alex spoke up. I had to admire how he was always willing to take responsibility. “I can’t sleep with her in that cleaning supplies room. I can’t stand it,” said Alex. Alex

I wasn’t about to apologise to my parents for bringing Chasity in here. They should apologise for putting her in that substandard room in the first place. I would apologise to Chasity later. I needed some alone time with her. I wished she would let me hold her.

“Then why did you not put her in a guest room?” Asked Dad.

Mom was quiet, standing in silent support behind Dad. Their united front had been unwavering since childhood even if they felt differently as individuals. I kept my eyes on Chasity. She was looking down a lot. She looked regretful know for having caused a commotion but I didn’t blame her. My Luna belonged in bed with me.

“Um,” I said lamely, not really trying to answer the questions properly anymore. Thankfully, Calix took over from me.


My heart broke for Chasity. I had known the transition would not be easy especially with Felix and Chasity. They had always had the most volatile relationship. Ugh, I had told Alex to keep Chasity between us at first. It was too much for her and Felix was too hasty.

“Look, Dad, everything was good, wasn’t it Chasity?” I asked gently, meeting her gaze. She looked into my eyes with some hesitation. She was fidgeting nervously. Chasity, are you ok? I asked privately. Yes well no…but I will be…soon, she mumbled back. “It’s my fault,” said Felix, his voice cracking a little.

Felix?! Crying?! I looked at him and he was trying to hold in the emotion but I could see he was quivering a little. My jaw dropped.


This was all my mother-fu-cking fault. I had been such a complete as*hole and now Chasity would skip away into the sunset with Baby Boy Calix and Bossy Boots Alex and I would be the other brother. Or worse yet, she would up and f*g leave all of us and it would be mostly my fault. My brothers would hate me. No other mate could compare to Chasity. I couldn’t meet her gaze right now.

“I’ve been pushing her a lot and I’m sorry. She was literally so happy up until she came over to my side of the bed which was five minutes ago,”I confessed.

Ugh. Why had I thought lust would be enough to smooth over all the wrinkles in our relationship? Suddenly, Chasity herself spoke.

“Felix, we’re ok right?” She asked softly.

I was shocked. I stared at her. Her beauty made me weak. She cared if we were on good terms or not? Of course we were ok as long as she would have me. I was already in love with her.

“Always, Baby, I f**king love you, Chasity,” I blurted out.

That was not the s*xy scenario I had envisioned in which I would confess my feelings for Chasity. My parents looked impassive. My brothers looked shocked. I was certain they loved her too. Did they think i had a rock in my chest? Was I that mean?

Chasity’s eyes widened. I could feel her she-wolf stirring within. My wolf told me Chasity’s wolf favoured us. Would that be enough to smooth things over?


Dad was named Romeo but he wasn’t buying into this romance. He fixed us with a stern stare. I could feel the lecture coming. I sighed inwardly. I was tired of all the lectures I had received curtesy Felix. Dad sometimes acted like we were one beast with three heads or something. Mom understood our individuality better. My eyes went back to Chasity. She definitely trusted me more than my brothers which meant she already perceived differences among us.

“Chasity is very young. She is eighteen. You boys are still young. You are twenty-one. You have had numerous girlfriends in swift rotation,” lectured Dad.

Wow, ok. He had said atta boy back when we were dating around. Now we were man-whores apparently. I forced myself not to roll my eyes by keeping those eyes on Chasity. She saw that I was staring at her unwaveringly and smiled slightly, blushing a little. My smiled transformed into a bit of a smirk.

“As far as I know Chasity cleans, cooks and studies and that’s about it. You can’t sneak your very inexperienced mate in here at night. There’s three of you and you all hated each other day before yesterday. It’s too much for her,” said Dad.

Ugh. He had a point. I glanced at him. There were three of us and the size difference was probably a little intimidating. We were all a foot taller than Chasity. She was only about five-four. We really hadn’t done anything more than sleep though. Her night gown had remained intact and I presumed Felix had pinched her behind or something of the sort but that was hardly a foursome.

“We really didn’t do any…mating stuff though,” I pointed out. “Maybe in your eyes, Honey,”cooed Mom, “but in Chasity’s eyes it may seem different.”

I frowned at Mom and she gave me a sad smile. I sighed. My brothers looked just as forlorn as I felt right now. Would Chasity really have to sleep elsewhere? My wolf whimpered. What if she slept on the bed and we slept in sleeping bags around the bed?

Felix “Let me start on breakfast. It’s already late,” said Chasity, heading towards the door. Like hell, she would!

I rushed at werewolf speed to the door, shutting it and standing in front of the shut door. She was already mad so whatever. She was signing off duty permanently.

“I know I already f****d up this morning but while I’m ahead,” I said with a shrug. “Over my dead body, Princess,” I told her.

We stared at each other, in my opinion, somewhat lustfully, although that could be my hopeful imagination.

“I am still one of the Alphas of this pack and whether you wanna be with me or not, you will never lift a finger in this house again.” I ordered.

“Hire a maid and a cook again. Two each if it’s too much for one person,” I said, turning to my parents.

They looked pissed but I was Alpha now so they could not stop me changing how the pack house was run. It was laughable that a huge pack house for a powerful pack was being cleaned entirely by a teenager for free. What the f**k. What kind of budget was that?

Alex Finally, Felix had an order I could agree with. “I agree,” I said, nodding. Chasity should not be cooking and cleaning here, new Luna or not. “Same,” said Calix, winking at Mom to soften her steely expression. She ruffled his hair and exited with Felix opening the door for her.

“Before today is over, sort out the bedroom situation and decide which guest bedroom will become Chasity’s,” said Dad. He left too, shutting the door.

We were all sitting on the bed with our pretty little Luna standing before us. Dad would forget about this whole bedroom thing. I needed my Luna in bed with me to be properly well-rested even if we remained chaste all our lives. Just her smell and the warmth of her body was enough.

Felix, apologise! I demanded, trying to quell the awkward silence. I want to apologise alone with her, he said. Do both. Apologise now and later when you get alone time! Right, Calix?

I asked, bringing in reinforcements in the form of my littlest brother. He was in all fairness the best with sweet-talking girls.

Yes! Both. Some girls want a public apology, some want private. Just give them both to be safe, he instructed.

I’m taking advice on women from Baby Boy Calix. I have reached a shocking level of desperation, grumbled Felix.

Is Luna Chasity not worth it? I asked. Of course she is! Hissed Felix. “Baby, I’m sorry for all the times I called you fat,” said Felix.

Decent start. “What I meant is your as_s is fat and that’s a good thing.” Poor finish. Chasity actually laughed.

Trolled my eyes. “What my i***t brother meant was you’re beautiful and you do have a really nice as_s, ” I said, smirking at my Luna.

She blushed. Her eyes trailed over me curiously and then they went to Calix. Then she walked over to us and climbed into Felix’s lap. What the f**k?! She put her arms around him.


Chasity had been staring back and forth between Alex and Calix. I sighed, looking down. I was not very good at apologies. I almost jumped out of my skin when I smelled her coming closer. I looked up just as she climbed into my lap and put her arms around me. I quickly gathered her up in my arms. She was so small and delicate compared to me. Her scent was heavenly. Baby. I nuzzled her. She had a thing for nuzzling. I knew that for sure. My wolf’s whimpering died down. Beneath our human psyches, I knew Chasity’s Luna Wolf and my Alpha Wolf were comforting each other, communicating telepathically.

“I’ve never seen any of your wolves,” she said suddenly.

My brothers and I grinned. All thoughts of snuggling back into bed were forgotten. We wanted to see Chasity’s wolf too. My wolf growled playfully. I hoped he would not act up when confronted with Chasity’s wolf. He growled at my accusation. We could not mark Chasity when we were all in wolf form. That actually had to be done in human form.

“Snow run!” Said Baby Boy Calix. Alex nodded eagerly. They looked at me. Chasity turned her doe eyes upon me. “Yes,” I said without thinking. She could make me do anything.

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