My Lycan Luna Chapter 10: Forcing a vision


“Hey sis, how are things going here?” Joel asked, walking in with Andy. I grabbed Angel’s necklace and started to scribe.

“They are going. What are you two up to?” I asked.

“We’re heading into town to get some things. I came by to see if you wanted anything”, my brother says. Even though I am the high priestess, he’s still very protective over me.

“I’m okay, but make sure you two be very careful” I said, as my eyes flashed.

“You still haven’t found her?” Andy asks.

“No, I think I’m going to have to bring the coven into this” I admitted.

“Just be careful, Yashira. So far, your visions have never failed you”, Joel says. I know he’s worried and so am I. I think it’s time I spoke with Colin since he’s the Alpha now, but I need to get more information on this dark witch.

“I’m always careful”, I smiled at my brother before he k!ssed the top of my head and left with Andy. I walk out of my room where I do my spells amongst other stuff. I walked out the door and took off my shoes. I close my eyes and focus on the witches and warslocks in my coven.

‘I need you all in my cabin as soon as possible’ I said.

‘On our way’ Soledad replied. I closed my eyes for a second before opening them. My mate, Gabriel, was in front of me.

“I’ll never get tired of seeing you call up on the coven. Your body glows and always leaves me and my wolf in awe”, he smiled.

“I love you too” I said, pulling him down to k!ss his delicious lips. I walked inside and he followed me. We walked inside the room where I had left Angel’s neckless and a map of the United States.

“How are things going with the scribing?” he asks.

“I got nothing yet”, I admitted.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, my love. You have a lot on your plate” he says. He was right. I do have a lot on my plate and I wonder if that’s the reason why I can’t seem to concentrate. I really want to do this for Angel. My mate, son, and grandson can only teach Angel so much, but they are not Lycans. Only her father can teach her what she needs to know. I just pray that he is still alive. I could sense Soledad and the other witches and warlocks outside.

“I know and that’s why I called upon the coven. I need their help”, I said, and walked out the door again.

“Your highness” they all said, bowing their heads.

“I called you here… because I need your help. I’m sure you all have felt the change in magic. Our balance is off” I said, and they all nodded.

“I had a vision of a dark witch… she’s powerful, nothing like we have ever encountered before. I have been trying to find out where she is, but every time I seem to get a location it’s like she disappears”, I sighed in frustration.

“What can we do to help your highness” Soledad asked.

“I need to force the vision to come back and see if I can see anything that stands out” I said. Gasps were heard all around.

“Your highness, to force a vision is very dangerous” Matt, one of the warlocks said.

“If you force the vision, there could be a possibility that she’ll be able to see you too” Soledad said.

“I got the vision for a reason. The fact the magic is unbalanced right now because of her makes her dangerous not just to me, but all of us, including my pack”, I admitted. I looked at my mate to see he wasn’t happy about me doing this, but I was thankful he wasn’t stopping me. I looked at the witches and warlocks.

“Okay, your highness, we’ll do it” Soledad said. Suddenly, I heard people running and my mate stiffened.

“What’s going on?” I asked my mate.

“Angel in running towards the pack. She’s in her Lycan form”, Gabriel said.

“What?” I ask. He opened his mouth to say something when I heard a loud roar. That’s when I saw silver fur. Angel was in her Lycan form running towards the pack house at full speed. I could feel her anger coming off of her in waves. She stopped in a crouching position and her eyes landed on the pack members behind me. I shot a hand out making a shield around the pack to protect them from her. I could see the pain in her eyes. Something happened.

“Angel, it’s me Yashira” I said as I took a step towards her. She growled in warning. My mate was by my side instantly.

“Sweetheart, can you shift back into your human form?” I asked. She whimpered but did as I asked. She slowly began to shift back into her human form. She was still crouching but her body shook. She sniffled and I looked at my mate, who also looked at me. I conjured up a robe and placed it around her. She stood up and I could see her eyes were puffy from crying.

“Angel, what happened?” I asked. Her head snapped behind her and she growled before bolting inside the pack house. I looked to where she looked to see Colin’s car speeding towards us. He came to a stop and jumped out of the car.

“Where is she?” Colin asked. I could see panic in his face.

“Son, what happened?” Gabriel asked. I could see the painful look in Colin’s eyes. He scratched the back of his neck.

“I don’t know what happened. I was talking to Tara to see if she was going to be good in school or if I had to banish them from there as well. The bell rang for lunch and Angel joined us when Ivory, Tara, and Karen joined us. They had bought all of us lunch to apologize for what happened. One minute we were all talking and the next…” Colin grumbled, running his hands over his face, clearly frustrated.

“The next minute I’m k!ssing Tara in front of everyone… including my mate”. I looked at my mate to see he was as shocked as I was.

“You mean to tell me that you willingly k!ssed your ex girlfriend?” Gabriel asked, and Colin nodded. Angel came out of the pack house wearing a t-shirt and holding her duffle bag in one hand. Behind her was River, Koslov, and Tristan. Colin’s eyes snapped towards Angel.

“Angel, please-” Angel growled in warning, cutting Colin off. She looked at me and I knew she needed time to calm down. She then shifted into her Lycan and took off at an incredible speed.

“She needs time to calm down. Give her a couple of days” I said to Colin. He just looked at where his mate had gone and the broken look on his face broke my heart. He shifted into his wolf and took off running towards the waterfall. Suddenly, there was a howl full of sadness and pain. I sighed and I wondered if Colin still felt something for Tara.



I sit with my son, Tristan, as we watch my mate force a vision. The witches and warlocks kept asking if she was sure she wanted to do this, that it was dangerous, but my mate didn’t want to back down. The witches and warlocks stop chanting and their eyes stop glowing. My mate sits up with a frustrated look on her face.

“Everything okay kitten?” I asked.

“I couldn’t get anything. All I got was all black and once in a while that girl, Tara, popped in” she gritted out.

“Maybe it is because we are all worried about Colin” Tristan said. It’s true, we are all worried. He hasn’t seen his mate and it’s taking a toll on him and his wolf. I looked at the witches and warlocks. They looked exhausted.

“Thank you all for trying. You can go home and rest”, my mate says and they leave.

“I still don’t understand how all this happened with Colin and Tara. They bought lunch for everyone, including Angel. What made Colin act the way he did?” my mate asked.

“I don’t know my love. Maybe he has feelings for both of them and k!ssed Tara thinking that Angel wasn’t looking” I said.

“No, the two of you and Koslov made sure to let him know what a mate means so he wouldn’t make the same mistakes you two made. I can see it in Colin’s eyes when he looks at Angel. He loves her. That night when they marked each other, I could see the happiness in his eyes. He showed off his mark proudly”, Yashira said, getting up and walking to her room where she does the spells and potions. Tristan and I are right behind her and she’s right. Tristan, Koslov and I made sure to tell him what the mate bond was and what it meant. We also told him the mistakes we made, hoping that he wouldn’t make the same mistake.

“Umm… mom?” Tristan calls, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at my mate only to see she was holding Angel’s neckless, the one her father had gifted her, and the necklace was straining in her fingers. Yashira looked at it, then looked at us, then back at the necklace before letting it go.


“Hand me a map of Alaska”, Yashra said. I quickly went to the shelf where she keeps her maps and grabbed the one of Alaska and handed it to her. She opened it and grabbed the necklace and began to slowly move it around. Suddenly, the necklace did the same thing and Yashira let it go again. The three of us looked closer.

“Whittier” Tristan whispered.

“Where the hell is that?” my mate asked. I grabbed my mate’s laptop and began to look it up.

“Whittier is a very small town. It only has two hundred and seventeen people living there and…” I stopped, reading the sentence over again just in case I didn’t read it right.

“What?” Yashira and Tristan asked at the same time.

“They all live in this fourteen story building” I said, showing them the building.

“I don’t think a Lycan would be sleeping there, but maybe someone knows him there. I did what I could. Now it’s up to Angel to do the rest”, my mate said.

“Do you think she’ll look for him?” I asked. My mate looks at me then sighs.

“That day when she ran here in her Lycan form… I could feel her anger, but also her fear. I don’t know what fears she has, but hopefully I can find out” she said, writing the town’s name and state on a piece of paper. Then grabbed her coat.

“Where are you going mom?” Tristan asked.

“To talk to Angel. I don’t like seeing my grandson so… broken” she said. We followed her outside. She opened a portal.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can”, she k!ssed my lips and k!ssed Tristan’s cheek before leaving.

“Do you think mom can get her to talk to Colin?” Tristan asked. I know he hated seeing his son like this because I knew his mate and Koslov also hated it.

“If anyone can talk to Angel and convince her to talk to Colin, it is your mom” I said, patting him on the shoulder. I just hope that Angel listens.

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