My Lycan Luna Chapter 12: I Love You


I ran out the front door just as I saw my mate’s knees buckle and her eyes roll to the back of her head. I grabbed her before she hit the ground. I could smell so much blood. I looked down to see she had deep claw marks on her left side of her body, exactly where I felt the pain just a couple of minutes ago. She had other claw marks on her body but they were healing quickly. It was just this one that wasn’t healing. I picked her up and ran with her to the pack clinic.

“Alpha” Sara bowed her head.

“Sara, my mate. She’s hurt” I said.

“Place her here”, Sara said, gesturing to a gurney. I put my mate on the gurney. Sara, along with her daughter and other nurses, rushed her to a room. I tried to follow but Anna, Sara’s daughter, stopped me.

“I’m sorry Alpha, but you can’t come in here. Please, let us do our job” she said, and I nodded. My white shirt was now covered in her blood, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was for my mate to be okay. Alondra, Manny, Ray, Jake, Trisha and her mate, the vampire King, rush to my side.

“Where is she? How is she?” Trisha asked. She really cares for my mate, they all do.

“She’s in there. I don’t have any news yet” I said.

“This is all my fault. If I had never k!ssed Tara, my mate would have been with me instead of her house. I would have been able to protect her” I said.

“Don’t blame yourself, Colin. Angel is a fighter; we all know it. She’ll fight through this too”, Trisha said. I nodded and slid down to the floor. Anna runs out the door with blood on her scrubs and gloves. Mom, grandma, dad, and grandpa ran to my side as well.

“How is my mate?” I asked, jumping up to my feet.

“She has lost a lot of blood. We’re cleaning the rest of her blood but she needs blood”, Anna says.

“What do you mean cleaning her blood?” grandma asks.

“There’s silver in her system” Anna said.

“How much blood do you need? You can take some of mine” dad Tristan said.

“I can’t just take your blood sir. It needs to be her blood type”, Anna said.

“What’s her blood type?” mom asked.

“AB negative” Anna said. Everyone stopped and looked at Anna. AB negative is the rarest blood type there is and I don’t think we have any of it in stock. That’s why everyone is looking at Anna.

“I’m AB negative” a voice to my left says and I see Andy, uncle Joel’s mate, walking towards us with Uncle Joel.

“Do you have any at the manor?” Trisha asked her mate J.R.

“I can call and have someone look” J.R says and walks further away, taking out his phone. Trisha made him get some before. I have no idea why, but she did.

“You can use some of mine” Andy said. He looks at Uncle Joel and gives him a k!ss before following Anna. Xan is going crazy in my head. He wants to be next to our mate. He also wants to kill the ones who hurt our mate. She had just shifted not long ago into her Lycan.

She doesn’t know how to fight in her Lycan form, but from what grandma says she held her own against ten rogues. This still doesn’t comfort me or my wolf. I quickly got up. I can feel myself on the verge of shifting when suddenly a hand lands on my forehead and everything goes black.





I gr0an at the beeping sound. I tried to open my eyes but they felt like they weighed a ton. I took in a few deep breaths and the scent of sandalwood and the forest after the rain filled my nose. I knew that scent. Colin was near. Faith stirred in my head before growling. Even though my eyes felt like they weighed a ton, I still opened my eyes. I blinked a few times, adjusting my vision. I looked around the room. White walls, white ceiling. I knew I was at a hospital. The beeping sound continued and I turned my head to it, only to see Colin. His eyes widened when he saw me.

“You’re awake” he said before rushing to my side, but a growl left my lips, making him stop before he could even touch me. His eyes lowered and shame was evident in his eyes.

“How-” I stopped feeling my throat dry and raspy. Colin quickly grabbed a bottle of water and opened it. He looked at me and slowly made his way towards me. He helped me sit up, then brought the water bottle to my lips. I greedily drank the water. I pulled back feeling better.

“Thank you” I said, then cleared my throat.

“How long have I been here?” I asked.

“Three days. You lost a significant amount of blood and you also had silver in your system. Sara and her daughter cleaned your blood and Andy gave you some of his blood until my sister’s mate got some blood for you” he explained. I nodded, taking a deep breath.

“Angel, I’m sorry about what happened. I don’t know why I k!ssed her” he said, and I couldn’t help but growl. I could feel my eyes glowing and my nails elongated. I quickly got off the bed to put some distance between us. I don’t want to hurt him. I was fighting Faith but I could feel the pain coming from her as well. While trying to get away from my mate to not hurt him, my knees buckled and I landed on my hands and knees but I quickly crawled to the corner, bringing my knees to my chest and placing my forehead on my knees.

“Angel”, Colin whimpered. I could hear his footsteps.

“Stay back” I growled. Another whimper left him.

“I- I don’t want to hurt you, Colin” I growled.

“I deserve to be hurt, but please don’t push me away any longer. I need you. I feel like I’m losing myself without you” he said. This made Faith push forward before I could stop her.

“You k!ssed another female”, Faith roared.

‘Faith stop. Don’t hurt him’ I pleaded.

“Faith” Colin whispered. I felt my body shudder.

“You hurt me and my human. How would you feel if we k!ssed another male”, Faith roared. Colin growled, his eyes flashing black. He reached out for us, but Faith swiped at his hands.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened. It was like I was pushed back with Xan and I didn’t have control of my body. Please believe me” Colin said. Suddenly, the scent of blood filled my nose. Colin was bleeding.

‘Faith, you hurt our mate’ I shouted angrily at her. Her eyes spotted the wound on his hand. She whimpered and pushed me forward.

“You’re hurt” I said. The door to the room burst open and a growl left my lips as I pulled my injured mate beside me.

“You’re hurt” I said. The door to the room burst open and a growl left my lips as I pulled my injured mate beside me.

“It’s okay Angel. It’s just Doctor Sara and her daughter Anna”, Colin said.

“Alpha”, the doctor said.

“I’m fine. It will heal in a few minutes, but my mate yanked the IV from her hand” he said, standing up. Anna cautiously came towards me and helped me up, while her mother, Doctor Sara, looked at the wound done to my mate by me.

‘Let me help. We can heal him. Our saliva will heal him faster’, Faith said.

‘If you hurt our mate again-’

‘I won’t. I promise’ she said. I let her come forward and I found myself shifting. Anna squeaked and ran away from me. Smart girl. I then made my way toward Colin. He looked at me, but even though I had hurt him, he wasn’t afraid. Faith took his hand and began to l!ck the wound a few times before she stepped back from him bowing her head, ashamed to look at our mate. Shifting back into my human form, Faith gave me back control. Colin looked at me with a soft smile on his face.

“It’s okay Faith. I’m not angry at you and neither is Xan”, Colin said, but I knew that what Faith just did, couldn’t happen again. Doctor Sara checked my vitals and my wound, which was now healed. After she left, I took a shower and was told I could leave the pack clinic.

“Are you ready?” Colin asked, looking at me. I nodded and followed him out the door and out the pack clinic. Colin took my hand, but I quickly moved it away. Hurt shone in his eyes. I heard laughter and saw kids running towards me. I moved, clutching onto Colin’s arms.

“I can feel your fear, Angel. You’re not going to hurt them. You are their Luna”, Colin said.

“I hurt you” I said, letting go of him.

“I’m fine now, see” he says, showing me his hand where his wound once was.


“No, my love. Forget about it. I love you and only you” he said, making me look at him. He loves me. He said he loves me. Faith yipped in my head.

“You… love me?” I asked.

“Yes. With all my heart. I thought I was going to lose you when grandma brought you here. I know it’s too soon, but I realized life is too short to wait and see what’s going to happen. I love you Angel. I love you. I love you. I love you” he said before pulling me towards him and k!ssing me like his life depended on it. I k!ssed him back, hoping he could feel my feelings through the k!ss and our bond. The sound of someone clearing their throat had us pulling apart. I blushed but still looked to see it was Andy and Joel.

“I’m glad to see you are feeling better, Luna” Andy said.

“All thanks to you. Thank you” I said.

“No need to thank me. I’m just glad I could help somehow” he smiled.

“Come on, let’s have dinner” Colin said. I nodded and followed the guys inside the pack house. As soon as we entered the pack house, I was engulfed in a hug by Yashira.

“Hay que bueno que estas bien” (Oh, So glad that you are okay) Yashira says, tightening the hug.

“I’m alive thanks to you” I said, returning the hug.

“Do you know who was that attacked you?” Mrs. River asked, also giving me a hug.

“It was the Bernards brothers” I admitted.

“You didn’t say anything about Bernard being a rogue”, Mr. Koslov said.

“I didn’t know he was a rogue, Mr. Koslov. I just found out his brothers are, so I assume that Bernard was a rogue as well”, I said. Mr. Koslov nodded once before looking at Colin.

“You look much better, son” he said, patting his shoulder. We all sat down in the dining room. We ate, drank, talked, and laughed. I was glad to have my mind off of all these problems.

‘Angel’, Faith called. She had been quiet since she l!cked our mate’s wound.

‘Hmm’ I hummed.

‘I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should go look for our father. I don’t want to hurt our mate again or anyone in this pack. I think our dad can teach us what we need to know’, Faith said. I could hear the plea in her voice and the concern about hurting our mate again or anyone here. I didn’t want her to be afraid of hurting our mate or anyone in the pack or even outside the pack. I wanted her to go on runs with our mate and be happy. She’s part of me just like I’m part of her.

‘Okay. Just… give me a few days’, I said. She nodded and went to the back of my mind.

“Is everything okay?” Colin asks.

“Yeah, I was just talking to Faith” I admitted.

“How is she doing?” Colin asked. I shrug. How can I tell my mate that my Lycan was afraid of hurting him or his wolf?

“She’s okay” I lied, but I had a feeling he knew I was lying..

“You know you can talk to me about anything” he said, and I nodded. After dinner, I tried to help clean up, but I was kicked out of the kitchen. I went up to Colin’s room and looked for something on TV. I looked towards the sofa to see Colin working on some papers. I wondered if he really felt like he said he did when he k!ssed Tara that day at the cafeteria.

“Colin?” I called. He quickly looked up at me.

“Yes, love?” he asked.

“Did you really feel like you weren’t in control of your body?” I asked. His eyebrows furrowed for a second before he sighed, putting the papers to the side. He got up and sat on the bed beside me. I was now wearing one of his shirts. Colin took my hand in his.

“Yes. One minute I was joking with my Betas and Gammas, and the next it was like… I didn’t have control of my body. I saw myself getting up and k!ssing her. I could even hear myself in my own head along with my wolf’s growl. I heard everyone gasp and I knew. I just knew you had seen it happen. But just as I didn’t have control over my body, I got it right back and I went after you” he said. I nodded.

“You have to believe me, Angel. You are the only woman for me. I love you and Faith and only you and Faith. Just like my wolf does”, he leaned closer and k!ssed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, deepening the k!ss. After a few seconds, we pulled apart. I let one hand slowly slide down to his chest.

“Your heart’s beating so fast” I whispered, my palm stopping where his heart was beating.

“You do so many things to me, Angel” he replied, voice husky, “you make me want to do many things to you.” I bit my lip. I could feel the wetness between my legs from our make out section and his words.

Oh, Colin…

He leaned in to k!ss me, and his hands found their way to my br3asts, massaging and squeezing. My n!ps hardened in response.

“I want this shirt off” he said, growling, already lifting the shirt. I giggled and sat up, with him on his knees between my legs. He n!pped at my marking spot as he raised the shirt over my wa!st and then my chest. It got stuck half past my face and he stopped pulling. I reached for his hands, but he swatted them away, k!ssing me immediately to stop me from complaining.

God, I have fallen in love with this man and I need to keep him safe. Not just from me and my anger, but also the people coming after me. I will keep him and everyone else safe.

“Get it off” I whispered, pushing my body against him so that my breast flattened against his chest. He growled, then fully took off the shirt, threw it somewhere and guided me back down.

His hand lazily lingered on my inner th!gh, creeping ever so slowly to where I wanted him to touch me. I arched my back to help him unhook my br*a, exposing my er3cted buds. His eyes darkened. My arms moved to cover my chest. His intense stare embarrassed me further, and he had to force them to the side.

“Don’t cover your beautiful body, mate. Don’t hide what’s mine” his mouth closed around my left breast and svcked hard as his tongue swirled around my n!pple. It sent delightful shivers down my spine. Then he caught it between his teeth and I gasped.


The hand on my th!gh finally reached my core and settled on my mound. I gr0aned in frustration, and I swear to God he smiled. Clearly, he was enjoying this. Well, two could play this game. I placed a hand over his bulge and rubbed it, earning a hiss from him. I didn’t stop until his hand gripped my wrist. He turned his attention to my right br3ast, and I swear to god that if he didn’t touch me right now, I would push him off me.

He suddenly let me go after giving it a l!ck. Then he fumbled with the button of his p*nts and I heard a zip. Gr0aning, he got off the bed to take off his p*nts. I raised myself on my elbows and watched with bated breaths as his p*nts dropped to the ground, then his black boxers and my eyes widened.

That will never fit. He climbed back up on the bed, pulling me down by the ankles. I bit my lip as he fisted his d!ck. But he didn’t push it inside… just yet. His mouth enclosed on my core and his tongue slid up and down the fabric. My hands clutched at the sheets as my back arched. Ripping the flimsy piece of clothing off, his tongue rapidly went in and out of me, then slid up my cl!t.

“Colin…” I m0aned, unable to stop myself. He then svcked on it and he slid a finger in, then two, curling them inside me, hitting a particular spot that made me lose my breath. Heat pooled in the base of my stomach. He softly bit on my cl!t and I gushed, my th!ghs kept parted by his hands. His tongue lapped me entirely, and when he hovered above me, he l!cked his glimmering lips in satisfaction.

“So… fvcking sweet” he said, his voice husky. I felt him poke at my entrance. He looked me in my eyes, searching for any sign of hesitation. His eyes were narrowed, clouded with lust, and I was sure he saw the same in my purple eyes. Deep within myself, I wanted this. I wanted to feel him and take everything he could give me. No regrets. Only the goddess knows what lies ahead of me or maybe my past will catch up to me. Shaking my head from the thoughts, I focused on my handsome mate. I wrapped my legs around his wa!st and pulled him into a k!ss. This was my answer…

He pushed inside me, slowly easing in, then pulling out, only to push back in, more of him every time. My walls stretched painfully to accommodate him; still doubted he’d fit all of him in. His mouth hushed my gr0ans and his tongue sedvced me, taking my mind off the pain. He stopped, then pushed further in, and I felt something tear. Something tore and it was so painful that tears rolled off the corner of my eyes. He kept pushing, and then he stopped and stayed still. As he svcked and k!ssed my sweet spot, I took deep breaths to calm myself.

“Are you alright, my love? We can stop if you’re-”

“Don’t” I said, cutting him off.

“Don’t stop now” I gr0aned.

“I’m going to move” he said as he n!pped at my mark. I nodded. He slid out of me slowly before pushing back in. I whimpered at the pain, as I felt every inch of his length, as his size stretched me. My nails dug into his back, making him gr0an. He was patient with me, letting me adjust to his size. Then the pain began to fade, and sweet, sweet pleasure took its place.

“Faster” I breathed, and he complied, eventually building a rhythm. He felt hot inside me, throbbing, and hitting places I never knew existed. Warm breaths fanned the side of my neck and his hand twisted and played with my n!ps.

“Faster… please” I growled.

“Colin…” I m0aned his name wantonly as he dived his c0ck entirely into me fiercely, rapidly; the sounds of our lovemaking arousing me even more. Then he parted my legs wider still, changed his angle, finding the same spot his fingers found before and repeatedly brushed past it.

“Colin!” I felt the same familiar knot in my stomach, the same heat gathering in there. Deep guttural m0ans constantly on my ear, my name leaving his mouth in a frenzy. My body shook as my juices gushed out of me at the same time I felt his release. He spurted his seed over and over, seemingly never ending. After we both caught our breath, he pulled out of me and laid next to me. My eyes felt heavy as I let out a yawn. Colin chuckled and pulled me towards him. I laid my head on his chest. He k!ssed my lips, then the top of my head.

“Sleep, my love,” he said.

“Night” I said as I was pulled into darkness.

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