My Lycan Luna Chapter 13: She Left


It’s been three days since Colin and I mated and every time we had a chance to mate these past three days we took that chance and mated. I made sure to put all my feelings into our love making. Last night, I convinced Faith to go for a run with Xan, but I could feel how scared she was though she tried not to show it. They played tag and ran for hours. Every time that Faith caught Xan she quickly jumped off and Xan would whimper, which caused Faith to check on him to make sure she didn’t hurt him.

Now I was sitting in our room as I wrote a letter to Colin. I had a bag packed already. I got all the cash I had saved up. I also have my necklace and two pictures. Once I finished the letter, I put it in an envelope before placing it on his pillow. I got up and walked to the door but stopped and looked around, a tear falling as it hit me that I was leaving my mate for a while.

‘We’re doing this to help me, but also to save them. We need to get Bernard’s brothers away from here’, Faith said. She was right. Yesterday, while we were running with Xan, I felt like I was being watched. I caught the stench of a rogue and I knew deep in my heart and soul that Bernard’s brothers were watching me. I needed to leave before Colin got out of his meeting. I quickly went out of the room and down the stairs. I was glad the pack house was practically empty. I ran out the door and to the tree line where I came to a screeching halt. There in front of me stood Yashira.

“You’re going to find your father” she stated, so I decided to tell her the truth.

“Yes. My Lycan is in constant fear of hurting our mate again. We have way too much anger inside us and I don’t want to hurt Colin, or anyone in this pack. I need to find my father. He’s the only one who can teach me. Plus, I need to get Bernard’s brothers away from here”, I admitted. Her eyes blurred with unshed tears.

“Please be careful out there. The world is not kind to people like us”, she said.

“I know” I said.

“I have something for you” she said, taking out a black and purple cloak with silver outlines.

“Wow, this is beautiful. Thank you Yashira”, I said, giving her a hug. I reached for my bag that was not far from her and I neatly folded the cloak and placed it in my bag.

“Stay safe and try to keep in touch” she said.

“I will” I said, giving her a hug, then I whispered, “take care of Colin and make sure he knows how much I love him.” she nodded and I pulled back. I grabbed my bag, swung it over my shoulder and took off running using my Lycan speed.


I had just finished my meeting with Alpha Jones, our new ally. After making sure I saw him outside, I practically ran to my and my mate’s room. I’ve been dying to see her. I opened the door to see she wasn’t in bed and the TV was off. I knocked on the bathroom door but there was no response. I knocked again.

“Babe, it’s me” I said before opening the door, only to find the bathroom empty. Maybe she went on a run or checked out the other pack house.

‘Alondra, have you seen my mate?’ I linked my Beta.

‘No Alpha. Not since last night’ she replied back.

‘Ray, have you seen my mate?’ I linked my other Beta.

‘I saw her early this morning, but I haven’t seen her since’ he replied. I sighed, cutting off the link. I went to leave the room when my eyes landed on an envelope on my pillow. It was my mate’s handwriting. My heart started pounding fast as I picked it up and opened it.


By the time you read this, I will be long gone. Faith and I can’t continue to live in constant fear of hurting you, or anyone in our pack. I still have so much anger in me and any small thing can set me off. I need to find my father and learn to control not just my emotions but also when I shift. I almost exposed us at the cafeteria that horrible day. I know this is going to hurt because it breaks my heart just writing this letter, but please, I beg you don’t come after me. Give me this time to find my father, learn and do what I have to do. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and, again, I’m sorry for leaving like this, but I knew that if I told you in person, you would never have let me go.

Always remember that I love you and that I’m not just doing this for myself, but also for you and our pack. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you or the pack because of me. One more thing, I know that by me leaving I will also draw Bernard’s brothers away from the pack which they were close to the pack borders, but just in case, please stay alert and stay safe. I promise I will be back my love. My heart and soul belong to you and you only.


Yours Truly


I roared as I crumbled the letter in my hand. She left me. How could she do this to me? I would have taken time to go with her and find her father. I can’t let her go on her own. She’s newly shifted and she doesn’t know where the pack borders or other packs are. She has no idea who our enemies are. As soon as someone sees her mark, they will know she’s a Luna and use her against me to get to me. I can’t live without her. I need her with me.

The door to my room burst open, revealing my Beta Ray, dad Tristan, dad Koslov, grandpa, grandma and mom. They looked around for any threats before their eyes landed on me.

“What’s wrong, my sweet boy?” grandma was the first to ask.

“She… left” I gritted out. Dad Tristan took the letter and read it before sighing and handing it to Dad Koslov.

“She needs this son. She needs to find her father. We can only teach her so much, but only another Lycan can teach her what she really needs to be taught”, dad Tristan said.

“She doesn’t know which packs are our allies and which are our enemies. What if she trespasses into an enemy pack and they see her mark? They will hurt her and use her against me. She’s my weakness and I can’t loose her. I love her”, I admitted.

“We know you do, son. Angel is a smart girl. She knows how to take care of herself”, mom said.

“I know, but she’s new to all of this. I need to go after her and be there for her. Protect her. I will not stand in her way of learning.?I just want to be there” I said.

“I know, my sweet boy. Give her some time. I will keep an eye on her. We need to respect her wishes for a little while” grandma says. I sighed, sitting on the bed. I felt defeated, but they were right. I needed to give my mate some time, but soon I will be going after her.


I have been gone for four weeks and I finally made it to Whittier, Alaska. It was a long trip and the ache in my chest from being away from my mate grew more painful. My whole body screamed for me to go back to my mate, but I needed to find my father. During this trip I have learned to heighten my senses at will. That’s how I knew that the Kerr brothers and his little gang were following me, so I had to go to other cities before coming to Whittier. I was glad they were away from my mate and his pack.

Whittier is a very small town. It houses a little over two hundred people. As I get into town, I feel people stare at me. I take off the hoodie of my cloak so they can see I mean them no harm. I took out the picture of my dad and me and I walked to a woman who was sitting outside of a store.

“Hello, I’m looking for my father” I said, showing her the picture. She looks at it before shaking her head. I sighed, getting up. I continued this for a while with a few different people, but everyone shook their heads. I can’t help but wonder if maybe Yashira was wrong.

“Who are you, young lady?” I heard a scratchy voice. I looked to see an old lady.

“I’m Angel. I’m looking for my father” I said, showing her the picture.

“He’s a very handsome young man. You have his eyes” she said. I gave her a small smile.

“No one here will talk about them. They stay to themselves. I don’t know where he is, but walk that way. You will see a fourteen story building. Continue to walk past that building into the woods. Continue walking as if you were going to the mountains, but if you get to the mountains, then you have gone too far. You won’t find them, but they will find you” she said, leaving me confused.

“Them?” I asked, but she just smiled at me. I looked to where she pointed, then looked back at the lady only to see she wasn’t there anymore.

“What the…” I shook my head, put the picture back in my bag and started walking like she said. I passed the fourteen story building and saw a few small children playing outside. A little girl with blonde hair and pigtails waves at me with a cute smile. I waved back and stepped into the woods. I walked god knows for how long and I was getting exhausted, not to mention hungry. The deeper I went into the woods, the colder it got. My stomach growled loudly and I knew it was time to stop. I got out some meat I had left from last night and began to make a fire. It was difficult since most of the wood was slightly wet from the snow, but I still got the fire going. I put the meat on a stick for it to cook as much as possible. I grabbed my bottle of water, sighing when I saw it was empty. I heighten my senses.

‘There’s water not far away’ Faith says. I followed the noise of water and not even five minutes later, we arrived at a small creek. The water was coming from a mountain. Fresh water. I smiled and quickly went to get some water. Once my water bottle was full and I drank some water, then I went back to my camp site. I sat down and began to eat. After I finished, I drank some water. I took in my surroundings when suddenly I felt like I was being watched. I quickly sat up putting out the fire. I then stepped on it, making sure it was completely out. I grabbed my bag and sniffed the air. There was a strange scent. Maybe the Kerr brothers found a way to mask their scent or maybe it was another species. I let out a warning growl.

Hearing rustling not far from me, I took off. I ran jumping over fallen trees and rocks and dodging branches. I could hear them chasing me.

I looked back, but I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, my foot got stuck on something, making me fall and hit my head on something hard. I gr0aned, bringing my hand to touch my forehead, wincing at the pain.

My vision was blurry but I was still able to see the blood on my hand. I tried to get up, hearing them get closer. I stood to my feet swaying. Everything around me was turning black. I could see a figure and I growled in warning, but it came out weak, before everything went black.

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