My Lycan Luna Chapter 17: New home


I have been working hard to get back the life I had. Yes, I had to turn to dark magic and say a small spell and now every time that Colin and I are in a room together, the spell and the potion begin to work. That’s just exactly what happened at school and at the hotel. I got exactly what I wanted. He finished inside me, but I wanted him to also mark me, but that stupid b!tch Angel and his Beta had to come in and ruin everything. Oh, but I loved the look on her face when she saw her mate, the one she took away from me, pounding into me.

“Hello Tara” Ivory smiles. She found her mate two weeks ago and has been living with him.

“Hey, how are things going?” I asked.

“Everything is going great. I’m meeting my mate’s parents tomorrow. How are things with you? What have you been up to?” she smiled. I’m very happy for her. Sometimes I feel bad that I got Karen and her banished from the pack, but they are their own person. It wasn’t my fault they followed me.

“Well, I saw Colin the other day. We mated”. I grinned and her eyes widened.

“You what?” she asked, shocked. I began to tell her everything and the more I told her the more I saw a worried look on her.

“What’s with the look?” I asked.

“Don’t you think you have taken it too far? When they find out what you have done, they will look for you, if Angel does’t get to you first”, Ivory said.

“They are not going to find out” I smirked.

“Did you forget his grandmother is the high priestess?” Ivory asks.

“No I didn’t forget, but I have someone who is stronger than her”, I smirked.

“I have to go, but be careful, Tara. You’re my friend and I don’t want to see you hurt”, she said while giving me a hug. I watched her walk away before I got up and walked back to my hotel room.



After I got back to my brothers and dad’s place, I was depressed for a few days until they convinced me to tell them what had happened because it wasn’t good for the baby for me to be in that state and they were right. I was glad that day I was wearing joggers and a sweater which didn’t show my belly. Anyways, after I had them promise me that they wouldn’t do anything to my mate or the pack, I told them. To say they were pissed was an understatement, but they kept their promise. A few days later, Asher said that he had a place for us to go, that no one would be able to track us there and that he knew someone who could help us when I went into labor.

“It’s not much, but it’s something. Mom left it for us before she passed”, Asher said. He said it wasn’t much, but the house was perfect. It’s a one story house with a wrapped around porch. There were three white rocking chairs and even though the white paint was chipped in different places, the chairs were still beautiful. The house had a lot of windows and, from what I could see, it also had a chimney.

“Our great, great, great grandmother used to be a powerful witch and she had this place cloaked. No one will be able to find you here”, Asher said.

“Not until you’re ready”, Elijah added.

“Now let me show you where your room is. I’m sure you want to rest before we continue with training”, Asher said. Ever since I found my mate pounding into Tara, it felt like every progress I had made in learning how to control my anger had just vanished. Now I was starting from zero and I needed to do better. Not just for my brothers, dad, and me, but also for my pup. My pup. Now I understand why dad used to call us that. The house inside was simple, yet beautiful. It didn’t have the feeling of just a house. No… it felt like… home? Yeah, home.

“I can see you like it”, Elijah smiled.

“Come, let’s give you a quick tour”, Asher said, taking my hand. I love the house, but my two favorite places are the kitchen and the massive yard.

“I think my pup would like it here” I smiled, rubbing my little belly.

“I think so too”, dad smiled down at me. I’m five feet nine inches, but around these three men I felt like a dwarf. After I was shown to my room, I decided to take a nap. I was exhausted. I missed my mate even though he hurt me. Would I ever be able to forgive him? Only time will tell. Right now, though, I need to focus on what I need to do and my pup. Does that make me a selfish person? Maybe, but I don’t care. For once, I need to be selfish and worry about myself.



It’s been six months since everything went down at ‘The Bound Hotel’ with Tara. During the past six months something unbelievable has happened to me. I was no longer a werewolf. I had gone through a transition and I was now a Lycan. Dad Koslov and grandma said that it was because Angel and I had mated and marked each other. Since she was a Lycan and accepted me and my pack, my wolf had to go through a transition. There was also a possibility that my pack could go through this transition as well, and once their wolves accepted the Lycan side, they would shift into their Lycan, but that’s if their wolves accepted the transition, which meant some would accept it and some wouldn’t. The whole pack was shocked to hear this and so was I. It had also been six months since I last saw my mate. I have no idea where she is and for the past six months grandma has been trying to track her, but there’s been no luck. I look at grandma as she sighs. She looks at me and shakes her head.

“I’m sorry my sweet boy. It’s like she just vanished. I can’t find her or her father” grandma said sadly. I got a small team together and went to Whittier, Alaska to look for my mate. The locals wouldn’t talk except for an old woman who said that ‘They haven’t been around in months’. We still searched the whole place and found a cabin. It was empty and if she was staying there, her scent had long fated. So I went back to the pack and grandma started to search for them, but to no avail.

I also haven’t seen Tara, which is a good thing. I know her parents leave the pack to meet her out of town because she’s not allowed anywhere near my territory.

“It’s okay grandma. I understand I screwed up really bad and I miss her, but I think I need to give her time. I pray to the moon goddess that she comes back and if she ever does, I will tell her how sorry I am and ask for forgiveness”, I said.

“But it wasn’t your fault, mijo. You shouldn’t suffer for-”

“I could have gotten out of the elevator, but I stayed. I could have fought harder” I said, shaking my head.

“It really doesn’t matter, abuela. I will still ask for forgiveness and apologize. I will spend the rest of my life letting her know how sorry I am for what happened.” Grandma smiled and k!ssed my forehead.

“You are a good man, Colin. I’m sorry you’re suffering. I’m not going to give up. I will continue to look for them”, she said with determination. The door to grandma’s house burst open and Trisha looked around frantically, her eyes wild.

“Colin” she exclaimed. She used her vampire speed and was in front of me before I could even blink.

“Trisha, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I saw… I saw Tara” she said and a threatening growl left my lips, but what I heard next was a blow to my heart.

“She’s pregnant and about to pop” my sister said. Grandma gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. I couldn’t hear anything around me any longer. If my mate didn’t reject me when she saw me at the hotel, she would surely reject me now. If the pup Tara is carrying is mine, I need to take responsibility and it starts by having her here in the pack for her to get a good medical treatment. Then I will get a paternity test to see if the pup is really mine. If he or she is mine, then I will take care of my pup.

“Colin…” Trisha called. My right cheek stung.

“Did you just-”

“I needed you to come back. You spaced out and your face went whiter than my mate” she slightly chuckled.

“I’m fine. Where was it that you saw her?” I asked.

“At the mall. As soon as I saw her, I used my vampire speed to come here” she said, and I nodded.

‘Alondra, Manny, could you both go to the mall and get Tara and please don’t hurt her… she’s pregnant.’ I linked them. I knew the link had gone through but it was silent for a few seconds.

‘Yes, Alpha’ I got back from them. I could feel their shock through the bond.

“I’m going back to my mate’s place if you need me” Trisha said. She has been staying more and more with her mate. She’s going to be queen soon and I’m happy for her. Ever since she was a teen she had a crush on J.R. She always had this urge to feed from him but never did. Little did she know that they were mates until she turned fourteen. Her urges were too much and when he came by to see her she lost control. He wasn’t angry, but surprised. She, on the other hand, was surprised and angry that it was kept from her that they were mates. She got over it though.

I’m not in my office. I was trying to do some work, but my mate’s beautiful face kept popping in my head. Xan whimpered. We both missed her so, so much. There was a knock on my office door. I sighed, rubbing my hands over.

“Come in,” I called. The door opened and in came Alondra. Behind her, Tara waddled in looking like she would pop any minute. Behind her was Manny, who closed the door as soon as he was in. Tara smiled seductively like she did in the elevator, but soon that smile faded and she looked nervous and I dare to say… scared.

“Who is the father of your child?” I asked, getting right to the point. She placed a hand on her belly and looked down.

“Don’t make me ask you twice, Tara” I growled this time using my Alpha voice.

“You, Alpha” she said lowly, but I heard her. I looked at Alondra and Manny, but I couldn’t read their face expressions. They were blank.. I tried to feel for their link, but it was also blocked. I mentally sighed.

“I will give you a room. You are to stay here and see the doctor for your check ups and whatever else you may need-”

“You believe me?” she asked, interrupting me. I growled at her rudeness and she bowed her head in submission.

“Sorry, Alpha” she said, showing me her neck in submission.

“After what happened at that hotel I’m unsure, but you will stay here until we know if the child is mine or not” I said.

“So, I’m part of the pack again?” she asked, hope clear in her eyes.

“No, but no one will hurt you here” I said, then looked at Alondra.

“Beta Alondra, please show Tara here to an empty room” I said.

“Yes, Alpha” she said and turned to leave.

“Ohh, and Beta?” I called, making the three of them stop. She turned and looked at me.

“Make sure it is far away from my room” I said and, for the first time since I saw her today, she smirked.

“Yes, Alpha” she smirked. As soon as the door was closed, I grabbed the closest thing and threw it across the room. I want to be a father, but I want Angel to be the mother of my pup, not Tara. I was sure that if Tara’s pup came out to be mine, that my mate would reject me. This made Xan whimper. The thought of our mate rejecting us broke us both. If Tara’s pup comes out to be mine… I pray to the Moon Goddess that my mate gives me a chance to explain before she rejects me.

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