My Lycan Luna Chapter 18: Miss him

*~A Year and nine months later~*


It’s been a year and nine months since I last saw my mate. It’s been a year and five months since I had my pup. I was thankful that he was healthy and still is. I named him Xavier Angelus Knight. He’s a replica of Colin but with my eyes. I was able to learn how to control my anger just before Xavier was born. I also learn how to fight in my Lycan form. I have gotten really good at fighting and even better at getting information out of people in the most painful ways. It’s one of the ways I let my anger out. Nine months ago, my brothers and I helped out a small pack here in Luisiana. It was the third time they were attacked by rogues and their pack was almost annihilated, but my brothers and I got there before it happened. They were thankful and little by little they have gotten back on their feet.

The Alpha of this pack, Alpha Reggie, was thankful and even offered us a place in his pack, but we kindly refused. I already had a pack that I missed very much along with my mate. We continued to help packs around who were having problems with rogues and we were known as the ‘The Three Hooded Angels’ because we never took off our cloaks. The only thing you could see were our eyes glowing. I chuckle at the name. Only if they knew how far away I was from being an Angel. Not even my brothers could stomach being in the room when I’m torturing a rogue. Even though there was nothing useful the rogues would give us for us to use.

See, before we came to Luisiana, I went to town to get some things and I heard that there were some men looking for a woman. At first I thought it was Colin, but then I saw Bernard’s younger version. There were too many of them and I was alone and, not to mention, pregnant. After we got here, I told my brothers and dad. They were angry I didn’t tell them before, but when I explained all the rogues they had, they understood. Elijah assured me that they could take on rogues and I didn’t doubt him or them. I just wanted to keep them safe after what happened to mom and peanut.

At first, they thought that the Kerr brothers were behind these attacks on these packs, but they kept saying that they were sent by the rogue King. I had no idea who the rogue King was and from what I heard from the other Alphas, the rogue King was killed by Alpha River, my mate’s mother. Then we learned that not long after the old rogue king was killed, a brutal challenge was held and the one who outlasted the others was named the new rogue king.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Asher running inside my room. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew something was wrong. I quickly sat up. Suddenly, I could see sparks around. Something was happening.

“We need to leave. Now” he said, as dad ran into my room with Xavier. Behind him was Elijah.

“A powerful dark witch is breaking through the cloaking spell”, Elijah said. I grabbed Xavier from dad as he took Xavier’s bag and Elijah took mine. We always had a bag ready in case of an emergency. I ran to the front of the house and I could see black smoke slowly seeping in. I could also make out some wolves. I’m sure they were rogues. There were a lot and I knew the three of us would focus on only keeping Xavier safe, so there was no time to waste. We needed to get out of here. We ran to the kitchen and out the back door, disappearing into the woods. I thought we were safe until the stench or rogues slapped me hard on my face. I could hear their paws. A growl left my lips. Asher stopped.

“Keep running. I’ll catch up” Asher said.

“No!” I said.

“I’ll go with him. We need to lose them if we want to continue. Think about Xavier”, Elijah said. Dad and I took the bags.

“No, no” Xavier shook his head.

“We’ll be right behind you buddy. We promise”, Elijah said, then k!ssed his forehead, then Asher.

“You both better find us” I said. They nodded, shifting to their Lycan form before running off. Dad and I both used our Lycan speed to get far away. After an hour of running, we stumbled into a cave. We stopped and dad checked it out. It was well hidden and empty. I took out a snack and gave it to Xavier with an apple juice.

“I need to make sure they are okay” dad said. I can feel his worry on top of mine. I know I couldn’t stop him because I also wanted to know if they were okay. It’s been a little over an hour now and they should be here by now or at least nearby.

“Okay. Be careful” I said. He nodded, placing a k!ss on my head and one on Xavier before shifting into his huge Lycan and running off. Xavier climbed on my la*p.

“Mommy, I scawwed” he whimpered.

“I will never let anyone hurt you baby. I promise” I said. I need to get my pup to safety. Colin’s face popped in my head and I smiled sadly. I missed him so much, but I knew that he would be safe in the pack.

“Do you remember what I told you about daddy?” I asked my son.

“Daddy wove me vewwy much” he says and I smiled, nodding.

“Yes, he does and I know he will be happy to see you” I said to my son. How would Colin act when he finds out that we have a son together? Will he be angry with me for keeping him away after what happened? I don’t know. I guess we’ll deal with it when we cross that bridge.

“We see daddy?” my son asked. He’s very smart, for a year and a half kid. I opened my mouth to reply when I heard a snap. I placed my son at the entrance of the cave. I gestured for him to get down and stay quiet. I took a fighting stand. I’m going to protect my son no matter what. I conjured up a fire ball in each hand, ready to fight whoever and whatever comes at me. I could hear paws running at full speed. I growled loudly, ready to fight when I caught their scent. Dad, Elijah, and Asher.

They were safe and coming. They burst through the woods and came to a halt when they saw the fire balls in my hands. They tilted their heads as I closed my hands, making the fire balls disappear. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and walked to their bags.

I got them some sweatpants and handed it to them. I sat with Xavier waiting for his grandpa and uncles to come back. As soon as they were dressed and Xavier saw them, he squealed and took off after them. I smiled as my dad picked him up, hoisting him on his hip.

“Did you keep mommy safe from the bad people?” dad asked Xavier, puffing out his little chest and nodding.

“That’s my boy” dad said to Xavier.

“We should rest here for the night before we continue”, Elijah said.

“We can take turns looking out” Dad said.

“Good idea. I got first shift” I said.

“It’s getting cold but we can’t build a fire. It will give us away”, Asher said. I took out my cloak, a gift from Yashira the day I left, and I placed it over Xavier. Not long after, my brothers and dad bought four black cloaks which we had been using. Last week, Elijah bought one for Xavier.

Because we are Lycans, we don’t feel the cold, but Xavier hasn’t shifted yet and he does feel the cold. Dad laid on one side of Xavier while my brothers laid on the other side. Not long after, the four of them were asleep.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Colin and the first time we met. How nice he was to me. I thought about everything over and over again. Even when he k!ssed Tara and I found him fvcking her in that hotel room. I really missed him and so did Faith. A hand touched my shoulder, making me jump, but I realized it was Elijah.

“Sorry” he said, sitting next to me.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah” I said, then asked, “where are we going?”

“I don’t know yet. Do you have a place in mind?” he asked.

“Yes” I said, then looked at him. He looked into my eyes and, as if he knew where we were going, he nodded.

“Okay sis. We’ll follow you” he said.

“You’re not going to leave?” I asked, shocked.

“We just found you and dad just got you back. There’s no way we’re going to leave you, sis. We’re in this together” he said, k!ssing the top of my head.

“Now go rest. We have a long day tomorrow” he said. I nodded and went to lay down next to Asher, letting darkness take over me.


I woke up just as the sun came out. The guys, including Xavier, were awake. I grabbed my bag, taking out two napkins, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

“Mowning mommy” Xavy smiled.

“Good morning my handsome, strong boy. Did you brush your teeth already?” I asked and he nodded his head.

“Did you do tinkle?” I asked and he nodded again.

“We’re all ready to go” dad said. I nodded and walked away to do my morning business. Once I finished, I brushed my teeth and met the guys.

“Let’s go find a place where we can have breakfast” dad said.

“I got this from the house”, Asher said, handing me a backpack that we had cut up into a harness to place Xavy in. It snaps at the front of my body or behind me whichever way I want to carry him. This would secure him to my body so he wouldn’t fall while I ran.

“Thanks”, I smiled at my brother.

“You ready to go kiddo?” Elijah asked Xavy, who nodded and put his arms up for Elijah to pick him up. Dad was in the front, Elijah was behind dad with Xavy, Asher and I were behind him. Whomever had Xavy had to be in the middle. We used our Lycan speed until we got to the tree line.

“There’s a McDonald’s” I said, pointing to the yellow arch. Dad nodded and we made our way there. Both males and females would stop and look at us as we passed by. I could see the females looking at dad and my brothers. For a second, I thought I saw one even drool.

My brothers would growl at any male who would look at me and I couldn’t help but chuckle. After ordering our food, we took a seat and I cut up Xavier’s pancakes. Xavier was distracted with his food, so I took this chance to tell Asher and dad what I had told Elijah.

“We’re going to my mate’s pack” I said, looking at my brother and dad.

“We know princess. Elijah told us this morning. Are you ready though?” dad asked.

“It doesn’t matter if I am or not. I need to keep Xavier safe” I said, looking at Xavy.

“It’s going to happen sooner or later” I said, and the three of them nodded in agreement.

“No matter what you choose, princess, know that we are there for you always” dad said.

“Thanks” I smiled. After we all finished eating we headed back to he woods.

“Alright kiddo. You want the front or the back?” I asked, taking off my clothes.

“Back, back” he said, jumping. I put on the backpack/ harness and shifted into my Lycan. My dad came towards me and helped me put Xavier in and fasten it. Xavier took two small fists of my fur, holding on tight.

“There’s an airport about an hour or so away from here” dad said. I nodded and grabbed my backpack and followed Elijah, with dad and Asher behind me.

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