My Lycan Luna Chapter 19: Play Time


I leave my office and make my way to the kitchen. I grab a mug and pour me some coffee. I have been missing my mate so much. Sometimes I can’t sleep nor eat. Grandma didn’t give up on finding her, but still had no luck. She had an idea that maybe a witch was hiding her, but she couldn’t do anything without knowing who the witch was. I sighed before taking another sip of my coffee.

‘Alpha, rogues. At the south border’ Alondra links me.

‘Manny, get the children, the pregnant women, those who don’t fight, and the elderly of the southern pack house to safety. Jake, grab some warriors to the South border’ I linked. I put the coffee mug down and went to leave when Tara walked in with our daughter, Monica. Yes, after the baby was born, I got Doctor Sara to run a DNA test on the baby and it came back that the baby was mine.

“Da-da” Monica squealed, reaching out for me. She has straight dirty blonde hair, heart shaped lips, and golden eyes. Basically, she looks like Tara, but with my eyes. I walked towards her, k!ssing her on her forehead.

“I’ll see you soon, pumpkin” I said and turned to go out the back door.

“Is everything okay, Alpha?” Tara asked. Ever since I found out that Monica was my daughter, she has continued to stay here, but she wasn’t part of the pack.

“Pack stuff” I said before running out the back door. I shifted to my black Lycan and ran to the south border. It didn’t take long for me to get there. Being a Lycan, means I can run faster than before. Hell, all my senses are ten times faster than before. It didn’t take long for me to get there to see the rogues and my pack members fighting.

‘Keep one alive’ I ordered.

‘Yes, Alpha’ I got back from everyone. I grabbed a rogue by the neck as I wrapped my jaws around another rogue and yanked hard, ripping both of the rogues’ throats out. I see a rogue trying to sneak up on Jake. I growled, running towards the rogue, bringing my claws out and lunging at the rogue, clawing half of his stomach out and rolling through with momentum. I noticed a rogue by the tree line. He was looking around looking a little confused and scared. Suddenly, he howled, grabbing the attention of the other rogues. He howled again and the rogues took off.

‘Alpha, they are leaving. We still need to get one’, Jake said.

“We got one” Alondra said, walking towards us while dragging an unconscious rogue behind her.

‘Good, let’s get him to the dungeons. I want to know who is behind all these attacks. Not in just our pack, but also attacks on the other packs’, I growled through the link.

“I’ll soft him up for you, Alpha” grinned Alondra. I made my way back to the pack house. I shifted to my human form and grabbed some basketball shorts that were on the porch. As soon as I put them on, I went inside only for little arms to wrap around my leg. I look down to see my daughter, Monica. She looked up at me and smiled. I picked her up hoisting her on my hip. I closed the door and walked in. As I took my third step, the front door burst open. Grandma and I locked eyes.

“I found her” grandma said, and I felt everything around me stop. Grandma had found Angel. My beautiful mate. Xan stirred inside my head. He has been feeling very depressed without our mate.

“W-where is she?” I asked.

“In Luisiana. No wonder why I couldn’t find her. That place is known for witchcraft aside from other stuff” grandma murmured.

‘Mate. Mate. I want mate’, Xan said, pacing in my head. He was ready to go after our mate.

“Did you get the exact place where she is?” I asked. Grandma smiled, taking out a piece of paper and handed it to me. I take it, holding it tight.

“Thank you grandma” I said, k!ssing her cheek.

“As long as I see that smile on your face. I’ll do anything” grandma said, k!ssing my cheek. Grandma left and I knew that Alondra would take some time playing with our new friend. So, I played with my daughter for about an hour before putting her down for a nap. I make my way out of the pack house and to the and towards the dungeons. I see Alondra and Jake walking towards me. Alondra is wiping her hand on a rag.

“Anything?” I asked.

“Sorry Alpha. I have tortured him from head to toe and he wouldn’t talk”, Alondra said, feeling disappointed.

“Maybe I can help” an angelic voice said. A voice I haven’t heard in a long time. A voice I could never forget. A voice I never thought I would hear again.



We arrived at my mate’s pack more specifically at the south border. My heart is pounding like there’s no tomorrow. I feel like my heart is about to explode from my chest.

“Are you okay, princess” dad asks.

“It’s been almost two years. What if he found himself another mate? What if-”

“Princess, if he had chosen another mate he would have mated and marked her, which means your mark would have faded”, Elijah says.

“Do you think he would be happy to see me?” I asked.

“There’s only one way to find out”, Asher said. I nodded and we stepped across the border.

“Stop. You’re trespassing”, I heard a familiar voice. I turned to the person flashing my purple eyes and letting my scent out.

“Luna” Ray bows his head.

“Hello Ray, it’s good to see you again” I smiled. Ray sniffs the air and looks behind me. His goes stiff and I’m sure is because of my brothers and dad.

“It’s okay, this is my father and my two brothers. Dad, Asher, Elija, this is Beta Ray” I introduced. Elijah kept looking at Ray with a serious face. I mean Ray is cute. He has that pretty boy face and cute gray eyes. The smell of blood reached my nose and from how my brothers and dad acted I knew they could smell it too.

“What happened here?” I asked.

“Rogues” Ray said, making my dad, brothers, and I growl.

“A rogue was caught and Alondra is trying to get information out from the rogue. They took him to the dungeons by the northern pack house”, Ray informed me and I nodded.

“Thank you. Oh, and keep this between us”, I winked at Ray, who grinned.

“Let’s go. We have a little bit more to go” I said. Dad was carrying Xavier and even though whoever carried Xavier was in the middle, he was in the back because I knew no one here would hurt him. I caught my mate’s scent and I saw him walking towards Alondra and Jake.

“Anything?” I heard my mate ask.

“Sorry Alpha. I have tortured him from head to toe and he wouldn’t talk”, Alondra said with disappointment. This must be a tough rogue, but I’m sure I can make him talk.

“Maybe I can help” I said as I reached them. I see my mate stiffen. Alondra and Jake’s eyes were wide as a slow smile made its way to their lips. Colin turned towards me. I could see him looking at the tall figures behind me. I reached up and took off the hood from my cloak. My Lycan, Faith, howled in my head feeling happy on seeing our mate. He looked like he had lost some weight with dark circles around his eyes. Colin growled and took a step towards us, well more towards my brothers, but I put a hand up.

“Stop” I said.

“Luna” Alondra and Jake bowed their heads in respect.

“Beta Alondra. Gamma Jake, it’s good to see you both again. Alpha” I bowed my head in respect before continuing, “I want you to meet my father, Luke, and my brothers Elijah and Asher.” I then turned to dad and my brothers.

“These are Alpha Colin, Beta Alondra, and Gamma Jake. Alpha Colin has two Betas and two Gammas”, I informed them. I hear a small groan. I knew it was my son waking up. My brothers stepped aside as I smiled, walking towards dad. I smiled as my son’s beautiful eyes locked with mine. I grabbed my son who was wearing his cloak, then turned towards the others. I took off the hoodie from my son’s head and k!ssed his cheek.

“This is Xavier, my son” I said, looking at Colin. Xavier turned to look at the others and I watched as Colin stumbled back with his eyes wide, looking between Xavier and me. His eyes started to darken as it started to dawn on him. Then his eyes locked with mine. He was furious and so was his wolf, but I wasn’t scared.

“YOU KEPT MY SON AWAY FROM ME” he roared. My brothers and dad went to stand in front of me but I put a hand up to stop them.

“You have the audacity to question my sister after what happened at ‘The bound Hotel’?” Elijah growled, but the look on Colin’s face was one of pure shame and hurt. Xavier wiggled in my arms and wanted to get down. I put him on the floor still holding his hand. He looked at me, knowing what he wanted to do, and I gave him a nod, letting go of his hand. He took tentative steps towards Colin and looked up at him, but Colin was still looking at me until Xavier tugged on his shirt. Colin looked down before going down on one knee.

“Awe you my daddy?” Xavier asked.

“Yes, I’m your daddy” Colin replied. Xavier’s eyes blurred with unshed tears and my heart broke. As he wrapped his little arms around Colin’s neck a tear fell on his neck. Colin wrapped his arms around him, hugging Xavier a tear of his own falling down his cheek.

“I love you daddy” Xavier said. Dad and my brothers put an arm around me and k!ssed the top of my head.

“I missed so much. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry buddy”, Colin said. I noticed Alondra kept looking at Asher. The way she was looking at him was the same way Colin looked at me. Then it hit me, they were mates. I gently pushed Asher towards Alondra and he scowled at me. I walked towards Xavier and took off his cloak.

“Mommy, hungry” Xavier said. Just as he said this, his little tummy growled.

“Come, let’s get you all something to eat” Colin said. Xavier wiggled out of Colin’s grasp and came towards me, grabbing my hand. Colin smiled at Xavier before walking to the pack house. Pack members looked at us as we followed Colin to the pack house. As soon as we walked in, the stench of rogue hit my nose. I picked up Xavier and handed him to Asher. I know they could smell it as well. The stench was getting stronger and Faith was on high alert. Just then I see the rogue… Tara. I growled, getting ready to attack. Tara’s eyes widen in fear as she looks at me.

“No” Colin said, jumping between Tara and me. Just then, I saw a small head with dirty blonde hair. She turned and looked at me. She looked like Tara, but with chubby cheeks and her eyes… her eyes were Colin’s eyes. I could feel my brothers and dad go rigid behind me. Everything that happened at the hotel comes rushing back. I took a step back.

“Please, don’t leave” Colin pleaded. Faith and I were hurt. He didn’t just cheat on me, but he had a baby with Tara. I could feel my eyes glowing. I looked back at my brothers and dad, who nodded their heads. Asher walked out of the pack house with dad.

“Let me explain, please” Colin pleaded again.

“I don’t want to hear it” I said, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket. I then walked to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. I walked out of the pack house to where my son was with Asher and dad. As I neared, I took out my butterfly knife and handed it to dad with the apple and bottle of water. I kneeled in front of my son.

“Baby, I want you to stay with Uncle Asher and Uncle Elijah. Mommy will be back soon” I said.

“Mommy work?” he asked.

“Yes, baby, mommy is going to work for a bit” I said.

“I love you too”, I k!ssed his cheek as well, before letting him go back to Asher. I then walked towards Elijah. Colin was there and not far behind him was Tara with their daughter.

“Don’t let Xavier out of your sight and don’t let no one take him” I said, then looked at Tara “if she comes anywhere near my son, rip her head off.” I told Elijah, who nodded. I walked a bit away from them when I heard Colin say, “he’s my son. I have the right to hold him and spend time with him.” I felt my eyes glow again.

“You’re just a sperm donor”, I spat, taking not just him by surprise, but my brothers, dad, and even myself. I was hurt and I wanted him to hurt just like I was. I walked to the dungeons. The guards bowed their heads and opened the door. It creaked as it opened. The smell of blood, sweat, and the stench of rogues filled my nose. Dad was right behind me. I put on my hood as I walked further. Dad has never seen the work I do. I mean I call it work, but to me it’s my favorite game.

“He’s in the last cell” said Alondra. I looked around as I walked on further.

“Open the cell” I said as we got to the last cell. Alondra did as I asked. The rogue weakly brought his head up. I know he couldn’t see my face, but I still kept my head slightly lowered. I felt footsteps behind me and by the scent, I knew it was Coin.

“Do you know who I am?” I asked the rogue.

“I- I have heard of you. Some packs call you ‘The Three Hooded Angels’, but to us, the female… which is you… we have a special name for you” he said, making me look at him. When he saw my glowing eyes he took in a sharp breath.

“And what would that name be?” I asked.

“’The Bringer of Death’,” he said, making me smile.

“I like that” I said, taking off my hoodie. I untied my cloak and handed it to dad.

“Now, the Alpha behind me is going to ask you a question and you are going to answer it. If you don’t…” I said, looking at the rogue and smiled evilly “… we’re going to play.” Colin crossed his arms over his chest and I could feel his aura.

“Who’s behind the attacks on my pack and the other packs?” Colin asked. The rogue just laughed and looked at me.

“Let’s play” the rogue growled.

“I like the way you think”, I grinned. I let my claws extend and ran a claw down his forearm. He groaned, but that was all.

“You have to do better than that” he sneered.

“Oh, baby” I said, earning a growel from Colin, but I ignored him.

“This is just foreplay. I’m just getting started”. I let the fire run through my body and focused it on my claw. I watched as my claw turned a bright orange.

“Wh- what the hell is that-” his words were cut off as I ran my claw down from his shoulder to his elbow. The sound of his scream was like music to my ear. I’m not just going to torture him. I’m going to take my anger and hurt out on him.

‘This is going to be fun’, Faith said, and I agreed.

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