My Lycan Luna Chapter 20: Asking for forgiveness


I watch as Angel walks in with some torture devices in her hands. Her father had long gone pale watching her torture this rogue, but the rogue refused to talk. Angel did the usual punching, kicking, and cutting him. She looks at a 9mm then turns to the rogue.

“This is a 9mm Canik elite. I had never been a fan of guns until a year ago and, to tell you the truth, I like Canik’s. My favorite is the Canik TP9 combat elite double action”. Angel says, then shoots the rogue in the knee pit, basically kneecapping him. I’m sure the rogue’s screams could be heard outside. I saw Angel’s dad turn and leaving. Now it was just the rogue, Angel, and me.

“Hmm, what’s next?” Angel asked, looking at the other stuff she had brought in. She was basically covered in blood. I remembered what the rogues called my mate before she started the torture, ‘The Three Hooded Angels’. I have heard other packs talk about these ‘Three Hodded Angels’. A squeal snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw my mate with some pliers.

“Say ah” this time her voice was animalistic. There was pure fear in the rogue’s eyes as his mouth was forced open. Angel reached in with the pliers and ripped out a tooth. The rogue screamed as blood came out of his mouth and I couldn’t help but cringe.

“Only you can make this stop” I said. The rogue didn’t reply, so Angel ripped out a fingernail. Angel ripped out another tooth.

“Is that… all you’ve got?” the rogue taunted, making my mate stop. She tilted her head to the side and a devilish grin made its way to her face. She placed the pliers on the table. The room began to feel hot. I was starting to sweat a little. I looked around, wondering what was going on, when my eyes landed on my mate’s hands. Her fingers move gently while playing with the fire. Her right hand reached out and touched the rogue, making him scream.

“I will slowly boil you from the inside out until you’re almost knocking on death’s door. I will then let you heal and do it all over again”, Angel said. The rogue was dripping in sweat. It had been a few seconds then my mate removed her hand, walking towards the table.

“Angel” I called, making her turn and look at me.

“Can we talk, please” I asked.

“There’s nothing to talk about” she said.

“Yes, there is. I want to talk to you about the hotel-”

“What are you going to tell me, huh? The same thing you told me when you k!ssed her in the cafeteria? That you didn’t have control of your body? That it wasn’t you? Well, guess what, Alpha, I don’t care any longer. You can have her. You have a family with her now. I wish you both the best” she said, before turning back to the rogue. His eyes widened when she looked at him and if I thought I saw fear in him before… it was nothing to the fear I saw now. It rolled off of him in rapid waves. Angel reached out to grab him.

“No, stop. I’ll tell you anything” the rogue cried out, making my mate stop.

“Who is behind the attacks on my pack and the other packs?” I asked.

“The rogue king” the rogue replied.

“Impossible. My mother killed the rogue king years ago” I said.

“Yes, she did, but there’s now a new rogue king” Angel said.

“Who else is working with him?” I asked.

“A powerful dark witch” the rogue said. I noticed Angel stiffen, but I decided to ask later. Right now I need more information.

“What’s the name of this rogue king?” I asked.

“Matthew Kerr” the rogue said, and I looked at my mate. She looked pale. She opened the cell door and walked out.

“How many rogues does he have working for him?” I asked.

“Hundreds upon hundreds. His pack is as big as yours, give or take” he replied.

‘Reid, come and get the table out of the rogues cell and the tools’. I linked one of the guards before leaving the rogue’s cell and out the dungeons. Once I’m outside, I see Angel looking at our son playing with his uncles. Our son. I can’t believe she hid him from me. I have missed so much. His first kick when he was still in her belly. Me running out and getting whatever food she craved for. The weird cravings she had. The first ultrasound. When he was born, his first words. His first steps, but I only had myself to blame.

‘This wasn’t our fault, Colin. Stop blaming yourself. Once mate knows the truth, she will understand’, Xan assured me. As I focused, I noticed my mate was in front of me.

“I need to shower” she says. I nod and take her up to my room, but I stop when I see Tara in my room with Monica. I growled at Tara.

“You know you are not allowed on this floor” I snarled. I heard a door close and I turned only to see Angel was gone. I growled in frustration.

“I’m sorry. I came to talk to you. Angel is back and after what happened at the hotel and now that she knows we have a child together, she’s going to hurt me. What if she hurts our pup?” Tara asks.

“Angel would never hurt Monica”, I assured her. Tara nodded her head.

“I’m going to take Monica to visit Ivory and Karen for a girls’ weekend. I’ll be back in a couple of days” she said.

“Be careful with Monica” I said, taking my daughter from her and k!ssing her chubby cheek. I gave her back to Tara after she grabbed her bag. I watched as they went down the stairs and left the pack house. I then followed my mate’s scent to the room at the end of the hall from mine. I opened the door and I could hear the shower running. But what I heard next broke my heart. I hated to see or hear my mate crying. I always wanted to see her happy, smiling, but to know that she’s crying because of me again, broke my heart. I’m always hurting her. Can’t I ever do something right?

“I’m sorry” I whispered lowly before walking out the door. I asked the head omega to prepare something for my mate, her brothers, her dad, and my son to eat until dinner. I then went out the door to where my son was playing with his grandpa. Alondra was sitting next to one of the brothers, the one with long hair that was pulled back into a low ponytail.

“Daddy”, Xavier squealed as he ran towards me. He trips, but I use my Lycan speed to get to him before he falls.

“I got you buddy” I said, picking him up. I walked to a nearby tree and sat down with my son on my lap.

“Tell me buddy, what’s your favorite animal?” I asked.

“Wolves. Big wolves” he says, and I chuckle.

“What’s your favorite food?” I asked.

“Pancakes” he said quickly. I could feel the others looking at us, but I ignored them.

“How about your favorite candy?” I asked.

“All” he shouts, bringing his little arms up and everyone laughs.

“I like all candies too” I said, making him smile.

“Do you like vegetables?” I asked.

“Yes, bwoccoli” he replied, his answer taking me by surprise. I looked at the brothers and his grandpa and his uncles nodded.

“He likes all the vegetables, except cabbage and coli flower”, Alondra’s mate, Asher says.

“I don’t like those either” I said, making a funny face, and Xavier laughed. I played tag with Xavier, his uncles, and Alondra for a while. Until the head Omega linked me, letting me know that the food was ready.

“Come inside. I got the head Omega to make some food for you all” I said.

“Thank you for your kindness, Alpha” Luke said.

“You don’t need to thank me. You’re my mate’s family, which makes you my family as well”, I said as we all walked inside. We walked into the dining room and they took a seat. The food was already on the table. I caught my mate’s scent just as I sat Xavier on his seat.

“I’ll be right back buddy. I’m going to get mommy” I said, and he nodded his little head rapidly. I turned to go to the living room, only to see my mate already in the doorway. Her eyes were red and slightly puffy from crying.

“Come eat something” I said, gesturing to the table. I tried to feel what she was feeling through the mate bond, but she was blocking me.

‘Hey son’ mom links me.

‘Hey’ I link back.

‘Is it true that Angel is back?’ she asks through the link.

‘Yes. She’s here with her father and two brothers. Oh, and mom?’ I called.

‘Yes?’ she replies.

‘You’re a grandma again’ I said. Nothing came back through the link when I felt it being cut off. Ten minutes passed by and I could feel my mom was now in front of the pack house. I chuckled when I saw Xavier’s face half covered in spaghetti sauce. I grabbed a napkin and cleaned his face, then his little hands. Just then, my mom entered the dining room, but she wasn’t alone. My dads were with her and so were my grandparents.

“Angel” grandma says.

“Yashira” Angel gets up and hugs grandma, then hugs mom.

“We were so worried about you” mom said.

“Luke” I heard dad Koslov say. Luke looks at Dad Koslov before a huge grin makes his way to his face.

“Koslov, my friend”, Luke says, getting up and hugging dad Koslov.

“I thought you were dead. How are you?” dad Koslov asks.

“I have been good. Koslov, I want you to meet my sons Elijah and Asher”, introduced Luke.

“It’s good to finally put a name to the face”, Elijah said.

“We heard a lot about you. It’s nice to finally meet you”, Asher said.

“Good things, I hope. Luke, Asher, Elijah, I want you to meet Tristan and River, our mate. This is Yashira and Gabriel, Tristan’s parents” dad Koslov, introduced. Everyone shook hands.

“Koslov, where is Miranda?” Luke asked.

“Miranda died over a century ago”, Koslov said.

“I’m sorry” Luke apologized.

“No need to apologize” dad Koslov assured him.

“And who is this handsome young man,” grandma asks.

“This is Xavier”, Angel said, then looked at me and added, “our son.”

“Goddess, you look just like your dad, but with your mother’s eyes” mom smiled.

“What’s his whole name?” Grandpa asks.

“Xavier Angelus Knight” my mate said. She gave him my last name. Xan was prancing in my head happily. Everyone was talking and getting to know each other except for the brothers and my mate. I looked around and found my mate close to the kitchen. All three of their eyes were glowing and I knew they were in a heated conversation.

“That’s what the rogue said” I heard my mate say.

“So, that witch back home…” Elijah trails off.

“We shouldn’t have come here. I wanted to keep my son safe, not put the lives of my mate and the pack at risk”, I heard my mate say. My heart skipped a beat at the sound of her still calling me her mate.

“I think you should speak to your mate. He needs to know. Maybe his grandmother can help. I can sense she’s very powerful”, Asher says. I make my way towards them and they stopped talking but their eyes are still glowing.

“I didn’t lie to you about the cafeteria” I said, as I stood between my mate and Elijah.

“I didn’t have control of my body. That night at the hotel, the same thing happened besides the fact I also had wolfsbane in my system. Ray took me back to the pack and to grandma’s house. We found out that dark magic had been used on me. My betas, Gammas and I were at grandma’s when we thought about how this could have happened. I needed to ingest whatever it was and we thought about that day at the cafeteria when Tara bought us lunch. She insisted on my drinking a purple Gatorade. It took a long time for grandma to find an antidote because we didn’t know what kind of potion was given to me, but she finally found out and now I’m no longer under any potion”, I explained. I took my mate’s hand. She went to move it away but I held on to it.

“I know you are angry and hurt. Even though I had no control over my body, I still take full responsibility for not seeking help sooner. It cost me almost two years without you and it cost me the best part of those two years” I said, looking back at Xavier, then I got down on my knees, still holding on to my mate’s hands.

“I’m sorry Angel. I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me and hopefully move on from this. I was going crazy without you. I felt like an empty shell. I want to still be part of your life and be part of our son’s life. I want you as my mate. I love you with all my being” I said. I was fully aware everyone was looking at us right now.

“Please, stand up” she said softly. I stood on my feet. Angel looked into my eyes, making my breath hitch.

“You have a family now, Colin. You have a beautiful daughter and you and Tara have… history” she said.

“Tara and I are nothing. She’s only here because I found out just before she gave birth that she was pregnant and I only knew because of my sister, but she has been kept far away from me and when she’s around there’s always someone there with us. I can only imagine how you must feel knowing I have a daughter with another she-wolf and I’m sorry, but I can’t change it”, I said, feeling defeated.

“I never asked you to change it. Having a child is a blessing. Trust me I know, but if Tara did that to you, what makes you think she wouldn’t hurt anyone else in this pack?” Suddenly, her eyes widened and I saw fear.

“Or Xavier,” she whimpered.

“I will never let her hurt our son” I growled.

“Wait, how did Tara get her hands into such a potion?” Luke asked. Everyone looked at me.

“I have no idea, but as soon as she returns I will ask her” I said, and everyone nodded. We all went to the living room and sat down. Angel tells us about her training and how her and her brothers helped a small pack that had been attacked three times by rogues and from there they started helping other packs, earning the name ‘The Three Hooded Angels’. I also learned that Angel got the nickname of ‘Death’ because of the way she tortures rogues. After we had dinner, we headed back to the living room and talked some more.

“Now I understand why you two leave her alone when she’s ‘playing’” her dad says.

“I mean we can torture as well, but is just the way she does it” Asher says, shuddering.

“She enjoys it”, Elijah says, and I see a sparkle in my mate’s eyes.

“I sense something different in you though” grandma says to Angel, who nods her head.

“While I was learning how to control my anger, I found out I can control the element of fire”, Angel says.

“Wow” dad Tristan says.

“Yeah. I mean my dad and brothers taught me a lot, but at the beginning it was difficult with my hormones all over the place”, Angel says.

“I wish I could have been there” I murmured to myself, or so I thought.

“That’s why we were at the hotel” says Elijah, catching my attention, but Angel kicked him.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We thought that by her having you with her would help her with training and, plus, we knew she missed you, so dad bought plane tickets for her and I had to come get you and an extra ticket for you to join us, but…” Elija trailed off and I knew why. I felt more like sh!t. I looked at my son yawning. He gets up from the floor and walks towards Angel. She smiles, picking him up. He lays his head on her shoulder and closes his eyes.

“Did you get anything more out of the rogue?” Luke asks.

“Yes” I replied. I looked at my mate.

“Basically, it is the same information we had gotten from the other rogues before they died, but this time we got a little more”, Angel says.

“What else did you get?” Elijah asks.

“The rogue king’s name is Matthew Kerr and a powerful dark witch is helping him”, Angel informs them. I see my grandma’s eyes widen.

“Matthew Kerr as the Kerr brothers who have been hunting you down?” grandma asks.

“Yes” Angel says.

“Could the witch that was breaking the shield be the same dark witch?” Asher asks.

“I don’t know, but if she had that many rogues with her, we should assume she’s the dark witch” Angel replied.

“So, is she after you too?” Luke asked.

“I don’t know”, Angel said, and looked at her brothers before she looked at me.

“Colin, I know you have just spent a few hours with your son, but please, promise me that no matter what happens you will keep him safe” she said.

“I will keep you both safe. I promise”. I took her hand and k!ssed it.

“We have had a long day. I’m going to go to bed. I’ll see you all in the morning. Good night”, Angel said. I got up bidding my good nights to everyone. I walked to the stairs when a hand grabbed my arm. ?I looked to see Elijah and Asher.

“We can tell you’re telling the truth about what happened and we don’t blame you, but please don’t hurt our little sister anymore. She’s gone through enough”, Elijah says.

“I don’t plan on hurting her ever again” I admitted.

“Good, cause if you do, we will hurt you” Asher said. Xan growled in my head at his words. His threat- no at his promise.

“And I won’t stop you” I admitted. They both nodded before going back to the living room. I ran upstairs just in time to see Angel going to the room she showered in. I used my Lycan speed to get to her and she stopped.

“Come sleep in my room, please. I won’t try anything. I just want to be close to you and our son”, I admitted. She looked inside the bedroom before sighing. She closed the door and walked to my room. I moved the covers and she laid Xavier in the middle before lying next to him. I laid on the other side of Xavier and covered him up. I k!ssed his forehead, then looked at my mate. She was watching me.

“Good night my love” I said lovingly.

“Good night” she replied. I turned off the lights. After a few minutes, my mate’s breathing evened out.

‘Thank you Moon Goddess for bringing my mate back to me and blessing me with another bundle of joy’, I silently prayed before I fell into a blissful sleep.

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