My Lycan Luna Chapter 21: Boys day


I woke up to little hands trying to pry my eyes open. I growled playfully, making Xavier giggle. He starts jumping on the bed when, suddenly, he plops on my stomach. My eyes snap open and I grab him, putting him on the bed and tickling him.

“Daddy… stop” he says between laughter. I laugh with him and stop tickling him.

“Daddy, I hungry” he says, and I realized Angel was nowhere around. I tried to link her but she’s blocking me out.

“Alright buddy. Go to the bathroom first. I’ll go get your stuff from the other room so you can brush your teeth” I said. He gets down and goes to the bathroom, leaving the door halfway open. I went to the other room and grabbed his bag. Back in the room, I heard the water running. I grab his toothbrush and toothpaste and take it to him. I stay in there with him and we brush our teeth together. After giving him a bath, I got him out, dried him, and change his clothes.

“I’ll be right back” I said, and went to the bathroom to do my morning routine. Once I finished, I washed my hands and headed down to the kitchen with Xavier. As I got to the kitchen, I saw Luke, dad Koslov, dad Tristan, and grandpa.

“Good morning”, the three of them say at the same time.

“Good morning” says Xavier.

“Good morning. Has anyone seen my mate?” I asked.

“She went on a run with Elijah. She should be back soon”, Luke said.

“Breakfast is on the table” grandpa says. We all headed to the dining room.

“Pancakes” Xaviers says excitedly. I grab a plate and put two pancakes on his plate and a few bacon strips. I cut up his pancakes and he started eating. I grabbed a cup and gave him some milk. I grab a mug and filled it up with coffee. The front door bursts open and I look to see Angel and Elijah.

“You lost” Elijah mocks.

“Cause you cheated” my mate growled playfully. They were both covered in sweat, dirt, and even scratches.

“Two out of three?” Elijah proposed.

“Kids?” Luke says, grabbing their attention. Their eyes widened for a second and I saw my mate blush. Goddess how much I missed that blush. My dads, grandpa, and Luke chuckle at Elijah and Angel.

“Sorry. Good morning everyone”, Angel says.

“Good morning” Elijah said. Angel’s eyes went to Xavier.

‘I’m sorry. I lost track of time’ I heard my mate’s beautiful voice in my head. It took me by surprise because I have never heard her voice in my head, but it also made me happy.

‘It’s okay. I’m his dad. I can take care of him as well’, I assured her. She nods once.

“Excuse me, I’m going to get cleaned up” she says before going to the stairs. She suddenly stops, bringing her hand back and hitting Elijah across the head, making Luke almost spit out his coffee. Dad Koslov burst out laughing and grandpa chuckles while dad Tristan shook his head with a smile on his face.

“What the-” Elijah says, but my mate is already half up the stairs.

“Angel, I will get you for that” Elija shouted.

“Sorry about that. It seems that the three of them are still trying to catch up on the time they lost”, Luke says.

“It’s okay. I mean we can’t go back in time and change things. The best we can do is live in the here and now and that’s what they are doing”, Dad Koslov says.

“I’m just glad to see her smiling” I said. Then I remembered I never asked how her pregnancy went.

“Mr. Luke, how did everything go in her pregnancy?” I asked.

“Everything went well. I mean, in the morning her brothers and her would shift and run-”

“She would shift?” grandpa asked.

“Yes, Lycans can shift while pregnant because their Lycan will shift around the baby. I mean it’s a little slower because they don’t want to hurt the baby, but they can”, Luke says, and grandpa nods.

“Anyways, she would run in the morning in her Lycan form for the first two months. After running, she would eat and then train on learning how to control her anger, which was challenging because of her hormones. After that she would train, sleep, walk, sleep, joke around with us and, once in a while, we would go to the markets. Oh and during the last week of her pregnancy she slept a lot. The delivery was good”, Luke said. The front door opened and in came Alondra and Asher, both sporting their new marks.

“Good morning” Alondra blushed.

“Good morning”. Asher bowed his head in respect.

“Good morning” everyone said except for Xavier, who was finishing up his pancakes.

“Are Elijah and the princess back?” Asher asks.

“Yeah, they came back not long ago. She should be down soon” Luke replied.

“Why do you call her princess?” I asked.

“Because she’s his daughter and our little sister. Plus, I already have my queen and my sister is your queen, but my little sister will always be my princess”, Asher said, and Luke nodded his head. Just then the scent of strawberries and chocolate filled my nose. I could hear her footsteps as she began to go down the stairs. I can literally pin point where she was. Being a Lycan doesn’t just heighten your senses, speed, and healing ability by ten times, but also the mate bond.

“Good morning sis” Asher smiled as she touched the last step. I watched her sniff the air and her eyes landed on her brother and a blushing Alondra. Angel smiled at her brother.

“Congratulations Big Brother. I’m happy for you” she said, hugging him, then hugged Alondra and whispered, “I’m happy for you too.”

“Thank you princess” Asher said. The three of them sat down. My mate sat beside me and grabbed some breakfast.

“How was your run?” Asher asked.

“It was good and dad was right about the pack. Some of them have accepted their Lycan. I just saw a few of them go on a run in their Lycan form”, my mate said.

“I know” Asher said, popping a piece of bacon in his mouth. My mate looked at me.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” she asked. I smiled and nodded, then grabbed a plate. I grabbed some scrambled eggs, bacon, and some toast.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” Angel asked. Just then, the front door opened, revealing mom and grandma.

“There’s nothing on the agenda for today. Today we are going to spend time with the family and the pack. We’re having a barbeque, Puerto Rican style”, grandma grinned. I looked at my mate to see her smiling. Elijah joined us as well.

“What’s with the smile, princess?” Elijah asked.

“We’re having a barbeque, Puerto Rican style” my mate replied.

“Ooh, nice. Is there going to be a lechon? I like lechon” Elija said, making my mom and grandma arch an eyebrow.

“Asher and I spent three years in Puerto Rico, before we found dad,” Elijah explains.

“Oh yeah? What part?” mom asks.

“Guayanilla, el campo consejo” Elijah replied.?Mom nodded her head and smiled at him.

“Yes, there’s going to be lechon and a whole lot more” grandma said.

“I was actually going to ask you if I could take Xavier to the mall. I would like to buy a few things for his room. We can make it a boys’ day and have your dad, brothers, my dads, and grandpa join us” I said as I saw the fear flash in my mate’s eyes. I took her hand in mine, feeling the sparks.

“I promise I will protect Xavier with my life” I said.

“We all will sis” Asher said. She looked around, looking at the guys in the eyes before sighing in defeat.

“Fine, but be back before the barbeque starts and not too much junk food” she said.

“Thank you”, I smiled before getting up.

“Xavy, I want you to go brush your teeth. You’re going out with the guys and daddy”, Angel said, smiling when she saw the look in our son’s eyes. He jumped up from the chair and took off up the stairs. I chuckled and went after him. I went to my room and found him trying to reach for the toothpaste. I grabbed it and put some on his toothbrush. I’m hoping we can find something that Xavier likes for his room, but at least we were going to have more time to bond. I have missed so much, but the best thing to do is start making new memories now.



I’m happy for Colin. Ever since he saw Angel yesterday and their son, he has had a smile on his face. The only time I see him smile is when he’s around his daughter, Monica. Besides that, he is like a zombie. I have caught him a few times running in the woods until he couldn’t any more, then dropping to the ground and crying himself to sleep while saying Angel’s name.

I can’t imagine how he was feeling. When I first found out that Joel was my mate I was afraid to tell him what I was, but when he found out, I knew there was no way I would ever let him go. I love my mate and if I ever lost him I knew I wouldn’t be able to go on. Arms wrap around me, sparks shooting all over my body.

“Do you need help with anything?” my mate, Joel, asks.

“No babe. We already got the music set up. The ladies are dealing with the food except for the pigs and the grilling”, I informed him. I hear laughter and I look to see Yashira, River, and Angel laughing.

“I haven’t seen her this happy in a while. The stress of Angel gone and the dark witch has been a lot for her. I think now that Angel is back she can focus and relax a little bit”, Joel said.

“Come on babe. You know your sister better than anyone here. You know she won’t rest until the dark witch is killed” I said.

“I know, the witches and the warlock in this pack can sense things are getting worse. The dark witch needs to be found before anything bad happens” I said. For centuries, the balance between dark and light magic has been kept balanced. Dark witches try to take over and tip the scales but someone always stops them. This witch though, this witch is powerful and some fear that she might be more powerful than Yashira, which I doubt very much.

“Let’s see if anyone needs any more help”, Joel says, and I nod. He goes to walk away but I grab him and pull him towards me. I k!ssed his lips before pulling back.

“I love you”, I smiled.

“I love you too” he smiled back.

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