My Lycan Luna Chapter 22: A different side


Dad called me earlier saying they were going to be a little late but that they were okay. I knew the guys wouldn’t let anything happen to Xavier, so I was okay with it and from the pictures Colin sent me I knew my- no, our son was having fun.

“Here you go” Alondra says, handing me another red cup. I have lost count of how many red cups I had been given by Yashira, River, and Alondra.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“That’s called Mavi. It’s a traditional drink from Puerto Rico. It has no alcohol but it gives you the affect of it”, Yashira says. I took a sip of it and to my surprise I liked it. I mean it tastes weird, but I liked it.

“This is good. Weird, but good” I said.

“What did you give her?” I heard Joel ask.

“Some Mavi”, Yashira says, and Joel pulls an ugly face which made me spit my drink out and laugh.

“As you can tell, my brother doesn’t like it” Yashira says.

“Maybe she would like some were-wine” a woman said.

“Mr. and Mrs. Staton, I want you to meet Angel, Colin’s mate, and our Luna. Luna Angel, this is Mr. and Mrs. Staton, Tara’s parents” Mrs. River introduced.

“So, you’re the reason our daughter was banished from the pack” Mr. Staton spat.

“No, your daughter was the reason she was banished. She disobeyed her Alpha’s orders more than once. But why the hostility towards me? Your daughter is still in this pack along with your granddaughter”, I said.

“Yes, the Alpha’s daughter”, Mr. Staton made sure to emphasize the last two rods.

“Oh, I know my mate is the father of your granddaughter, so if you’re trying to make me feel jealous or trying to hurt me by telling me my mate is the father of your daughter’s child, then let me tell you that it’s not working. I’m confident in myself. I know my man loves me and I don’t have to go around trying to make people look bad so my mate can love me more. Like I said earlier, I’m confident in myself and I know what I bring to the table. Not just as a daughter, sister, friend, mate, lover, and mother, but also as Luna. So, let loose and have some fun with the pack. If not, then you may leave”, I said.

“Every well said, my Luna”, I hear Colin. How did I not feel them or smell them? I looked back to see my father and my brothers’ eyes glowing along with my mate’s. They were angry at the couple in front of me.

“Alpha” Mr. and Mrs. Staton said simultaneously, bowing their heads in respect.

“Your Luna is right and I have told you this plenty of times why your daughter got herself banished. She’s only here because of our daughter, Monica. Now, apologize to my mate for your behavior. I heard every single word” he said, emphasizing the word ‘every’.

“We’re sorry, Luna” I could hear the sincerity in Mrs. Staton’s voice and Mr. Staton gritted out the apology.

“Enjoy the barbeque” I said, then looked at my son.

“ Who’s the boy?” Mrs. Staton asked. I looked at her on alert. If they say that momma bears are dangerous and protective of their cubs, momma Lycans are ten times more dangerous and protective of our pups. Mrs. Staton smiles and waves at Xavier. Xavier waved back shily.

“This is Xavier, our son” Colin stated proudly, making Mr. Staton look at him. He sure enough was not expecting that. Colin turned to me and smiled widely. Next thing I knew, his lips were on mine.

“Daddy don’t eat mommy”, Xavier said, making everyone laugh. Colin and I pulled away and I couldn’t help the blush that made its way to my face. Colin grinned.

“Are you guys hungry?” I asked.

“Yes, meat” Xavier said.

“Alright baby, stay with the guys” I said. Then I went to go get some plates ready. Once I got the plates ready, I took them to Colin and Xavier. I then went back and made two more, one for dad and one for Elijah. Alondra had gotten Asher a plate. Night was already upon us but the barbeque was still in full swing. There was a huge bon fire and there were so many people having fun. I think the whole pack was here, which meant both pack houses except for the guard at the borders.

“We should bring the guards some food” I said.

“It’s already done. The Omegas took them all food and drinks. After their shift, they’ll come by and eat some more” Mrs. River said, handing me another red cup.

“And what’s this one?” I asked.

“Were wine” she grinned.

“To Angel, her dad, her brothers, and Xavier” Mrs. Yashira said, bringing up her cup. I took a big gulp and coughed after I swallowed it.

“Wow, that’s strong. I mean I have drunk a few cups of different things, but this is the strongest I have ever stated” I said before gulping the whole thing. I looked around only to see them all looking at me with wide eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“Son, I’ll watch over Xavier. You watch over her” dad said to Colin and chuckled.

“Oh come on. I’m fine” I said. After a few hours, Xavier had fallen asleep, so Colin took him to the room. During the rest of the night we continued to talk, dance, eat, drink and have fun. I got to know more about the pack and the problems they were having with the rogue attacks. At the mention of the rogues, I remembered we still had a rogue in the dungeons. I knew he was a rogue and he attacked this pack. I also know I tortured him, but for some reason it hurt me to know that we were all here having fun, eating, and drinking while the rogue was cold and hungry. If I ever decide to take my roll as Luna, I want to be different from everyone else. I stood up from where I was sitting with the others and walked away from them.



Ever since Elijah and Asher found Angel in the woods. I was beyond happy to know that my daughter was out looking for me, but my world shattered when she told me my mate and youngest son were killed. It broke my heart that I could never meet my youngest son or ever see my mate again, but I needed to keep going. I have three other kids and a grandchild now. My eyes move to my little princess as she gets up. I can tell something is bothering her. I watched as she walked away from the large group. I got up and followed her. I watched as she fixed a plate of food and grabbed a Gatorade and a bottle of water. I could feel the Alpha coming my way.

“Is she okay?” he asks from behind me.

“I don’t know” I admitted. We followed her to the dungeons. Colin went to walk to her but I stopped him.

“Wait, I want to see what she does” I said.

“Luna” the guard bowed his head.

“Good evening. Please open the door” she said. The guard looked at her confused but still opened the door. We watched her walk in, disappearing somewhere inside. Colin and I made our way to the dungeons.

“Alpha” the guard bowed his head in respect. Colin nodded once in acknowledgement and we went down the steps. We followed her scent to the back of the dungeons where the rogue was kept.

“Luna” the rogue’s voice shook and I could smell his fear when he saw her, but he still bowed his head in respect.

“I brought you some food and something to drink” she said.

“B-but I’m a rogue” he said.

“I was once a rogue too” she said, extending her hand that had the food. The rogue looked at it and my little princess smiled. She grabbed some of the food and ate it.

“It’s good. I promise” she said. The rogue took the food.

“Thank you Luna” he said, and sat on the floor and began to eat. Angel sat on the floor as well, making the rogue’s eyes widen.

“I didn’t lie when I said I was a rogue. Actually, I didn’t even know werewolves, vampires, witches, and even Lycans existed until I shifted. So, I was technically a rogue. I just didn’t know it. I met my mate and he was sweet enough to explain to me everything about all this. But I realized I was ten times stronger, bigger, and faster than my mate or the pack. I was afraid I would hurt them, so I decided to leave and look for some help. Little did I know that I didn’t have to be afraid of hurting my mate or my pack”, Angel said.

“Y-you left your pack? Wait, what’s a mate?” the rogue asked, making me and Colin look at each other in confusion.

“Yes, I left my pack because I thought I was a threat to it; and you don’t know what a mate is?” Angel asked.

“I wasn’t born a werewolf. I was bitten. I was one of the humans that was kept in a cage before we were bitten. The rogue King said that there were other packs who wanted to eliminate his pack and that he needed warriors. Many of us agreed to help him, but it was a way for us to just stay alive and find a way to leave. But little by little, one by one, the bitten ones began to forget about escaping and joined the rogue king. I, on the other hand, tried to escape, only to be whipped and kept in a cell without windows, dark, and cold. They thought they broke me when I agreed to help, but they didn’t. All I wanted more than anything was to be free. Yes, I’m a rogue, but not all of us are bad” he said.

“You attacked this pack”, Angel points out.

“They did. I didn’t. I stayed hidden and when I heard one of the warriors say they needed a rogue alive, I knew that maybe this was my chance to leave and find a real home. Then I met you” he said. Angel was quiet for a while. She was just looking at the rogue.

“What’s your name?” Angel asked.

“Noah” he replied.

“Noah, you said you were one of the humans kept in a cage before being bitten. How many humans were there?” Angel asked.

“Sometimes they would bring one, sometimes two a day. I believe it was over a hundred before we were told to attack this pack”, Noah replied. Angel nodded her head.

“You don’t seem like a bad guy, Noah,” Angel said.

“I’m not. I used to be a nurse studying to be a doctor. I love helping people, but ever since I was taken, my whole life just went to hell”, Noah said.

“You know when I came here I learned that the former Alpha of this pack and his Luna would take in roues and help them. I mean they would be on a trial to see if they were trustworthy, but once they proved it, they had a place to call home. I’m sure Alpha Colin would like to know everything you have just told me”, Angel said.

“Luna, may I ask you a question?” Noah asked.


“Why do you torture rogues?” he asked.

“Like you said, you’re not bad, but there are other rogues out there that my brothers and I have come across that are the definition of bad. I have seen a rogue snap a child’s neck without regret. Those are the ones I love to get my hands on. Also, I get to let my anger out”, Angel admitted.

“You have a pack, Luna. You have people that respect you and love you. Why would you be angry?” Noah asked, confused.

“I won’t get into details, but for the past two and a half, maybe three years, I’ve always been angry. It’s one of the reasons I had to leave my mate and my pack”, Angel replied.

“As for your earlier question about what’s mate… a mate if your other half, your better half. Like your soulmate. They are chosen by the moon goddess. Werewolves or Lycans find their mates after they shift. Mates are very possessive of each other, especially males, but more Alphas”, Angel explains.

“How do you know when you find your mate?” Noah asked.

“Your mate’s scent will be very strong and addictive to you. They feel tingles and sparks when they touch each other. In addition, you can feel each other’s emotions”, Angel replied.

“Sounds beautiful. If the Alpha doesn’t kill me, I pray to the moon goddess that I find my mate. I would like to have what you just explained”, Noah said.

“Alpha Colin is not a cold hearted man. He’s a fair, kind, and sweet man and protects those he loves and cares for. Including his family and pack. He may seem scary when he is angry, but he helps and protects those who also help and protect him. After all, he’s the Alpha of all Alphas”, Angel says.

“I have heard a lot about this pack from the rogue king. How the former Alpha killed the rogue king and the rogue queen. I also heard that they would kill every rogue they saw without mercy. How the current Alpha of all Alphas followed in the footsteps of his father. That he’s cold hearted, kills without mercy, and loves to bathe in the blood of his enemy”. I looked at Colin to see him with his mouth hanging open.

“What do you think?” Angel asked.

“I think that you tortured me to get information to keep your pack and family safe. You lived up to your name, but I knew there was a different side of you” he says, gesturing to the empty plate and empty bottle of Gatorade and water.

“As for Alpha Colin, rumors are just that… rumors, but something tells me that if his pack or the people he loves are threatened or in danger, he will do anything to make sure that his pack and the ones he loves are safe again”, Noah replied. I was now seeing this turned rogue in a whole new light. He wasn’t a bad person. He was forced to be part of something he didn’t want to be.

“I should get back to the barbeque. Good night Noah”, Angel said.

“Good night Luna and thank you for your kindness”. Noah bowed his head. Angel got up and I looked at Colin.

“That’s why her mother and I named her Angel, because she’s just that… our Angel” I said to Colin. We turned to leave, but stopped at the sound of shouting.

“Luna? Luna wake up. GUARDS” I ran out of where we were hiding?and towards the last cell. I could see Noah trying to check on Angel, but he couldn’t reach her.

“What happened?”?Colin asked.

“Alpha” he bowed his head before continuing “she stood up, staggered for a second before falling.” Colin picked her up and ran out of the dungeons.

“Sir, please let me know if the Luna is okay. She was very kind to me”, Noah said.

“I’ll let you know” I assured him before following behind Colin. As I came out of the dungeons, I saw Yashira’s hands glowing while hovering them over Angel’s body.

“She’s fine, but she’ll have one hell of a hangover tomorrow morning” Yashira said.

“I guess there’s no morning run then” Elijah said. I shook my head and chuckled. After letting Noah know that Angel was going to be okay, I went back to the barbeque for a few more hours before going to bed. I smiled as I remembered how kind Angel was to Noah. She took after her mother.

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