My Lycan Luna Chapter 25: Flu and infection


My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out. It was a message from Red.

Red: I got everything settled at the restaurant. I’m excited. I mean, I know this is a favor you asked, but I think your brother is really cute.

Me: Thanks again for this. My brother thinks you’re really cute too.

Red: Does he have a boyfriend?

I had to look at the question twice. Basically, Ray is ignoring my brother and ignoring the bond while going out with other girls, so technically no, he doesn’t.

Me: No, he doesn’t.

Red: Hard to believe a hot guy like him doesn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Anyway, I’ll see you soon. Send me the address.

After sending him the address, I grabbed the remote and watched some TV. About thirty minutes later, I was running around the kitchen with Xavier giving him something to drink. Monica was a little cranky and refused to eat anything. She just wanted to lay down. My phone dinged with a notification. I looked at the phone to see a message from Red.

Red: Be there in five minutes.

My eyes widened. I looked at the kids.

“Stay here. I’ll be right back”, I told the kids before running up the stairs to Elijah’s room. I knocked on his door.

“Elijah, Red will be here in five” I said. He opens the door and I grin when I saw him. He looked very nice and in his hand he was holding a white and red rose.

“Mrs. Yashira gave it to me” he said, and I smiled wider.

“You ready?” I asked my brother, who nodded. We both headed downstairs just as there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Red looking a little nervous.

“Wow, I like this place you have here” he said.

“It’s a little community. Mostly there are family and friends” I said.

“I like it” he smiled.

“Come in” I said.

‘My love, where are you? My friend is here’ I linked my mate.

‘I’m on my way’ he linked back. Red has black slacks on, and a cute gray long sleeve shirt. Red enters and sees Elijah. He smiles at Elijah and I see a blush forming.

“Hi, you look very handsome”, Red says, his hazel eyes sparkling in the light.

“Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. This is for you”, Elijah says, handing him the rose. Red smiles widely, taking the rose and brings it to his nose. I can hear his heart pounding in his chest. Elijah stands next to him and my brother gently touches his hand.

“Sorry, my love. I had work to do and a meeting I have to go to soon”, Colin says, walking in.

“Colin, I want you to meet my friend Dyland. I call him Red. Red, this is my boyfriend and father of our son, Colin”, I introduced. They shake hands and I take this time to go check on the kids. Monica is asleep on the sofa and Xavier is watching TV. I go to Xavier and pick him up and take him to Red. As soon as Red saw Xavier, his eyes lighted up.

“This is Xavier, our son” I said.

“Wow, Angel, you both did such a great job. He’s so cute and looks like his father except for the eyes” Red smiled. She walks closer and takes Xavier’s hand.

“Hi, handsome” Red smiles.

“Say ‘hi’ baby” I told Xavier.

“Hi” Xavier said with a small smile.

“Sorry, he’s ready to eat” I said.

“Don’t be, but we should get going. We don’t want to be late for our reservation”, Red says.

“Alright, you two have fun” I grinned, walking them out the door. Elijah opens the driver’s door for Red, but before he gets in, Red k!sses Elijah’s cheek. Elijah blushes and jogs to the other side and gets in the car. That’s when I saw Ray by the tree line. I saw him walking towards us.

“Colin…” I call, but then Ray stops and sniffs the air. I sniff it as well in case there are rogues, but no.

“I see him”, Colin says. I watch as Ray’s head snaps towards the car that’s already leaving. I looked at Colin to see his eyes glazed over.

“Where are they going?” Ray asked.

“That’s none of your business, Ray-”

“It is my business” he shouts, interrupting me. Colin growls at him for the disrespect, but I hand him Xavier.

“No, it is not. You had your chance to be with my brother, but you told him you weren’t gay, so I found him a date since you prefer to go out with females instead of your own mate. You didn’t give a sh!t if my brother was hurting right? Then leave him alone. He is going out and he is going to have fun” I knew Ray was not going to stay there and I knew I was going to have to use my Luna voice for him not to bother my brother and Dyland on their date.

“You will not follow and ruin this date for them. You will also not order anyone to ruin this date for them or you will have me to deal with. That’s an order Beta” I said using my Luna voice.

“Yes, Luna” he gritted out.

“You should use this time to think about what you really want, Ray, because my brother deserves to be happy. If you’re not going to be the one to make him happy, then let him go”. I turned to leave, but stopped.

“One more thing, Ray. I know my brother and he would have loved to hold your hand and show you off to the world. He doesn’t care what people say. Our dad, Asher, and I love him whether he is bis3xual, gay, or straight. We just want to see him happy. Will you be that person to make him happy?” I asked, then turned and went back inside.

“Mommy, hungwy” Xavier whined.

“I know baby” I said, taking him from Colin.

“I can’t come, my love. I have some work and a meeting I need to attend. Thank the goddess is via cam” Colin said.

“Go ahead. I’ll bring you something to eat”, I told him, and k!ssed his cheek before going to the dining room. Asher, Alondra, Manny, Ray, and other pack members were there. I sat my son on his chair next to Asher. I grabbed him a plate and served him some mashed potatoes, green beans, and baked chicken. I grabbed some juice and put it in his cup. I then made a plate for my mate and grabbed a cup with grape juice. I walked to his office and opened the door.

“I know you have a lot of work, but please eat your dinner. I’ll take care of the kids”, I said, and k!ssed his lips.

“Thank you. I know you don’t have to take care of Monica-” I put a finger on his lips.

“Monica is a great kid. Now eat” I said, before walking away from him and closing the door to his office. I turned and saw Ray walking towards me. He bowed his head in respect when he saw me. I sighed and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Ray, I’m not angry with you, but can you answer a question for me truthfully?” I asked and he nodded.

“Why can’t you accept my brother?” I asked. He took a deep breath and looked at me.

“Because I think he deserves much better than me. I feel like I’m not worthy of him and my parents don’t know…” he trailed off and I knew what he meant.

“Ray, you are a great guy and you shouldn’t think so little of yourself. You should let my brother be the judge of that and you would be surprised by the outcome. My brothers waited decades, maybe even longer, to find their mates. Don’t take that chance from Elijah or yourself. The moon goddess paired you two for a reason” I said.

“Three” Ray said.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“The moon goddess paired all three of us for a reason. That guy that left with Elijah… he’s my mate as well” he said.

“Well, damn” I said.

“Something inside me tells me you care for my brother and that you want to be with him” I said and watched as his cheeks turned red and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I have met your parents, Ray. Your parents love you and I could tell they just want to see you happy, but in the end, it is your choice not theirs. I lift my Luna command. I know that sooner or later you will make the right decision for yourself”. I patted his shoulder once before walking to check on Monica. As I got to her, I could see she was sweating. I checked her forehead and she was burning up.

“sh!t” I cursed lowly. Faith pushed forward and whimpered when she saw Monica covered in sweat. I can’t call Colin’s parents or grandma because they went to Luisiana to see the house where we first saw the witch. I ran to the dining room.

“Asher, can you watch over Xavier?” I asked. He must have seen something in my eyes that made him jump up and run to me.

“What’s wrong? Your eyes are glowing” he says.

“Monica is burning up. I’m going to take her to the pack clinic. Just keep an eye on Xavier. He’s been spending a lot of time with Monica. He could catch whatever she has. Oh, and don’t bother Colin. He’s going to be in a meeting soon”, I said, and ran out of the dining room before he could even reply. I grabbed Monica and she began to cry, clutching to me like a Koala.

“I know baby, I know” I said and used my Lycan speed to get to the pack clinic. I burst through the door and saw Anna.

“Luna, what’s-” she stopped as soon as she saw Monica.

“Follow me” she said. And I followed her into a room. I tried to put Monica on the bed but she didn’t want to let me go and her cries grew louder every time I tried.

“Luna, can you lay on the bed and turn her around on your lap?” Anna asked. I laid on the like she said and place Monica on my lap and turned her around. Anna took her temperature and her other vitals. Anna checked Monica’s throat then put an IV on her. Right now Monica has fallen asleep again in my arms. A soft knock is heard before the door opens.

“Luna, Monica is suffering from the flu and a bacterial infection” Anna says.

“Is it contagious?” I asked.

“For those who are human and those who haven’t shifted yet, yes. I will give her some antibiotics through the IV and some medicine for the fever and flu. We will see how she does. How is your son?” Anna asked.

“So far he’s good. My brother is keeping an eye on him”, I said, and she nodded.

“If he starts to get sick let me know” she said, and I nodded. Monica turns, placing her head on my chest, her legs, and arms on either side of me. Anna smiles down at her.

“Her little body will hurt for a few more hours, which is why she doesn’t want to let you go. She finds you comfortable”, Anna says, and I nod again. After Anna gives her the medicine and antibiotics, I’m left with a crying Monica. I rock her back and forth gently knowing her little body hurts, until she finally falls asleep again. I put the bed down and decide to fall asleep as well.

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