My Lycan Luna Chapter 26: Two Mates


“Thank you for everything, Alpha Colin” Alpha Shawn says before logging off. Ray gets up and grabs our plates. He had been in his head all evening. Every time I looked at him, he was spaced out. He was here physically, but not mentally.

“I’m going to take these before I go wait for my mate” he said, making me arch an eyebrow at him, but he just left. I shook my head and turned off the lights before heading up to see the kids. I went to Monica’s room but she was not there. So I headed to Xavier’s room in case she was sleeping there again, but when I got there, I saw Asher putting a sleeping Xavier in his bed.

“Where is Monica?” I asked.

“She’s at the pack clinic with Angel. Monica was running a high fever”, Asher said.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” I asked.

“Because you were in a meeting and Angel was clear in telling me not to bother you”, Asher said. I sighed and ran to the pack clinic. Anna saw me and showed me three fingers, which means they were in room three. I heighten my senses listening to see if they are awake. When I heard nothing, I opened the door softly and saw Monica sleeping on top of my mate. As if sensing me, my mate’s eyes snap open and she places a hand on Monica’s back protectively and growls lowly. A clear warning to stay back. I realize her eyes are glowing and her canines elongated.

‘She’s in momma mode. A Lycan momma is ten times more dangerous than a she-wolf or momma bear. She’s protecting Monica from danger’, Xan says proudly.

“Faith, it’s just me, Colin” I said, bringing up my hand slowly. It takes a few seconds but her canines retract.

“Angel is sleeping and so is Monica. The doctor said Monica had the flu and a bacterial infection but gave her antibiotics and medicine. She will be okay”, Faith assures me.

“You can lay her on the bed” I said, but she shook her head.

“Her little body hurts, so she’s more comfortable like this. Pup needs to rest to get better”, Faith says, and I couldn’t help but smile. I know it was also difficult for her to know that I have a pup with another she wolf, but the fact that she’s helping and protecting Monica means a lot to Xan and me.

“Thank you Faith. Thank you for taking care of Monica for us. I know it’s hard for you, but thank you” I said sincerely.

“Pup is innocent in all this. Plus, my human forgave you. there’s no need to thank me” Faith said.

“Yes, Angel forgave me, but do you?” I asked. She tilts her head to the side looking really cute before she looks out the window.

“I want it to be clear about how much you hurt, not just my human, but me as well. The only thing that kept us going was our pup, dad, and brothers. For months I wished for you and Xan to feel the pain we were both feeling, but after a while we just focused on our pup and training. Dad and my brothers helped a lot too” she said, then looked at me.

“Even though it hurt, I forgave you and Xan. Just like my human said, it wasn’t your fault. But I will tell you something my human won’t say. As long as Tara is here, the whole pack, including our pup, is in danger, especially knowing what we already know”, Faith said.

“Why wouldn’t Angel tell me this? She’s my Luna” I said.

“Because she doesn’t want you to think that she’s jealous and is trying to separate you from your daughter”, Faith said, looking down at Monica who snuggled closer to my mate.

“I would never-” I stopped when Faith looked at me.

“Yes, you would. Which is why she wouldn’t say it but I did. This has nothing to do with your pup. Like I said before, she is innocent in all this, but her mother… she’s something else. Just, whatever you do, don’t let Tara take your pup”, Faith said. I saw her close her eyes and I knew she was done talking. My mate’s breathing evens out again and I knew this conversation was done. I sat on the chair and laid my head on the bed. Everything that Faith said echoed in my head, but soon I pushed it all out and let the darkness pull me down.



I never thought I would find my mate, let alone two. I had an incredible dinner with my mate. Angel was right. He was shy at first, but then, when he got to know me better, he let loose and we were having so much fun.

“I’m not ready for this night to be over. I’m having so much fun. It’s been a long time since I laughed so much” Dyland smiled.

“Me too,” I admitted. I got out of the car and opened the door for him. Just then, my eyes landed on my other mate, Ray. He’s wearing dark blue jeans and a t-shirt that stretches against his muscles.

“Wow, does everyone here look like a model?” Dyland asks before slapping his hand over his mouth. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It’s okay and to answer your question, yes” I admitted, making Ray arch an eyebrow at me with a small smirk. He walks towards us and I stay close to Dyland in case he does something stupid.

“Hi, I’m Ray”, Ray smiled, extending his hand to Dyland.

“Dyland” Dyland says, shaking his hand only to gasp when they touch. I saw Ray close his eyes just as his eyes glowed. Ray took a deep breath and opened his eyes; they were back to normal.

“Did you guys have fun?” Ray asked, letting go of Dyland’s hand.

“We did. It was so much fun” Dyland grins.

“That’s good. Maybe next time I can tag along with the both of you”, Ray says, making Dyland blush. What is he doing?

“If it’s okay with Eli” Dyland says, making me look at him and smile.

“I should head back to the hotel” Dyland says.

“You have been drinking. Why don’t you stay the night? We have extra rooms” I said, and Ray nodded his head in agreement bothering him.


“I don’t want to bother” Dyland said.

“You’re not. Stay the night and tomorrow I can take you both to a beautiful place not far from here”, Ray said, taking me by surprise.

“Okay, thank you” Dyland says.

“Come, I’ll show you where you can stay”, Ray said. Dyland grabbed my hand and I could hear his heart pounding. I drew small circles on the back of his hand as we followed Ray.

“This is Eli’s room and you will be next to him”, Ray said.

“What about you?” Dyland asked, making Ray smile.

“I’m next to you” he replied before looking at me.

“Come” I said, opening the door.

“Your bathroom is through that door and there are some towels in there. If you need anything you can let me or Ray know”, I told Dyland.

“This is awesome. Thank you for everything” Dyland said as he began to undress.

“Anytime. Good night”, I said and leaned in to k!ss his cheek, but he turned his face and I ended up k!ssing his lips. Goddess he tastes so sweet, like warm caramel. I l!cked his bottom lip and he granted me access. My tongue massaged his and he m0aned into my mouth. I had to pull away before I lost control. I pulled back, resting my forehead on his.

“Good night”, I said and k!ssed his forehead before walking out of the room and closing the door. I didn’t see Ray in the hallway so I thought he had gone to his room, but I was wrong because as soon as I opened my door, I was hit with hit scent before I was pushed hard into the wall and his lips crashed into mine. We k!ssed like there was no tomorrow and my wolf, Zane, was extremely happy. We pulled apart for much needed air. Ray interlaced his fingers with mine, but I tried not to get my hopes up. He pulled me to the bed and we sat down.

“I’m sorry for how I treated you. I felt like you deserved so much better than me… I still feel that way”, Ray said. Did he really feel that way?

“Funny, I thought it was you who deserved better. For a century I had been looking for my mate and when I laid my eyes on you, I couldn’t believe how perfect you were and still are to me, but I knew the moon goddess paired us for a reason. I do have to tell you that Dyland is also my mate”, I admitted.

“He’s mine too”, Ray said. I saw Ray look down and bit his bottom lip. I knew something else was bothering him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My parents don’t know that I’m bis3xual,” he said. I took his other hand in mine and made him look at me.

“I can’t tell you what to do, but I do want you to know that I will always be by your side, no matter what. I just want you to be happy”, I admitted.

“I know” he smiled and k!ssed my lips again. I changed my clothes and laid down on the bed with my mate for the first time. We cuddled up together and soon we both fell asleep.

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