My Lycan Luna Chapter 27: Fear like no other


I felt Monica stirring on top of me and my arms circling around her so she wouldn’t fall. I opened my eyes and realized it was morning, but then I realized I wasn’t alone with Monica and my mate’s scent was in the room, but he wasn’t around. I heard water running in the bathroom before it was turned off and a few seconds later, the bathroom door opened, revealing my handsome mate.

“Good morning” he smiled.

“Good morning”, I smiled back.

“Thank you for being here with her. I can tell she really likes you”, he smiled down at his daughter.

“I like her too” I said, then placed my hand on her forehead. Her fever had gone down and I felt a huge relief knowing it had gone down.

“Her fever is down, which is good” I said. I got up and gently placed Monica on the bed. Colin pulled me in for a k!ss before letting me go and I ran to the bathroom. I saw my toothbrush and toothpaste, which I knew it was Colin who brought it and I was grateful for it. I did my morning routine and when I finished I went out. The door to the room opened and Sara came in.

“Luna, we need you in room one” she said. I could hear the worry in her voice. My eyebrows furrowed, but I still followed her. Colin was right behind me. I was shocked to see Red outside the door with Ray and Elijah. I didn’t stop until I was outside the door and I saw my son lying on the hospital bed. A familiar fear made its way to my heart. Arms immediately wrapped around me and by the sparks I knew it was Colin, but another pair of hands touched my face and because of the unshed tears I couldn’t see the person well. I blinked a few times, letting the tears fall, and saw Red in front of me.

“He’s going to be okay, baby girl. We are all here with you” Red said. I nodded and went inside the room. I could hear my baby whimpering and tears left his eyes here and there.

“He has the same symptoms Monica has” I heard Noah say from the door.

“I will give him some antibiotics and medicine for the fever, flu, and body ache, but I need to keep him in the hospital for observation. For some reason, the bacteria is working faster on him” Noah got closer to me and Colin.

“The only way this will clear completely is with the help of your parents or grandma” Noah said to Colin, who nodded. Xavier whimpered, making me turn to him. I picked him up gently and laid on the bed like I did with Monica. He laid sideways and Noah got to work.

“Ray is going to take you to get some breakfast. I’ll join you both soon” I heard Elijah say. I looked towards them before looking at Colin.

“You’re safe with Ray”, Elijah said. Elijah walked towards me and gently petted my hair.

“He’s going to be okay sis. Xavier is a really tough and smart kid. He’ll pull through”, Elijah said, and I nodded, not trusting my voice. Faith whimpered in my head. Elijah, Asher, and Colin stayed with me until Noah was done with Xavier. Colin went to check on Monica and Asher went to check on his mate.

“Go and be with your mates, Elijah. I’ll let you know if anything changes”, I told him. I could tell he didn’t want to leave, but still nodded his head. He k!ssed the top of my head before leaving. I was alone now in the room with Xavier and, to be honest, I was terrified. I couldn’t hold it in and I just sobbed silently.



After putting Monica to sleep, I walked out of the room only to see my mate’s friend, Dyland knock on the door. He was carrying a tray of food. He opened the door and walked in.

“Oh baby, he’s going to be okay” I heard Dyland say.

“I’m terrified, Red. I can’t lose my son like I lost my mom and little brother. I don’t think I can survive it”, my mate said, and it broke my heart hearing her say that.

“Have faith, baby girl. I know I just met your son, but if he’s anything like you, he will fight this. Now please eat something. I don’t want you getting sick as well” Dyland told her, making her chuckle.

“You shouldn’t be in here either, Red. You could catch this” my mate said.

“I would trade places with your son in a heartbeat baby girl, plus I already had my flu shot, but I will only leave if you eat,” Dyland said, making me smile. He’s a great friend.

“I’m not hungry-”

“I’ll make sure she eats” I said, making Dyland look at me and give me a firm nod.

“Thank you. Also, I wanted to know if I can stick around for a little bit. I want to make sure that the babies are okay and my best friend too”, he says, looking at my mate and pup.

“Sure, I know she would like that” I said, and he smiled.

“Thank you. How is your daughter doing?” Dyland asks, taking me by surprise. There’s no judgement in his eyes.

“She’s doing much better, thank you. She’s resting now” I said.

“That’s good. There’s another plate there for you as well. If you need anything and I can help, please let me know”, he said, before leaving. I only saw one plate. I didn’t think he had brought another. I grabbed my mate’s plate and began to feed her since her hands were a little full.

“I linked my mom. They should be here this afternoon” I said. My mate knows my parents and grandma can heal. I know as soon as they get here they will heal our pups. My mate only ate half of her food.

“You look exhausted. Why don’t you rest” I suggested.

“I can’t not until I know that he’s okay” she replied, her voice raspy from crying. A knock echoed in the room before the door opened.

“Alpha, would you like for me to bring Monica to the room here?” Noah asked.

“Yes, please” Angel replied before I could. Not long after, Noah wheeled Monica’s bed in here placing her by the window.

“Thank you Noah”, I said, and he bowed his head before leaving. I looked at my mate to see her eyes were already closing. I decided to go to my room and take a shower and relax a bit before coming back to my mate and pups.

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