My Lycan Luna Chapter 29: The attack


Dyland is spending time with Angel, Xavier, and Monica. Monica has been very attached to Xavier and Angel and it makes Colin happy to see her close to his mate. I have been thinking about what Ray has done for me and Dyland today. It was really sweet of him and I could tell that Dyland likes the both of us, but ever since we got back, Ray has been really nervous. So, I took this time, since Dyland is with Angel and the kids, to go check on him. I go to his room and I find the door ajar and him pacing the room.

“Ray?” I called, making him look at me. His eyes soften when he sees me.

“Are you okay?” I asked, walking in.

“I’m going to tell my parents” he says, and now I understand why he is so nervous.

“And I want you to come with me, since Dyland is human”, I opened my mouth to answer when a siren went off. Ray and I looked at each other. This can’t happen. Not right now. Not while our mate is here. We both dart down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” I heard Dyland ask.

“You know I will never let anything happen to you and I promise I will explain everything to you, but first I need you to follow Ray and Elijah to the bunkers and keep the kids safe”, Angel says.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let me help Angel” Dyland says. The front door burst open and a worried Colin ran in.

“Bunkers are closed. Whoever is in here needs to hide in the basement and stay quiet. There are a lot of rogues and they are close to the training grounds”, Colin says, and his eyes go to Dyland, then to his mate. This was not the way I wanted to tell my mate about me being a Lycan. We can hear the snarls, growls, and whimpers outside. I took Xavier and Ray took Monica. A Lycan runs passed the window, making Dyland gasp.

“What the fvck is that?” Dyland asks, but Angel turns him around and gently pushes him to the basement. Once at the bottom, Angel leaves. Pack members are huddled up around. We put the kids down and Dyland took their hands.

“Stay here and keep them safe” I said and k!ssed Dyland before Ray k!ssed him as well and headed out the basement and out the pack house. What I see before me makes me halt in my steps. In my year I have never seen so many rogues and dark witches. Ray k!sses me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Stay safe. I love you”, he k!sses me again and my heart swells at his words.

“I love you too”, I k!ss him before we both shift into our Lycans and head out to help the pack.



The entire pack was in chaos and I knew something had gone terribly wrong, as the first thing I saw was Alondra and Asher fighting rogues in the middle of the northern pack grounds. Warriors are fighting all around us and around the outskirts of the training ground that is in the dead center of both pack houses. Not hesitating, I jumped into the fray to help.

Alondra is fighting three rogues and they seem to have the upper hand as they injure her. Asher has five rogues on him but seems to be faring better. I watch as a gray wolf pins Alondra to the ground and the others try getting to her neck. Shifting mid jump, I tackled the gray wolf, tearing out a chunk of its fur as we skid across the ground. Spinning quickly, I grab its tail, ripping it backward, but not before he pivots, his jaws snapping dangerously close to my face. Missing by centimeters, only to latch on to my side. Seeing an opening, Faith tears through the rogue’s throat, ripping it out. The rogue goes limp at our feet. I feel blood running down our side like I have turned a tap on.

I hear Asher whine loudly trying to get to his mate, but he is still cornered by the five rogues. Alondra is on the ground by a tree with two other wolves attacking her.

‘Where the fvck are they coming from?’ Faith growls while lunging at the rogues that are attacking Alondra. I ram my body into one of them and pounce on the other, digging my claws in and tearing into the back of his throat. The other rogue tries to sneak up on me but Alondra gets up and growls menacingly. The rogue is big, his fur brown and covered in mud, dirt, and blood. I lunge at him just as he lunges at me at the same time, and we clash together before my weight knocks him over and I land on top of him. I dug my claws into his underbelly and with one swift move I clawed his belly open and watched as his intestines spilled out and I watched as the life left his eyes.

More and more rogues are coming through the borders. I looked at Asher to see he was now killing other rogues. I see Colin is surrounded by rogues as they all lunge at once. I don’t hesitate in going to help him. My eyes locked on a brown rogue with white patches. I lunged at him at the same time, grabbing him by the neck. I rolled through the tackle, still holding on to his neck before throwing him into a nearby tree. Not wasting any time, I bit into his stomach, ripping out his intestines. Blood coats my already saturated fur. Hearing an agonizing cry, I turned just in time to see a female rogue barreling towards us. The rogue I just killed must have been her mate as she abandoned the fight she was just in to attack me. She doesn’t care that I’m a Lycan who is three times, maybe four times, bigger than her. She lunges at me and I sidestep her, but she still manages to claw my shoulder. I lunged at her, ripping off a chunk of fur, but she was quick in turning her body and biting my already injured shoulder. I growled, reaching over and grabbing her by the back of her neck, ripping her off of me, then grabbed her with both claws and ripped her head off, Faith letting out a satisfying growl.

I looked to the side to see Colin was holding his own. Alondra was in human form and Asher was in his Lycan form licking her wounds for them to heal. Suddenly, I felt something dark, something evil coming towards us. Just then I saw her, her eyes set on Yashira, Mrs. River, and… Dyland? I ran as fast as I could as I watched Dyland yank Monica out of a woman’s arms and I realized it was Tara. I felt like everything around me slowed down. I pictured fire daggers in one hand. I saw something black coming out of the woman’s hands towards Yashira, Mrs. River, and Dyland. I roared as I jumped in front of them, shooting my right arm out as fire daggers rapidly shot out of my hand and fire balls from my left hand. As soon as the black gooey looking ball hit my body I was shot backwards. I felt my body make contact with a tree and I groaned in pain. I went to sit up but Yashira came to my side. My eyes went back to where the female was, only to see her being helped up by none other than Tara.

“Don’t move, Angel” Yashira says. Dyland runs to my side holding Monica in his arms. He has a busted lip, his shirt is torn and has what looks like claw marks on his chest. I heard a howl in the distance. My vision blurs and I feel my body shift back to my human form.


“Princess” I hear my dad and brothers call. I tried to answer and let them know that I was okay, but no words came out. Everything around me was getting dark. The last face I saw was Colin’s before everything went black.

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