My Lycan Luna Chapter 30: Like a sister


I had no idea what the hell was going on, only that I needed to keep the kids safe. Suddenly, a woman comes down the stairs and I see everyone else move in fear. I put the kids behind me and her eyes went to Monica. She stands in front of me and grabs Monica, yanking her hard to her, and Monica begins to cry. I grab Monica and push her away.

“Give me my daughter” she growls and slaps me, but I hold on to Monica. The woman got angry and swung at me. I heard some tearing and I felt pain which made me let go of Monica. The woman takes this time and grabs Monica and runs up the stairs with her. I turned to Xavier.

“Stay here” I said, and ran after the woman. What I see outside brings such fear into my bones, but I focus on Monica and see the woman. I pulled Monica and pulled her to me. Monica clings to me like a koala. Suddenly, I saw a huge animal jump in front of me before the animal was pushed away from me with such force that it hit a tree.

“Angel” I heard a beautiful Latina say. I followed the other woman to where the animal lay. Right before my very eyes, I saw the animal disappear and where the animal once laid, now lays my best friend, Angel.

“Princess”, I heard Asher and Elijah call. I can hear the fear in their voices.

“Princess”, her father calls. I locked eyes with Elijah. He’s only wearing basketball shorts and his chest is all scratched up, but he whimpers when he sees me. Ray is by our side in no time and looks at me. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and a red glow covers my body. It feels warm. When the woman, Colin’s mom, took her hand away, I looked at my chest to see my wounds were gone. A howl was heard in the distance and I looked around. Huge wolves laid dead on the ground and even bigger wolves are injured. I feel like I’m in a Syfy movie. Werewolves are not real, right? Yet here I am surrounded by all of them, including the two guys I’m so attracted to.

“What is that?” someone asks.

“Whatever that was, it was meant for me. Let’s get her to the hospital” Yashira says.

“Dyland…” Ray calls. I looked at him to see a look of guilt and hurt in his eyes. I then look at Elijah to see the same thing, but I can also see he is torn between staying with me or going with his sister.

“Go, you can explain later” I told Elijah. He nods and k!sses the top of my head before running behind Colin who is carrying Angel to the small hospital here. I looked around again, still shocked at what I was seeing. I always thought this was something I could only see in movies or read in books, but hell no. This is real. I looked at Ray to see he was already looking at me.

“Beta”, someone shouts, and Ray turns to a man wearing only basketball shorts.

“What is it?” Ray asked.

“We caught a small group of rogues who were hiding from all the fight” the guy says.

“The Alpha is currently busy. Put them in the dungeons for now”, Ray says, and the guy bows his head before he leaves. Alpha, Betas, all this is starting to sound like the books I have read before, but they were fiction. Something that someone made up. Or was it?

“Dyland, I know there’s a lot we have to talk about, but right now I need to help my pack clean up. Please, don’t runaway and give us the chance to talk and explain everything”, Ray pleaded. I just nodded. Ray sighed in relief before k!ssing the top of my head and running to help the others. I watched as dead werewolves turned back into their human form.

“I hope our Luna will be okay” I heard someone say.

“The witches will find a way to help her” another said. I walked and walked back inside the huge mansion and went down to the basement where the others were still waiting to hear what was going on.

“It’s over. If any of you can help clean up, I’m sure the others can use the help” I said, as Xavier ran to me. The poor baby looked so scared.

“Mommy?” he asks. I gave him a sad smile. How do I tell him that his mommy was hurt? I don’t and, unfortunately, I will have to lie to him.

“Mommy is busy, but I’ll watch over you for now until they come back” I said softly. My voice breaks at the end, but I’m glad when he doesn’t notice. We walked up the stairs and went to the kitchen. Monica hadn’t said a word at all. I put her on one of the chairs and then put Xavier next to her. I looked around for some snacks and found some cookies. I gave them both a small cup of milk and some cookies. They ate, smiling and talking, oblivious to what had just happened. Monica looks at me and smiles, offering me a cookie.

“You eat pumpkin, then I’ll take you both up for a nap” I said, just as they both yawned. After they finished, Monica asked if they could sleep in my bed and I agreed. Once they had brushed their teeth, I took them to my room and they quickly fell asleep. It had been about an hour now and I’m still sitting on the floor thinking of everything that just happened. Werewolves, witches, alpha, Luna, betas, pack. I sighed and got up from the floor. I opened the door softly and walked out of the room. I walked down the stairs and out the front door. I had no idea where I was walking to but I just continued walking. Suddenly, I see a swing set and I sit on one of the swings. The more I think of everything, I come to the conclusion that I wasn’t seeing things. That I’m-

“Dyland?” I heard Ray call, snapping me out of my thoughts. I don’t look at him, so he kneels in front of me.

“I’m sorry about all of this. This was not the way we wanted you to find out. We wanted to ease you into it before showing you our Lycans”, Ray says.

“Lycans? I thought you were all werewolves” I said.

“I used to be, but Angel changed everything when we found out she was Colin’s mate. Colin was the first to go into the transition. If our bodies accept the transition, then we become Lycans. Unfortunately, not all of us will be,” he says.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Angel’s dad was the last Lycan in the world or so we thought until we found out he had two sons. Angel shifted for the first time on her eighteenth birthday and we were shocked to find out she was a Lycan”. He continued to tell me about Angel and Colin marking and mating. The truth about why Angel really left and how, after a few months, Colin’s Wolf accepted the transition and became a Lycan, followed by some of the pack members. He explained to me that the one fourth are vampires and witches. He also told me that Elijah, him, and myself are mates. Everything I had read in books was… fucking… real.

“Okay, so what’s the difference between Lycans and werewolves? And I thought vampires and werewolves hated each other”, I said.

“Lycans are ten times bigger, faster, stronger, their senses are ten times more heightened. Basically, the Lycans, Luke, Asher, Elijah, and Angel were the last of the Lycans, but because Angel and Colin are mates, it changed things. As of vampires and werewolves hating each other, there’s a peace treaty between us, plus one of Colin’s dads is a vampire mated his mom, and his sister Trisha is mated to the vampire king”, Ray explained and I nodded.

“So, basically, I’m the only weak human here” I stated.

“You’re not weak, Dyland. I saw what you did for Monica, we all did. Goddess only knows what Tara would have done to her own daughter”, Ray says.

“Can I become a Lycan?” I asked.

“It’s all up to you” I heard Elijah say, and I looked up to see him walking towards us. He looks so sad it makes my heart hurt. Ray looks up and pulls him into a hug.

“Is Angel okay?” I asked.

“We don’t know yet. No one has ever seen anything like this before and Tristan’s, River’s, and Yashira’s healing powers don’t work. I just got my sister. I just got her and I can’t lose her”, his voice breaks at the end.

“You’re not going to lose her. One thing I learned from Angel from the very beginning is how much of a fighter she is. Angel will fight and fight hard. She has a family, a pack, a mate, and two pups that need her” I said, making both of them look at me and, for the first time since the attack, they both smiled before pulling me into their embrace.

“As for you wanting to know if you will become a Lycan… it’s up to you. If you accept us, we will both mate and mark you. If you decide to become one of us, your Lycan will start to develop before you shift”, Elijah says. I open my mouth to reply when I hear a loud roar and I see people running to the hospital. I saw Elijah pale before taking off. We ran behind him. As we entered the hospital, I saw Colin on his knees.

“Don’t let her die. Please, save her”. I looked into the room and saw that Angel had some black web like veins on her body, but what took my breath away was that they looked like they were pulsing.

“I have seen this before” I heard someone say behind me, and I turned to see an older man around 80 years old with glasses.

“When?” Yashira asks.

“When I was a child. Ana, the former high priestess, was there to help”, the man says.

“What is it, Greg?” Gabriel asks. I had met them all earlier.

“Ana called it ‘The Black Death’. My mother was the unfortunate one”, this Greg guy says.

“How do I help her?” Yashira asks.

“I have to check my stuff. I remembered writing down what Ana used, but it is moving much faster than I remembered. Whatever you do, don’t continue to heal her or you’ll make it worse”, Greg said.

“Is she in pain?” I asked, making everyone turn to me.

“Unfortunately, yes, she’s in agonizing pain” he replies, and I hear Colin, Asher, Luke, and Elijah whimper.

“Is there a way to ease her pain without making it worse?” I asked.

“I heard Ana say that the pain could be shared by holding hands, but it would still be just as agonizing and there could be a possibility that it could slow this down” he says.

“Then I’ll share the pain with her”, Colin said, and went to grab her hand but his fathers stopped him.

“Son, I know you want to help Angel, but you are the Alpha of this pack and they need you”, Tristan says.

“I’ll do it” Elijah said, making Ray whimper and my chest tighten. These Lycans want to do anything and everything to help my best friend and, since I’m a human, I can’t help her. Or can I? As everyone talks about who will be holding Angel’s hand and, share her pain, I silently make my way to her side. I looked at my mates and smiled sadly before leaning down into Angel’s ear.

“You’re my best friend and a sister to me. You have a family, a pack, a mate, and two pups waiting for you. I’m going to share your pain and we are both going to fight and we’ll come back better than ever”, I whispered in her ear, then k!ssed her forehead. I winced at the pain I felt in my head and a tear slipped down my cheek. If this pain is from my best friend, I can only imagine how much pain she’s in. I sat up and noticed Elijah and Ray looking at me. Everything seemed to slow down as they ran towards me. Almost as if they knew what I was going to do.

“Find a cure”, I said to everyone, and grasped my best friend’s hand. My mouth opens in a silent scream as pain erupts through my body and everything around me goes black.

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