My Lycan Luna Chapter 31: Blame


I use my Lycan speed to get to my mate but I’m too late as he grasps my sister’s hand. I watched as his body arches and his head goes back in a silent scream. I can see little red veins appearing in his sclera before his eyes roll to the back of his head and he falls backwards, but I catch him before he hits the ground. Ray brings another bed in and places it next to my sister.

I feel pain in my arms and it breaks my heart knowing my sister and mate are going through such pain. I gently lay my mate next to my sister and I notice a gooey ball start to form where their hands are joined.

“Is this normal?” I asked, feeling panicked.

“From what I remember, yes” Greg replied.

“I should go. I need to find this spell and potion”, Greg says.

“I’m coming with you” Yashira says.

“So am I” dad says. Everyone else leaves, only leaving Colin, Ray, and I in the room. I wish I could take this pain away from them. Dyland is human and we don’t know if he will survive this or if it will have any side effects on him. I felt fingers intertwine with mine and I looked to see Ray. He looks just as miserable as I feel.

‘Moon goddess, please let them be okay. I beg you, please, don’t take my sister or my mate away from us’, I pleaded to the moon goddess, hoping she would hear me.




All I feel is so much pain. I wanted to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly, I heard a soft familiar voice.

“You’re my best friend. You have a family, a pack, a mate, and two pups waiting for you. I’m going to share your pain and we are both going to fight and we’ll come back better than ever” that’s Red. What is he going to do? I feel the pain lessen for a second or so before it comes back at full force. It is dark for a while before a bright light shines in the distance and I have the feeling I should go to it.

As I get closer to the light, I feel like someone is holding my hand. I finally got to the light and I gasped at the beauty in front of me. A waterfall is in front of me. Even though the weather is perfect, there’s a rainbow just over the waterfall. Different colored butterflies flew around me as if they were dancing. I turn taking in my surroundings. The grass is tall, yet it’s soft and cool.

“Angel”, I hear a sweet soft voice. I turned and fell to my knees when I saw my mom, the pain I felt long gone except for the sensation of someone holding my hand.

“M-mom” I croaked, tears falling down my cheeks.

“My sweet beautiful Angel. You have grown to a wonderful woman” she says, taking my hands in hers and k!ssing them before pulling me up and hugging me. I never thought I would ever see her again.

“H-how?” I ask.

“The moon goddess is a very generous and sweet goddess” she smiles.

“Where is Logan?” I asked.

“Right here” I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to see him, but he was not alone. He’s holding Dyland’s hand. Oh goddess, what happened? Why is Red here? Logan runs to me and slams his body into mine, hugging me tight.

“I miss you so much” he said.

“I miss you too” I said, looking at him, then at my mom.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I didn’t get there on time. I’m so sorry” I sobbed.

“Oh baby, it’s not your fault. You need to stop blaming yourself. That’s the reason why you are so angry. You need to let it go”, mom says.

“I can’t. If I hadn’t gone to train I would have been there-”

“And he would have killed you too. Everything happens for a reason, Angel. Don’t let the Kerrs win. As long as you continue to blame yourself for what happened, you will continue to be angry and will give them the upper hand”, mom said, and I felt another hand on my shoulder. I look to see Red.

“Red, why are you here?” I asked him.

“I couldn’t let my best friend go through such agonizing pain alone” Red said.

“Red, I haven’t been completely honest with you” I said in shame as more tears streamed down my face.

“I know Angel. I know everything and I understand why you kept it a secret. I want you to know I’m not angry at you” he said, and I hugged him.

“We have to leave, but the moon goddess wants you to know that your bodies are going to go through immense pain”, Logan says, and mom looks at Red and me.

“I want you both to fight like hell. This is not the end of the line for the both of you. There’s still a whole lot more”, mom says, then looks at me.

“The moon goddess has something special planned for you and Colin. Whatever you do, don’t fight the change. This change will be good for all Lycans and werewolves”, mom says before pulling me into a tight hug. I returned her hug.

“Fight princess. Fight with everything you have. Think of those who love you”. Her hug gets tighter if possible and she whispers, “Tell your dad I will always be his butterfly. I love you.”

“I love you too mom”. I let go of her and she goes to Red as Logan hugs me.

“I love you peanut”, I said, k!ssing the top of his head.

“I love you too, sis. Please tell dad and our brothers that I love them too”, Logan says.

“I will. I promise”, I assured him. He hugs Red before the turn and disappears before our eyes. I turned to Red and he took my hand. I can feel the pain coming back.

“Fight Angel. Fight with everything you have” he says.

“I need you to fight as well, Red. Promise me you’ll fight with everything you have”, I said. I saw a tear stream down his cheek.

“I promise” he said as we both dropped to the ground in pain, but we never let go of our hands. I scream as my body contours in pain and again I’m consumed by darkness.



Twelve hours. Twelve hours of pure torture. I can feel some of the pain my mate feels through our bond, but I know it is nothing from what she’s feeling. Mom came in earlier saying Greg had found the spell and potion the former high priestess had used and that he and grandma were making the potion. I looked at my mate and her best friend. The pulsing black veins have also gone to Dyland and his mates Ray and Elijah are holding on by a thread. A knock echoes and Noah enters. He looks determined as he goes to Dyland and removes his torn shirt. He goes to my mate and moves down her hospital gown just above her breast.

“Yes, almost there” he says to the phone that’s between his shoulder and ear.

“Okay, I’ll get it ready just in case” he says before hanging up the phone and turns to me.

“The potion is ready. They are on their way back” he says before bowing his head and leaving the room. He returns not long after with two defibrillators. Ray, Elijah, and I looked at each other but before we could ask, grandma and Greg burst in the door. Noah is right behind them with some nurses and Doctor Anna.

“Open their mouths” grandma says, and I open Angel’s mouth while grandma put some green- ish brown liquid down her throat. Ray opens Dyland’s mouth as Greg pours the liquid into his mouth and Elijah gently rubs his throat.

“Step back” grandma says, and we do as she says. Greg started to mumble something in a different language and my mate, along with Dyland, started to convulse. I went to hold her down but grandma stopped me. They both convulse violently. Next thing I know, the black pulsing veins are disappearing and they are both turning red, then blue, then purple before all color rush out of their bodies and they both flat line.

“Anna” Noah calls and she runs to Dyland, grabbing the defibrillator. Nurses started CPR on my mate and Dyland. I stumble back and a howl rips from deep inside me, followed by Elijah and Ray. Howls are heard all around our pack.

“Please don’t leave me baby. Our pup needs you. Your family needs you. Our pack needs you. I need you. Please fight. Please” I pleaded in a whisper.

“Clear” I heard Anna say, followed by the defibrillator. No change.

“Clear” Noah said. No change.

“Come on Luna”, Noah gritted out.

“Clear”, Anna said. The nurses moved away from Dyland as Anna put the paddles on Dyland’s His body jumped. Next thing I know, his eyes snap open as he takes a sharp breath in and gr0ans. Ray and Elijah hug their mate and I smile sadly at them as my attention goes back to my mate.

“Clear” Noah said again. The line stays flat. No change. Elijah came to my side.

“You promised you would fight. You promised your mom you would fight. Please fight”, Dyland sobs from his bed, trying to reach for my mate again.

“I’m sorry, Alpha”, Noah said with his head bowed.

“No! Try again. She promised we would fight together to come back. Try again!” Dyland shouted. Noah looked at me and I nodded.

“You heard him. Try again” I growled.

“Clear”, Noah says, making her body jump again.

‘Fight, come back to us. Fight baby. Come back to us’, I kept chanting in my head.

“FIGHT!!!!” I roared as her whole body jumped from the electricity coming from the paddles. Suddenly, her eyes snap open while sitting up at the same time and letting out an ear piercing scream that could turn anyone’s blood cold. I jumped up and hugged her. She was shaking like a leaf. Elijah k!ssed the top of her head, making her look up at him. She reaches up and wipes a tear that left his eye. She looks at me and I begin to k!ss her forehead, then her eyes, her cheeks, her cute nose, then her l!ps.

“I was so scared. I thought I lost you” I whispered.

“It was hard to fight but I heard you. I heard you all, which gave me more motivation to fight even harder” she croaks. I grabbed a bottle of water and brought it to her l!ps. She drank greedily like she hadn’t drunk water for days.

“Thank you” she smiled when she stopped drinking.

“How many are injured?” she asked.

“A few, but they have healed already” I assured them.

“How many dead?” she asks.

“From our pack? None. Rogues, fifteen and dark witches two. The warriors caught a small group of rogues who were hiding during the fight. They are in the dungeons now”, I told her.

“Good. What about Tara and the dark witch?” she asks.

“Tara escaped and so did the witch” I said.

“I injured the witch” she said, getting up from the bed.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To pay a visit to Tara’s father. Something we should have done a long time ago,” she says.

“No, we can wait for that. You flatlined. I need them to check and make sure everything is alright”, I said. Her eyes went to my grandma.

“Yashira, do you mind checking me, so Colin can feel better?” she asks and grandma chuckles. Grandma goes to her and places her hands over her body and her eyes start to glow to those of her high priestess. After a couple of minutes, grandma smiled.

“She’s perfect” grandma says, which makes my mate grin.

“See?” she goes to get up but stops.

“Umm… can I get some clothes please” she says, and I reach to the chair behind me and hand her the clothes I had my sister bring for her. She wraps the blanket around her body and goes to the bathroom. She quickly dresses and comes out. She looks at Ray, her brother, and her best friend.

“You two look like you need some rest” she says.

“Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll take care of them” says Dyland and winks at my mate, which makes her giggle.

“I know you will. Have fun”, my mate wiggles her fingers at them, then grabs my hand and we turned to leave but she stopped and looked at everyone in the room.

“Thank you all for everything you have done to help us get back” she says, looking at Greg, Noah, the nurses, grandma, and Doctor Anna. She smiles at them and we both walk out of the pack hospital.

We walk to the Staton’s cabin and my mate pounds on the door. A few seconds later and she pounded again and for a second I thought the door was going to come undone. The door swings open and a pissed off Mr. Staton is there glaring at my mate.

“Do you know what time it is, Luna” he spat the word Luna and I growled at him, making him bow his head in submission.

“I don’t give a fvck about the time. I have some questions I need you to answer”. I looked at grandma who had a smirk on her face. I know she really likes my mate. Grandma said my mate was made perfectly for me and she wasn’t lying.

“You woke me up at three in the morning for some questions?” he growls, shaking his head.

“We know Mrs. Staton is not Tara’s biological mother. We need to know who she is” my mate said, ignoring Mr. Staton’s attitude.

“H-how did you-”

“It doesn’t matter. Tells us what we want to know” I said, getting inpatient. Mr. Staton sighs and steps aside, opening the door for us to enter. He takes us to the living room and we take a seat.

“I’ll make some coffee” Mrs. Staton said.

“Twenty years ago I started dating a witch. I hadn’t met my mate yet and I was losing hope in finding her. Anyways, one day Lisset, the witch I was dating, told me she was pregnant. I was happy and so was she. I came home early from work to surprise her and I saw her doing black magic.

I was livid, but she said she needed to understand it to protect herself and our family from dark magic. My wolf didn’t like it and neither did I, but for some reason I still agreed. Every once in a while, I would catch her doing black magic, but to me it looked more and more darker if possible.

After she gave birth, things seemed to get darker. One night, I was working late and when I came home, I found a pentagram on the floor and our daughter right in the middle of it.

I freaked out and grabbed Tara off the pentagram and asked her what the hell she was doing. She simply said she was passing some of her powers to Tara because she could sense she was a werewolf, not a witch nor a hybrid. I knew I needed to keep my daughter safe, so I went to her old clan and asked for help.

I told them everything that happened and they placed a cloaking spell on Tara. As long as the witch was alive, Tara would be cloaked from her birth mother.

Not a week later, I was at the grocery store and met my mate while I was wondering what type of diapers I should buy.” Mr. Staton chuckled, but then became serious again. Mrs. Staton comes in and hands us all a cup of coffee. My mate thanks her but places the coffee on the table.

“Three years ago I got a letter from the witch who cloaked Tara. She said that her mother was killing white witches and somehow stealing their powers. She said Lisset had become the most powerful dark witch she had ever known and to not write back and to keep Tara safe because she knew her end was coming” Mr. Staton said.

“Well, she was here and took Tara with her” I said.

“What?” Mr. Staton looked paled.

“Tara chose to leave Mr. Staton. She’s not your little girl anymore, not to mention she tried to kill your granddaughter, my daughter”, I growled.

“What do you mean?” he asks. I gave my mate her phone and she looks through the pictures then shows it to him. Mr. and Mrs. Staton both gasped when they saw Monica’s little body all bruised up.

“Grandma healed her, but she doesn’t deserve to have Monica with her. Tara is not allowed back in my pack and she’s not allowed to be around my daughter. I will go to the council and make sure they know everything. You can either stay in the pack and be with your granddaughter or you can leave the pack and go with your daughter wherever she is” I said.

“We’re staying. No daughter of mine does this to her own child” Mr. Staton says returning the phone back to my mate. I can tell he is upset with all this information.

“Mr. Staton, where did you live with Tara’s mother?” grandma asks. He gives her the address and grandma looks at it.

“Thank you for your time and the coffee” my mate said.

“Can we come by and see our granddaughter later?” Mrs. Staton asks.

“Of course” I said, before we all left the house.

“I’m going to rest for a little while before getting to work on all this. There has to be a way to stop this witch” grandma says.

“Thank you for everything, grandma” I said and hugged her.

“Thank you Yashira” my mate says, hugging grandma.

“No problem. That’s what family is for”, grandma smiles before leaving. My mate and I walked back to the pack house and went to our room. She went straight to the bathroom and I followed her. I turned on the shower and helped her undress. Once she was n*ked, I undressed myself and went in the shower with her. I grabbed the loofa, poured some shower gel on the loofa and began to wash her body, leaving no spot untouched.

She then took the loofa and did the same thing to me. Once she was done, we both rinsed off. I got out and grabbed a towel for her, wrapping it around her before getting one for me.

We both went to the room. I watched as she sat on the edge of the bed lost in thought. I grabbed one of my t-shirts and one of her boyshorts underwear and went to her after putting on some boxers.

“Babe” I called, making her look at me. She looked at my hands and gave me a small smile.

“Sorry” she said, reaching for her underwear, but I pulled back and helped her put them on.

“Thank you”, she smiled and k!ssed my l!ps.

“What were you thinking about?” I asked.

“I was in so much pain that I lost consciousness, but I saw my mom and little brother. Red was there too. Mom said that there was change coming for us and for me not to fight it”, she said, and I could smell the saltiness of her tears.

“She also said I needed to stop blaming myself for their deaths. That that’s the reason why I’m always so angry and if I continue to blame myself, that the Kerr brothers win”, she said, but it didn’t take me by surprise. I knew she felt like it was her fault that her mom and little brother were killed. I felt it through the bond.

“She’s right. It wasn’t your fault and you shouldn’t blame yourself. Blame Bernard, he was the one who hurt you, your mom, and your little brother. Blame the Kerr brothers who are looking to hurt you and kill you, which I will not let happen. Blame them and take all your anger out on them. This way you can let all this anger go once and for all. I know your mom and little brother want you to be happy and not angry all the time. Do it for you and our pup”, I said, and she pulled me into a tight hug.

“I love you Colin” she said.

“I love you too, my Angel. Now, rest, when you wake up we’re going to see the rogues” I said, nodding, lying down. I lay next to her and pulled her to my She snuggles and I feel her take in my scent. I take in this moment and thank the moon goddess for bringing her back to me. I was terrified I would loose her and our son would grow up without his mother. Soon darkness overtakes me and I fall asleep.

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