My Lycan Luna Chapter 33: Blessed

(Luke Angel’s dad)

I have been going between both the northern and the southern pack houses to check on them. No, no one asked me to do this, but I also have another reason. I found out I have a second mate in this pack and she’s an Omega. No, I’m not embarrassed, but I have no idea what to do. I want to talk to my kids to make sure they are fine with it, but after what Angel told me earlier, I’m afraid she’ll think I’m trying to replace her mother. I could never replace my butterfly. She will always have a huge part of my heart, just like my boys’ mother. She wasn’t my mate, but I loved her.

I spent three hours or so at the southern pack house watching my beautiful mate do some work before going to her cabin. She has a son who she adopted when he was a small pup. Her mate was from another pack but he rejected her because she was an Omega. He even called her trash. Fool, a mate is something precious that you should love and protect, no matter the rank or species. There was a saying I heard my beautiful Celeste say, ‘Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. I sighed as I got back to the northern pack house. Would Celeste be okay if I accepted this second mate? Would she be angry with me? The wind blew gently around me and a familiar scent filled my nose. It was lavender and honey, Celeste’s scent, but just as it came, it was gone.

I hear my daughter’s laugh and I follow it to see her and her friend Dyland on the training ground. They were both covered in mud. I could see a few bruises on each other and I realized Angel was not using her Lycan’s healing. I watched as she continued to spar with her best friend and teaching him just like her brothers and I taught her. The scent of rogues hit my nose and I saw Colin, Elijah, and Ray coming out of the dungeons. Manny and Jake met them with a few other pack members and they took the rogues. Colin, Ray, and Elijah began to walk to where I was standing, so I turned around to continue and watch my daughter and her friend.

“Twist your h!ps a little more” Angel said to her best friend. Dyland tried the kick again, this time connecting with Angel’s face. I heard Colin growl and he was going to go to them, but I put a hand on his shoulder.

“From the look of it, they have been going at it for a while, which means she’s teaching him. She’s a tough woman” I said, and Colin stood beside me. Dyland was a fast learner and he fought dirty.

“I like the kid. He fights dirty” I chuckled. I sniffed the air and snapped my head towards my son Elijah. He was marked by Ray, but he also carried Dyland’s scent. I patted my son on his shoulder.

“Congratulations” I said to my son, Elijah.

“Thanks dad” he smiled but cringed when Angel and Dyland both kicked each other in the stomach and fell to the ground, but they quickly jumped up. Dyland grabbed a fist full of mud, tossing it at Angel, but she dodged it, grabbing a handful herself and throwing it at Dyland, catching him on the back of his head. Dyland’s eyes widened before he rushed at Angel and tackled her to the ground, both falling and laughing their a*sses off. Ray and Elijah helped Dyland up and Colin helped Angel. I needed to talk to them about my mate. I needed to know if they were okay with it.

“Great job both of you. Angel, Elijah, please get your brother. I need to talk to the three of you about something important”, I said. Looking at the serious look on my face, they both nodded.

“I’ll tell Alondra to have Asher come down here”, Colin said, then turned to Angel and said, “I’ll make you a bath”, he said.

“I’m all covered in mud. I think a shower would be better” she said, and he nodded. Colin, Ray, and Dyland leave and a few minutes later, Asher joins us.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk” I said. We started to walk, my mind running a thousand miles an hour. My Lycan whined in my head. He wanted to go to our mate, but he knew this was important to me.

“Is everything okay dad?” Elijah asks.

“I don’t know” I said. I took a deep breath as I came to a stop near the tree line and just took a seat. The three of them followed. They were quiet, waiting for me to speak.

“A few days ago I went to the southern pack house and I found out I have a second mate”, I admitted. They didn’t say anything and just nodded, letting me know they were listening.

“She’s an Omega and was rejected once before. She adopted a boy about nineteen years ago-”

“Then if she’s your mate why aren’t you with her?” Asher asks. I looked at them but then my eyes landed on Angel. Her facial expression was blank, but I could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

“I wanted to know what you thought about it” I said.

“I don’t have a problem with it, dad” Asher said.

“Neither do I. I know you will always have a spot for mom in your heart”, Elijah said, making me smile. I then looked at Angel and so did the boys. She was quiet for so long that I was becoming nervous. If my daughter wasn’t happy with this, I wasn’t going to pursue my mate.

“I know you love mom, and she loves you very much, but you deserve to be happy and I want you to be happy. I know she would want you to be happy, dad. Just… please… don’t forget about mom” she said, her voice breaking. This was hard for her, but knowing she was okay with it, made my heart swell with more love for my children.

“I could never forget your mom or yours. I loved both of them with my heart”, I admitted.

“We know dad, just like we know both of our moms loved you” Asher said. These kids mean the world to me and so does my grandson. Monica may not be my daughter’s by blood, but I still consider her my granddaughter.

“Are you sure you’re okay with it?” I asked, wanting to make sure. The three of them nodded and Angel got up.

“Go and claim your mate dad. You deserve to be happy and so does she”. Angel k!ssed my cheek and smiled. My Lycan was howling in my head with happiness. I couldn’t help but shift into my Lycan and take off to claim what’s ours.



I was happy for dad. The moon goddess had blessed him with another mate. At first I had no idea what to think, but I knew mom and I knew she would want dad to be happy. I mean, when I first went looking for him I thought he had another woman, but no. All this time he was alone with my brothers, but now that he has another mate, I want him to be happy. I sighed, walking into my room. I could hear the water in the shower running. I smiled and began to take off my clothes. Once undressed, I joined my mate in the shower. I couldn’t help but look at his sculpted body. He had lost weight when I was gone, but he has been eating and working out ever since I got back. As if feeling my eyes on him, he turned around and looked down at me.

“Is everything okay with your dad?” my mate asked, guiding me under the water. I wet my hair and body then moved away from the water. Colin grabbed the loofa, poured some shower gel on it and began to wash my body.

“Yes, he just wanted to let us know that the moon goddess had blessed him with another mate and wanted to know if we were okay with it” I admitted. Colin grabbed the shampoo and poured some in his hand and began to wash my hair. I could stop the m0an the left my lips. It felt so good.

“Are you okay with it?” he asks.

“I know mom would want him to be happy and I want him to be happy. I don’t want him alone because something tells me that when he is alone he misses mom a lot”, I admitted. Colin helps me rinse my hair then messages some conditioner in before rinsing it off.

“That’s good that you want your dad to be happy. So, who is his mate?” he asks.

“I didn’t ask for the name, but he told us that she was rejected once before and that she’s an Omega”, I told him.

“I know a few Omegas that were rejected, which is sad, but I know every pack member in our pack. Everyone is amazing. I’m sure whoever your dad’s mate is, she would love him and cherish him” he said, and I smiled at him.

‘I hope so, because if she’s not good to dad I will burn her alive’ Faith said and I grinned.

“Faith?” Colin questioned and I nodded.

“Do I want to know?” he asks.

“She’s very protective of dad” I just said, making him nod his head. He pulls me into a k!ss and presses me against the shower’s cold tile, making me m0an. His hands move down my body, making sparks erupt all over my body and igniting a fire within me. His hands went just below my as*s and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him and felt the tip of his hard c0ck poke at my entrance. I moved my h!ps slightly, making him gr0an as his c0ck began to enter me. He tried to take it slow but I knew he couldn’t. I pulled back from our k!ss and began to k!ss his neck, then l!cked my mark. This made him plunge into me.

“fvck” I m0aned as he continued to pound into me like there was no tomorrow. Heat coiled in my lower stomach and I knew I was close.

“Colin…” I m0aned.

“I love being inside you, my love” he says.

“I’m close” I screamed.

“Come for me baby” he growled, and I did as he asked.

“Colin…” I screamed. A few more thrusts and I felt him also release himself inside me while saying my name like it was a prayer. Faith was panting in my head like a b!tch in heat. I know she wants time with her mate as well.

“Babe, why don’t we let our Lycans have some fun” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Yes, they need to have some time together as well” I said, and he nodded. After washing off, we got out of the shower and dried ourselves. Colin k!ssed me and I as his eyes began to glow. I knew he had given Xan full control.

‘Alright Faith. Have fun’, I said, giving her full control as well.

‘Thank you, Angel’ she said, and I just nodded. I watched as her and Xan began to k!ss each other. I decided to just go further to the back and let them have their fun.

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