My Lycan Luna Chapter 34: First Shift


Alondra has been acting a bit weird lately. We have been here for three months now. Everything with the rogues and dark witches has been quiet and Yashira thinks that at any moment they will attack. I was waiting outside the office for my mate who was in a meeting with Colin.

“Hey son, are you okay?” dad asks.

“Yeah” I said, but to be honest I just wanted to know why my mate was acting so weird.

“Are you sure?” dad asks. He knew when something was bothering me and I had a feeling he knew something was bothering me now.

“Alondra has been acting weird these past week” I admitted.

“She’s probably worried about this thing with the rogues and dark witches” dad said, and I nodded. Everyone has been. We have all been on high alert. My mate is one of the Betas, so of course she’s going to worry.

“You’re right dad” I smiled.

“How are things going with your mate?” I asked. Dad told us last week that he had another mate and I was happy for him.

“Everything is going great. I mean, at first she thought I was going to reject her as well, but when I pulled her in for a hug and assured her I wasn’t going to reject her, she was happy” he replies.

“That’s awesome”. I smiled and looked at him and saw that he was marked. I smiled even wider and hugged him.

“Congratulations dad. You deserve to be happy”. I hugged him.

“Thanks son. I also wanted to let you know that my mate has invited you along with your mate for dinner. Elijah, Ray, Dyland, Colin, your sister, and the kids are also coming” he said.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, dad. We’ll be there” I said. I tried to feel for my mate through our bond, but all I got was exhaustion.

‘She’s so exhausted. I’m going to go up to our room and make her a nice hot bath’, I thought to myself, and left the room. I was a man on a mission.



I looked at Ray as we walked to his parents’ cabin. He wanted to tell them about us being mates and Dyland. Ray was extremely nervous and I could feel it through the bond. Dyland rubbed his back.

“Everything is going to be okay” Dyland assured him. Ray looked at Dyland and k!ssed his lips. He then looked at me and k!ssed me. We continued walking for a few minutes, then stopped in front of a cabin with a beautiful garden in the front. Ray knocked on the door. Not long after, a woman with long brown hair answered the door.

“Oh my baby. I’m so glad to see you”. The woman had a Spanish accent. I know Ray said his mom was from Puerto Rico.

“Sofia, who is it?” I heard a male say.

“It’s our son, Shane. He brought some company as well”, the woman named Sofia says. I hear the sound of footsteps and not long after, I see a tall man. He’s an older version of Ray. He hugs Ray and invites us in. We took a seat and I placed Dyland between Ray and me.

“So, what brings you here son?” Mr. Shane asks.

“Why don’t we wait for mom to come back”, Ray says. Mr. Shane nods but looks at Dyland and me. Something tells me he already knows. A few minutes later, his mom walks in with a tray of lemonade and some cookies. Ray takes a deep breath and looks at his parents.

“I found my mates and-”

“Oh my goodness. That’s great son. Where is she? Wait, did you say mates? As in more than one? Where are they?” his mom bombards him with questions, not letting him finish. Mr. Shane places a hand on hers, making her stop talking.

“Yes, mom. I have two mates” Ray looked at Dyland, intertwining his fingers with his and giving me a small smile.

“Dyland and Elijah are my mates” Ray says proudly.

“Congratulations son. I’m happy for you” Mr. Shane says. He gets up and pulls me into a hug, then Dyland and, lastly, his own son.

“You’re gay?” I heard Mrs. Sofia say.

“I’m bis3xual mom,” Ray grits out.

“I want grandkids. These… men can’t give me any grandchildren. No, you can’t be with them. You-”

“THAT’S ENOUGH SOFIA” Mr. Shane’s voice booms through the house.

“This is our son. Our only son. The moon goddess blessed him with two mates. Yes, they are males, but we shouldn’t care- I don’t care as long as my son is happy. This is the only thing you should care about. If they want kids they can always adopt” Mr. Shane says. I knew this was a topic we also needed to talk about but we wanted to wait until later on today.

“I’m sorry, but I need time” Sofia said before walking away.

“I’m sorry, son. Please give your mother some time. I know she wanted grandkids, but she will come around” Mr. Shane said.

“I know dad” Ray smiled sadly and hugged his dad. I turned to look at Dyland, but he was gone. I tried to link him but he was blocking me.

“Where is he?’ I asked no one. Ray looked at me and his eyes widened. I could tell he was trying to link Dyland but by the growl I knew he couldn’t.

“Dad, I need to go. I need to find our other mate”, Ray said.

“I’ll help. He’s probably upset because of what Sofia said” Mr. Shane said and left with us. We checked the pack houses, but he wasn’t there. We checked the training ground, gym, and even checked with my sister and he wasn’t there. There was only one more place left. The waterfall.

“The waterfall” I shouted before turning to my Lycan and taking off. I ran as fast as I could. I could feel Ray and his dad not far behind me. As I approached the waterfall, I could hear sniffling. I shifted back to my human form and quickly grabbed a pair of basketball shorts from a nearby tree. I found Dyland sitting on a rock with his feet in the water. I walked closer to him and knelt beside him.

“Why did you leave like that?” I asked.

“Mrs. Sofia is right. Ray should be with a beautiful she wolf or she Lycan, not a human male. You heard her loud and clear. She wants grandkids and I can’t give her that”. I knew Ray was listening and so was his father.

“We can always adopt when the time comes, Dyland. Mom will come around. She just needs a little bit of time. I love you and Elija and that’s all that should matter”, Ray said from behind us.

“I’m sorry for what Sofia said. I had a feeling the three of you were mates as soon as you all walked in, not to mention the mark, but Sofia always wanted grandkids. I’m sure she wouldn’t care if they were adopted. She just wants to be a grandma. I just want my son to be happy and I can see that both of you make him happy and that’s all I care about” Mr. Shane says. Dyland opened his mouth to speak but instead an ear piercing scream left his lips as he clutched his head. He started to fall forward but I picked him up and placed him on the floor. That’s when I heard it. His bones breaking and shifting. He was shifting.

‘Angel, come to the waterfall quick. Dyland is shifting’ I linked my sister.

‘On my way’ she linked back.

“Breathe, son, and don’t fight the shift” Mr. Shane says.

“We’re here babe. Angel is on her way”, I told him. I know he said he wanted Angel to be there when he shifted. His body contorted from the pain. I knew this was painful so I decided to take some of his pain and by the wince Ray let out I knew he was taking some of our mate’s pain as well. His bones continued to break and shift. His eyes snapped open and his hazel eyes glowed.

“That’s it. You’re doing great baby”, Ray says. I caught Angel and Colin’s scent.

“Hey, how is he doing?” Angel asked as she stood beside me.

“They are taking some of his pain, but Dyland is doing great” I heard Mr. Shane say. Fur started to slowly come out. His nose elongated to a snout. His claws and canines also elongated. He clawed himself and I grabbed one of his arms while Ray grabbed the other. His whole body arched as his spine broke and shifted, sending Ray, Colin, Mr. Shane, and me flying in different directions, followed by a loud roar. I heard Ray groan as my back collided with a huge rock.

“Submit” I heard Angel say with authority, followed by a growl.

“Dyland, submit to your Alpha and Luna, don’t make me make you”. This time Angel let out all her Luna aura, making Dyland submit. He bared his head to the side in submission. I looked at my sister to see she was holding Colin back. Angel let’s go of Colin and walks towards Dyland.

“You did a great job, Red. I’m proud of you. We’ll see you later for dinner. Have fun on your first run with your mates”. Angel scratched Dyland behind the ear. Dyland’s Lycan is beautiful. It’s all red with black paws that looked like boots and a black patch over his right eye. Dyland looks at us and let’s out a whine. I realized I was still on the rock where I had landed. I got up and made my way towards my mate.

“You are beautiful” I said, running my fingers through his fur. I see Mr. Shane backing away and gives me a nod before leaving.

“I love you. Both of you”, Ray says, and Dyland l!cks him, making him chuckle, then turns and l!cks me too.

“I love you both too. Now how about that run?” I asked. The three of us ran for three hours before going back to the pack house to get ready for dinner with dad and his new mate. Dyland walks out of the bathroom and smiles when he sees me.

“What time is dinner?” Dyland asks.

“In about thirty minutes. I’m just going to shower and we can leave”, I said, giving him a peck on the lips before walking into the bathroom.

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