My Lycan Luna Chapter 35: Meeting dad’s new mate


“Thank you for everything babe. I was so exhausted but now I feel so much better” Alondra, my mate said. I k!ssed her lips and she smiled into our k!ss.

“What?” I asked, pulling back. Her eyes flashed red.

“Do you need to feed?” I asked. My mate is a hybrid. Half vampire half Lycan. She doesn’t always feed, but these past few weeks she has been feeding every other day.

“No, babe. I fed earlier”, she reminds me before taking a deep breath and pulling me to our bed.

“I was talking to Colin earlier to see if we could get a cabin” she says.

“That sounds good, but why? I mean we spend a lot of time between the two pack houses and the only time we are in our room is when we go to bed or want to spend some time together”, I said.

“Well, that’s going to change” she says, grabbing my hand and placing it on her belly. My eyes widened and I looked at her belly then at her eyes.

“Y-you’re pregnant?” I ask and she nods. I pulled her into a hug and twirled her around, making her giggle.

“I’m going to be a dad. We are going to be parents” I said, putting her down and placing k!sses all over her belly.

“Yes we are. Now mom and dad are coming home from their trip tomorrow and I want both of us to tell them”, she says.

“Of course, baby,” I smiled. Her parents were also the former Betas besides Shane and Sofia.

“Alright let’s go or we’re going to be late” she says, taking my hand in hers and we both walk out of the room. As I walked out of the pack house with my mate, I saw my brother with his mates and my sister with her mate and their pups. I say their pups because, even though Monica is not my sister’s daughter by blood, she’s still taking care of her. Monica had even started calling her mommy. As soon as Xavier sees me, he takes off running towards me and I pick him up. He will be two years old soon, but he is very smart for his age. I hoisted him on my h!p and he gave my mate a k!ss on her cheek. I growl playfully at him and then he gives me a k!ss on the cheek, making my mate laugh.

We all start walking together to dad’s new mate’s cabin. I look at my sister to see she’s quiet and even though she’s with the Alpha of all Alphas, his betas, and her brothers, she’s still on alert. She’s always on alert when she’s with her pup.

‘Will we be like that as well?’ I thought to myself.

‘No. Our sister has been through a lot. Her life is still in danger and so is everyone else she loves and cares about, which means the whole pack and our family. She won’t be at ease until the Kerr brothers are dead’ my wolf says. He was right and now I can’t help but wonder how she will act when we get rid of the threat.

“Red, I need to go shopping tomorrow. I’m going to take Xavier with me if you want to join me”, Angel said.

“I would love to. What about Monica?” Dyland asks.

“She’s going to spend some time with her grandparents”, Angel said.

“I go mommy” Monica says.

“I know pumpkin, but your grandma and grandpa want to see you. I promise next time I will take you with me and even aunty Alondra and aunty Trisha can come too”, Angel says.

“Okay”, Monica smiled. I looked at Colin to see a soft smile on his face.

“Don’t forget about training you two”, Colin says.

“We won’t babe. We’ll go after training”, Angel smiles.

“We’re here” Elijah says. We arrived at a nice cabin. Outside there were some lights that looked like fireflies. There was a long table with chairs around it. The table was beautifully set. I’m not going to lie to you, the place had a home like feeling.

“You made it” I heard dad say, and I turned to see him in the doorway with two plates in his hands. He looks very happy. That’s good. That’s really good. I looked at my brother and then my sister before taking my mate’s hand.

“Hey dad” I smiled, walking towards him, and giving him a hug. My mate hugged him as well, then dad took Xavier.

“Gwandpa” Xavier hugged him tightly. Elijah hugs him next, then Ray shakes his hand, followed by Dyland. Monica runs to dad and hugs his leg. He kneels and picks her up.

“How are you doing, pumpkin? Dad asks.

“I good” Monica said with a firm nod, making dad chuckle. Dyland takes Monica just as Angel gives dad a hug.

“Hi, dad” she said softly.

“Hi, princess. Thank you for coming” he says, then looks at us and adds, “all of you.” Angel pulls back and Colin shakes dad’s hand.

“I thought it would be best for us to eat outside. I think it would be crowded with seven full grown Lycans, two werewolves and two pups”, dad chuckles.

“It’s perfect”, Elijah says.

“Oh, good they are all here” I heard a woman say. I looked to see a woman about five feet five inches with light brown hair, brown eyes, and heart shaped lips.

“Everyone, I want you to meet Maxine, my mate. Maxine, this is Asher. You already know his mate, Alondra. This is Elijah, and his mates Dyland and Ray. This is Angel and my grandson Xavier,” dad introduced him.

“Hello, it’s nice to finally meet you all” she smiles, then looks at Colin and bows her head.

“Alpha” she says.

“None of that today, Maxine. I’m just a guest here like my mate and pups. Also, congratulations on your mate”, Colin says.

“Thank you” she blushes, then looks at my mate and Ray.

“Betas” Alondra puts her hand up before hugging her.

“Just like Colin said. We are here with our mates and as guests. No titles tonight” my mate smiles.

“Please have a seat. Angel, would you mind helping me please” asked Maxine. Angel looks at her mate before nodding.

“Sure”, I watched her walk inside the cabin with Maxine.

“Well?” dad asks, making me look at him.

“She seems very nice, dad. All we care about is that you are happy”, Elijah says.

“I am. She knows everything about your mom and Angel’s mom as well”. At the mention of Angel, I looked inside and my blood ran cold. Angel was stalking Maxine, who was taking a step back.

“sh!t. Angel, no” I shouted and ran inside. Just then, Angel hugged Maxine and Maxine returned the hug.

“Tonya, Celeste, and Logan may not be here, but Tonya and Celeste gave my wonderful mate four beautiful kids. Logan is not here with us physically, but he’s here spiritually” I heard Maxine say.

“Thank you” was all Angel said.

“No, thank you and your brothers for accepting me. Knowing your dad, I know he wouldn’t have accepted me as his mate if it made any of his children unhappy”, Maxine says, pulling away from the hug. Angel turned to me and gave me a small smile, then pointed to the wall. I looked and saw a picture of my mom. It was a picture Elijah and I gave dad after he recovered from the attack after he led the hunters away from Angel and her family. Beside mom’s picture was a picture of Celeste and Logan. It was a picture Angel had given dad. Both pictures were made big, I believe eight by ten, put in a picture frame and placed on a wall.

“This is very nice of you Maxine. Thank you” I said gently, touching mom’s picture. Elijah then joined us and I could feel the others by the door.

“I don’t want to take your mother’s place. I just want a small place in your heart and become someone you can trust”, Maxine smiles.

“Now, come on. Let’s get the rest of the food” she said, and I followed her with Angel to the kitchen, but not before looking back at dad, who was smiling from ear to ear. From what I can see, this dinner is going to go great.

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