My Lycan Luna Chapter 36: Protective mode


“I like these shoes” Red said. I walked towards him. He was holding a black high heel sandal with straps that wrapped around the ankle. The high heel sandal has some small black stones that look like small black diamonds. They were truly beautiful.

“Yes, they are, but when am I ever going to wear those shoes?” I asked, shaking my head.

“Well, as far as I know, you haven’t gone on that date with Colin” he said.

“And I don’t think I will anytime soon”, I admitted, though I know I told him that I wanted him to go on a date with Elijah so I could go on a date with Colin. I mean it wasn’t true, but he doesn’t need to know that.

“You never know when that day will come and it’s better to be prepared than to be caught unprepared” Red said, making roll my eyes.

“Fine, how much are they?” I asked. Red looked at the price and grinned.

“It doesn’t matter. Try them on. I want to see how they look” he said, and I knew I had no other choice. I took off my sneakers and tried the high heel sandals on. They were comfortable and looked beautiful. Every time I took a step, the light reflected off the black stones, making them shine.

“Wow, they look perfect” Red squealed. I took them off and Red took them and literally ran to the register. We have been here at the mall for about two hours. I bought some clothes for myself. I bought a few things for Xavier and Monica, and some shirts I liked for Colin. Red also bought a few things for his mates. As Red joins me, I get the feeling like we are being watched and, by the way he looks at me, I know he feels it too. I looked around, but I didn’t see anyone.

“Let’s go” I said, and looked down at my sleeping son. We both carry the bags to the car.

“Do you feel it?” Red asks.

“Yes, just act like you don’t feel anything. I’m going to link my mate”, I told him softly.

‘Colin, Red and I are outside the mall. I think we are being followed’. I linked my mate.

‘I’ll be there soon’ he linked back. My eyes adjusted just as I saw a man with a knife coming at Red. By instinct, I pulled Red back and turned my body, which was a huge mistake because the silver knife was jabbed twice into my left side. I roared, my claws coming out and I swung at the man, sending him flying to the woods that weren’t that far from us. I could hear others coming.

“Run, whatever you do, don’t stop” I said.

“I can’t. My mates-”

“Are on their way. If we stay here we die” I growled. Red looked back to the mall.

“Run!” I growled using my Luna voice. We both took off. By now Xavier was awake and clinging to me. I could tell he was scared.

“Hold on to mommy baby. I won’t let any harm come to you”, I assured my son. Once inside the woods, I shifted to my Lycan form. I looked back to see Red had also shifted. I could feel I was losing a lot of blood, but I needed to get my son to safety. There was nothing or anyone that was going to stop me from getting him to safety. A rogue jumped in front of me, but Red grabbed him by the throat.

The only thing I heard was the sound of bones snapping, followed by a growl which came from Red. Suddenly, I came to a halt. We were surrounded by rogues. I growled menacingly. I pushed Xavier to a tree branch and got ready. The rogues lunged at Red and me and I met the rogues halfway. I clawed at one rogue, making him whimper. I grabbed another one by the neck and clawed his throat out. The first rogue I clawed at bit my hind leg, making me whimper, but I punched him so hard that my fist went through his chest. Before I could even turn, rogues started jumping at me from all sides.

“Mommy” Xavier shouted, making a few of them look towards the tree.

‘Oh hell no. These as*sh0les aren’t touching my baby’, Faith roared. I grabbed a rogue by the neck and pulled as hard as I could until his head was ripped off. I then grabbed two other rogues and began clawing while I wrapped my jaws around another rogue and tightened my jaws around his neck. The rogue whimpered and thrashed around, but there was no way in hell I was going to let him go. I saw two rogues heading towards the tree, making my son scream in fear.

I ditched the other rogues and ran to my son. I rammed my body into one of the rogues, sending him flying to a tree and I grabbed the other rogue and bashed his head in the tree my son was in. My son jumped down, wrapping his little arms around my neck and legs around my waist. I winced when his little legs touched the left side of my back. There were still some more rogues, but I was losing too much blood. Red came to my side and nudged me.

The rogues kept coming closer when suddenly I heard the sound of more wolves. I noticed a rogue coming closer and I lowered my body to the ground protecting my son, but still made sure I wasn’t crushing him. All that was in my head right now was protecting my pup. I hear a growl beside me and I see Red running to take on another rogue. One was sneaking up on Red and I growled, but suddenly, the rogue went flying. More wolves came in and my vision was getting blurry. I would snarl at any wolf that would come close to me and my son. My vision was turning red. I knew I would kill anyone who came close.



I could see her snarling at any of the pack members who would try to get close to her. Including her brothers and dad.

“Angel, baby, it’s me. We’re here to help. It’s all over” I said, coming closer, but she snarled at me, snapping her canines at me. I could see Xavier under her.

“She’s in protection mode. I have only seen this once before and that was when I was a pup”, Luke said.

“What happened?” I asked.

“The pack had to put my mother to sleep afraid that she was going to hurt me in the process of protecting me”, Luke said.

“Mommy”, Xavier called, making my mate look down at him. She licked Xavier’s cheek, making him giggle.

“Daddy. I want daddy”, Xavier said, pointing at me.

“Angel, princess, it’s us. Asher, Elijah, dad, and your mate Colin”, Asher said, trying to reach for my mate, but she snarled at him.

“She’s losing too much blood”, Luke said, and I could see Angel losing consciousness. Angel whimpered and I saw Xavier get out from under her. He grabbed her face in his little hands only to fall on his butt when Angel fell.

“Mommy”, Xavier screamed and began to shake her.

“Mommy wakey” he said, shaking his mom. I grabbed Xavier, who began to sob.

“It’s okay buddy. Mommy is going to be okay” I said.

“I can help” I heard a female say. I turned to see Dyland and another female. I sniffed the air. She’s a witch. I growled at her, but Dyland got in front of her protectively. I growled at him, but Elijah and Ray also got in front of him.

“Alpha, she helped us and… she’s our mate” Dyland said, making my eyes widen. How in the world? They each have three mates.

“Alpha, I can help your mate. Please, she’s losing too much blood” the witch said.

“Okay” I said, knowing I didn’t have any other choice. Her hands began to glow white and so did her eyes. I could see small particles of light going into my mate’s body through her wounds. She began to slowly shift back to her human form. Dyland placed a large t-shirt over her body. The particles came back out through her wounds and began to circle. The wounds began to close slowly, leaving two one inch scars. The witch then moved her hand to my mate’s leg where she had been bitten. Since she had lost so much blood, she couldn’t heal fast enough. Once the wound healed, the particles disappeared and the witch’s hands and eyes stopped glowing. She gave me a weak smile before losing her balance. Ray and Elijah caught her.

“Sorry, I’m still new at this” the witch said before her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Elijah picked her up and then looked at Dyland.

“Where did you find her?” Elijah asked.

“At the mall when I paid for Angel’s shoes. Sam, screamed in my head that she was our mate. The last piece missing” Dyland said.

“Let’s get home. From the look of it, they both need rest”, I said. I turned to my pack.

“Thank you for protecting your Luna, our pup, and Beta. You may head back to the pack”, I said to the warriors.

“I’ll go with them. We won’t all fit in the car”, Ray said.

“I’ll come with you” said Dyland, and Ray nodded.

“I’ll take Xavier” Luke said, taking Xavier from me. I picked up my mate and began to head to the car with Elijah and the witch. After placing my mate in the front passenger seat, I got in the car. I looked through the rear view mirror and saw Elijah looking at their new mate.

“It’s weird. First, I was sad because my first mate wouldn’t acknowledge our bond. I found our second mate and my first mate acknowledged both of us. Dyland was sad because he knew we couldn’t conceive and, even though we could adopt, he knew it wasn’t the same and even though I’m with my mates and happy deep down, I felt like there was something missing. Now holding this woman in my arms, I feel… complete”, Elijah said, and looked up at me.

“It’s rare, but you have three mates, Elijah. Love them all equally”, I smiled at him.

“I will” he said. When we got back to the northern pack house, Ray and Dyland were already waiting for us. Ray took the witch in his arms and looked at her lovingly. Mom and grandma came running. They checked on my mate, then grandma went to the witch.

“She saved my mate” I told grandma. Grandma’s eyes glowed to that of her priestess and she smiled.

“She’s just got her powers, but she’s a powerful white witch. She’s weakened because she didn’t have her mates, but she’ll recover” grandma smiles.

“Ray, you guys can have cabin seventy two” I said, making him smile.

“Thank you” he smiled and turned to his mates before going to their new cabin.

“Where is Luke?” I asked.

“Giving Xavier a bath before putting him to bed”, mom replied. I nodded and took my mate up to our room. I know she needs some rest. For the third time in my life I was afraid of losing her. First it was when she left after the hotel incident, the second time was when the dark witch hit her with the black ball, and today. I need to get rid of this rogue king, his brothers, and that dark witch. I can’t have my family in danger all the time. I sighed, placing my mate on our bed and covering her up.

‘Alpha, we need you outside the pack house’ Ray links me.

‘On my way’ I said. I k!ssed my mate on her forehead, then headed out. What I saw took me by surprise.

“Why did you attack us?” Dyland roared, punching a rogue in the face.

“This is the only surviving rogue”, Ray says, coming to my side.

“Eat me” the rogue spat.

“I’ll pass, but I will hurt you” Dyland snarled and began to slowly claw at the rogue. The screams of the rogue were music to my ears. This continued for ten minutes.

“Okay, okay, the rogue king said it would be easy to kill the Lycan. What we didn’t expect was that there would be two Lycans and a witch” the rogue said.

“She had her pup with her you fvcker”, Dyland punched the rogue again and again. Ray had to pull him away. The rogue spat blood on the ground.

“It doesn’t matter. We failed and now the rogue king will be here in three days. The fight is even now and he will kill all of you including the pups” the rogue laughed evilly. I growled menacingly at him before ripping his head off.

“We have three days. We need to train and get ready for what’s coming” I said. For some reason, I had a feeling that all hell was going to break, lose soon.

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