My Lycan Luna Chapter 37: Luna Ceremony


I get out of bed and go straight to the bathroom. I did my morning business, and suddenly, I remembered everything that had happened. I was in full protective mode, well more like Faith, and there was no way to calm down. We just wanted our pup safe, but as soon as Xavier grabbed my face in Lycan form and said that he was safe, that his dad was there, I lost consciousness. Once I have finished all my business in the bathroom, I go to the closet. I grab some black joggers, a black and hot pink sports bra, and a light pink tank top. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put on my black sneakers. Once ready, I headed downstairs. I realized the pack house was quiet. I go to the kitchen and there’s no one there.

‘Babe, where are you?’ I linked my mate.

‘Training grounds’ he says, and I cut off the link. I grab a pear and a bottle of water and head to the training ground as well. As I got there, I noticed the whole pack was there. I mean those who can train. I saw Trisha running towards me. I haven’t seen her in a while. She’s been with her mate.

“Hey” she smiles, giving me a hug.

“Hey, how are things going with you? It’s been a while” I said. She turned her head to the side, looking at me up and down. That’s when I noticed her mark and I couldn’t help but smile and point at her mark, making her blush.

“It’s been great. I have known my mate since forever and I love him with all my heart. I’m just glad I was finally ready to be his completely” she smiles and blushes at the same time.

“I’m happy for you Trisha. Congratulations”, I said, giving her another hug.

“But why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in your new kingdom?” I asked.

“I may be the new Queen of vampires, but my family is still this one, plus, I won’t be alone. My mate will be here tonight with some of our warriors. My mate and my parents have known each other for a while now as well”, she says, and I nod.

“We should get to training” I said, and she nodded. I finished my pear and began training with everyone else. After sparring with dad for a while, I sparred with my brothers, then my mate. The scent of a witch filled my nose. She wasn’t from our pack, but for some reason the scent was familiar. Sniffing the air again, my head snapped to where the scent was coming from. There, I saw a girl with dirty blonde hair down to her waist. I could see her walking towards Yashira, who’s back was turned to the witch. I growled and went to run towards the witch, when arms wrapped around me by the sparks, I knew it was my mate.

“It’s okay sis. She’s our mate. She healed you yesterday”, I heard Elijah say, making me whip my head towards him. I looked at Ray, who nodded, and Red, who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Amber” Red called and the girl looked at my best friend. She made her way towards us and I could see she was already blushing. That’s when I noticed the marks on her neck and wrist.

‘I could see my brother, best friend, and Ray didn’t waste any time’, I thought to myself.

“Amber, I want you to meet my sister and Luna of this pack, Angel. Angel, this is Amber, our mate”, Elijah introduced.

“Luna” Amber bowed her head in respect.

“Thank you for healing me” I said.

“No problem. I’m glad to see you’re finally awake” she smiled.

“How long have I been asleep?” I asked.

“Counting the time after we were attacked in the forest… a day and a half”, Red said.

“Where is my baby boy?” I asked.

“With mom and dads. He’s safe”, Colin assured me.

“So, did anybody get anything from the rogues that attacked us?” I asked no one in particular.

“They were sent by the rogue king. But because they failed to take you out… we will be attacked really soon, we just don’t know exactly when” Colin said. Now I understand why we were training for so long. Usually, training lasts two to three hours. We have been going at it for five hours straight.

“Okay, I know we need to prepare and be ready, but right now everyone needs to eat and rest. We can pick this up later on today for about an hour or two”, I said.

“My love, we need to be ready” Colin says.

“I know baby, but if we continue like this, they are going to be worn out, exhausted from all the training and when the time comes for the fight they will be easy targets”, I told my mate. I could see guilt in his eyes, which broke my heart. I sighed and took his hands.

“After I had Xavier, I trained nonstop. One day, I trained six hours straight, thinking that I would get stronger and faster if I did it like that, but instead I wore myself out and slept for two days straight. So, instead, I trained three hours four max. Then I spent time with our son, my dad, and brothers. I understood that as long as I counted on them, they would have my back and I would have theirs” I brought my mate’s hands to my lips and k!ssed them. Then I stood beside him and looked out at our pack members.

“Look around, my love. You are the Alpha of this pack. These people will die to protect their Alpha and their pack, just like I know you will die to protect them and the pack. I know I would die to protect you and the pack, but there’s one thing I have always known. This pack is not just a pack… this is our family. To the elderly, we are their children and we love them like our parents, blood or not”, I noticed pack members circling us.

“Look at the person next to you, behind you, and in front of you. These are your brothers and sisters. We are fighting to keep them safe”. I felt someone tug at my shirt. I looked down to see Monica and I smiled at her as she put her little arms up for me to pick her up. I picked her up hoisting her on my hip.

“We are fighting for a better future, not just for us, but for our pups and their future” I said, looking at Monica. The pack cheered and clapped their hands. I noticed Colin’s eyes were glazed over for a few seconds. He then looked at me in adoration.

“We are done with training for today. You may all be dismissed” Colin told everyone, but then I saw his eyes glaze over again. Not just his but everyone else. I could see pure happiness in everyone’s eyes before they all took off.

“Come on Angel. Let’s get you all cleaned up” Yashira said, taking my hand in hers. She began to pull me towards the pack house. I looked back at Colin only to see him winking at me.

“What’s the rush?” I asked Yashira.

“No rush” she smiles. Back in the pack house, more specifically my room, Yashira goes to the bathroom and I hear the water running. I started to take off my sneakers when Yashira came out.

“Your bath is ready. Go in and relax. Let me know when you are done”, she smiled before leaving the room.

‘Okay? Do you know what’s going on, Faith?’ I asked my Lycan.

‘I have no idea, but I can go for that bath’ she says, making me chuckle. I undressed and headed to the bathroom. I got in the tub and sighed in content when my whole body was submerged. I washed my body and let the hot water relax my body. After twenty minutes, I drained the water and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair and shaved my legs, then washed my body again to get rid of any hairs that stayed behind. When I finished, I turned off the shower. I got a towel and noticed that there was a short silk robe with my underwear. I dried myself and put on my white thong and then the robe. I walked out of the room only to see Mrs. River there with Yashira and Amber.

“Luna” Amber bows her head in respect.

“Take a seat here, Angel”, Yashira says. I do as she asks.

“Now, close your eyes and, don’t matter what, don’t open them until we tell you” Mrs. River says and I nod, closing my eyes. I don’t know who, but someone started to do my make up. The reason I couldn’t tell who it was because their scent was strong in my room. After they finished with my make up they started to do my hair. What seemed like hours passed and they were finally done with my hair.

“You can stand up now, Angel, and take off your robe” I heard Mrs. River say. I stood up and some of my bones cracked from being in one position for too long. I took off my robe like she asked.

“Okay, bring your right leg up” and I did, then she said, “now your left leg.” I felt a soft material going up my body, up my br3asts and being tied behind my neck.

“You can open your eyes now” Mrs. River said. The three of them looked at me with tears shining in their eyes and a huge smile on their faces. Amber turned me around and I gasped. I couldn’t believe it was me standing in front of the mirror. My hair was half up, half down in beautiful soft curls with a few strands shaping my face. My makeup was done with a silver smokey eye, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. The dress was black with silver swirls around it and black stones. The dress is backless with a deep V neck. The dress hugged my body perfectly and did I mention that it had a high slit on both sides showing off my long toned legs.

“Dyland gave me these earlier”, Amber said, showing me the high heel sandals he had bought me. I smiled at her and took the shoes. I sat down and put them on. I had no idea what was going on, but all I knew was that I looked beautiful.

“Wow, you look beautiful, Angel” Mrs. River smiled.

“Thank you Mrs. River. You three did some incredible magic”, I chuckled.

“No sweetheart. You are already beautiful. We just made sure to highlight it, that’s all. All this beauty…” she gestured to my body “it’s all you and please call me River or mom. Whichever you like.” I hugged them when there was a knock on the door. Amber opened the door to reveal my dad wearing a long purple sleeve shirt and black slacks. His eyes watered when he saw me.

“Wow princess, you look beautiful” dad said. I noticed Yashira, River, and Amber leaving the room.

“Thank you dad. You look very handsome yourself. I still don’t know what’s going on though” I said.

“You’ll know soon, princess”, dad says, k!ssing my forehead.

“I have something for you, princess” dad says, taking out a small box from his pocket and handing it to me. I opened it and saw a beautiful comb with black, silver, and purple stones. It looked old, yet incredibly beautiful.

“I gifted this to your mom when I first met her. It belonged to my mother. I took it the night I left to remember her, but when I went back she was gone. Now I’m giving it to you. I know she would have wanted you to have it”. I bowed my head so dad could put the comb in my hair.

“It looks perfect”, dad smiled.

“Thank you dad. It’s perfect”, I smiled.

“You look so much like your mother, princess” dad says, his voice breaking in the end.

“I wish she could see me now” I said sadly.

“She can. She’s always watching over you” dad said.

“Over all of us” I said, making dad nod with a smile.

“Okay, let’s go” dad said.

“Where?” I asked.

“You’ll see” dad grinned. Dad offered me his arm and I took it. We went downstairs, then out the front door. Outside the front door were white rose pedals with candles lit on both sides leading towards the side of the pack house. As we got closer, I saw the pack members there. I mean all of them. There were fairy lights all over and a makeshift stage, but my eyes landed on the most beautiful man ever. Colin, my mate. He was holding our son and talking to him. As if sensing my eyes on him, he looked at me and his mouth opened in shock. Xavier looked at his dad, placing his little hand under his chin and closing his mouth before a huge smile appeared on his face. Dad helped me up to the stage and then took Xavier from Colin. Colin takes my hand and brings it up to his lips.

“You look beautiful, my love” he says, and I smile, feeling my face heat up.

“Thank you my love. So, what’s all this?” I asked.

“This is your Luna ceremony” he grins. Colin turns and looks out at the massive crowd in front of us. Everyone quiets down and looks at Colin.

“I’m sure most of you have met my mate, Angel, but for those who haven’t had the chance, then this is my mate and your Luna, Angel”, Colin booms and everyone cheers. Colin extends his hand to me and I take it. I step beside him and he turns to me.

“Angel Michaels, do you swear to protect your Alpha and this pack with your life?” Colin asked.

“I swear” I replied.

“Do you swear to listen to the pack’s problems and not judge them based on gender, s3xuality, or rank?” Colin asked.

“I swear” I said, and he smiled. Colin handed me a gold dagger with some weird writing, then placed the gold chalice in front of me. I looked out at the pack members. This is now my pack… my family and I will protect them no matter what.

“I, Angel Michaels, promise you this, as Luna of this pack, I will fight tooth and nail to bring down this rogue king and his brothers or anyone that threatens our safety and our children. I will do anything in my power to make it safe again. Safe for our children to be able to go outside and play without parents worrying about when the next attack will be. For us to have our barbeques without worrying about having a surprise attack or going out to the city and not worry about being watched or attacked. I promise to fight for my Alpha, my pups, and my pack- no not my pack… my family, because this is what you guys are to me. You are all my family.

I don’t know how other Lunas do it in other packs or how other Lunas have done it in this pack before, but I’m going to stand beside you in this fight and in any other fight and I will fight with you all to the end” I said proudly. I cut my palm and let the blood drop to the chalice. Colin cut his palm and also dropped some of his blood in the chalice.

A light blue mist began to appear from the chalice, wrapping around Colin and me before it disappeared into our bodies. It was quiet for a few seconds before everyone cheered and clapped their hands. Colin pulls me in for a k!ss and with his thumb he wipes tears I didn’t know had fallen.

“I love you so much, my love. You are an incredible Luna”, Colin says proudly.

“And you are an incredible Alpha” I smiled. We had a barbeque with everyone in the pack. Yashira had put up a protective wall around the pack so the whole pack could be here, celebrating with us. We were all dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing. I felt a small tug on my dress. I looked down to see Monica. Her golden eyes shone with happiness. I smiled and picked her up.

“Princess mommy” she said gently, running her little hand over my cheek. She has been calling me mommy. It broke my heart that Tara couldn’t see the beautiful, kind, and sweet daughter she had. The day I saw the bruises all over her body pissed me off. Something in me snapped. I also noticed that my Lycan had taken a liking to the pup and also became protective over her.

“You’re beautiful as well, princess,” I told her.

“You are both breathtaking. My queen and my princess”, Colin said, making me look at him. Monica wiggled in my arms, wanting to get down. She went running to where Xavier was playing with the other pups. I looked at my mate to see him smiling down at me with nothing but love.

“I’m going to go change real quick” I said and ran inside the pack house and up to our room. It was party time. I took out some low rise skinny jeans that were faded in the front and on the back, not to mention the pants hugged my body to perfection. I also wore a light gray crop top that said ‘Not the One’. I wore my gray Jordans, then headed down to where everyone was. Let’s continue the party.

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