My Lycan Luna Chapter 38: Party


I stopped for a second and looked at my pack. They were all dancing, laughing, talking, eating, and drinking like a family.

My eyes then landed on Mr. and Mrs. Staton. They were dancing with Monica. She was holding a white wolf stuffed animal and my son was watching them. Mr. Staton looked at my son and smiled kindly at him. He got down on one knee and took out a black stuffed wolf and showed it to Xavier, who smiled widely, taking the stuffed animal and hugging it tight and Mr. Staton brought my son closer so he could dance with them. It seems like I wasn’t the only person watching because my brothers, dad, Maxine, Red, Ray, and even Amber were watching them. I felt arms wrapped around me and by the sparks I knew it was my mate.

“I love you” he whispers in my ear.

“I love you too”, I smiled, turning in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his hands on my h!ps.

“She’s been calling you mommy for a while now. You don’t mind?” he asks, making me look at him.

“Of course not. Ever since that fight with Tara because of what she did to her daughter, my Lycan and I have been very protective over her”, I said.

“When Monica was born, Tara wasn’t much of a mother. I mean she would only hold Monica when she wanted or needed something. I have been mom and dad all this time and when I couldn’t watch over her, mom and dad would watch over her. I thought about kicking her out of the pack, but I didn’t have the heart to leave my daughter without a mother even though she wasn’t there much for her” he said, heaving a deep sigh. I look back at Monica who was now playing with Xavier and my brothers.

“Don’t dwell on the past. Look at what’s in front of you, my love. Monica is happy. She has a family and a pack that will protect her no matter what”, I said, then looked at my mate. I felt Faith push forward and my eyes began to glow.

“She has us as well. She may not be ours by blood, but I promise I will protect her like my pup”, Faith and I said together. Colin looked at me with so much pride and love.

“I know we have been through some rough patches, but I couldn’t ask for a better mate, Angel. To me you are just that, My Angel. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for accepting me and my pack. Thank you for giving me a son and thank you for accepting my daughter as yours”, he pulled me into a k!ss. Little arms wrapped around me. I looked down to see Xavier and Monica.

“Mommy juice” Monica said. I chuckled and picked her up while Colin picked Xavier up. We walked to where the drinks were set up.

“Alpha, Luna, what can I get you?” Will, one of the Omegas asked.

“Two juice boxes, and two glasses of champagne” Colin said.

“Coming right up, Alpha” Will said. Two juice boxes were placed in front of us and I opened one, giving it to Monica, while Colin opened the other one and gave it to Xavier.

“Here you go, Alpha, Luna”. Will bowed his head in respect.

“Thank you, Will” I smiled, taking him by surprise. He probably thought I didn’t know his name, but I did. He bowed his head again and went to help the others. The night continued with us drinking, eating, dancing, talking with other pack members and just having fun.

“How are you doing, beautiful?” I heard Red say from behind me. I turned around and smiled at him.

“Everything has been great. How are things going with your mates?” I asked.

“To be honest… it has been incredible. I’m just glad that Ray’s mom came around and blessed that the moon goddess gave us another mate” he smiled.

“I’m glad too, Red. You, along with your mates, deserve to be happy” I said, pulling him into a hug. He hugged me tight and whispered “your mom and little brother are so proud of you and so am I. You have come such a long way and I will be honored to fight by your side in this coming fight.” He pulled back and his eyes glowed. I knew there was no way of me changing his mind. Once Red sets his mind on something, there’s no changing it.

“And I will be honored to have you fight by my side, brother”, I smiled and he hugged me. We looked at the dance floor to see the guys dancing. I saw Amber, Elijah’s, Ray’s, and Dyland’s mate. She’s the witch who saved my life. She was looking at Elijah and Ray on the dance floor. I guess she felt me looking at her because she looked at me and bowed her head. I gestured for her to join us.

“Luna” she bowed her head. Red gives Amber a k!ss before leaving and going to the DJ.

“Hello, Amber. Why aren’t you dancing with your mates?” I asked her. She smiled at me and gestured to the juice she was holding.

“I was, I’m just taking a small break” she said with a blush.

“That’s good”, I smiled and looked at my brother Elijah. I could see how happy he is with his mates. Something as precious as mates and family should never be taken for granted.

“You have three incredible guys as mates, Amber. Love them and cherish them as they do you” I smiled.

“Always and forever” she smiled back.

“Alright, let’s go to the dance floor and show them how it’s done” I said. I look to see Red coming back towards us.

“I’m with you on that” Red said. He took Amber’s and my hands and walked to the dance floor with a little swing on my h!ps. Instantly, Colin’s eyes went to my body. He extended his hand and I took it. He pulled me towards him and we began to dance. After a couple of hours of dancing, drinking, and laughing, we put our pups to bed and we went to our room.

“Did you have fun today my love?” Colin asks, taking off his clothes.

“Yes, everything was perfect” I smiled. I also undressed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I was sweaty from all the dancing and running around with the kids. I turned on the shower and got in. I wet my body and washed myself. Not long after, Colin joined me. I washed his body, making sure not to leave any spot unwashed. Once we rinsed each other, he pulled me in for a k!ss.

When we pulled apart, he rested his forehead on mine. His hands went to the back of my th!ghs and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his wa!st. I felt his huge c0ck poking at my entrance before he slipped inside me. I m0aned, throwing my head back. He k!sses my neck where his mark is. He slams me against the cold marble wall and starts to thrust in and out… hard and fast.

“Fvck…” I growled, my nails digging into his back. I tighten my legs around him, feeling the familiar buildup of my 0rgasm. I know he can feel my pvssy tightening around his c0ck. He l!cks my mark before his sinks his canines into my mark and sends me over the edge. I swear I saw stars and even unicorns. He continued to thrust into me.

“Angel…” he gr0aned into my ear. I felt my canines elongate. I licked his mark then sank my canines into his mark, reclaiming him as mine.

“Angel, Angel” he roared as he came inside me. He held me close to him for a few minutes before he put me down. We got out of the shower and I grabbed two towels, handing him one. After I dried myself, I hung up my towel and went to leave, but Colin grabbed my hand.

“Are you ready for round two?” he asked, arching an eyebrow which made him look s3xy as fvck.

“Hell yeah” I smiled sedvctively, making him growl. We made love all night long.

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