My Lycan Luna Chapter 39: The beginning of the War


It’s been three weeks since Angel became our Luna officially. We have been training every day for three, sometimes for four hours daily. Everything has been quiet, but ever since yesterday my grandparents, along with the witches and warlocks, have been anxious.

Today we’re not training. I decided to give everyone the day off, though it didn’t stop my mate from going on a run along with her brothers and dad. After an hour, a few of the pack members joined them. Less than half of the pack have decided to be a werewolf and rejected their Lycans, the others have accepted it and even shifted to their Lycans. Amber also went through her transition.

“Xavier is older by two and a half months”, I heard Angel say as I walked into the kitchen.

“So, we do his birthday first and then Monica’s” Dyland says.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Trying to see which one of the pups is older. This way, we can know who’s birthday party to do first” Angel says.

“Yeah, Xavier is older by two and a half months” Dyland says. Angel gets up from her chair and hands me two paninis.

“Thank you babe” I said, pecking her lips.

“Anytime babe” she blushes. I sat on one of the stools. She turned around to go back to her seat.

“Angel?” I heard Dyland ask. I saw my mate sway a little. I quickly went to her and held her.

“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked. Diland was also beside me.

“I’m okay. I guess I turned too fast and got dizzy” she said. I helped her sit down and I sat next to her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Dyland asks.

“I’m fine”, Angel assures him and me.

“Okay, so I have a few themes here for Xavier’s birthday. What do you think?” Dyland says, passing my mate some theme cards. There were cars the movie theme card, Mickey mouse, Mario from Mario Karts, Sonic, Baby shark, Minions, Ninja turtles, and Stitch.

“What do you think, my love?” she asked me. I looked at her with wide eyes. I wasn’t able to help plan or be there for his first birthday or when he was born, but my mate was making me part of this one and I couldn’t have been happier.

“I think the Minions theme would be perfect” I said, remembering how much fun Xavier had when we watched the movie.

“I think so too”, Angel agreed with a smile. Suddenly, the sirens went off. Grandma ran inside the pack house. She looked around until her eyes landed on me.

“It’s time” was all she said before she ran back outside.

‘Alondra get all the elderly, the women who can’t fight, and the children in the southern pack house to safety. That includes you’ I linked my Beta.

‘Yes, Alpha’ she linked back. I could tell she wasn’t happy about it, but she’s pregnant and there was no way in hell I was going to have her out there risking her and her baby’s life.

‘Alpha, we’re under attack. South border’ Jake, my Gamma links me.

‘Alpha, East border’ Manny, my other Gamma links me.

‘I need warriors at the south and east border’, I linked the pack.

‘Alpha, dark witches and rogues at the North border’ Ray, my Beta links me.

‘West border’, another warrior linked me.

‘I need warriors and witches at the north and west border’, I linked the pack. I looked for my mate but she wasn’t there and neither was Dyland. I ran outside and I saw her getting those who couldn’t fight into the bunker. Just then, I saw Amber. She was holding Monica and Maxine was holding Xavier.

“Please take care of my pups”, Angel says to the women.

“We will just come back to us” Maxine says and k!sses the top of her head. Angel k!sses our pup and I rush towards them and k!ss them as well. I turned towards my mate.

“Trisha and her mate will be here soon. Lets go deal with my demons”, Angel growls and shifts to her Lycan. She’s as beautiful as ever. I shift into my Lycan and lick her cheek before we both head to fight this battle and finish it once and for all.



I growl as I rip the throat of another rogue. I continue to run when I spot the youngest of the Kerr brothers. I ran as fast as I could towards him. He’s toying with one of my pack members, so he doesn’t see me coming until I’m right in front of him. His eyes widened just as I punched him right in through his chest. His heart is in my hand so I squeeze it before dropping it. I remove my hand from his chest and snarl at him as he drops to the ground.

‘One of the Kerr brothers is dead. Three more to go’ I linked through the pack link.

“Angel” I heard River shout as a dark gray wolf lunged at me. A large red ball of fire hit the wolf right in the chest, sending him flying backwards, killing him instantly. I nodded my thanks to River and turned to run when I got a link.

‘Luna three rogues are trying to get to the bunkers. One of them is Tara’. One of the warriors guarding the bunkers links me.

‘Colin, the bunkers’, I linked him. He growls and I see him barreling through rogues. I follow him to the bunker and that’s where I see them. Two more Kerr brothers, but where is the eldest? Colin growls, making them turn towards us.

“We may not be Lycans, but-” I didn’t want to hear what they had to say. I lunged at one of the Kerr brothers, clawing at his side. He howled in pain. What I didn’t expect was for him to turn and bit my right leg and tackle me to the ground. I whimpered from the bite on my leg. He stood over me snarling and showing me his sharp yellow canines.

‘Wrong move fvcker’, Faith snarls as she moves our right clawed hand and claws his stomach in one swift vertical move. I gagged when his blood and intestines dropped on top of me. The Kerr brother that was fighting Colin howled, and Colin took the chance to break his neck. I got the dead Kerr brother off of me and I growled at Tara, who had the unconscious guard by the throat ready for the kill. I shifted to my human form and so did she.

“I’m taking my daughter” Tara said.

“No, you’re not. She’s staying here with me”, Colin said.

“You can always take me as your Luna, Colin. You’ll need one after the rogue king kills her”, Tara purred.

“Over my dead body you are taking Monica and over my dead body you’ll be Luna of this pack” I snarled.

“Not even after that”, Colin mumbled.

“That can be arranged b!tch and Colin, I will always be a Luna”, before I could understand what happened, Tara shifted and lunged at me, knocking me to the ground and biting into my shoulder.

“Angel…” Colin shouted. I grabbed Tara by the throat as she used her back legs to scratch my thighs. I felt the fire inside me burn bright and I tightened my grip on her, feeling the fire travel down my arms to my hand. I tightened my grip even more until something snapped. She whimpered and moved away as I let go, only for Colin to grab her by the throat. I stood up and my eyes went to Tara. Colin threw her to the ground and with a swift movement, I snapped her neck.

“I told you I wasn’t the one to fvck with, b!tch”, I spat on the body and shifted back to my Lycan form. Colin and I ran back to the fight where they had concentrated at the training ground. I looked around at the dead pack members and I couldn’t help but let out a painful howl.

“Aroooooo” I howled out to the moon. I will avenge them all.



“Aroooooo” I heard my daughter howl. I have heard that howl in the past. I looked for her only to see her running toward Colin. He was fighting a large brown rogue and two smaller rogues. One was gray and white- well, more like dirty white, and the other was a solid gold color. Angel wrapped her large jaws around the brown rogue and with her momentum threw him away from Colin. Colin grabbed the two smaller rogues and bashed their heads into the ground. Suddenly, black smoke began to circle around us. I could no longer see Angel. I heard a yelp followed by a screech. The vampires had arrived. I looked to where Angel was but she wasn’t there any longer.

I sniffed the air to try and get Angel’s scent, but I couldn’t. There were too many scents around, especially the stench of blood and rogues. I see Gabriel looking around when suddenly he places a hand on the ground and roars. The ground began to shake. I saw my sons so I ran to them.

“Angel, have you seen Angel?” I asked them as they each dropped a dead rogue to the ground.

“She’s close, I just don’t know where” Colin says as he gets to us. He has claw marks on his torso. Suddenly, I heard a scream. I looked to where the scream came from and I saw a woman with black hair and eyes blacker than the night without a moon. I see the woman conjuring a black mass ball like the one she threw at Angel. She lunges it at Yashira, but she dodged it with ease. I look to my right to see more rogues coming.

‘Moon goddess let my daughter be okay’, I prayed.

‘Celeste, please watch over our princess’ I said in my head, and joined the fight.

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