My Lycan Luna Chapter 40: Torture


I lay on the ground by a tree. I’m wounded badly and bleeding, but I can feel Sam, my Lycan trying to heal me. The rogue king lured Angel to him by hurting me.

“An-gel” I groan. The rogue king injected her with something before he punched her a few times, knocking her out. I looked around where we were. I sniffed the air to see if someone from our pack was close, but I could smell anything.

‘Link our mates’ Sam, my Lycan said.

‘Ray, Elijah’ I said weakly.

‘Red? Babe, where are you?’ Ray links me, but I can feel them both there.

‘The rogue king has Angel and me in the woods. He injected her with something and she won’t wake up’ I linked them. Just then the rogue king showed up.

“The b!tch killed my other three brothers. It wasn’t enough that she killed one, but she killed the other three” the rogue king roared. I reached for Angel to try to wake her up but the rogue king looked at me.

‘He’s pissed Angel killed his other three brothers’. I inked them.

“She seems to be attached to you. I’m taking you both and then you will tell them all that I did to her. I want them to suffer just like I did”, he growls and punches me so hard that black dots begin to appear.

‘Please… help…’ I said through the link. My vision goes black. When I came back to, I saw Angel’s naked body on one shoulder while I was on the other.

‘Red, baby where are you?’ I heard Elijah link me. I can hear and feel the worry through our bond. I don’t answer but I open the link as I hear water nearby, then everything goes dark again.



I duck as a black mist ball goes over my head. I have searched the woods with Luke, Beta Ray, and Elijah. Dyland had linked him that the rogue king had him and Angel somewhere in the wood, but when we went in search for them we couldn’t find them. I saw a red glow and I looked to see my mom glowing in her red fire. She pushes a hand out and the red fire shoots out towards the dark witch. She is thrown backwards but quickly gets up, but grandma is there. Grandma’s eyes glowed into those of her priestess. Her hands begin to glow and I feel incredible power coming from her. In all my years I have never felt such power come from my grandma.

I saw movement from my right and I looked to see the witches and warlocks from grandma’s clan walking towards us with a small group. You can see the magic binding them. No matter how hard they try, they will not be able to use their powers unless grandma’s coven remove the magical bindings.

“Kneel next to her” grandma says. The other dark witches kneel behind Lisset, the powerful dark witch.

“Where is my daughter?” Lisset asks.

“Dead” I growled. Her head snaps towards me. I saw furry on her face, but then she began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Elijah asks.

“Who killed my daughter?” Lisset asks.

“It doesn’t matter” I snarled.

“Oh, but it does. See, whoever killed my daughter, killed the rogue king’s mate, which means…” she looks at me with an evil grin.

“Your mate, their Luna, will suffer greatly before he kills her” she cackled.

“ENOUGH” grandpa shouted, standing proudly next to grandma.

“I, Yashira Knight, high priestess, hereby take yours and your dark witches’ powers. You will all be handed to the witch council where they will decide your punishment that will be given to you daily until your dying breath”, grandma said with authority. I watched as the witches screamed and a black mist came out of their mouths. Arching their backs as they struggled to breathe. Suddenly, their bodies went limp.

“Take them to the witch council. Have them contact me if they need anything” grandma said to her clan. A portal was open and they went through with the dark witches- well, more like humans now.

‘Noah, come to the training grounds’ I linked.

‘On my way Alpha’ he linked back.

“Any sign of Angel and Red?” Trisha asked.

“No. We found where they were by their blood, but that was it” I said. I heard Elijah take in a sharp breath and his eyes were glowing. A low growl left his lips. His eyes stopped glowing and his head snapped towards us.

“Waterfall. They are close to the waterfall”, Elijah said before shifting to his Lycan and taking off. I shifted and followed him. I ran as fast as I could. I was getting close to the waterfall. I could hear the sound of water. I sniffed the air. I caught their scents but it was barely there. I shifted back and sniffed the air again. Luke, Eljah, Ray, Asher, J.R, my dads and grandpa were sniffing trying to catch their scent.

“Which way?” I growled.

“I lost their scents” J.R said. I roared, making the trees around me shake.

“Let’s head back. We can ask Noah or the other rogues you took in if they know where they would take them” dad Koslov said.

“I agree. We need to talk to them” dad Tristan said. I nod and we all shift back to our Lycan form and headed back to the training field. When we got there, I shifted and saw Noah there checking on the injured. I headed towards him.

“The rogue king took my mate and her best friend. Where will he take them?” I asked. I saw fear in his eyes when I told him my mate and her best friend were taken.

“To his camp,” he said.

“Where is this camp?” Elijah growled.

“I can take you there” he said.

“Noah” Luke calls, making Noah look at him.

“Angel killed the rogue king’s mate”, Luke said, making Noah pale.

“That’s not good” Noah said.

“No it’s not. The only good thing is that he is not going to kill her quickly. He is going to try and break her”, Noah’s sister said, coming to stand beside him.

“Give me some time to prepare a bag. I’m sure they are going to need medical help”, Noah said. I nodded and he took off.

“For now, let’s help clean up. Ray, Elijah, go spend time with your mate. I’ll let you know when we are ready to leave”, I told them. They bowed their heads in respect and left as I helped my pack clean up and gather our dead.



I woke up to someone putting shorts on me. My eyes snapped open and I saw a small petite woman. She has a scar on her left cheek. She looks at me and is consumed with fear, but still places a finger on her lips. She looked familiar. My eyes widened when I placed her face. She’s that young rogue girl, Sofia’s family member.

“Where am I?” I whispered.

“In the dungeons in the rogue king’s pack” she replied back in a whisper.

“You have a daughter, don’t you?” I asked her and she nodded as her eyes filled with unshed tears.

“Yes, but she died. The Alpha of all Alphas killed her” she whispers, but I see anger and hurt flash in her eyes.

“No, he didn’t The Alpha and our Luna took them in as pack members” I told her. At the mention of my Luna, I looked around to see her on the ground.

“You’re lying” she says.

“Why would I lie to you when I’m the one in the dungeons with my Luna not far from me? Your daughter is an Omega, but she wants to work her way up to being a warrior”, I groaned as my head throbbed and black dots began to appear again.

“Don’t leave her naked… please” I said before losing consciousness again. I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to see the woman who put the shorts on me. I realized I was sitting in a chair with chains wrapped around me. They burned my skin every time I moved. I looked to the side but Angel wasn’t there. I noticed something moving to my left. I turned my head and I saw Angel hanging from the ceiling by her wrist. She was no longer naked. She was wearing a large t-shirt.

“I need you to tell me something about your mates that only you and them would know” she said.

“Our first unofficial date as the three of us was… a picnic at the waterfall… we went swimming… before a special family dinner”, I said. She grabbed a bottle of water and brought it to my lips. I drank greedily before I pulled back.

“Give her some” I said. She dragged a chair in front of Angel and got on it. She brought the bottle of water to her lips.

“I know it’s hard, Luna, but please drink” she said to Angel. When she finished, she moved the chair and came back to me.

“I’m going to your pack. I will tell them where you are and bring help” she leaned in and whispered something in my ear. I looked at Angel before looking at her, but she was already out the door. I tried to move from the chair, but the chains burnt my skin.

‘Silver’, Sam said weakly. I hear Angel gasp and she begins to thrash around. I could smell the burnt flesh all the way here. I don’t know if it was hers or mine.

“Easy Angel” I said, as the movement from her thrashing around turned her to me. My breath hitched when I saw her face. She had a busted lip, a black eye, she had a cut on her left cheek bone and a gash over her right eyebrow. Her face is covered in bruises and is also swollen. Blood covered the right side of her face. She had bruises and cuts all over her body. A tear left her eyes when she looked at me.

“I’m… sorry… I brought you… into this” she said softly.

“You didn’t bring me into anything, Angel. I did. I’m going to stand by you no matter what, it’s what family does and you are my sister”, I told her.

“I love you Red” she croaked.

“I love you too, Angel,” I said. I heard the sound of a lock and the door opened. The psycho as*sh0le from earlier walked in. He had a huge smile on his face when he saw Angel was awake.

“My brother Bernard always said he wanted to know how much a person can take by being whipped before passing out” he said, as he took out a thin bamboo stick. All I heard was the sound of a woosh followed by Angel’s groan.


“Stop” I shouted, but he ignored me.


“Leave her alone” I shouted, but yet again he ignored me.


“Stop you peace of sh!t. Your brother is dead for his stupidity” I growled, but he still ignored me. He was concentrating on her.

The whipping continued, but after the first whip with the bamboo stick, Angel didn’t scream. I think she only groaned because she didn’t expect it. He whipped her fifteen times with the bamboo.

“I would like it more if you screamed. It’s music to my ears” the rogue king snarled, grabbing the whip that at the tip had something shining. He cracked the whip once before he began to whip Angel again.

“Stop!. Stop you fvcking psycho. She killed your brother because he killed her mother and little brother. The other three were your fault. It’s your fault your other three brothers are dead”, I roared. I saw the eyes roll to the back of Angel’s head before she passed out. Her back was all cut up and bloodied.

“Guard” the rogue king shouted.

“Yes, my king” the rogue came and bowed his head.

“Chain him to the wall with his back towards me” he said. I knew what was coming for me, but at least Angel wasn’t getting beat. I took a deep breath when the silver chains were taken off of me. I was dragged to the wall not far from Angel. I was chained up to the wall. I took a deep breath. Suddenly, all I felt was pain followed by a warm liquid. My throat hurt from how loud I was screaming. I passed out after being whipped ten times.

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