My Lycan Luna Chapter 41: Pregnant?


I should have argued with Dyland more for him to stay with our other mate, Amber. Now he is missing along with our Luna and I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault.

“Don’t do that” I heard Elijah say, which made me look at him a little confused.

“Don’t blame yourself. Dyland is his own person and he was going to fight beside his best friend and his mates whether we wanted him to or not. Yes, we should have kept a closer eye on him, but we couldn’t. We were also fighting. The best thing we can do is spend time with Amber until we leave to find him”, Elijah says, taking my hand in his. We go to the bunkers where we see one of the warriors gathering Tara’s body and head. I opened the bunkers, letting the pack members out. Some take the children inside the pack house while others help clean up. Amber is the last person inside. She’s on the floor rocking Xavier and Monica, who have tear stained faces. Elijah and I rushed towards her. We take the kids and help her up. She hugs us and then looks behind us. I know who she’s looking for. Our other mate.

“W-where is Dyland?” Amber asks.

‘I’m sorry love. Dyland and my sister were taken by the rogue king’ Elijah links her as soon as he opened the links between the three of us. Her knees buckled and I caught her before she could hit the ground. Elijah takes Monica from me and I pick up our mate. She begins to sob silently, not wanting to scare the children. Maxine walks in with Mrs. Staton, Noah’s sister Jenna, his mate Sofia, and my mom. Sofia is the youngest rogue that was in the group that was caught along with Noah’s sister.

“We’ll take care of the kids. You go take care of your mate” mom said.

“Thank you mom” I said, k!ssing her cheek. I turned ready to leave and take care of our mate.

“Ray” mom called. I turned and looked at her.

“I’m sorry for how I acted before. I’m glad you have another mate, but all I want is for you to be happy. When you find Dyland, I’ll make dinner for all of us, so I can apologize to your mates and get to know them” she said, giving me a small smile.

“Thank you mom. That would be perfect”. I smiled at her before leaving. I walked out of the pack house and following my mate, Elijah’s scent, back to our home. I open the door and I see him there with a look of pain, rage, and shock.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, but he shook his head and looked at our mate. I understood he didn’t want to talk in front of her. I nodded once and took her to our room.

“I’ll be right back baby. I’m going to bring you something to drink”, I told her. Her sobs had already turned to hiccups. She didn’t answer, so I walked out the room. I saw Elijah walking towards the kitchen. He grabbed a glass and filled it with some water before handing it to me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“This… war is not going to be over until we kill the rogue king, but goddess knows how many people he has where we are going” he says, running a hand over his face.

“We’ll take some warriors with us” I said, but he shook his head.

“It’s not that,” he growled.

“Then tell him” I turned at the sound of Amber’s voice. Elijah looked at her and she nodded.

“He deserves to know. Tell him”, she urged him, and he nodded. I deserve to know what? Tell me what?

“I waited a century for my mate. When I found you…” he looked at Amber, who nodded with a small smile, and then he looked at me.

“… I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I was hurt you weren’t acknowledging our bond, but to be honest, I wasn’t angry. You didn’t wait for your mate as long as I did and it turned out to be a male. When I found out Red was my mate, I was afraid I would have to choose between the two of you because I loved him as well, but you came around and I found out he was your mate too. I felt blessed that the moon goddess had blessed me with three mates, but now… now I’m terrified I’m going to loose one of the people I love. I know I have never said this to you before, but Ray… I love you. I love you just like I love Dyland and Amber. I can’t lose any of you” his voice broke at the end and I was stunned. I have heard him tell Amber and Dyland how much he loves them, but for the first time I heard him say it to me. I knew I would have to earn his trust again after trying to ignore our bond, but I feared I would never hear him say those three words to me.

I rushed towards him using my Lycan speed and pulled him to me. I hugged him tightly then reached out for Amber. I see a smile on her face as she hugs both of us. I take in her scent. It has changed a bit, but it’s to be expected, since she has our scents mixed with hers.

“I love you too, Elijah. I love you just as much as I love our mates and you’re not going to lose any of us. We’re going to get Dyland back and then the four of us will go on a vacation. A well deserved vacation” I said. I looked at him and k!ssed him. At first it was soft, but then it got rough and passionate. We pulled apart and I pulled Amber towards me and k!ssed her. When I pulled back, Elijah pulled her into a k!ss of his own. When they pulled back, Amber was grinning.

“I know you are both going to tell me that you want me to stay and I’m not going to argue even if I want to join you. All I ask is that you bring our mate home and our Luna and, please, please stay safe”, Amber said.

“We will love. We will watch over each other”, I assured her and she nodded.

‘Ray, bring Elijah to the pack house. There’s a woman here who says she knows where our mates are’ Colin links me.

“We have to go, my love. Elijah, must go” I said. We k!ssed Amber and we left our home.

“What’s going on?” Elijah asks as soon as we leave our home.

“There’s a woman here that says she knows where our mate and your sister are”, I told him. We reached the pack house and I could smell the stench of a rogue. I walked to Colin’s office and knocked.

“Come in” I heard him say, and I opened the door. There was a woman standing not far from Colin. She’s terrified, yet she stands tall.

“Alpha, we don’t have much time. Is my daughter Sofia here in your pack?” the woman asks. Just then another knock. Colin tells the person to enter and Noah comes in, followed by his mate Sofia. The woman’s eyes widen and shine with unshed tears.

“Oh god, Sofia” the woman said.

“Mom? What are you doing here? How did you get out?” Sofia asked, running towards her mother.

“There’s no time to explain right now” she says, then turns to the Alpha.

“Alpha, your mate, and the other guy don’t have much time left. The rogue king is getting angrier by the second. The male said my daughter was here and safe, so I came to help. They don’t deserve what they are going through”, the woman says.

“Where are they?” Colin growls.

“In the dark forest. I can take you there and I can help you get in. I don’t think he knows I’m gone yet”, the woman says.

“Let’s go then”, Elijah says.

“You’ll need a doctor. Your Luna is in bad condition” the woman says, making my mate and Colin stiffen.

“What do you mean?” Elijah asked.

“She’s being tortured and her Lycan won’t heal her” she said.

“What? Why?” Colin asks, worry laced in his voice.

“Because her Lycan is protecting her pup” the woman says, making our eyes widen. Angel is pregnant. I looked at my mate and Colin.

“We can deal with this later. We need to get to our mates before they are hurt even more” I said.

“Lets head out” Colin says. We head outside the pack house only to find a large crowd of warriors.

“Alpha, we would like to come with you. This is our Luna and Beta, but they are also our friends… our family and we want to help”, Manny, one of my best friends and Gamma said. I looked around at the other warriors who nodded their heads. Ever since Angel had come here and came back she had been spending time with everyone in the pack from both pack houses and helping around the pack and so had Dyland. It’s clear to say that everyone likes them.

“Very well, we’re heading out now”, Colin said, and we followed Sofia’s mother and Noah.

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