My Lycan Luna Chapter 42: Rescue


I opened my eyes. The room I’m in is dark, cold, and it stinks. I try to move my head but it feels like it weighs a ton. I move my eyes and I see a figure tied up in chains by the wall. My vision blurs but I blink a few times and that’s when I see the person tied up to the wall in chains is none other than Red. I try to move, but my whole body hurts.

“R-Red” I called softly. My voice is raspy, but I’m able to get a small movement out of him. He gr0ans and looks at me.

“An… gel” he breathed out. He takes a few deep breaths and gives me a smile. Only Red can smile at a moment like this.

“I thought… you were… dead. He beat you… so badly” Red said.

“I’m still… here. I’m just… tired”, I assured him. I closed my eyes and called for my Lycan.

‘Faith?’ I called, but there was no answer.

‘Faith?’ I called again, but just like the first time I was met with silence.

“Angel” Red called, making me open my eyes.

“Don’t give up. They will find us… and you… the baby… and I will be out of this… hell hole” Red said. Baby? What baby? Did they also take my pups?

“What… baby? Did he take… my p-pups”? I voiced my thoughts. Red shook his head. Black dots were starting to appear in my vision.

“N-no, he didn’t take your pups” Red said lowly. Darkness began to take over me as the last thing I heard Red say or imagined was, “you’re pregnant.”



I watched as her eyes closed again. I have no idea how long we have been here. All I know is that every time the rogue king comes in he beats one of us. Angel was the last one he tortured and I noticed he wanted to hear her scream. It’s what he wants, but Angel won’t give him the satisfaction. I’m afraid she won’t be able to hold on much longer and neither will her baby if he keeps injecting her with whatever the rogue king is injecting her with, which stops her from using her powers. I have also learned to just take the pain by transporting my mind to the waterfall where I was with Ray, Elijah, and Amber.

The door to the room we are in opens and the rogue king walks in. He looks worse than earlier. His clothes are dirty and wrinkled, his hair looks greasy, and the look in his eyes is one that screams out soulless. This man is completely unhinged.

‘His feral’ Sam, my Lycan says weakly. He walks towards Angel, harshly grabbing her face, turning it side to side before letting her go. He goes to a table that’s not far from Angel. It’s where he keeps his tools to torture us. He grabs a large hunting knife and the smile that makes its way to his face could make any man’s blood freeze.

“You will scream now” I heard him say as he turned to Angel. I pulled hard on my restraints, ignoring the sizzling burn from the silver chains.

“Stop. Leave her alone” I growled, but he ignored me. He places the knife on her skin and I could hear the sizzling. Angel gr0ans, then places the knife on her right th!gh and slowly drags it down.

“NOO” I screamed. Angel’s eyes snap open and a blood curling scream leaves her lips. The rough king laughs and stands back and looks at Angel.

“I told you I would make you scream” he cackled. He sounded like a maniac. After he stopped laughing, he looked at Angel. I didn’t like the way he was looking at her.

“You know, I never noticed how s3xy of a body you have. Maybe I should have some fun with you before I bleed you” the rogue king said. He placed his hand on the left side of her stomach and began to run his hand up to the side of her br3ast until he got to the collar of her shirt and ripped it off. I was glad to see she had a sports bra and some underwear. Angel’s eyes turned to me and I saw so much fear in them before she masked it. Her eyes went back to the rogue king when he grabbed her left br3ast, then grabbed her face, roughly trailing her bottom lip with his thumb.

“Leave her alone you fvcking pig. You bring shame to the werewolf species” I roared, making the rogue king look at me and snarl my way. Suddenly, Angel moved, opening her mouth and bit his thumb. The rogue king screamed, moving his hand away from Angel’s face. Angel spat out something. When I looked, it was the rogue king’s thumb.

“You b!tch” the rogue king growled and punched Angel in the face. Her body turned three times with the force the rogue king used. When Angel stopped spinning, she had a smile on her face. Her mouth and teeth were covered in both her blood and the rogue king’s blood.

“Keep touching me and I’ll bite off every single one of your fingers. I will make you scream”, Angel said.

“I’m going to make you scream louder now” the rogue king said, and brought the knife to her stomach. This is not good. He is going to kill her here and now. I pulled and tugged on my restraints trying to get free. I needed to get free and help my best friend. My skin burnt and I could smell my blood. Suddenly, I heard a howl, followed by another, then another. The rogue king stopped and listened before growling and putting the knife back on the table.

I opened my eyes. The room I’m in is dark, cold, and it stinks. I try to move my head but it feels like it weighs a ton. I move my eyes and I see a figure tied up in chains by the wall. My vision blurs but I blink a few times and that’s when I see the person tied up to the wall in chains is none other than Red. I try to move, but my whole body hurts.

“I’ll be right back, Angel”, he went to touch her face, but Angel snapped her teeth at him. As soon as the rogue king was out the door, her head went down. Her chin was touching her chest and if it wasn’t because of her chest rising and falling I would have thought she was dead.

“Angel” I called, but she didn’t reply.

“Angel” I called again.

“Yes?” she asks softly.

“I think those are our mates out there. Hang on a little longer. Stay with me”, I told her.

“I’m trying” she said. I looked at her th!gh to see she was losing a lot of blood. If I let her close her eyes, there’s a possibility she will not open them again. I needed to think about something to keep her awake.

“Do you remember Peanut’s birthday? We couldn’t have a big party because he didn’t have friends, so we bought a small pool and filled it up with cool whip. You did like you were wrestling him and let him take you down”. I chuckled, remembering that day.

“I do. I think… you spent like… close to three hundred dollars… on cool whip” she said.

“Close, but I had fun and I know he did” I said, then I remembered something else.

“Angel, I still have the footage from that day. When we get out of here, I’ll go get it and we can watch it together” I said.

“I don’t think… I’ll make it” she said. Just then, the door to the room burst open. A warning growl left my lips, but stopped when I saw Colin, my mates, and the woman from earlier. She did went out to get them. My mates ran to me.

“She’s losing… too much blood” I said to Colin.

“What has he done to you?” Elijah growled.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll heal” I said as they unlocked my chains with some keys that had blood on them. Elijah moves towards Angel and unlocks her. She falls right into Colin’s arms. Noah runs in and so does Mrs. River.

“Oh, goddess” Mrs. River gasps before placing her hand on Angel’s chest, then looks at me, but I shake my head.

“Angel first. He injected her with silver. Her Lycan won’t hold on much longer in protecting their pup” I said. Mrs. River nodded once and a red fire began to spread across Angel’s body. Angel’s eyes snap as she takes in a sharp breath. I watch as her wounds, bruises, and swollen face slowly heals. A low growl leaves her lips as Mrs. River moves her hand away from her chest. Colin helped Angel sit up and her eyes burned bright. Her Lycan is present. Mrs. River takes my hand and the red fire began to spread across my body. I could feel my wounds closing and the pain I was feeling all over my body was slowly fading.

“Faith, where is Angel?” I heard Colin ask.

“She’s with me. Where is he?” Faith, Angel’s Lycan asks.

“Outside, with my dads”, Colin replied. Angel or should I say Faith, gets up but stumbles. Colin picks her up.

“I need to go outside”, Faith says. Colin walks with Angel outside just as Mrs. River, let’s go of my hand.

“Thank you Mrs. River” I said.

“No problem dear. I’m just glad you are both okay” she smiled.

“Do you feel that?” Elijah asks. I look at him a little confused when I feel the urge to also be outside.

“Yes, It’s like something is calling us to be outside” I said. We all go outside to see warriors from our pack and rogues fighting again. I see Trisha backhand the rogue King just as Colin gently places Angel on her feet. Angel walks towards the rogue king.

“Kneel”, this time it was Angel and Faith together talking. There’s this power radiating from Angel like nothing I had felt before. The rogue king looked at her and I swear if looks could kill, she would have been dead.

“She said KNEEL”, Colin growled. The rogue king’s knees buckled and he landed on his knees. The rogue king reached out for Angel, but she was quick to grab his arm and rip it out. The rogue king screamed loudly.?Angel leaned down close to the rogue king’s ear and said, “I didn’t bite your fingers off, but I made you scream.”

She grabbed him by the hair tightly, then looked at Colin. Both of their eyes were glowing. Colin brought his foot up and stomped hard on the rogue king’s chest while Angel pulled up, causing the rogue king’s head to be detached from his body. I looked at my mates. Their eyes were also glowing, but the power that was coming off Colin and Angel could bring anyone to their knees. Angel looked at Colin just as he looked at her. He took her hand in his, intertwining their fingers. Then, they both let out a powerful roar. All fighting stopped at once and everyone turned to Angel and Colin.

“The rogue king is dead along with his brothers and his mate Tara. The powerful dark witch has defeated” Colin booms.

“Anyone else wants to challenge my Alpha or me? Anyone else wants to hurt more members of my pack… my family?” Angel’s voice echoes through the forest. Everyone stays quiet and a soothing breeze flows around us.

“I believe Angel has asked you all a question”, I heard a melodic voice. Gasps are heard all around before everyone bows their head in respect.

“Moon goddess” I heard everyone say in unison. She was beautiful with long silver hair and icy blue eyes. She had a long white dress that reached the floor.

“I have been watching very closely and I can’t express how disappointed I am in my children, but I can’t blame you all. You were brainwashed into joining this senseless war just to have a place to call home, but I’m sure you all notice the power coming from Colin and Angel, right?” the moon goddess asks and everyone nods.

“That’s because I have made Angel and Colin Knight the King and Queen of all werewolves and Lycans” the moon goddess says. Everyone looked at Angel and Colin before bowing. The moon goddess then turns to Angel and Colin.

“Your parents and grandparents tried to help a lot of rogues and gave them a new home. I’m sure that with this new power and title you will hear them and help them. I see you both doing great things in the supernatural world. I have faith in both of you” the moon goddess smiled.

“I’ll be watching over all of you” the moon goddess said before she disappeared with the wind. I watched as every rogue took a knee. Angel gr0aned, letting go of the head she was still holding, and her body went limp. Colin picked her up before she hit the ground.

“Colin” Luke called, making Colin look at him. Luke gestures to something and I look to see the worried look in the rogues’ eyes. They were worried about Angel, their new Queen.

“We should kill them all” one of the warriors said.

“Didn’t you hear what the moon goddess said? They were brainwashed into this fight just to have a place they could call home”, Trisha said.

“They took our queen and Beta” another warrior said.

“No, they didn’t” I said, getting everyone’s attention.

“The rogue king did and he is now dead. We should wait until Angel wakes up and see what she has to say. For now, we should take them back to the pack and put them in the dungeons” I said, looking at the rogues.

“Something tells me they won’t fight” I said.

“Dyland is right. Lets head home” Colin said.

“My king”, one of the rogues called, making Colin stop.

“Our pups, they are still in the house” one of the rogues said. Colin looked around and so did I. I could see the worry in some of the rogues’ eyes.

“Those who have pups still in the house you may go get them and come right back”, Colin said. Some of the warriors looked at him like he had lost his mind. I knew what they were thinking. You give the rogues a chance to run and they will, but just like I had a feeling that they would put up a fight, I knew they weren’t going to run either. The rogue that spoke about their pups walked towards the rogue king’s body. He knelt and began to search his pockets.

“What are you doing?” Mrs. River asks.

“Looking for the key that opens the cage where our pups are being kept” the rogue said, and Mrs. River’s eyes widened before looking at her mates. The rogue finds the keys and I could see the smile on the rogues as they rushed inside. I sighed, leaning against Ray. He wraps his arm around him.

“How are you feeling love?” Elijah asks.

“Mrs. River healed me, so I’m okay. I’m just… exhausted” I admitted. A portal opened and Mrs. Yashira steps through.

“Thank you for doing this, grandma. I need to get her back so she and our pup can be seen”, Colin said.

“You don’t have to thank me, my sweet boy. Go on through. I’ll get the other back”, Mrs. Yashira said.

“Come on love. Lets get you back as well”, Ray said. I nodded and took a step, but my knees buckled. Ray picked me up and I placed my head on his strong chest and let the darkness consume me.

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