My Lycan Luna Chapter 43: Meeting the Rogue pups


I felt my heart stop and break in a million pieces when I saw my mate all bloodied, bruised, and swollen. For a second, I thought she was dead. I could also see the fear in mom’s eyes when she saw my mate, but when she started to heal my mate and her eyes snapped open, I felt much better, but I wanted to get her home. I needed to make sure that our pup was safe.

Now I sit here in the hospital room waiting for Noah to get back with the results and for my beautiful mate to wake up. Luke and Maxine are taking care of our pups. There’s a knock on the room door before it opens. Noah walks in looking at some papers.

“Alpha” he bows his head in respect “She was injected with a large amount of silver and, to be honest, I’m surprised she was still alive when we found her. Mrs. River healed her, which removed the silver from her system, but her Lycan right now is very weak. She focused all her energy on protecting the baby, so Angel and your pup are fine. Like I said, Mrs. Knight removed all the silver when she healed her, but Angel and her wolf are weak. They need to rest and it’s up to them when they wake up”, Noah said.

“Thank you Noah” I said.

“No problem Alpha. I also have a report for you on the rogue pups” he said, handing me a few files. He bowed his head and left. I was glad that both my mate and pup were not in danger. I sat back on the chair and began to look through the files. Anger was nowhere close to what I was feeling as I looked through those files. The so called rogue king was using these pups as leverage for their parents to do as he asked. The kids were malnourished, they had bruises, and some had a cold. I looked at the pictures of where they were kept. The anger was so much that I couldn’t hold back my tears. I didn’t care if anyone thought I was weak if they saw me like this, but no child should go through what these pups went through. I swear if the rogue king hadn’t been dead I would have killed him all over again.

‘Let’s go see the pup’ my Lycan suggested.

‘Okay’ I said. I got up and k!ssed my beautiful mate, then wiped my face before going out the room. I walked down to the receptionist’s desk.

“Your highness, what can I do for you?” Desire, one of the nurses asked.

“I want to talk to Noah” I said.

“Yes your highness,” she said. She paged Noah and not long after, I saw him walking towards me.

“What can I do for you, my King?” he asks.

I felt my heart stop and break in a million pieces when I saw my mate all bloodied, bruised, and swollen. For a second, I thought she was dead. I could also see the fear in mom’s eyes when she saw my mate, but when she started to heal my mate and her eyes snapped open, I felt much better, but I wanted to get her home. I needed to make sure that our pup was safe.

“I want to see the pups” I said, and he nodded.

“Are they able to eat and drink?” I asked.

“I have them all with an IV, but yes, they can eat regular food” Noah replied.

‘Danila, could you and the other Omegas prepare some food for the pups in the hospital. Also, make some for the rogues in the dungeons’. I linked the head Omega.

‘Yes, Alpha’ she linked back. I then followed Noah to the large room where the pups were kept. As soon as I stepped into the room and the pups saw me, I could smell and see their fear. It made me angry. No child should feel fear. They should be happy, playing around without a care in the world. I decided to stay by the door to not scare them more than what they were.

“Hello, my name is Alpha Colin. I know you’re all feeling ill and are hungry, but my doctors and nurses are going to make sure you all get better and some of my pack members are bringing you food soon”, I said, and I saw their eyes light up at the mention of food.

“I- I want my daddy” a little boy around five, maybe six years old said.

“I know you all want your mommy and daddy, but they are helping me and my pack with a few things, but as soon as they are done they will come here and be with you. Now I know that the rogue king was a bad man, but I promise I’m not like him. I’m different from him and I nor my pack would ever hurt you”, I assured them.

“No more cage?” a little girl around eight years old asked.

“No. No more cage, sweetheart” I said.

“Alpha, do you have kids?” the same girl asks.

“I do,” I smiled “I have a son named Xavier and a daughter named Monica. I also have another baby on the way.”

“Can we pray?” another little boy asks.

“As soon as the doctor says you are all better, you can play all you want. I can bring my kids and the other kids from my packs to play with all of you” I said. Their smiles were contagious. A knock echoed in the room. I opened the door to see the omegas. I grabbed some of the trays and put it on the kids’ tables.

“Alright kids, eat up. I’ll come back and check on you all later”, I said, and waved to them.

“Thank you Alpha” the girl said. I smiled at her before leaving the room and going back to my mate’s room.



I sat under the tree watching Xavier and Monica play. Maxine sits next to me while Asher and Alondra sit on the other side. I can’t get out of my head the way I saw my princess hanging from the ceiling all bloody, bruised, and her face all swollen. I was close to losing it but it wouldn’t do anyone any help if I did. I think that’s why Colin kept it together, because he knew it wouldn’t help.

“I can’t believe the moon goddess appeared and made them king and queen” Alondra says.

“She did. Goddess, you should have felt the power coming from them”, Asher said.

“Well, Colin was already the Alpha of all Alphas, which is kind of like a King, but the fact that the moon goddess bestowed this title upon them is incredible”, Maxine, my mate says. We were quiet for a few minutes.

“Do you think she’s going to be okay? Will she wake up soon?” Asher asks. I know Asher and Angel haven’t been spending much time together since we got here, but they are still very close. Elijah, Angel, and Asher have been close ever since they met.

“Colin said she and the baby were out of danger. All her and her Lycan are doing is resting”, I assured him.

“I was scared. I thought I would never see her or my mate again”, I heard Elijah say. I looked to my left to see him nearing our little group.

“We all were son” I said, and he nodded.

“How is Dyland doing?” Alondra asks.

“He’s… doing pretty good for someone who has endured so much torture. He told us everything and how he would piss off the rogue king so he would torture him instead of Angel”, Elijah growled.

“Dyland is a great friend. I’m sure when Angel wakes up she will tell him”, Maxine said.

“Shouldn’t she be awake by now? It’s been three days”, Asher asks.

“She’ll wake up soon”, I assured them, and looked at my grandkids. I couldn’t help but wish for my pups’ moms to be here, to see the family we have and how much we love each other. Monica squeals as Xavier begins to chase her. Asher grins and opens his arms and Monica runs into his arms, making him chuckle.

“Aunty, I thirsty” Monica says to Alondra, who smiles and digs into the lunch box we brought out. She takes out two juice boxes and gives her one and one to Xavier.

“Thank you” Xavier and Monica said simultaneously.

“You’re both welcome” Alondra smiles. Xavier sits on my lap, leaning his head on my shoulders and begins to drink his juice. I k!ssed the top of his head, praying for my princess to wake up soon.

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